True story

Without a reader, there are no words...

If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’, right? Ever notice when I write I have a tendency to leave off the ‘gs’ with ‘ing’ endings? It’s how I talk so the reader should get the real flavor, right? It’s a southern thing; I don’t want to sound too much like a hayseed, but I’m also lazy so sometimes it carries over to my speech as well. I’m becoming of the age I can do those kinda things now…just sayin’…:).

That doesn’t sound much like a story

It wasn’t, but do you ever start a conversation with ‘true story?’ Does that mean all the other stories were bullshit, or some variation thereof but this one is verbatim true? Or, maybe the story you are about to tell borders on being unbelievable you have to qualify it first? Or, most of your stories are embellished to a degree they are hardly believable in the first place so you need to qualify it?

I wish my life was interesting enough I had good enough stories to qualify first.

My life is so routine and predictable right now it wouldn’t take much to notice any deviation. I’m not big on a lot of drama, but I could certainly take it up a notch from watching paint dry or grass growing, huh?

That’s why I like to post on FB so it looks a lot more exciting than it really is; true story.

If you see it online it has to be true

There is certainly a lot of untruths, partial truths or half-truths posted all the time. I try to take it with a grain of salt because that’s all you can do as this is our new norm. Whereas, some want to make ‘merica great again, we also can’t put that genie back in the bottle.

I’m a go along, get along kind of person and maybe sometimes too complacent, but it sure reduces my stress and anxiety level. About 99% of the stuff I see and read I can do absolutely nothing about so it serves me well to let that flotsam drift right on down the stream.

And that’s the truth

Really, is that what you have reduced yourself too?

Apparently, huh? This is actually the 3rd post I have written since I have been back, but just didn’t publish the others for whatever reason.

One thing I do know, this free WordPress site is kind of a pain in the ass as it doesn’t work real well; and that’s the truth too.

So what does that mean? Not much, as I mentioned before I’m kinda lazy and not much stresses me out so this might be as good as it gets.


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