The change that almost wasn’t

If you recall, I recently wrote a post titled ‘Is it time to change your membership‘. I had told the story of being a long time YMCA member, but had gone to a neighboring community to run our office and since this town did not have a YMCA I joined one of the big box gyms. We have since consolidated the offices bringing me back to my home town.

My first thought was to drop the big box membership and just go back to the Y. However, before I made the switch I just transferred the membership back to the local box, until I could get my feet back under me. Big mistake on my part, because I knew half the people there and probably met the other half pretty quickly. The staff was friendly, professional and engaging; they made it very difficult to leave. Ultimately, it took me about 3 years to finally pull the trigger, but it has been done.

Where did that come from?

In the time I had been gone from the Y, they had done renovations and upgrades. The locker room was in an entirely different place so it took a little bit of an adjustment. However, I still knew my way around pretty good so I was ok.

The one thing the Y has the big box didn’t is a full size swimming pool. Since my workouts had been getting stale (read my lazy ass was being a slacker) I thought I would incorporate swimming to mix it up.

Now, I’m not much of a swimmer and even when I was a member before, I did not spend a lot of the time in the pool; this was something I would have to ‘check out’ before I showed up in a Speedo and googles.

Hey now!

One way to access the pool is by walking through the men’s locker room, so after a workout I walked through to see if swimming was something ‘doable’ for me.

Now remember, I’m just going to check it out; I’m not ready to jump in yet. I still have my workout clothes on and iPod with earplugs. Also remember, this is 6 am so I’m not fully awake either.

I walk out on the pool deck, survey the surroundings and decide this is probably something I can do. At least it’s not over 5′ deep and I can always stand up if I have to.

As I walk back to the locker room area, I’m looking down getting ready to turn off my iPod and not really paying attention. As I enter the locker room and walk by the showers, I can hear the shower running and know someone is in there. But I’m thinking, ‘that’s odd, I don’t remember having showers here in the back’. As I get about half-way in, I start to notice the whole locker room looks different.

Oh shit! I just walked in the women’s locker room and I gotta get out of here FAST and I’m literally in so deep there was not a close exit. Now I’m in a semi-panic because if shower lady comes out this is not going to be cool at all. How in the world would I explain I didn’t see the WOMEN’S LOCKER ROOM sign.

This was like my second day back at the Y. Not only was I in jeopardy of getting kicked out….permanently, I was probably going to get arrested too.

Fortunately, I did not ‘see’ anybody and I high-stepped getting my butt out of there. It could have been a disaster.

So what did you learn?

  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Always have a ready alibi in case you are ever ‘caught’ in a women’s locker room
  • Maybe change wasn’t what is was cracked up to be.

The big laugh

I did have to go in the business office a few days later, so of course I had to tell my ‘story’. Fortunately, it had a funny ending but it sure could have been a very awkward situation.

And just think, nobody thought I had any adventure in my life….:)


47 thoughts on “The change that almost wasn’t

  1. I love adventure…of any kind…but I think I’ll leave the whole ‘locker’ room switch story to you Bill πŸ™‚

    I LOVE it! it’s my first time checking out your blog…but I’ll be back! I love the entertaining way you write, and keep the reader engaged!

    Hmmmm – I’ve been considered re-joining the Y as well…now maybe there is something to the ‘keep your head up’ πŸ™‚ I’d better keep a good eye on those little stick people so I’ll end up in the right place.

    • Or take your pepper spray with you, huh?

      Of course it was somewhat humorous afterwards; but it could have been very embarrassing and awkward that’s for sure. And for safety reasons, the Y does not have doors so it was easy just to walk right in without paying attention.

      I’m glad you took the time to stop by and appreciate your kind words. I like your post today at Lori’s. I’m usually an early show but today was extremely busy, but good busy.

      Hope you have been well.

    • This was the first time I published from my phone because I didn’t even make it into my office until 3:30 this afternoon. And then I only had about an hour and then headed out to another event. busy, busy, busy……:).

      If the lady came out of the shower we both would have probably screamed. I am so happy I made it back out undetected…..

  2. Those poor women don’t know what they missed out on. Too bad you figured it out before you got caught. Imagine if you had begun changing into your (or Jens’s) swimsuit before you realized the error of your ways?

    A similar incident happened to me in high school. I played for the girls’ tennis team and one day before a match, I walked into the girls’ locker room in our high school, only to discover that it was being used by the visiting boys’ football team. Yes, the most embarrassing moment of my life. The teacher who was supposed to guard the door had gone away for just a moment. Oops.

    So, Bill, will you ever go swimming at the Y?

    • That would be embarrassing…..because I had my clothes in the ‘proper’ locker room I would have never started to change, but I’m surprised I had such jet lag and it took me walking about half way in before it hit me I was in the wrong locker room.

      I am swimming now……kind of, and actually bought goggles to make it official. I have a long way to go though, I am not an efficient swimmer.

      Do you still play tennis? I meet a friend every Wed night for 3 sets of singles.

      Good to see you…..

  3. We will give you the benefit of the doubt on that one Bill!

    I guess the online equivalent would be when we might absentmindedly click on a link and end up in a place we didn’t expect to be which might also have the potential to involve scantily clad ladies. We would also, I think beat a hasty retreat and hope that nobody had seen us there πŸ™‚

    • I’ve had a few people follow me and I know it’s a porny gravatar and I’m certainly not going to follow them back; BUT, I am curious enough to click on the link…….yep, it was porn…..:).

      Whereas I casually strolled into the locker room, my hasty retreat was wide-eyed and a much quicker pace…….

      Good to see you sir.

  4. Did you really panick in the girls locker room? I didn’t see that one coming.. I know that you would have had some witty thing to say if you were caught, and you would never have been kicked out.

    I haven’t been caught inside the girls locker room, but I have been caught in the boys locker room trying to get a peek at the girls from a tiny hole in the door πŸ™‚

    I’m out walking at 6 am, and you’re at the gym, the only difference is that I’m in the snow freezing πŸ™‚

    • You peeping tom……I grew up w/ 3 sisters and 2 of them older. They would have their friends stay over and one night I went outside to look in their window to see them change……BUSTED and it wasn’t cool. I can’t say I wasn’t still curious, but I was cured of peeping….yikes….

      Glad to hear you are walking; it’s something and if it’s freezing snow your pace is probably pretty brisk, right?

  5. Hilarious….I’m still giggling. It’s such a funny image in my head to see you bumbling with embarrassment…That said, it is funny because I “know” you and it goes with who you “are”, but I don’t know how funny it would have been to me if I was the woman in the shower and I didn’t “know” you. So, the other thing that this shows is that not only is beauty in the eye of the beholder, but so is life…in this case, what makes one person laugh may not make another person laugh so much….
    Thanks for sharing this very cute adventure πŸ˜‰

    • What would have been worse if I would have had to duck in a closet and wait there all day until it cleared out at night…………doh…..

      Whereas it wouldn’t have bothered me that much, my guess is a lady coming out of the shower with a strange man standing there probably would have caused a commotion. Talk about an awkward moment, huh?

      I’m just glad I didn’t have to write this post from jail………:)

    • If I had been drinking it would have sobered me up……….:). As soon as I recognized what I had done I think my eyes got big as saucers…

      Fortunately, it had a funny ending.

      Good to see you ma’am; thanks for stopping by.

  6. You should have stood still and shouted, “HEY! Everybody! This is a MEN’S locker room! If you’re a female then GET OUT! FAST!” Then you could have sat back and watched. They’d either think you were crazy (can’t get in trouble for crazy) or stupid…or they’d scurry all confused wondering how the heck they messed up!

  7. Only Bill would “admit” to “accidentally” going into the women’s locker room. LOL.

    I’m just kidding.

    That would be VERY embarrassing. I have almost done the same thing in restaurants but with the restrooms. You know how the women’s in usually on the right and men’s on the left? Well, a very few don’t follow that courtesy. And Allie almost walked into men’s on the right. Luckily my friend was behind me paying attention.

    I now pay attention to signs.


    • Yeah. ‘allegedly’ not seeing the sign, huh? Now that everyone ‘knows’ my story I guess I can’t try it again, huh?

      For safety reasons, the Y has gone away w/ doors and just have tiered/staggered entrance so you can just walk in without having to push a door or look up. Both had entrances off the pool; it’s just the women’s was a straight shot and the men’s was a little farther down.

      Yes, I hope I start paying more attention now…..:).

      Good to see you, hope you had a great day.

  8. Hey Bill,

    Did you finally get to swim? πŸ˜‰

    When I was in school the girls and boys had separate swimming hours. One boy got a kick of hormones and thought it would be exciting if he strolled by during the girls swimming hours. And a teacher walked by, so to save his “life” he hid in the girls locker room. Needless to say, about 50 girls shrieks drove him out into trouble.

    Have excuses ready; always works. And have them ready at the tip of your tongue. Nothing works like a smooth talker.

    • I did actually go change and then get back in the pool. And when I left the pool I looked to see how obvious the sign was……yep, pretty obvious……doh………

      Distinguished board member ‘caught’ in ladies locker room; what a nice headline for our paper, huh?

      I would have been smooth; I’m just glad I didn’t walk into the wall trying to get out…….:)

  9. OMG Bill you had me in stitches. I just knew you were going to tell me you fell in the pool but as you continued sharing what you were hearing I was laughing so hard reading where you ended up. Can you imagine if that poor lady had stepped out of the shower and seen you! Yikes is right!

    Heck, I would have done the same thing while in the office. I would have so told on myself and after they got through with the chuckling they would probably scold me for not paying attention.

    So are you glad you headed back to the Y now? Got your barrings straight? No more wrong turns now my friend that you can get away with.

    Funny story Bill, thanks for being brave and sharing that with us. I appreciate you keeping us so entertained… πŸ™‚

    • I tried to picture the different outcome in my mind and I don’t even know how you couldn’t look guilty; you’re either a perv or trying to go through people’s lockers, either way you are someplace you aren’t supposed to be………..whew………

      The people in the office at the Y got a pretty big kick out of it. People even came out of their office’s to hear the story……

      No harm, no foul, right?

  10. My father tells a story that when my mother was giving birth to my younger brother, he raced to the hospital from work, and ran into some other lady’s delivery room. Let’s just say he witnessed far more than was appropriate (though thank goodness, through all of the pushing, the stranger mom was none the wiser).

    Great post Bill!

  11. Hi Bill,

    That is funny story :). I believe you could have used some of the suggestions presented by readers of your blog ;).
    A similar thing happened to me as well. One day, while probably daydreaming, I used the ladies toilet room. After coming out, I realized I made a mistake. A guy standing outside grinned at me. I looked at the sign and thought “oops”. I grinned back and made my way out.
    It happened to my wife too. She once confidently walked behind me right into gent’s toilet only to realize a moment later and then ran out. From them onwards, I point her to ladies toilet just when I am at the door of the men’s toilet room πŸ˜‰ LOL.
    When I was working in Germany, I heard a story of colleague from India who was told “Damen” meant “the men” and “Herren” means “her”(Its opposite). He took the advice and his team members were full of laughter when the prank was successful.

    • Ah yes, tricking the foreigner, huh? Everybody has the big laugh when someone walks in the wrong bathroom, right? Although mine wasn’t a ‘trick’ it was innocent and I’m just glad I didn’t run into anybody….

      Hope you are well Ashvini, thanks for stopping by.

      • Hi Bill,
        I am doing great. Thanks :).
        Well technically it was played by Indians( who were residing there from a long time) on a fellow Indian, thus it was not technically tricking a foreigner :).
        I hope you are having a good time πŸ™‚

  12. To echo Jack, if you don’t see urinals, turn around — quickly. I’ve made that mistake a few times over the years but never where anything bad happened. Either realized it before anyone saw or saw someone at mirror and quickly did an about face.

    What I really want to know is what would your alibi have been? πŸ™‚

    • I woke up and thought I was a girl? I don’t think I could have had one other than the truth, but regardless, it would have appeared pretty sketchy; especially since there are signs posted……….

      I’m just glad I didn’t have to come up with one…….

      Good to see you; hope your week went well.

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