Time to move on Brian Meeks*

Ha ha funny, right? Except I’m not kidding; Mr Meeks of @ExtremelyAverage notoriety needs to give it up. Whenever I crack on him, all the women are quick to defend and quickly proclaim he is anything but ‘average’. Hmmmm…..all I know is that ‘extremely average’ is a much better fit for me, so this is my active campaign to make it happen. There is a shelf-life for these things Brian, and you have exceeded it my friend.

I mean really; the dude already has books published and 9 zillion blog posts. I barely have reply buttons at my place; c’mon man…….

You probably find this hard to believe after reading of all my exploits of heroism, how it was really me who invented the internet, and I’m really a double-naught spy; but in reality, at a party I am so extremely average I have to keep moving so as not to blend in with the wallpaper.

This past week was tough 

My day job and meetings pulled me in many different directions; all of it good, but all of it primarily offline. No big deal, right? Except when you peek in and see all of your friends playing; kind of like staying home sick from school and you see all your friends outside afterwards. Makes you kind of antsy, huh?

I keep telling myself I am NOT going to jump back on the hamster wheel; but the pull is there.

So what’s the problem?

It was difficult to catch back up with all the posts I missed; I’m realistic in knowing the only way I drive traffic is through my engagement. I’m afraid without it, I could very well pull out the invisible moniker once again and just leave Brian alone.

So what do you want to do?

Part of me says quit looking out the window and just keep doing what you are doing. The other part says, quit being a doofus and if you are going to be in the game at least be the best you can be.

There is even another pull to put all this effort into our corporate blog at @LanierUpshaw which is probably what I should do because it is my company after all, right? That would probably be the smart thing, but don’t know it it will be the fun thing. Fun is my motivator BTW…..

And of course all of this takes time, so do I substitute my commenting for writing and guest posts? I can just show up and comment; writing takes thought and planning. And it’s a given I don’t have enough game to attract an audience on my writing alone.

Where did you come up with all this? 

As I had small blocks of time during the week I could have very easily caught up with friends one blog at a time. However, when the time came I could not muster up the energy.

During my catch-up phase over the weekend, I did read posts and some gave me reason to think and once again ask myself ‘what are you really doing in here’?

Dino at DIYBlogger featured Francisco Rosales, the brains behind @Socialmouths and whereas our models are different, it made me think I should be more strategic and doing something like Francisco suggests.

The other was from my good buddy Jack Steiner (or whatever name the witness protection program will let him go by this week) @TheJackB. He’s calling out the guru’s and exhorting everyone to just be themselves and forget the noise.

And finally, my friend Margie Clayman at @MargieClayman.com who I respect and admire but seems to be feeling some angst on several fronts. She’s trying to wade through what is real and what isn’t (and this wasn’t a shameless link BTW…:).

Did I miss the boat?

One thing I can do, is be myself; and part of that is truly ‘just showing up’. I have tried to play the person who doesn’t care, for about as long as I can carry this thing. Now the big question is, do I want to do anything about it; or just keep on ‘showing’ up and take what I can get?

It never ceases to amaze me how a couple of days offline can totally change your perspective and potentially your focus.

If anybody out there is reading their tea leaves or horoscope this week, will you let me know what direction it is taking me in? I’m a Leo…:)

*Brian had no prior knowledge of this….hopefully he is a good sport.


82 thoughts on “Time to move on Brian Meeks*

  1. Hi Leo, I’m a Pisces! I appreciate listening to your thoughts in this post Bill. Here we are at the 30th of January and I’m still not solid on my plan for getting everything done in a week that I want to do! You do so well in keeping up the engagement and that’s the task for me that never feels done. It’s like I go through the week putting plugs in leaks here and there (writing, TCP stuff, paperwork, etc) but I can never feel like I’ve done a good enough job at visiting other blogs and engaging there!
    I guess I don’t have any answers for you. Life is so complex. It’s hard to stay well on top of all the issues at once.
    I think you’re doing a great job if you are enjoying the engagement. I want people to make me work for the comments at my place. In other words, if my post didn’t get your reaching for your keyboard before you even finished reading it, then I don’t deserve your comment. I say follow your heart and it will serve you well!

  2. Hey Bill,

    I truly think you underestimate yourself. Your writing alone is enough to draw your fan base to your blog. Let’s face it, when you read about Adrienne’s social icon plugins and realize you don’t and can’t have any, it must occur to you that you have built this incredible following without the benefit of being self-hosted and having plugins at your disposal.

    Similarly, your readership will still be here even if you don’t visit every post of theirs. At least the loyal ones will who appreciate your insights, sincerity and warmth will stick around.

    I struggle with this too. I really should be posting once a week and should pour everything into my Thursday Inquirer article. But I love sharing tech with others so I just can’t seem to stop myself from posting other articles as well.

    I hope you continue to have fun, Bill, because once it seems like a chore the journey is over. If you want to play in your sandbox, go ahead and do it. If you don’t visit others’ sandboxes, that’s okay too. Whatever works for you will be a-ok with us.

    (You don’t need to tell the world you’re a Leo. It’s apparent. 🙂 ~ daughter and wife of Leos)

    • Ah, the plug-ins; hence the ‘if I’m going to play the game, I should see how good I can be’……

      I am having fun; I just feel like I’m missing something when I’m offline and I see my friends running by. I know people are ok if I can’t make it to their place everyday, but it does cause me a little angst.

      I’ve enjoyed the writing a lot more than I thought I would; as I mentioned to Lori, I probably should schedule ‘writing’ time instead of waiting until the ‘right’ moment. I am looking to put myself out there more with guest posts, I just have to find the time……:).

      Good to see you and thanks for the e-mail w/ the ‘code’; very much appreciated and I won’t erase it this time.

      I hope your day has gone well.

  3. You know, I’m pretty sure that adults might be the only ones with this problem! LOL! Children are so unaware of how their showing up or not affects (effects.can never get that right!) their friends. But how quickly they learn from their parents!
    My goal is to treat others the way I want to be treated…like someone who is near the brink of either exhaustion or early admission to the loony bin…and not be the one who pushes them further into guilt land.

    That visual is always in the back of my mind when I see people around the internet or when I don’t see them for extended periods of time. I figure they’ve been committed!

    It’s a harmful and misleading fallacy that we can be doing better…except at enjoying life more!

    And your blog reflects that perfectly, Bill!

    • affects/effects; I’m sure some grammatician will school us on this one, huh?

      Social will drive you to the loony bin if you let it. I think I hear voices in my head at times…….:).

      I always want to treat others like I would like to be treated; and I never want to think I am better than anyone else, even if I do think highly of myself. I would like to think of it as humble confidence.

      I do think there are a few tweaks I could do online to make life much easier for me and even though I have talked about it before; I need to start making it happen.

      Thanks so much for stopping by; always a pleasure to see you.

  4. You crack me up Bill. Where do you get this stuff? we have to get together again so i can delve into that crazy mind of yours and realize i am not the only Nut out there. ha.

    Life happens. Family, Personal, Work. It can all be a distraction to what we want, or like to do. there is an awful lot going on in my life right now and i am not commenting or writing as much as i would like. Took time this morning for you (Buddy) Lori and Craig. Great post by all my friends.

    You are a great writer and an even better person, keep on doing what you do, brother. Whenever you can. You make people Smile. That means a lot.

    Take CARE.


    • Life does happen; however, just like school, when I see other kids playing I want to jump right in. And if I don’t see them playing, I’m thinking about them playing and can’t wait until I can jump right in. Good or bad, fun probably motivates me more than anything else.

      I appreciate the kind words and I do have fun with it. Just wait until I start blowin’ up, huh?

      Good to see you buddy; hope you are still moving forward.

      • Hey Bill!
        I agree with Al on this one so I thought I’d just squeeze my comment in here. Life does happen. I try my best to keep up with things online but other things seem to pop up and I have to stick with my priorities. Hopefully at some point I’ll be making more passive income online and my social media time will be more play time than anything else. Aahhh…to dream…

    • But comments are currency…………:). For now, I guess they are for me. I do feel my ‘personal’ blog has brought more confidence to me as a writer and communicator.

      I really do try to take it as it comes; I just get antsy. And now that I’m a mile down this rabbit hole, I feel kind of bad I’m still clunking around with my free site. Oh well, easily remedied, huh?

      So good to see you; always brings a smile to my face.

  5. Bill, go back and read a little more from Jack’s post where he warns us that “Comments are not Currency.”

    Friends are friends, regardless. I can absolutely testify to this after a six month period of very spotty participation in “this” world. They may keep playing without you, but when you return to the playground, they immediately make room for you in their games. You may even have one or two really good friends who bring you your homework assignments after school.

    I think full immersion in anything for long periods of time is costly, whether it’s work, golf, World of Warcraft, blogging (because blogging and WOW can actually take the same amount of time and effort and begin to feel like they really are “real” life!) or anything that consistently claims the majority of our attention and free time without space for spontaneity, reflection or new ideas.

    I, who have been doing this for four years as of Feb. 2, am just beginning to find my way. I would say, don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s just a blog.

    • Probably the best thing out of all this is I am not a gamer. If I was dealing with that too I would probably have to give up sleep…..and next to food, sleep is a high priority to me……:).

      Early on I was definitely ‘fully immersed’ but with no regrets. It got to me where I am today; wherever that is. Fortunately I was able to back away somewhat and get it in perspective.

      You are right, it is just a blog; but I really enjoy it so hopefully I can keep playing for awhile.

      Thanks so much for coming by; I’ve been thinking about you, good luck.

  6. A fellow Leo; I should have known (from the mane of hair :-)).

    This is an interesting post. I can’t imagine blogging without having clear goals in mind. I blog to enhance my business. That’s my overarching goal. So the comments are great; the engagement is wonderful; I love networking and getting to know other bloggers. But if my business isn’t growing as a result, something’s not working

    Now, if you share that goal – then in my opinion, you should definitely integrate your blogging efforts with your business. Otherwise, you’re wasting an opportunity (cuz you’ve already demonstrated that you are an effective blogger, why not use that energy and expertise to grow your offline professional pursuits?!)

    However, if your goal is simply to have some fun, meet some interesting folks, have some impact, forge some relationships – well, kudos to you! Keep doing what your doing.

    Either way, I’ll keep reading. And it’s not just because your a Leo.

    • That’s one thing I was blessed with, was hair. Maybe not Patrick Dempsey hair, but not too bad.

      My goal is to engage, to learn, become a better writer and communicator, and make a bazillion bucks………ok, maybe not the bucks, but I do have a ‘purpose’.

      My offline business is growing whether I blog or not; wouldn’t it be cool to blend the two in a non-icky way? I’ll get there, it’s just going to take a little bit more time.

      I do appreciate seeing you around here as it is means a lot; it definitely makes me smile.

      I hope your day has gone well; I will see you shortly.

      • You know what’s strange – since I met you Bill, I’ve landed 5 clients in the insurance sector. No jokes! 1 enterprise software company, 3 independent brokers and a distributor. I should just outsource those copywriting projects to you, since I don’t really understand what I’m talking about. Then we can both make a bazillion bucks. Or not. 🙂

    • Bazillion sounds like a good number to me; you can certainly pick what brain I have left and I will give you the straight scoop about insurance; what’s real vs what is smoke and mirrors.

  7. Hi Bill…As a fellow Leo, let me share me thoughts here. My wise Mom once said to me in a conversation in which I was questioning my purpose in my career, “Just keep doing what you are doing. If you love what you are doing, it will show”
    I sometimes think that we….over think….over analyze…over stress…. I have told you many times, young man, that you have a gift. Your innate sense of humor and your affability (look it up) have created a steadily growing, loyal community. If you start looking your gift horse in the mouth, you may be tempted to change a recipe that doesn’t need changing. You are perfect the way you are. I see it is a sort of “build it and they will come” type of situation at your home here. Just keep on being zany Bill Dorman and…they will come.

    • Affability – a disposition to be friendly and approachable (easy to talk to).Awwww……:).

      I just think I could make it a little easier around here if I went self-hosted and got with ‘the program’. It’s just been hard for me to justify going self-hosted with a ‘personal’ site.

      I do appreciate your presence and your kind words; I do like the writing part and I do hope it shows. It might be offbeat at times, but that’s just me.

      I hope you have a fantastic week.

  8. I think Riley is on to something.

    I want to see two blog posts from you every week. Tuesdays and Thursdays would work best for me. And, yeah, send me a little reminder via email too.

    Do you want to play like the pros, buddy? Or not?

    How’s that for pressure? [grin]

    I’m teasing you, Bill. Or maybe I’m not. And that reminds me, I expect you to bring some of that sunshine to the tribe. What are we, chopped liver?!

    • Riley is a wise man indeed.

      Yes sir; I will do the two blog posts AND one guest post per week. Not only will I send a reminder, I will Skype you too.

      I’m not sure I want to play like the pros, but like in golf, I sure would like to have better equipment at times.

      I do want to bring some sunshine to the tribe; I am retweeting all of the posts but know I could probably still do more. I’m glad you got me in the Rockstars tribe. No chopped liver there sir unless you bring @TheJackB in…………..:).

      Good to see you Stan; thanks for stopping by.

  9. Ok Big guy Leo,

    This is a Libran speaking and when we speak we silent the lions, really we speak a lot.

    I was offline for two months; and when I came back I had about 876 posts to catch up to (yes, half of them were from Jack alone!) but I managed some and forgot some. But the main thing I remember was you messaging me twice to ask me if things were all right. Really, how many of us actually have that kind of sense of community. You can be blogging about anything; or about nothing at all; but it takes some amount of work to get that huge number of comments you keep getting and by the look of it, you keep getting it. So, you managed to do a good job of it.

    It’s okay that you missed a few days, you still manage to make your way through and come back with a bang. Listen, to what Jack says, just blog your way, there really isn’t any other way. And clearly you like it, otherwise you would just be gone within a few months like many have! But you keep doing it and you keep getting better.

    So, please stick around! We love you! And have you thought about the hearts you are breaking? 😉

    Keep roaring (Normally, I would say that to Marcus, but it’s your blog and you are the Leo here! 🙂

    • Did you say Librarian? And I’ll bet you weren’t lying about half the posts being from @TheJackB; I could live off his crumbs alone.

      I kind of fell into blogging because I thought it was a prerequisite to commenting; but now I have found I really like the writing part. I just need to create more time for it………that’s all.

      I’m going to be around; I’m sure I’ll have several more ‘epiphanies’ within the next 30 days and some might even be blog worthy….imagine that…..:).

      Always a pleasure ma’am; and have you seen Marcus’ real hair? That’s right, he doesn’t have any so how can he roar with that look going on anyway?

      I hope you had a great weekend.

      • Given that hair length is the norm to be the lion; then I take that roar back from you and Marcus; I think my dark mane might justify the roar and I have been so wanting to do it anyways!

      • Oh yes! I know Griddy… I just want to be Griddy when I grow up… that my friend, is just one of my many dreams 🙂

        Also, thanks for what seems a compliment! 🙂 I am doing the happy dance; I finally got my comments all right!

  10. I have to agree with Carolyn Bill. Here you are still on a free platform yet people continue to visit and you still have your faithful followers. You know we stop by even when you haven’t posted because we just care about you and love your warped sense of humor.

    You don’t give yourself enough credit, you can definitely pull in the crowd with your guests posts. I’ve found them to be wonderful, the ones I have read.

    I spent this past weekend with family so I know what you mean about playing catch up. I hate being offline for an entire day but for two days straight was rough for me. Just shows me how much I have to do on Mondays and that’s a busy day for me anyway.

    But I do what I can do when I can do it and just hope that everyone understands that I can’t get to everyone’s blog posts every time so I just do my best. I’m still a faithful follower though.

    Just continue being you Bill, we like you just the way you are. Your faithful friends and followers will continue to support you too.

    Now, have a great week and don’t worry about us. We’ll be back! 🙂

    • In my early days I thought because I had a free site that was why ‘certain’ people weren’t stopping by. Actually, there might be a few who don’t for that reason; for the rest there could be a multitude of reasons. All I know is I think I have the best and ‘real’ community out there; wouldn’t trade them for anything and I don’t have to keep trying to chase the ‘names’.

      I keep telling myself to just do what I can, but when I fall too far behind I do get a little antsy………I’m trying to be better……:).

      Bill I can be; that’s what I think I’ll do. Thanks for the kind words and support; much appreciated.

  11. Hey Bill,

    I guess its just up to you, and there’s no right answer. As I said in my post, you have no ulterior motives, although for a guy without goals you have a huge following and are more successful than many other bloggers. Suppose its up to you to decide how you harness and leverage it, which direction you go into next.

    We’ll love you either way.

    • Well said as it is up to me and there is no ‘right’ answer. There are some things I could do better, but they are not ‘life threatening’ so I might as well relax and just enjoy the journey, huh?

      I will harness this power…………….ok, maybe I’ll just go get a beer…:).

      Good to see you sir, thanks for a dose of reality; I need it at times.

  12. Taurus people rule- Got to do a little happy dance now, stomp and gore a few people and then sleep in the meadow for a bit.

    I know, not particularly insightful, witty or interesting but I am on strike.

    • I’m reading The Pillars of the Earth; there is a little bit of happy dancing and goring going on and meadows too; made me think of your comment……….:).

      You can’t be Mr Perfect all of the time; it’s ok to take a day off every once in awhile.

      Good to see you.

  13. Hey Leo-Bill, I am Cancer-Barbara but watch out: with Leo in the ascendant, so we are like brother and sister!

    Who the heck is Brian Meeks? (Thanks, Stan)

    That done, here’s my 2 cent (in Switzerland it is 5 Rappen which according to the going rate is far more than 2 cents): follow your gut feeling, the hamster wheel syndrom is a no go, regardless of how many hours you spent at the gym, the outcome is clear: boom!

    You are a gifted writer and on top of that a very likeable person, that’s what I hear from all sides, you cannot be omnipresent and nobody expects you to be.

    Hell, I think I like you the way you are.

    • Brian is actually quite the character and he really is @extremelyaverage. I have wanted his ‘handle’ ever since I have seen it. Go to his site and check him out.

      I am trying to follow my gut (other than to the dinner table) and usually do a pretty good job but there are times when I see all my friends out there playing I feel like I am missing something.

      I do appreciate your kind words and compliment, words like that are what really make this worthwhile for me.

      I’m glad you like me the way I am because it would be too hard to try to be something else; I like you the way you are too.

      I hope you have a great week ma’am.

  14. A Leo, huh? Hmmm. Well, I am a Capricorn 1, I was born the week of the Ruler and day of the Indomitable One.
    ….it’s a lot to live up to but I manage to get by fairly well…

    Dude. What are you saying?! What are you up to this time? AND, leave my little buddy outta your plots and plans! You are so right about the fact that there is NOTHING average about Brian.

    …but. There is also NOTHING average about you, Bill. That is just plain fact. You HAVE to know this, right? Right?

    You have a snarky sarcastic matter-of-factual way that brings out the absolute hilarity of real life on and off line mixed with just enough of the strangeness that is all about being here, day after day.

    Ya know, if you were just kind of a so-so-wishy-washy type of self promoting full of bla, bla, bull… we may not notice when you don’t show up with your change purse to leave 2 cents here, 5 there and maybe a dime or two here and there… but we do notice.

    I don’t know if you are acquainted with, or know Aaron Biebert of 8pm Warriors, but he really hurt my feelings with a post just a couple of days ago… not intentionally, I know… and it wasn’t a bloody-blow, just kinda “WHAT??”

    You are needed. Probably everywhere you are at, but most definitely, here, in our lives. In my life.

    so there.

  15. Oh, so Chisana is where the Indomitable Snowman lives?

    See, all the chicks stick up for Brian; he is anything but average so he needs to come up with a new shtick…….:). Unfortunately, parts of my life are EXTREMELY average, but if you won’t tell anybody, I think I’m pretty special……….doh……….let’s just say I’m happy with my lot in life and it keeps me from always chasing.

    I know of Aaron but we haven’t connected; do I need to go give him the ‘business’?

    Thanks so much for your support AND kind words, you are fun to have around and hope I make you smile as well.

    I hope things are still ‘wild’ in the wilderness for you.

  16. Bill,

    When I started on this venture, pre-blog that is, it was just me and Twitter and commenting. Well, who was I watching to see how the online social game was played? Hmmmmm.

    I always enjoy coming here and I’m not sure there is anyone that can keep up with you when it comes to smart-ass comments. I think you wear the blogging crown when it comes to that skill. As long as you keep that up you’ll have plenty of people following you around. Oh and generous amounts of self deprecating humor. And you often criticize your writing, but again, you certainly have the skills to draw in a crowd. Just keep it coming.

    I think there is now enough engagement here that if you did cut back on commenting, many of the same people would still show up. Right now, I’ve cut back on commenting because I’m focusing more on the writing and I also have a few projects in the works. That, the day job and the family and my plate is pretty damned full. Social is a huge commitment, so you have to decide for yourself which part of it is the most important AND most enjoyable.

    The most important thing is to enjoy this journey, whatever route you take. If it stops being fun for you, I think you’ll know what to do.

    • Yes, enjoy the journey. On the surface, it might appear I am ‘all in’ with social; but truth be known I suck at it pretty good. I am very hit or miss following a tweet or FB stream; I primarily reside in the blogs and that is ok with me. I’m sure there are some things I could structure differently that would help, but to what end? That is my struggle at times; I know I could ‘beef’ up the place, but what for, huh? Once I know that, then maybe I will be more purposeful.

      I’m glad there is some entertainment value when you stop by and your presence is very much appreciated. I have a feeling you will be called up to the majors very soon, while I allow myself to languish in the minors; but I will be happy for you.

      I have really enjoyed the writing part and if I’m going to include more of it; I just need to schedule the time, just like any other appointment.

      Thanks for the drive-by and comments; always good to see you my friend.

      • You say you suck. I’m sill not fully up-to-speed on Twitter and I don’t even have a Facebook account. I wish I could comment on more blogs, more often, but I don’t have the time. I still use Twitter only too, not Hootsuite or TweetDeck. That’s how up-to-speed I am. 😉

        You’re right about restructuring, you have to have a purpose for making any changes. Yes, you’re big on entertainment, so what’s wrong with focusing on that? Maybe you could start making fun of Perez Hilton or those A-listers that get out of line every once in a while. Funny you mention the majors, ’cause I’m not even sure what that means in this realm as I haven’t made a red cent. I do want to though (there I said it)!

        Looking forward to reading more of your good stuff!

    • Ok, you win; I am a little bit farther along than that. I finally did get off twitter and made some lists and put my twitter, FB and LinkedIn on Hootsuite.

      I am prone to call out some people who I see behaving badly but try to do it in a subtle way. My friends might get a more direct knock in the head however………:).

      I meant majors in your own mind ’cause I thought it would make you feel better. Newsflash, the people we know who are making money doing this right here………we can probably count on one hand. Some will use it as an adjunct to making money, and some doing it better than others, but I’m afraid this is only one ‘small’ tool in the whole toolbox.

      Life in the big city, but we will be the ones to figure it out, right?

  17. I guess I’ve missed the thread here Bill. Being the BD in our little universe I come by and read. Your DNA is what it is, and that’s that!
    I wrote about this a while ago: I’m dropping out of the social-media arms race. I did, and now I do as I will, and learn, then do some more. You know what where to go next. Good times to you, and I’ll be back. Billy

    • Us BD’s have to stick together, huh? Trust me, I have thought about dropping out many a time. It’s a challenge because I am being pulled both ways. However, I am having fun with this part of it and I just need to decide if I want to step it up to the next level or not.

      None of this is life threatening or earth shattering, so we might as well have fun, right.

      Good to see you sir; headed down to Ft Myers next wk and made me think of Arcadia…….:).

      I hope you have been well.

  18. Don’t sell yourself short Bill. Forget that used moniker… go for Slightly Above Average instead. 🙂

    I agree with most of the commenters that I think you underestimate who would come here if you didn’t comment, but I also think you are right and that you have set up a system that does have some element of reciprocity inherent in it. If you stopped commenting for 3 months what would happen? Where is the tipping point where you reach Danny or Gini levels and you are not expected to comment back because your community is simply too large?

    Don’t know the answer, but I will say that if you miss a post at my place once in awhile, don’t worry. I’ll still be here!

    • Brilliant! I think you are on to something….SAA…..

      I was hoping that tipping point was going to be sooner rather than later……..’cause I’m lazy like that………..:). Gini and Danny have put a lot more thought and focus on what they are doing; I would REALLY have to pay attention to even think about hitting that stride.

      On one hand I say it’s no big deal and I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing; and then on the other, I know I could be more purposeful in how I’m playing the game for better results. And only thinking that way just to convince myself I can do it.

      I’m pretty sure I will be around as well; what the heck, I don’t have anyplace else to go for now.

      Good to see you Adam; hope all is well.

    • Pimpin’ hard ’cause she.rocks.hot!

      Oh yes, there are certain keywords that will attract me; I’m not that hard to read………:).

      Good to see you m’ lady; hope your day has been well.

  19. Leo’s, Pisces, Taurus … damn how insightful this is!! Now … you see I’m so freakin’ late to this party Bill and obviously missed a few last week. I’ve been in the abyss with trying to get ready to launch a new part of our company and decided in or out and what my purpose in life is … tall order eh?! I like reading your thoughts because I don’t feel so bad when I do because I realize simply … we’re human. For me, bowing out a bit has been rejuvenating and I see things much clearer in several aspects. I feel lighter and more real. I’m enjoying reading things and mulling them over. You and I aren’t even in the same hemisphere when it comes to blogging, but I’ve learned so much from you. You have a distinct audience who truly value you … no worries there and you could drop off the face of the earth and you still better reply to my dinner invite though!

    You’re rock solid no matter what Bill – you’re one of the good guys! It’s a privilege to call you friend, but please …just go easy on yourself!

    Blue skies always Mr. Dorman!

    • Nah….never late to my party; I always keep a bottle of the good stuff in reserve just in case……….:).

      We are all just human and I don’t blog any different than you; I put my panty hose on one leg at a time just like you…………..:). Don’t tell anybody that…………

      Social can be this vortex and it just sucks you in and it’s hard to see the tangible benefits at times. As long as I go on the premise this is like a Chamber social to me and treat it as such, I’m good to go.

      Thanks so much for your kind words; they do mean a great deal to me. You da best……………good to see you today.

  20. Bill,

    Here is your horoscope for Jan 31:

    “Remember that there is a spirit in everything around you, Leo. Just because we can’t perceive something with our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, or fingers doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Pay respect to the force field that surrounds us, and to the animate and inanimate forms that exist in our everyday life. You are apt to perceive life as if it were a prayer today.”

    I would say it is fitting.

    Don’t worry, we are all here for you. Watching. Waiting for your next move. Anticipating the words you will type. No stress.


    • That is a pretty fitting horoscope; you do have to respect your aura/shield that surrounds you, it’s your karma. It not only affects you but the others around you………..that was deep, huh?

      I went to your ‘recommended’ site; I was hesitant to leave a comment on the porn post, but left one on the crazy URL’s. He actually does make a lot of sense with what he writes. Oh, and the pictures were pretty good too………..:).

      The next move………..hopefully it’s not stepping off a cliff. I just get antsy in here at times and feel I should be a lot further along than I am but then I have to step back and ask ‘further along than what, where am I going’? Considering the only way I drive traffic is by commenting, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

      Thanks for stopping by; always a pleasure Allie. I hope your week is going well so far.

      • Bill,

        Thank you so much for your support over at the contest! Hajra is going to be tough to take down, lol. (Did you read that Hajra?) She can type with numb fingers, I can’t.

        You are so funny. “…feel I should be a lot further along than I am but then I have to step back and ask ‘further along than what, where am I going’?” Where are you going, nowhere. You belong right here where everyone can see you. I think you are doing an awesome job and don’t change one thing.


    • Hajra can type in her sleep; she is one tough hombre when it comes to blogging. Not to intimidate you, but she does already have one blogging contest win (with cash) under her burqa.

      You are good people to know; I enjoy you and certainly appreciate your friendship.

      I will be here for awhile; maybe I’ll just change my hair color or something……:)

  21. Hi Bill,

    I have been going through the same “phase” myself lately. To me it’s all about the goal, and why you are blogging. If you’re doing it for the money, a business perspective, you should be looking at ways to get the right traffic and long-term traffic based upon what you’re selling. If you’re doing it for fun, and fun only, you should just keep on doing what’s fun and what motivates you.

    Me, I don’t know what I’m doing, but since I’m starting a business in the online marketing niche, I got to be thinking about what I’m doing and if my blog should be related to my business or not. So far, it’s not.

    I wouldn’t want you to stop doing what you’re doing, no matter how much I’d love a guest post from you. It’s more important to me that you keep coming by my blog and leaving comments and sending tweets etc.. it makes things so much more personal and that’s what it’s really all about (well, at least I think so) 🙂

    • Good and bad, I can blog at my own pace when and where I want to. If I were doing it for money and had to pay attention and have a set schedule, I could certainly ‘do it’, but might not enjoy it as much. I’m thinking of writing a book about a serial killer and my twist will be, I’m going to write it in Norwegian……….

      Oh, I know what I’m doing; it just might not look like it at times and some people are probably thinking ‘is that all you got’?

      Question; do you have any local people who follow your blog? Do you follow any locals on twitter?

      Good to see you sir, hope you are well…..and fit from all the walking…

      • You start to sound like me 🙂

        I’m certainly not thinking that this is all you got, or, actually, even if this is all you got, I’m still impressed 🙂

        I have some local people that are following my blog and what I’m writing on Twitter. But I have tried to be invisible when it comes to Norwegians… but it’s been hard, and right now it’s impossible 🙂

  22. Us Leos need to stick together amigo. You know that. 🙂 I have not been anywhere lately. I have been so busy with my messy life I hardly have time to read or comment on anything.

    I wanted to stick my head in and say Hi! 🙂

    Getting ready for the Super Bowl? GO BIG BLUE!

  23. Posted on Do you people have a facoboek fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

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