What kind of life do you want to live 

Every day is an adventure, right?

You might notice some of my recent posts (albeit less than 5) has a mountain biking theme. That’s the kind of life I’m living now and there is an 11.8 mile track 10 minutes from my house that allows me to ride 4-5 times a week.

I didn’t know there were mountains in Florida

Ok, if you call 200′ in elevation a mountain I guess we can run with that. Actually, phosphate mining was big back in the day close to my house and the remnants where the phosphate was scooped from the earth are mounds of hard packed sand and the trails were carved from this.

That picture up there? No, that’s not me but I have been in that pose before and it’s not a pretty sight to see an old assed man dragging himself up off the deck. You would think someone of my advanced years would pick a different hobby that is not quite so prone to getting hurt in some form or fashion, wouldn’t you? Well, nobody ever accused me of being the the sharpest knife in the drawer and I’ve always heard when you grow up you grow old, so I’m holding off as long as I can.

So, what kind of life are you living then

Well, I can say it’s still good to be me. We survived the economic meltdown from ’07-’11 and even though it reduced my financial empire to about half, at least I wasn’t already on a fixed income and had to worry about what I needed to do to make that loss up. Welcome to Walmart? 

I try to be a good person, certainly not perfect by any means but feel at least my heart is is in the right place and try to do good things. I believe there is some merit in being a servant leader and feel some responsibility to give back because I have been more than fortunate in so many ways.

That sounds like work to me

I joke about being lazy and maybe there is some truth to that, but having fun is much more important to me right now than pretty much anything else and if something gets in the way of that; then yes, I might get lazy if it requires work. The good news is, I can find fun in just about anything, but certainly not everything. So beware of what you ask of me….just sayin’, but you have been forewarned.

Are you having fun

If not, why not? June 1st of this year marked my 34th year of employment at Lanier Upshaw, Inc. Yes, that’s a loooong time and certainly puts me in the minority of having the same job with the same employer for that long. I guess I followed my dad’s MO, he was with Minute Maid/Coca Cola for 40 years. However, it also has me contemplating what comes next and I can certainly see that light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t write it in ink, but you can use a heavy number 2 pencil if you are keeping score, but I plan on doing something else January 2021. That will give me 40 years in the industry.

I have a partner here who started exactly one year before me but is 3 years older; my original thoughts were to outlast him and be the longest tenured employee at Lanier Upshaw, Inc. but he doesn’t appear to be making any immediate plans so I’ll just let him win that prize…:).

Who knows, maybe I’ll be a world class writer like the Extremely Average one, Brian Meeks. I really did think that moniker fit me much better, but I could never talk him into giving it up.

Anyway,……to be continued…….


3 thoughts on “What kind of life do you want to live 

  1. I cannot tell you what joy it brought to my day to see a post from my favourite Agent 86! Fun – yes! A double or triple scoop please. My husband just hit his 35 year anniversary at his employ last week, but retirement isn’t in the near future. He loves what he does, despite the long commute he does every day. I continue to take on contracts that keep me productive and happy. When you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life, right? I could go on and on about what it means to reach a certain age, with more years behind than ahead, but feeling like there’s still a lifetime ahead to live. And live it we will! As the song goes…”with the radio blasting…we’ll have fun fun fun…you can come along with me cause we got a lot of things to do now…” Fun fun fun indeed! Cheers! Snowshoes

    • I really want to write again and it’s going to take some effort to get a domain name again, but it was fun hitting the ‘post’ button….:).

      There is probably not another profession I could have chosen that suited my personality better. I don’t consider myself a top 2 percenter in terms of production/sales, but I do care and have empathy and it has suited me well enough. W/out being a doctor/engineer/lawyer I don’t think there was anything else I could have done to make the same money I have made over this time. I have total freedom to come and go as I please which is worth a lot but once I actually started thinking about retirement planning and saw I could do it I’m ready to give it a try.

      My dad retired at 62 and was dead by 64; I don’t think that will be me and his smoking greatly hastened his demise. If anything, it will be my bike riding that does me in.

      Always the supporter, thanks. Let’s see if I can get consistent again; hope all is well with you.

  2. Bill, long time not speaky. I’m glad to see you remain loyal to your dream. You are a fantastic write. Keep it up and put all of your posts together. You have the makings of another Carl Hiaasen.

    Just saying. Regards.

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