Who keeps moving my cheese?

If you are familiar with the bestselling book, ‘Who Moved My Cheese‘ you know it deals with change and how to deal with it in work and life. Sometimes change and turmoil makes me want to cut some cheese, that’s for sure. One thing I have come to expect, and that is don’t get too comfortable, whether it is life or business.

Most know my day job is commercial insurance sales; this is an old-school traditional job if there ever was one. The model was you work extremely hard your first 3-5 years, ‘grow’ a book of business and just kind of coast from there. If that is your model today, you are probably going out of business, if you aren’t already gone.

Change can be good

Change, because it has an element of the ‘unknown’ typically brings about a certain level of stress. And whereas too much stress might not be a good thing, it can actually work for you.

Although relaxation ought to be, um, relaxing, stress management has somehow become yet another pressing item on our to-do lists. We’re made to feel like failures if we can’t live in a state of balance. But stress is good. Great, even. The discomfort of stress is a sign that you are tackling life’s problems head-on. Stress also improves productivity and performance – at work, at the gym – and your body will be stronger if you alternate periods of calm and heart-pounding excitement.

How it has worked for me

Some of you might also know I have been doing this ‘insurance gig’ for 28+ years……….at the same place. Talk about a breeding ground for complacency. The good news is we have forward thinking management and try to be pro-active and relevant in a fast-paced information overload society. Β This means don’t get too comfortable in your chair, because you might have to move soon.

I certainly don’t want to be the ‘we used to do it that way’ guy and try to set the example and lead the charge if I truly think it will benefit the corporation. We are an ESOP (employee owned – employee stock option plan) corporation so our performance impacts our ‘retirement’ account.

Has it made me uncomfortable at times? Absolutely, but it has also kept it interesting, challenging and fresh. I feel my eagerness to learn and adapt also keeps me young at heart and always growing.

Other changes I see

There are quite a few of us in my community who entered the ‘social’ journey about the same time. When we jumped on the hamster wheel we were led to believe more followers and more comments are how you succeed. There is nothing wrong with that per se, but you do have a tendency to ‘chase’ under that model; and it’s circular.

Just about everybody I know has varied from that model one year into their journey, and some have just given up. We are all smart enough to copy and emulate what we perceive as ‘success’ in here, but I feel we have come to the realization there really is no ‘right way’ or ‘wrong way’; it’s ultimately only ‘our way’.

Just like life, if you are going to be a survivor in here don’t get too comfortable in your seat. What is working for you today could be totally different in 30 days; that is how fluid social is.

This is what keeps me going

Numero uno – it has to be fun; fun is a great motivator for me. I work plenty hard in my day job. In my ‘spare time’ I’m a volunteer Guardian ad Litem and sit on 5 boards; all non-paying positions. If social becomes a second job, this is when you might lose me.

Will I find a way to make ‘social’ work more effectively for me? I’m planning on it, but don’t feel I need to force it, so let’s see what happens.

What about you?

Ok, we are 30 days in; who has already changed direction since the first of the year? Who is seriously thinking about chucking it all? What changes are you going to make to keep this sustainable for you?

What did we learn today? Billy still likes to talk about himself but sounds like he is clueless too; so don’t pin the ‘guru’ label on him just yet.

Have a great week. That.is.all.


75 thoughts on “Who keeps moving my cheese?

    • I concur, if you don’t have some then complacency sets in and that is when you wither and die. There is a fine line and it’s your mindset and how you handle it, determines how useful it can be for you.

      You win the Monday prize as ‘first in’; good to see you and thanks for dropping by.

  1. Hey Bill,

    Yes, it has to be fun. That’s the reason why I do what I do as well. I don’t sit on any boards, but I would have loved to, as long as I had fun doing it. And the reason I am starting my own business from 1. April, is that I want to be challenged and have a lot of fun while doing it πŸ™‚

    A lot of things are happening in 2012, and I can’ stop thinking about you playing golf with Charles Barkley πŸ™‚

    • Yep, me an Sir Charles on the golf course. He’s a pretty good guy especially when you can talk to him one on one and he doesn’t have a swarm of people around him. He’s not perfect and has never said he was, but he is very philanthropic and does give back; he gets high marks from me for that fact alone.

      Some people loathe sitting on boards or attending Chamber socials; but I guess because I like people, I actually enjoy stuff like that. If you can find ‘fun’ in normal, everyday life then you can wake up everyday wondering what ‘fun’ things are in store for the day, right?

      Good to see you sir; hope your weekend went well. Yes, we had pizza on Friday night…….Pizza Hut thin and crispy; 1/2 cheese, 1/2 green peppers, onions & tomatoes……

      • It’s almost impossible to find pizza hut in Norway anymore. I believe they’re only at two airports, and I’m not going to an airport just to eat pizza (you’re probably surprised that I don’t) πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Bill,
    30 days in eh!? Yep and we’re still here! I’ve spent most of those 30 days organizing what I already had on my plate and adding a huge project to it, which meant dropping some things and organizing my time much better for it all. I love January for that.
    The biggest change I made in my life was adopting a morning routine of meditation (still learning this one) and energy medicine etc. My objective is to transition from sleep to work peacefully rather than running from bed to computer! Today I realized that the time it takes for my computer to come onboard is a great time to do my QiGong exercises. I love January for that too! I’m a work in progress, but so is life itself! πŸ˜‰
    As for the guru label, Bill, I’ll give you the “we’re all in this together so let’s work it out” one!

    • Life is always a work in progress, that’s what makes it fun and interesting to get up every day.

      You have a slow start up too? I use my ‘office’ laptop, but it can easily be 15 minutes before it’s fully ready to go. In this economic pinch, we (the corp) is riding out the hardware as long as we can. We did get new iPhone’s, so maybe computers are next, huh?

      If we weren’t always evolving and learning, mold would start to grow on us, huh? And I’m already fighting gray hairs………:)

      Good to see you Lori, and yes I still plan on doing a GP for you.

  3. I can’t wait to hear what Kaarina tells you about balance :)!

    Here’s the thing…balance requires constant adjustment to stay upright. When we stand still, we fall down. The moves may be subtle, but the mobile survive.

    My current stress isn’t exactly what I’d have ordered up if I got to be in charge of my own life (Which, hello, we’re not. Maybe that’s what leads people to the false sense of control that makes it difficult for them to embrace change.). However, I’ll admit to thriving in most situations that make other people panic.

    Really…it’s just cheese. Change isn’t bad. Life is good. None of us is a guru.

    Have a great day, Bill!

    • Like the gym, I am so close to the optimal level of fitness where I don’t have to work out anymore; I can feel the same w/ guru status, I am so close it’s scary……..:).

      You touch on a couple of good points; we really don’t have control, but we can control how we react to it. This is why some handle it better than others. Is is still painful at times? Absolutely, but attitude can make all the difference.

      It’s no different than eating the same meal everyday which would be boring……..change definitely is good.

      So good to see you Mimi, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hey Bill, I agree with you completely. I’ve had a few short periods in my life that were stress-free and they were pretty boring. I’m not a stress junkie, but a bit of stress can do us all good. I like getting the blood flowing through a good game of racquetball. The game is lightning fast so it keeps my mind sharp in addition to giving my muscles a heck of a workout.

    It’s great you’ve been with the same company for so long Bill. I imagine someone with your talents and people skills stayed put because your firm was a good fit for you. Like-minded people who always strive to do their best would be very compatible with you.

    I hope blogging keeps your interest for just as long if not longer. The blogosphere would be a much lonelier place without you in it, Bill.

    • That’s interesting Carolyn. I have also had a few “strees-free” periods in my life, and they were boring too. I like to have many different tasks, and keep trying to get better at what I’m doing. And the more tasks, the better I get at it… or at least that’s how it feels πŸ™‚

    • Well that was a nice thing to say; it would be quite a huge void to fill if I was gone, huh?……………ok, maybe not huge……..:).

      Here’s my deal, I don’t stress over much. Yes, things are happening that cause me angst but I seem to be able to compartmentalize it. Maybe I should get more worked up over some of this stuff, huh? In reality, most of it doesn’t mean much in the big scheme of things; it’s best to keep it in perspective.

      Yes, I used to be the ‘young’ guy around here……what the heck happened. Nah, I’m still the kid.

      Good to see you Carolyn, thanks so much for stopping by today.

  5. Thoughtful stuff as ever Bill!

    If you recall my post at the end of last year you will know that I have been making changes recently and I’m now finding that a more relaxed approach is meaning the social media experience is once again more enjoyable and hopefully, more sustainable.

    So I do think we need to aware of the direction of our journey and be prepared to change if we feel that things aren’t going right. It’s not all about avoiding stress though as you say, it’s often good to challenge yourself but recognising when that is leading to ‘bad’ stress is really important.

    Keep up the good work Bill, liking the new look on the blog πŸ™‚

    • I do recall your post and a relaxed, realistic approach sounds like a better model for me.

      I’m not afraid of hard work and if I know I do enough of X to get me to Y, then I will do it; no questions. However, if I know it’s a ‘circular’ model getting me nowhere, then I will be looking for an off ramp. I jumped in an tried to emulate some people who were in much deeper than I, and it was their business model. It about ran me out of social. I had to make those changes too Tony, or I wouldn’t have been a survivor.

      Thanks for your kind words and visit; hope you have been well.

  6. I’m in for the long haul on this ‘social’ thing. It’s exposed me to wonderful people and novel ways of thinking. That is invaluable.

    Honestly now, I would give up on blogging if it weren’t fun. It also provides a constant challenge. When I’m writing a post, especially those longer ones, “What can X teach you about writing,” I often ask myself — how will people react to this article? Will it make them laugh? (Hopefully, not cry. NEVER cry.) Am I giving them insights that may have never occurred to them before?
    Sometimes I succeed, like when I wrote about Darth Vader. Afterwards I wrote about Captain Picard of the Enterprise, and didn’t get as strong a response. But that doesn’t matter so much; the main thing — to steal Seth Godin’s phrase — is that I shipped.

    I had no idea you’d been with the same company for 28 years. I’ve been hired by companies in the past, came to work at their offices, and got to meet young people who didn’t show half the moxie you do, Bill. Only a few years into the job and they were already coasting. Initiative? Meh, that’s not a word.

    But you’re still quelve, right? Maybe that’s your secret.

    • Did you say ‘novel’ ways of thinking? Imagine that………:).

      Is it just a job to you or is it a career; it’s better to embrace it and just be the best you can be. I look forward to coming in to ‘work’ because I know something ‘fun’ will happen…….even if it’s just going to a good place to eat lunch.

      I’m glad I do get ‘engagement’ when I post; I like having people stop by. I too have met some really great, creative and talented people and wouldn’t trade my time spent so far for anything.

      Billy is quelve and no longer counting……..:)

  7. Hi Bill!

    30 days…eh? πŸ˜‰
    I did pretty well. Got the new job, got the writing job and it makes me smile every morning. The biggest change? I finally got around to joining the gym, I had to do it and I have been there EVERYDAY! And though I did enjoy the walks and jogs to shed it off; this makes it more organized and no matter what I do, the trainer always has judgmental looks.

    So yes, I am taking it one day at a time, I don’t know how it is by the end of 2012… but here I am πŸ™‚

    • One day at a time is all we can do, but make sure you enjoy the journey that one day at a time…….:).

      A gym, huh? Is your trainer working you hard? I probably need a trainer; I have a tendency not to push myself too hard if I am running solo.

      I’ve seen people change in social pretty quickly; one day they are doing one thing and the next, an entirely different model. Not necessarily good or bad, it’s just hard to find your footing at times.

      So good to see you, and hope to keep seeing you even with your new job.

      • Oh she definitely is! I think trainers go this training where they have to be all tough on their clients and the mirrors they have at the gym… don’t get me started πŸ˜‰

        Yes, people change but then many of us really haven’t figured out what we like and what makes us happy. Maybe we keep looking for something all the time!

  8. Well, Mimi had my number from the get-go. Most of you will know that I don’t believe in balance. I believe that striving for “work-life balance” is an unrealistic expectation that has actually added more stress to peoples’ lives, as they chase the elusive concept. I say “Embrace Imbalance” (or on days when I’m a little pricklier, “Balance is B.S.” Stay tuned for my book:)

    I won’t be chucking it all, but as you know, I’m in the process of change. I think that many of us who achieve our one-year blogging birthday (mine’s tomorrow) have enough experience behind us to make the decision to hold ’em, fold ’em or get a new hand. There’s a fair bit of disillusionment that I think is necessary to see beyond the heady first days of blogging bliss, and settle into one’s own groove. I agree: there is no “right” way or “wrong” way, even though it took me far too long to temper the words and wisdom of the “experts” with my own common sense and experience. I, too, will do it “my way”…sing along with me…”regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention”…ah, Frank Sinatra. Cheers! Kaarina

    • I was humming a few bars of Frank, and definitely thought of you when I included the balance part. In the early days, social certainly dominated a good portion of my free time and had me teetering on the balance beam.

      Yes, I chased a lot of rabbits only to become disillusioned by certain people, but thankful for the experience as it helped me ‘grow’. In looking back I don’t think I would do anything differently.

      I enjoy life and the challenges and opportunities it brings. I look forward to coming to work because I KNOW there will be something fun that comes out of my day. I’ll make sure of it, because I will seek it out.

      Happy bday tomorrow; do you have a special post planned?

  9. OMG, were you in my head today? I wrote about how my “three words” are doing one month in!

    I’m chucking what doesn’t make me feel good. And that’s not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. The way I see it, for me to retain what’s “good” (retention is one of my words), I have to let go of the “bad.” So I’m learning to be ruthless!

    • Of course I’m in your head; you can’t stop thinking about me, can you? Oh wait, maybe it’s me thinking about you, huh?………:).

      Ruthless Shonali, hmmmm; does that come with a ‘game’ face?

      It’s a good thing I find ‘fun’ in a lot of things people don’t particularly care for; sitting on boards, Chamber socials, volunteer work. Put me in a situation and I will probably find some fun; I seek it out. If it’s too bad, then yes, I will jettison it. I don’t want unfun to be weighting me down.

      I will get by to check out your post; thanks for stopping by today.

      • LOL! I’ll let you decide who’s thinking about whom. πŸ™‚

        Yup, my ruthlessness always comes with a game face… ha! No, it’s really more about saying “no” without feeling bad about it. I say “yes” to too many things, and that leaves me drained.

    • I too had a habit of saying ‘yes’ too much, but now I give it careful consideration to make sure I can commit to what I am agreeing to. I think people respect you more by saying ‘no’ than saying ‘yes’ but not doing what you said you would do, right?

  10. Social is that second job for a lot of people. It’s that second job with bad or no pay and lots of overtime. I don’t need to tell you that – you know it as well as I. [grin] But, for some, it’s a labor of love, friendship, and fun. Not to mention the mind and heart expanding that goes on. Stress – that’s ok. Disillusionment and despair – that just about sucks worse than anything else.

    Hang in there, Bill. I noticed your getting stretched thin. For whatever reasons.

    All I can do for you is to remind you that you are loved and appreciated, your presence is persistently requested, and, yeah, we need you to be the last man standing. For all that is decent and good – of course.

    • Yep, all that’s decent and good unless I’m with my friends then it’s all debauchery…….:). I quit having ‘game’ so long ago, now not only do the girls not see me, they no longer hear me as well………doh…….

      The thinness occurring is my day job, but have to tell you it is rock and roll right now. I am very pleased with how the year has started.

      Disillusionment does suck the big weenie and will tell you, I have certainly been disillusioned by some in here. However, that would mean it’s all about me (which it is BTW) and until I walk a mile in their shoes I should not be judgmental as all. And I will just leave it at that…

      I’m enjoying what I’m doing and the people I am meeting; that’s sustainable enough for me.

      Good to see you Stan, I’ll be back by your place later sir.

  11. Hi Bill,

    First I think that it’s a great idea that your company’s bottom line can affect your ‘retirement’ account as that gives you a great incentive to perform. When I get to the point of hiring other people, I would like to think that I will be able to offer them some sort of incentive or a small interest in the company. That way, it becomes more than just a ‘job’.

    You’ve clearly got lots going on man. As we have discussed on my blog, it’s each to their own with this stuff.

    I have plans to commercialise my blog, but for now I simply don’t have the time. I have much more important things to be getting on with.

    • I hear people touting the need to have different revenue streams and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I’m in sales, it’s not rocket science, but just like public speaking, not everybody has the intestinal fortitude to choose it as a profession. I can make more than enough money by just concentrating on my core business. If the bottom fell out of that; then I would just go sell something else.

      Having said that, if I found a way that was appealing to me to monetize some of these efforts, I would be ‘all in’. Then maybe the wife would quit bugging me about being online all the time…….:). She thinks it is a glorified dating service……….:).

      I am very busy, but you know what? I still have plenty of free time on my hands. I’m the type of person who likes lots of things to do.

      I’m enjoying it; it’s great to interact and I particularly like the global reach so it looks like you might be stuck with me for awhile.

      Good to see you sir; hope you had a great weekend.

  12. I figure that I have had enough and will quit tomorrow. There are only so many words and so much to say and now I have said them all.

    Of course I have been thinking about quitting since I started so who knows.

  13. Bill – There have been many bloggers writing about how to handle change and this is one among the best I have read so far. I can relate to this article and see how difficult it is for me and everyone when there is a change from the routine, be it in food or work or family.

    Speaking of what has changed in my life…i have to say that 2012 saw the start of The Naked Truth Series on my blog and that has kept me busy and thinking all along. There have been great insights into many blogger’s routines and practices that has helped me a great deal. This was a welcome change for me.

    • The Naked Truth is quite a worthy project indeed; it takes quite the commitment to pull something like that together.

      I appreciate your kind words; yes, sometimes it is nice to find your comfort zone and be able to hang there for awhile. However, social doesn’t seem to allow that because it seems like you always have to evolve or you are falling behind. I struggle with that at times and just have to back up and stick to my ‘plan’.

      I also have to keep this all in perspective and enjoy it for what it is; and I am enjoying it.

      Good to see you sir, hope you have been well.

  14. The social web is and extension of life’s journey. There are ups, downs, twists and turns… The difference is you’re leaving electronic bread crumbs and making friends along the way.

    There are folks who are part of ‘your’ world and your journey that didn’t exist before.

    I guess the main questions you should be asking yourself are:

    Is the journey more fulfilling and enriched as a result of participating on the social web?

    Has it made you more productive and capable to get things done?

    Is it adding to your overall vision you have for your life?

    Do you accomplish more than you did before you started participating on the social web?

    Do you get a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment from participating?

    The bottom line, does it make you happy?

    If you can answer yes to most of these questions, then you have good reason to continue on.

    The social web is a lifestyle, not a fad.

    Just like the life you’ve lived and experienced thus far; there’s going to be some adjustments along the way.

    You’ll find the balance. You’ll learn. You’ll grow. You’ll come into your own. You’ll learn things about yourself you never knew. You’ll begin to reveal your core to the world through your writing and this is where the source of power is that can move people.

    I can’t say I’ve tapped this source fully yet, but I’ve tasted, I’ve desired, I’ve imagined. Therefore it is so.

    Geesh Bill, you got me going deep here – lol!

    P.S. You move people bro!

    • Holy mackerel, the great philosopher…….I do appreciate the depth of your reply; I thought maybe Stan Faryna had slipped in here.

      Social is very much like life and the deeper I get, the more I see what makes people tick. Just like in real life, some will become real friends and others will never be more than an acquaintance. Have some people disappointed me in here? Absolutely, but this is just ‘me centered’ thinking because to them it was never about me anyway.

      I still see a lot of silliness and a lot of struggles; for now, I have found a balance and what makes me happy. This keeps it sustainable…..

      I have grown in my journey and will continue to do so; it’s been an interesting learning experience, but I’m always eager to learn.

      I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and also appreciate your support. Always good to see you my friend.

  15. Hey Bill,

    Yeah, stress isn’t really my friend these days. There’s a little too much of it at the moment. However, it’s the ebb and flow of life. I know I’ll look back on this time as a memory and reflect on what I’ve accomplished.

    Fear is a big motivator for me–also fearing change. The fear isn’t always a bad thing. You can harness it and use it to motivate yourself. Change isn’t always bad either. It’s part of learning and growing–and we’re never too old to learn!

    • I’m sorry to hear that; and yes, too much can just feel like a weight that keeps getting heavier. I hope you get past it soon.

      Fear can be a motivator and can help you focus; kind of like getting ready to speak before a room full of people and that feeling you get in your stomach. That is what helps me focus…….

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by; I do hope your week goes well. Take care.

  16. I have a daily Ashtanga yoga practice that helps me manage stress and maintain a sense of composure and equanimity in my life.

    I have introduced a lot of change in the last year, with more anticipated, but so far, I’ve managed to keep my cool. I’ve also cut down dramatically on my cheese consumption.

    I sit on 2 volunteer Boards and I actually find that devoting time and energy to non profit work helps me to have healthy perspective. More stuff we have in common, Bill.

    • Were we separated at birth………..what? I’m too old to be your sibling…..well, I never……………:).

      I would like to take yoga but have never taken the initiative to find a class. It might be scary to see my stiff body in there trying to do yoga…..

      Too much cheese can can certainly stop you up; I try to find a balance that keeps me productively busy and have fun too.

      I have some friends on the boards I do things socially with as well; it makes it easier to get things done.

      So good to see you; hope you had a great weekend.

      • You’re probably not too old to be my sibling :-). Especially considering I have a step mother who is 15 years younger than me. Not sure what one point has to do with the other…

  17. Guru Bill,

    Guru means Gu+Ru Gu is darkness, Ru means light. Guru takes you from darkness to light. I think you are doing that only. With your experience and knowledge there is a lot to learn even though you keep telling us gullible folks otherwise ;).
    Since the start of year, I am seeing good traffic on my blog. I moved back from posting three times to two times because quality was suffering. I have started dabbling in affiliate marketing , though not in the strict way. You might see a few ads at the bottom of content of my blog.
    Lets see how it goes. Other than that things are the same πŸ™‚

    • Gu+Ru is right and I drive around town with my Guru Burger King crown on: http://ow.ly/8VxVx . Yes, I am the man………:).

      I have no problem dropping ads on their sites; if it creates some revenue, then that’s cool. People can either chose to click on them or not, huh?

      I always have ‘stuff’ running through my mind from taking to the next level or backing way off. For now, I will remain somewhere in between. I do have fun with this, so it is easy for me to stick around.

      Thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure to see you.

  18. You have to own that “guru” moniker Bill. No wallflowers in social.

    I might have to disagree on the “good” stress idea. I take the point — that we learn and grow from it. And I would have agreed with you until recently. However, I saw this documentary called Stress: Portrait of a Killer which was pretty eye opening. Apparently, on a biological level, it’s pretty much all bad. Where I would agree is that it’s part of life, and you can either make the best of it or not.

    • Time out my friend; you can disagree all you want over at your place but we are not promoting point counter-point here so just leave your debate at home……..:).

      I believe you will always have stress; from the almost non-existent making a decision on which route I’m taking to work to something extreme that causes real distress. I also believe how you handle stress determines how ‘deadly’ it can be.

      If you dwell on it………..bad; if you can let it go……….not so bad. It can be a motivator, just don’t let it control you.

      Not only no ‘wallflowers’, but no crying in social either.

      Good to see you; I was over in your neck of the woods this morning. I have a customer on Forsyth Rd in Winter Park I had to visit for a renewal meeting.

      Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday; talk to you soon.

  19. A little over 30 days in now Bill and although I haven’t changed direction, a few things aren’t going as smoothly as they were suppose to. But then again, why am I not surprised.

    You are a brave soul Bill, sitting on five boards. Heck, I’m on the board for our townhome association and they had to pull teeth to get me on again. Yep, already served years ago and it didn’t really go well. I’m extremely outspoken, especially when it comes to my home and the majority of them didn’t agree with me at all so I knew my vote would never count among that group. Thankfully, they are all gone and we have new owners here who think more like I do. Not quite a year into this one but it’s going much better. Time consuming since I work at home and am on property all day long so you can only imagine who gets called a lot.

    I like hearing about you, I enjoy learning more about what you’ve got going in your life Bill. I know that’s why your regulars continue to visit you. So you just keep it up my friend and we’ll keep coming back for more.

    Enjoy your week! πŸ™‚

    • Ah, the homeowner’s assoc board; probably the most difficult to sit on. I was our president the first 3 years and now my wife won’t let me get back on, which is fine with me. My problem is, when I see things going badly at the board level, I want to jump in and fix it. With my other activities, I really don’t need to deal with the silliness that can occur with a homeowner’s assoc.

      Fortunately, most of my board meetings are early morning or lunch affairs and most don’t require heavy lifting. I’m currently on two Chamber boards, but the last year on one and first year of the other so one will be gone by Oct. I really do need to be ‘visible’ in my job and this serves as a perfect platform for me. I don’t have a lot of money to give, but I can give time if I plan properly for it.

      Thanks for sharing what is going on with you and let’s just keep marching forward, ok? Talk to you soon.

  20. Thanks for the insightful “change can be good” read! I am working on a “re-invention” of myself this year, starting with blogging! A whole new world for me, but I am learning so much by doing it. Don’t know how you sit on five boards; the time commitment alone has got to be taxing. I’ve been on two local boards as a “community member”, ended up stepping down from one after a few years. So much work, not enough “fun”, and as you said, it needs to have some level of “fun”. Enjoy the next 330 days of 2012!

    • Fortunately most of the meetings are lunch time meetings and surprisingly, none conflict. 5 is probably two many, but 1 will drop off in Oct and another right after the first of the year.

      When I jumped into the ‘twitter’ part of social and discovered posts and commenting, I had no idea I would be blogging as well. Now that I am, I really enjoy it. Early on all the activity consumed me, but fortunately I was able to back off and found out what works for me. It was crazy there for awhile.

      One thing I do know, it’s is always evolving so don’t get too comfortable.

      Fun is our motto, right? Good luck with your journey and thanks so much for stopping by.

  21. Dang dude, it’s so painful to have to scroll down to be the 66th commenter; applause to you.

    Love the message herein; spot on as they say. There aren’t any hard and fast rules — you make them up as you go. That said, engagement is one guideline you have to have to show success anywhere; that you know as you’re the expert.

    What have I changed up? The blog is dark this week because I’m relaunching again — revising design to better suit my needs and to better present my capabilities to the world. That’s a huge undertaking and no one ever speaks to it.

    You can be social all you want, but how does that look? (Hey, there’s your next blog post…I’m dark you know.)

    • Maybe if I would get a pay site I could get the comment box up top, huh?

      So, your blog is dark; I did sneak in the back door and left a comment on the boobie post. Yes, we do have influence as bloggers.

      Actually I might incorporate being social all I want into a guest post Ken Mueller has asked me to do about my day job of insurance. Good idea ma’am……..:).

      Good to see you and thanks for dropping by on your week off.

  22. Best business book ever.Though who cut my cheese is also good.

    Never be complacent and always work smarter. And hey if your actuaries faulter you can always be a pro-blogger!

  23. no because they have saved me time, effrot and investing further $’s in them I have also been saved from having someone in my team that would be a drag, do nothing and then drop out because nothing happened’ for them. I’m proud of my business and value it highly as a ministry through which to reach so many others for good I want good people who will treat their business within my organization with the same value and esteem.

  24. Yet we don’t really hassle about that, and leap correct in. Amazing things start to surface area when you decide to
    know the most important individual in your personal lifestyle you.
    Invest much more time chatting and less time fretting.

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