Your link bait smells like stink bait

Made you look, didn’t I?

Have you ever used stink bait aka liquid ass to catch fresh water catfish ? I have and it really does stink….a lot, and once you get it on your fingers it is almost impossible to get the smell off. So, if stink bait stays on you like you want people to stay on your site then maybe it really is like link bait.

You will definitely catch fish with it, and even though this is a social media faux pas, my topic is not about link bait.

In fact, I’m not even going to write about my blogging, who followed or unfollowed me, or anything like that. My editor (the wife) has implored ‘can’t you write about anything else but blogging’? I’m trying, or at least I’m giving it some thought……….:). Of course, she would be a lot more supportive if I was making money at this……..just sayin’………but wives are like that, huh?

What some of this post will be about

Uh, let’s see; why don’t I write about me and let my readers list the top 3 things they like about me. I mean really, what better topic could there be, right? In fact I think I will link some pictures as well.

Ok, maybe that’s not a good choice and having to come up with 3 nice things to say might mean you will have to make stuff up so I better not push my luck. Be careful what you ask for, you might actually get it.

Top 10 lists seem to work

I thought about this and have some very good friends I follow and could easily give props to but have found you will inevitably have to make the cut between two people you like. I know, most people don’t care and enjoy seeing their friends being showcased anyway but I will save one of those posts for later. Besides, my friend Tony has the corner on the Top 10’s.

Maybe it will get more results if I do a top 10 list of the people I quit following and the reason they were removed. Has anybody seen a ‘serious’ top 10 list where somebody has done this? It would probably seem petty and I’ve done my share of whiny rants, so let’s just put this on the back burner as well.

My newest discovery

One day as I was bouncing around I came across a mega blog The Bloggess by Jenny Lawson. It fits in with my humor and will warn you, she will drop the F-bomb in a heartbeat; however, I thought she was good and wanted to share. Also, although comments are welcome she doesn’t respond back.

When I visited, I did follow her and she actually followed back. It was really no big deal, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Some of you might know her but she is new to me. If you are looking for a change of pace, it is definitely worth the visit.

Who is your latest discovery

If you were to list one person you follow that your readers might raise an eyebrow over, who would that be; and what made you follow? Would it be like some of the music you have on your iPod you might be hesitant to ‘share’ with your audience?

How often do you try to locate new talent? Do you have a particular method, or do you just wait for others to post Top 10 lists and see if any of those interest you?

I know this post wasn’t supposed to be about blogging, but I meant ‘my’ blogging so I get a ‘hall pass’, ok?

Please share your thoughts how you keep your ‘reader’ list fresh and new.

One final note

I have a guest post today at This is my friend Kim Davies site and would love for you to drop by. She is dealing with some health concerns which has made it difficult for her to post, and this site is her livelihood; I’m trying to help where I can. Please stop by and say ‘hi’ if you have the time.


89 thoughts on “Your link bait smells like stink bait

  1. Hahahaha Bill – we both wrote about aroma today! LOL Well, Ok, not really.
    Thanks Bill – I just spent the last 20 minutes looking at the amazing things Jenny “pinned” this week! Yikes! I’m going over to see what you’re saying at Kim’s place!

    • Yeah stink bait is an aroma you won’t forget. Fortunately, the only time you would have reason to smell it is when you are using it. I can gladly say I have never smelt anything that reminded me of it………

      @TheJackB game me the idea from this post: when he mentioned link bait so I tired to come up w/ something clever. I guess only time will tell to see how this was received, huh?

      I also wanted to find a way to mention Jenny and @Thebloggess site.

      It was fun, and probably standard fare from me.

  2. It feels like blogging has become a lot like selecting a book — if the author isn’t grabbing me in the first several graphs, then I move on. That’s where I’m at right now — hunting and pecking in my stream to find a topic and then a link and then a blog that is of interest.

    I need to do better fine tuning this strategy as I could sit for hours stumbling along; by the way, not sure you use Stumble Upon, but join me there and we can share good sites we find that may interest our network. I’m trying to cultivate that network as it’s a great tool.

    If I find a new blogger I really like, I’ll pop back and share, Bill.

    • Much appreciated and good to see you; so if I don’t see you for awhile I’ll now know it’s because I wasn’t compelling enough in the first several ‘graphs, huh?

      I don’t use Stumble Upon but sounds like I might need to. I felt I was getting to narrow focused with where I was hanging and commenting and wanted to explore a little bit. I was somewhat surprised by these mega blogs and the amount of traffic they get.

      The same time I found Jenny I found a couple of others. However, these others didn’t acknowledge my comment (while they only had about 10 comments on their site) and they didn’t acknowledge I had followed them. I might give them one more shot, but will probably move down the road with them.

      Always good to see you and hope you are doing well.

  3. Great idea, Bill! I wasn’t sure where you were going with this one, but the ride was a lot of fun. One of my fun blog discoveries was Habitation of Justice: The titles alone are entertaining (here’s one: HURRICANE REPORT: ZOMG I’M GONNA DIE OMG OMG SOMEBODY SAVE ME!!), but the posts are amazing as well. Lincoln Adams, the author of the blog, is in the middle of a cross-country journey and his articles make you wish you were in the seat next to him having the time of your life. He never hesitates to tell it like it is.

    Next week, The Things We Love About Bill Dorman. What do you think?

      • Hey, what a great idea…………………not…………….you guys show me what you think of my by stopping by; that is all the validation I need.

        I will definitely check out Lincoln Adams site; maybe if I hang out in the humor sites I will start writing more entertaining stuff, huh?

        If you see my comment to Lori; @TheJackB put the idea in my head when he shamelessly link baited an account so I wanted to have some fun with it.

        In other words, I was scrapping around for a post this week…………:)

        Thanks so much for stopping by; I just got back from a day business trip to Ft Myers and playing catch up. Hope all is well with you.

      • Well, I can’t say I wouldn’t love it………………..:) but that would be too way over the top. Everybody would think ‘what an a-hole, who does that guy think he is’?

        Thanks for the support however.

  4. Hey Bill,

    My son used to drive me crazy storing squid in the fridge to use for bait. The smell…hey there’s something about smells going on here today (Lifeforinstance )!

    I love so many blogs! I miss Stacey’s Mylifestylemax. One of my favorites because it’s way out of my comfort zone is Start Your Novel .

    And yes Carolyn, there’s no one like Bill. And my husband also raises his eyebrows about blogging, too. He’s all about the money!

    • Start Your Novel is one of my tribe mates and I will have to check him out. I haven’t done a good job of supporting them all but will definitely have to do so. Take care of your own first, right?

      I have been by Lori’s today; I think I might have been first over there. I mentioned my good and bad smell references and fortunately stink bait wasn’t on there; I have only smelled it that one time……….

      Thanks for the compliment and appreciate it so much you were able to stop by. I hope all is well with you.

  5. You just made my day with that link and kind words Bill (although I did have to go back to read the start of the post again just to check you weren’t using me as an example of a stinky link!)

    Your posts are always so interesting Bill as when you start you never know where you will end up but it still all seems to make sense – it’s a rare talent 🙂 As to your question about how to find ‘new talent’ – I am afraid for me it’s not at all organised and purely random although I suppose I do find some good people from reading comments on your blog if I think about it!

    Honored to be included in a post with ‘The Bloggess’, what an interesting lady! I too have followed Jenny now, maybe she will do me the honour of following back too so I can join you in that exclusive club.

    Great post as ever Bill – wishing you and yours a fantastic week 🙂


    PS – just off to look at your guest post at Kim’s place!

    • Yeah, you need to make sure I didn’t use stinky and Tony in the same sentence, huh? No, I admire the time you take to graciously put others out there. It does take some research and effort to get there.

      Some of the Jenny’s stuff definitely made me laugh out loud, but I like a weird off-beat type of humor; you just never know what to expect.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, hope all has been well with you.

  6. Triberr introduces me to a lot of “new” blogs as does StumbleUpon. Sometimes I check out blogrolls and commenters on various sites. Can’t really say that I have one particular method.

    Jenny The Bloggess is fun.

    • If you look at my reply to Lori, it was your ‘I should have slept with her….again’ post and when you mentioned link bait that got me thinking I should be able to do something with that. So sink or swim I will forever be attached to you on this one……….:)

      Actually, I was sitting at the computer Sunday night because it was the first time I had a chance to do anything so I was scrambling for a post. In fact, I was looking at some of your older ones to cut and paste but figured I better save them for a little while longer.

      Good to see you sir and thanks for dropping by.

  7. Well, I had an AWEsome comment started here, went back to look at your photo and poof!…it was gone! So, from memory:

    From liquid ass to Photo that Requires caption (My caption for it: “I said WHAT on who’s blog??!!!!) to turning top 10’s upside down to F-bomb Jenny to hall passes to sober ending…you are more fun than a carnival ride. Your mind works in mysterious ways. (whew…I remembered it all:)

    I’m always on the look-out for new blogs/bloggers, and I usually find them via good old word of mouth (thanks Carolyn), and from peeling the layers of the onion…you know, starting in one place and ending up on a totally different planet (Howie would like that one I think). I also find new people by clicking on their avatar on comments, checking them out, and then checking out the people they check out. It can be the never-ending story!

    Great posts today: two for one deal…here and over at Kim’s. It doesn’t get any better. Cheers! Kaarina

    • Even though I can be very simple, sometimes that mind of mine can sure meander around. When I googled stink bait and saw the pic for liquid ass, of course I had to use it. And trust me, that is no lie; that is some stinky, stinky stuff.

      Our revised Lanier Upshaw website is going to be up and running this week I believe and out IT guy came by and took a bunch of photos at my desk. He gave me different scenarios to act out and that one was the most animated so I thought I’d drop it in as a joke.

      Yep, here, there and everywhere, huh? Made it to Ft Myers and back already and just doing a little catch up.

      Hope your day is going well. When it gets too cold, do you have a place to run indoors; like when it gets under 50 degrees………………doh…………..

  8. My plate is full. I’d have to take some off the plate to add others. I don’t feel right about that just to try something new. When I like something, I like it. And I’ll order it every Wednesday – if you know what I mean.

    Sure, I can dabble with the dessert. But that’s not a commitment. [grin]

    • Since relationships are somewhat fluid in the social world I do have some ‘friends’ that it seems to be harder and harder for us to stay connected. I can’t tell if they think I’m not doing any heavy lifting but I am noticing it is harder for them to stick around.

      If any of my readers find it is too much of a struggle to stay connected to me for whatever reason, then these are the ones that create a void I can fill with someone new. I find a lot of these ‘new’ finds aren’t exactly opening the door at times so it might be I don’t stay around there as long either.

      I do like diversity however and curious enough to seek it out.

      I know most of my stuff is surface stuff compared to where you are coming from but I do appreciate your support. I will try to challenge you more……………:)

  9. I’m not all that familiar with catching fish, becaues I’m a vegetarian, but stink bait sounds familiar though 🙂

    You like pizza, I like pizza, that’s the perfect connection to me… and I don’t care much for people who are not responding. I only talk to people who are talking me. That’s why I have stopped following a lot of people, and I have also stopped reading a lot of blogs (from famous bloggers). I want the personal relationship.

    My latest catch is actually someone I should have visited a long time ago, but I’m not sure why I haven’t. I can probably say that I have been to busy writing the novel, but that would be a lie. My head is probably just somewhere else (I’m writing about a serial killer, and it’s hard to keep blogging about marketing at the same time).


    I just “discovered” the blog of Kaarina Dillabough, after I’ve seen her everywhere. Her blog is just awesome, and I can’t believe I haven’t visited it earlier.

    – Jens

    • Jens, I am now laughing because I started a reply to you…my son called and I took his call…my twitter login expired…and here I am starting my whole reply again. This happened earlier when I was commenting to Bill, when I went to his photo, came back and poof! Gone

      Bill, do you has some stink bait gremlins playing games here today?

      Anyways…I’m so glad to have been “discovered” Jens. I’ve visited your site before but not commented (my bad), seen and admired your comments all over the place, but we’ve only now connected. And I’m so glad about that! I hope to remain on your “personal relationship” list: I promise I will respond:) Cheers! Kaarina

      • That’s happened to me a lot as well. Now, I’ve stopped working when my kids are awake. I’m just asking for trouble if I do 🙂

        We’ll definitively keep in touch. I’m heading over to your blog in a few minutes.

        – Jens

    • Kaarina is the best and glad you have connected.

      Yes, pizza I can do and I prefer the vegetarian pizza by choice.

      I visit two sites where they are so big I don’t expect a response, but you know me, I do like the engagement. Maybe I’ll wear them down and they’ll just have to talk with me…:)

      I was just trying to have fun with this, but now I see I’m 0 for 2 with you; baseball and fish. What if I write about cold weather?

      Where do you get your material for serial killer novels? Just askin’…………:)

      Good to see today my friend.

      • As long as you like pizza (and especially vegetarian), you can go 0 for 10000, I don’t care 🙂

        I know a lot about cold weather, and right now summer is definitvely over. It’s a little past 6 am and the wind is tearing my house a part.

        Writing a serial killer novel is hard, and I don’t know a lot about it. I’ve watched a lot of movies, and Dexter (the TV-series), and I just think a lot about it. Thinks happen when I write, and I change things all the time. That’s why it takes forever to write a novel.

    • I thought maybe you were going Dexter and had some first hand experience for your novel…………:).

      Adam Patorek is a vegetarian too; what the heck are we going to do with you guys…..:)

  10. Amusing post here Mr. Dorman!! I’m totally diggin’ this!! PLUS, what a heart you have!

    Now I’m a typically Piscean if you follow that sign stuff. I don’t follow the horoscope stuff at all; however, I do think there is validity in the time/month you were born. So, in saying that … I’m the classic Piscean and am a complete and utter contradiction (fish swimming opposite each other) that it baffles even me sometimes. My secret blogger is Extreme John of Extreme Tanning ( I stumbled upon him and was hooked. He’s extreme in every sense of the word, but an amazing business man with incredible knowledge that he shares. The journey with him has been interesting and he’s probably tops to me over all. I then go to the other side and follow someone like Kenny Silva who’s a radical Christian businessman who I have the utmost respect for and follow faithfully. Makes for an interesting mix for sure. I’m an equal opportunity contradiction. 😉

    I seek out new people and blogs by reading comments on those I do like and picking up bits here and there across the blogosphere. I’m very particular and when I’m in, I’m hooked and spread the word and share my “finds” with others. I do check out other people’s suggestions, but it’s not gospel to me at all and have been more disappointed that struck gold overall – I’m sure it’s just my own weirdness.

    Good stuff here sir!! On my way to Kim’s place!

    Be safe, be good! You’re the bestest! 🙂


    • Sometimes I like to be unpredictable because my life can be so predictable at times. Sometimes I stretch my tastes in bloggers and music. I will definitely have to check out Extreme John, sounds interesting.

      Glad you liked the post, I was trying to have some fun with it; kind of a spur of the moment thing.

      So good to see you and very much appreciated. The big question, did Kenny and John make the table of 5 as well?

      • HA, HA!!! Honestly … EJ for entertainment purposes alone yes, Kenny no (I want Jesus himself instead ;)). Just so you know, I’m sitting in between you and EJ!! (Jesus across from me to keep an eye on things. ;)).

  11. I find blogs just on Twitter or by just seeing what the people that comment say. If I like the comment I see if they have a blog. Our mutual friend Craig is pretty good. I hope he keeps it up.

    My older brother doesn’t even read my blog. 😦 I feel unloved in the blogosphere. I think no matter how good my blog is he would never read it.

    My boyfriend, totally supports my blogging efforts, which is very cool.

    • I have a niece who has a site and posts but we don’t visit each other as much. Her’s is a niche mommy site. My wife does read this at times………she’s still waiting for me to write something………..:).

      Every once in awhile I go out searching but it’s usually through a link connected to a link connected to a link. I also like Erika Napoletano, she’s out there at times but writes very well.

      Thanks for coming by; always a pleasure to see you.

  12. What’s going on in that photo?

    I’ll have to check out Jenny Lawson. I lob a few F-bombs now and then, so certainly won’t mind that.

    Three people I love to read for a variety of reasons. Not exactly R-rated stuff, but they might be considered too much for some:

    Erika Napoletano

    Mars Dorian

    The Oatmeal

    Ashley Ambirge

    I’m constantly adding to the reader. Right now, I have way too many to deal with, including one Jenny The Bloggess, thanks, Bill 😉

    You can’t not write about blogging, can you?

    • As far as F-bombs, I’m usually having those hurled at me. Not that I was an angel before or ever professed to be, but 3 years in the Army taught me a word or two…..

      I definitely know Erika and Ashley but probably spend more time at Erika’s. I wish Ashley would either comment to all or just not comment. If you visit her place a day late you are likely not to get a response but she is a good writer.

      I tried the Oatmeal but it was early in my journey; might have to pay him a visit again. Heard of Mars Dorian but haven’t visited; will make it a point to do so.

      Blog, blog, blog and more blog, huh? After I read Markus’ post this week I wanted to comment to him that I’ll bet he never thought I’d be around this long but it did get me thinking about where I’m going with this………..if anywhere……………

      Oh well, one foot in front of the other for now…………good to see you Mr Craig.

      • Well Bill, you made me take 60+ minutes out of my day to read Marcus’ post and listen to the podcast 😉 I felt like I had to do it after reading the many comments. Incendiary stuff no doubt. Even someone as successful as that woman doesn’t have all the answers, eh? One foot in front of the other, indeed 🙂

    • Just take whoever claims to be an expert or know it all with a grain a salt. There is also something called tact and courtesy so just keep that in mind when dealing with others. I heard it can go a long way………..:)

  13. I am ashamed to admit that I don’t have any hidden blog gems. I think pretty much everyone I follow would be familiar around these parts. I wish I had more time to find the fun blogs, or some great undiscovered talents. As it is, I can’t keep up with all of the discovered talent. I do like the Blogess — but am rarely there.

    BTW, I agree with the above; I had no idea where this one was headed, but you pulled it off in the end. That made it really fun! Good job!

    • I think blogs are supposed to tell a story with a start and finish; I can definitely meander at times and in my mind I know where it’s going but probably need to do a better job of keeping the thread intact. The gist of this post was I was scrambling for a post and tried to keep in humorous and mention Jenny.

      I don’t spend too much time looking, but every once in awhile someone will pop up. I also liked Lisa Barone during that search but she didn’t even respond to my reply on a 10 comment post so maybe she’s too big time for me. That will be an easy one to just leave on the back burner.

      Anyway, thanks for indulging me and your support. One of these days I will figure it out.

  14. Hi, Bill.

    Thanks so much for the mention here and for the guest post. I appreciate everything you have done to help me and make me feel loved and supported.

    I am writing this while I am in the hospital. I was actually already here when I asked for help from all of you, guys. I just didn’t want to alarm ya’ll. But, since I’m still here, well…

    And regarding stinky link baits and latest discoveries, well, I don’t think I can add much to that considering my erratic presence online nowadays. Oh, well, I recently discovered that the plastic tip of our shoelaces is named aglet, does that count? 😀

    I’m glad you are in top form nowadays, Bill. Makes you deserving of the best of everything. 🙂

    • We just need you to get well; you don’t need to worry about coming here or finding new talent or anything like that.

      I think aglet does count and sounds like a good enough trivia question answer to win a free drink.

      Top form might be a stretch but I am plugging along for whatever that is worth.

      It was a pleasure to do your post and hope you are resting comfortably AND getting better.

    • Hi Kim!

      I know we don’t know each other besides that we see each other comment on Bill’s blog here. I also don’t know the reason that you’re in the hospital. Either way, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you I’m sending thoughts, prayers and well-wishes your way. Hope you’re home soon! 🙂

  15. I don’t have a recent discovery, but one of the blogs I read every day has a different community than we tend to see. It’s Goins, Writer by Jeff Goins. He always has great posts about writing, getting motivated, and more. I strongly recommend Jeff.

    I really need to get my next post written…so many distractions! Tomorrow, for sure!

    • I’ve heard of Jeff but have not checked him out; I will make sure to do so.

      This post was a last minute creation as if it wasn’t obvious. I had just been away from the computer for about 2 1/2 days straight so I just needed some thinking time to get it done.

      I know plenty has been written about it, but at what point does writing take a priority over commenting? Hmmmmm…………

      Good to see you; had an absolutely fabulous hamburger at a local restaurant last week. It did not disappoint…………..:)

      Take care.

  16. Hi Bill,

    One thing I’ve noticed about your blog posts Bill is that I can never predict the end. Sometimes when I start reading something, I can kind of get an idea of the direction of the blog post and generalize the end after readying 25% to 50% of the content. Sometimes I can get that from the title. But I’m never ever able to tell exactly where your posts will end. That certainly calls for a breath of fresh air and keeps me focused to stay on course as I read. Just something I noticed a while back but it finally clicked. Way to keep it mixed up.

    These days, I admit that I don’t try to find new blogs are talent actively. The way I typically locate new bloggers is on other blogs; either by introduction or a link, or sometimes a comment. No longer do I search Google to find what’s out there. Not saying that I won’t, but I haven’t been so free on time as of late to do that like the old days.

    I don’t believe I’ve located any new bloggers for a while. I’ve been in the same loop for most of the summer as I’ve worked in the lab prepping my almost ready to launch side hustle! more to come!

    Bill – thanks for always keep it unique my friend!

    • I did notice Markus mention your secretive project; can’t wait to see the launch.

      Unpredictable I can do but it’s probably because my mind is firing off in different directions and it can be hard to remain singularly focused.

      I do appreciate you and your taking the time to stop by; always good to see you my friend.

      Take care and I’m sure I will bump into you again soon.

  17. Bill,

    I love the way you taped images to your cabinets. Was that for the photo or is that “man” decorating?

    I know I said I would pop by yesterday but I got distracted by going to the movies with my best friends instead. We saw 50/50. It was so good!!! A must see. Even for guys. Actually, especially for guys.

    What was I suppose to write here? I really don’t feel like thinking today. But I will try. Oh! Wives aren’t only like that, husbands are too. I’m not going to tell him that sales are nil right now. Oops! I’m not a good salesman, I prefer to just help people. BUT I have to answer to the boss. So I better start selling some goods. LOL.

    If I was to tell people about a new blog I discovered it would be yours, duh! But I can’t do that here so…. I used to read Single Dad Laughing. Great blog! Really funny and yet sad at times. I haven’t been there in a while so I can say I re-found him. (Is that a word? I told you I don’t feel like thinking.)

    Have a great day!


    • Yes, sometimes I don’t want to think at all so I really don’t have anything to say other than blah, blah, blah.

      Those pics are man decorating, they are semi-permanent at this point until I find something to replace them.

      I definitely want to see 50/50; it’s based on a true story, right?

      So, I was a discovery, huh? That’s kind of cool. I will check out Single Dad Laughing.

      You can help people by selling, just remember that. Good to see you and thanks for making it by. I would have chosen movie over coming here too…..just sayin’…..

  18. First of all, loved the Office Bill photo. And I love your genuine concern; your humor; and your ability to fold so many people under your wings while making us each feel special.

    Second, I or visit(ed) the sites (note…I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from the blogosphere for a few months) of bloggers whose comments I enjoyed on other blogs. If we shared a bit of humor or like mindedness over comments to a post, it was a natural invitation to learn more. That’s how I discovered @EricaAllison for example…it all started over Hollie Hobby pajamas!

    • I usually find mine through comments, but every once in awhile a title will catch my eye and I’ll check it out. I guess there is some merit to catchy titles, huh?

      You and many others are currently in hiatus status on blogs. I just hope at some point you will have the opportunity to get back in like you were. It’s certainly a commitment, but look at all the great people you get to meet.

      I do appreciate your kind words, they make me smile. Hope biz has been good and you are handling all the changes.

      Thanks so much for coming by because it is always a pleasure to see you. Who woulda thunk I would still be doing this after that first post I let you read, huh?

  19. Hi Bill,
    I often derive a lot of joy when I discover a new blog but the occassionally I see some good blogs closing down. Whether its due to the owners’ lack of interest, time or anything else, losing a good blog is always painful.

    I am glad that you are continuing with your writing 🙂 and manage to pull us in all the time.

    Have a great day.

    • Hey Ashvini, I hear you about blogs closing down and it is sad. I have had several friends just go away. Blogging is a commitment and there are times I certainly wonder if it is all worth it.

      I like to write and primarily use it as my vehicle to stay connected, so I think I’m in it for now. I just hope my readers are finding some benefit instead of feeling like it is a chore to stop by.

      Hope all is well and I always appreciate it when you take the time to stop by. Win any more awards lately?

      • Hey Bill,
        I saw this reply today . Everything is fine , thank you,

        I think your blog is great and you are committed to it. The way you answer every comment is just superb. I always fall behind in this department and then later feel guilty about it.

        I am sure some more awards are headed my way. I am looking out 🙂

  20. Ah Bill, you talked about the stink bait. I spent last Sunday at my brother’s and they live in the country. His wife and I took the dogs for a walk and smelled a skunk. That’s the first thing I thought about when you mentioned the stink bait. It was horrible!!!

    LOVED that photo of you. Who was the one that caught you in rare form? Too funny my friend. Very brave to share with us but so glad you did.

    I have a few new bloggers visiting my place these days and I’ve been stopping by to check out their blogs but none at the moment that are really just sticking with me that I’d like to share with everyone. My last post was sharing some blogs with my readers that I thought would really benefit them in some way, shape or form.

    I do love coming to your place Bill because I never know what you are going to write about. I just say you share with us whatever is on your mind. It’s always fun and entertaining. That my friend, I do know for sure.

    Have a fabulous afternoon and hope the rest of your week is just as good!


    • Yes, sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to write about either…………..:). It’s probably not going to be about tech or measurement however.

      Our new Lanier Upshaw website is just about to go live and our IT guy was taking pictures of us at our desks. He was giving me different scenarios to act out while he was ‘shooting’. I don’t think that one will be on there, but who knows. I’m going to link the site in one of my posts when it’s ready; I think it’s pretty cool.

      Is my site like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you’ll get as Forrest Gump would say?

      You can’t have too many mega blogs because you typically don’t get any feedback and that’s not a lot of fun, is it? However, there are some good writers out there; I mean, other than us…………..

      Good to see you and thanks for coming by. Loved your ‘goodies’ post.

  21. Hey Bill!

    Well, I don’t have any new blogs to recommend as I just listed my new faves in my award post (thanks to you). The way I find new blogs to follow has changed. It’s mostly from visiting the ones I always visit and reading all the comments. After reading what someone has said enough, it gives you a bit of an idea of what they’re like. If their interests, what they had to say or sense of humor match mine I’ll usually hop over to their place. I’ve found several new people to follow by reading posts on your site:)

    • There really is gold in the comments and sometimes I’m bouncing around so much I don’t get into the meat and follow the comment trail. It’s all about time, but maybe I should slow down and smell the roses, huh?

      Somehow I got two GP’s in the blogosphere this week so you are probably chasing too if you are trying to find me.

      Thanks so much for coming by and your support is certainly appreciated.

  22. I love the work of a vitriolic Thai blogger who delivers crushing reviews of dime-a-dozen fantasy and SF novels and delves into gaming.

    Reader beware: I said vitriolic, and I meant it.

    Still – her blog is a lot of fun. No political correctness. No holds barred. She’s honest about the stuff she can’t stand and, most of the time, she’s right.

    Nick Mamatas, who wrote one of the most lucid books on writing and the writer’s life I’ve ever read, “Starve Better,” has a LiveJournal blog,

    Here’s Nick on people listening to music on their iPods:

    “iPods regularly ruin my day because of people wearing their earbuds and thus failing to pay attention to the world around them—on line at a store, on the BART, etc. There’s nothing more annoying than the vacant cowlike gaze of a person who just realized that he or she is the reason the train isn’t moving, or that there are a dozen people waiting with their own groceries. Cheese graters to the face! Cheese graters to the face is the only solution!”

    If you want to raise an eyebrow over these two bloggers, be my guest. 😉

    • Cheese graters to the face; classic………..

      I will definitely check these two out and thanks for passing this on. Sometimes you need to read a writer who holds nothing back, raw and emotional and with feeling. A lot of times, it is stuff you are thinking but just don’t say.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by, it’s much appreciated. I will definitely have to spend more time at your place as you made the must read list too.

      I hope your weekend has gone well.

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