Please retweet this post at 7:34 am EST


I am a member of Dino and Dan’s Triberr, the greatest blog amplification platform going; me and my 1,195 tribemates with a reach of 25,702,526 as of 7:34 am January 31, 2013.

25 cents is not a lot of money, is it? What if I could get my Triberr reach of 25,702,526 each to send me a quarter? Heck, I would even be willing to pay postage if it would move this along. Now that would be cool……..PO Box 468 Lakeland, Fl 33802.

My question is, how come when I wake up in the morning and check my mentions in Hootsuite, this is when I find the bulk of my posts have been retweeted through Triberr? Wassup widat? Do I need to pony up to Dino and see if I can get a better time slot?

How in the world am I going to be the next big thing if my epic posts are being retweeted when the majority of the social world is sleeping?

Therefore, if you aren’t going to send me the quarter then I’m at least asking for the optimal time slot, as we all know analytics tells us 7:34 am is the optimal social sweet spot for sharing. I’m looking for maximum effect, not Chinese drip water torture.

Seriously, how hard can that be?

Is that your foot in your mouth?

Ok, I can still be a social media doofus.

Remember those 1,192 tribemates I mentioned? Well, that comprises 20 tribes. That’s a lot of blogs and posts to keep track of.

Trying to be the socially acceptable guy that I am and witty too, most times I will share my tribemates post without reading it just so I can get it out. I will look at the title and Triberr lets you see the first couple of sentences, so I try to play off that.

Dorman’s lazy; shocking, huh?

I know that can be a huge no-no as you never know what you might be pimping when you don’t know the content. I don’t retweet everyone of my tribemates and usually stick to my core of trusted and consistent friends. However, I see others outside of this circle retweeting me so I try to return the favor at times.

I have been burned a few times trying to be witty usually at the most inappropriate time, or being totally off topic with my witty comment attached, but man did I really get toasted this week.

First of all, due to the sheer volume, I don’t think many of my followers are eagerly anticipating my tweets just so they can read who I’m pimping. My guess is most tweets are pretty invisible. I love you guys and willing to share, but this is the reality of this little game.

Because I liked a particular title, I retweeted the post ‘You are what you think about all day long.‘ Being a guy, I should have known better but did not take the time to open it. So of course, one of my IRL female friends decided to read this and tweets back to me it was a little much for her.

Uh oh, maybe I better go read this.

Sumbich, not only was it about sex, it got pretty explicit in a Hustler kind of way, not Playboy.

Did I tell you I was trying to brand myself more through my blog?

Needless to say, I decided not to link this particular post because I need to let that sleeping dog lie at this point. It’s a good thing this is the internet though, otherwise everybody might be able to see it.

Lesson learned?

Probably none; if I have to read each and every post I retweet I would only be sending 2-3 out a day. I’m ok with the people I know so maybe I’ll stick to that for now. If you would prefer I stop the silliness or not retweet without reading your post please let me know and I will abide by your wishes. That much I can do.

It’s probably a good thing I’m charming, lovable and harmless, huh? You wouldn’t believe how many hall passes I get because of that. I really do have some redeeming qualities….really….

I might have been born Wednesday, but it wasn’t last Wednesday.

So, will you please retweet this at 7:34 am EST?


45 thoughts on “Please retweet this post at 7:34 am EST

  1. Hey Bill, 7:34 ET is 4:34 PT. Not much love for your West Coast tweeps? One of the best aspects of Triberr is the 24/7 coverage you get for your tweets. No matter what time of day or night your tweets go out, it’s primetime somewhere! 2 am to us East Coasters is 11 pm to West Coasters, 7 am to Brits and 8 am to other Europeans.

    There’s just never a bad time to tweet!

  2. Bill…..I now read more than the opening sentence even on the blogs I trust…..some folks can be tricky 😉 I’ve seen the same issue with a few others – it appears that with over 20 tribes, you end up spending more time sorting than writing your own posts.

    • I don’t really know why I jumped into the mega-tribes, but I have met some new people. However, I probably RT 20 or so a day; otherwise my twitter stream would be just one polluted river that nobody pays attention to.

      There are some people I do know that I have to be careful with as well……:).

      Good to see you Jen, thanks for the visit.

      • Thanks, Bill. I think we are in same tribes 🙂 I have the same issue – I have trusted bloggers in my tribes and I know their content is good. However, I find that I cannot RT every one due to the fact it doesn’t meet my audience needs. The mega tribes do make it harder to be selective.

      • I probably have an eclectic audience at best so I’m not too concerned about the topic; however, that post I mentioned was pretty graphic. Probably not one I would want my mother to be reading……….:).

  3. Damn, that’s why I tweet so few posts. I read them first.
    If I don’t like it…see ya!

    Besides, who really sees much of it? The amount of time I spend on twitter is minimal unless it’s for an event and I am following a hashtag or something. Even then you miss a lot f it. I don’t see the point of that platform as an individual without a business. It was probably chance your friend picked up on your inappropriate tweet.

    I know that I will be following along on Superbowl Sunday. I might even post a few links to my blog with the #superbowl or appropriate hashtag with some juicy title to suck in some traffic….bwahahahaha…….

      • Don’t agree w/ Ralph, you’ll never get him to leave now………

        Maybe it would be more meaningful if everybody just slowed down and only shared the quality stuff, right? Of course if that was the case most of my stuff might not get shared…………doh…………

        Good to see ya, thanks for stopping by.

    • I have to concur, I would say it’s almost purely by chance to pluck one of these retweets out and actually read it. I know it’s rare that I do and according to my wife, I’m all over twitter. But like you also mentioned, my is a generic blog which attracts a different audience than a business blog that stays on topic.

      Because of the likelihood something probably won’t be read that is why I have no problem sending most out w/out reading. However, that begs the question then of why are you even doing it? Who knows I suppose, I guess I’m still looking for those quarters to be sent to me………:).

  4. That’s why I love your blog, Bill… I was laaaghing all the through this article… and comments! 😮

    Shame on you for not reading every article you share on Triberr… What kind of Tribesmate are you anyway?

    …(Oh crap, I might have shared that one…)

    Anyway, now I’m starting to think about myself and this blog is all about you, so nuff of dat 😛

    Cheers, good sir!

  5. Hey Bill,

    Okay, we’re all guilty of not reading all of the posts we send out. I do my best to check over the ones I approve because you might remember how I was burned some time back by that guy that wrote a post about me and had my friends not warned me, I would have sent the darn thing out too. Yikes!!!

    There are a LOT of posts that come through my stream that I do not approve. I have n where near as many tribesmates as you do but I have about four to five pages of posts lined up every single day to go out. I have a reach of over 5 million though so I’m with you on sending me that quarter. Sweet!!!

    Ouch, well maybe yet another lesson learned Bill. Not all of our tribesmates are writing stuff we want to share. Gosh, I do hate that.


    • We aren’t ALL guilty of not reading all the posts.
      I feel obligated to read everything I approve and I try to comment on 90%. That being said, I’ve been wondering if I’m a RUBE for feeling this way?
      I worry about my Twitter stream being filled with too many posts that aren’t very good and losing people’s confidence, but maybe nobody cares?
      I want people to know about the books I’m writing on my blog (Currently “Underwood Scotch and Wry”) and does it really matter if @JoeSmo reads it, if he tweets the current chapter to his 20,000 followers and five of them read it? I suspect it doesn’t matter, and I’d wager that Bill gets many more views from his 1000+ tribemates than I do from my 20ish.
      Maybe Lance Armstrong had it right? I’d like to wear the yellow jersey, too.
      How do I get into a mega tribe?
      Also, I do intend to RT this at 7:34 est…in 22 minutes. 🙂

      • For some reason, I had about 4 different people invite me at the same time so I just jumped in. At the end of the day, more people are pimping my posts but my traffic is still about the same. This tells me most are not reading it and maybe nobody cares……

        You aren’t a RUBE, you are doing it the right way and people will have a lot more confidence in what you send out instead of my rapids running down the mountain that you can hardly pick out anything method. However, if I used your method I would probably only be reading about 3 blogs and I am so hit or miss right now I would almost be invisible again. There is really no right or wrong way, but my way does have an element of danger and not in a good way.

        Thanks for hitting me up at the appropriate time; I can’t count all the money now……..:).

    • I don’t mind the post being a little edgy, but this was graphic in a sexual way and it wasn’t sexy graphic. Fortunately my friend had a sense of humor.

      I do remember when you were burned; that was my first real taste of ugly in here and probably where I lost my innocence. It was an eye opener.

      By now, I think most know what I’m about am I’m going to be respectful even though my silliness might get me in hot water at times.

      Good to see you ma’am; hope all is well.

  6. I will oftentimes scan the post quickly if the title is questionable. I have a number of people that I will tweet automatically, but those consist of friends and people I know write straight up business stuff. Even then, you have to be careful as people will slip politics or brand bashing in.

    I still struggle with the optimum level of reciprocity and making my tweet stream just one big list of triberr links. Is it all just noise at this point???

    • I agree, I’m afraid mine is noise and if you see my response to Brian I think the both of you do it much better as it lends more credibility to your efforts. It’s pretty obvious I just throw my can into the fast moving stream to see how far it could go before sinking.

      Maybe that will be my next project, finding the optimal level of reciprocity. Or, I might solve world hunger……….let me give that some thought.

      Good to see you sir.

  7. Hi Bill,

    Holy, moly, I would never retweet anything unless I read it enough to know what it actually represents. It is like putting your endorsement on it.
    I would rather build slow and genuine, but not so sure if anybody is even paying attention, so I doubt if you could bank on that quarter! You might “brand” yourself as you say, but not in the way you want. Good thing you are not a famous person or it would be a hard one to sweep under the rug.
    Maybe I am missing something here, but isn’t only great things of value supposed to be retweeted? I don’t belong to a tribe, so not sure what is expected of you. Not everybody writes things of value or even if they do, they don’t always hit it out of the ballpark each time. I need to be enlightened on this subject!


  8. That’s probably the best way Mary. Triberr can make it too easy to just throw it out there in the stream and then it gets lost. You probably gain more credibility if you slow it down and know what you are treating. If nothing else, at least start that way and grow it.

    As far as only great things being retweeted you might lower the bar and at least include pretty good stuff. No one can hit it out every time.

    If you are interested it tribe life I can send you an invite; it’s not a mega-tribe but it has some good peeps in it. Just let me know…..

  9. Hey Bill

    I’ve only in 1 tribe (which you’re a member of too) and that’s enough for me I think!

    I don’t read all of the stuff I Tweet via Triberr which when there’s only 8 of us in there, that’s not very excusable I guess when you’re in 20 tribes!

    I have no idea what time 7:34 am EST is so I’ve looked it up and just because it’s you, I’ll retweet it at exactly 7:34 am EST!

    • Unless you are a ‘name,’ I’m guessing most tweets just rush by in the crowded and fast moving stream. In my case I probably send out too much, but who do I cut off? I don’t think it benefits me or hurts me so I’m not that concerned.

      Less is probably best, even at 7:34 am EST…….:).

  10. Well, I know people aren’t reading what they share many times because I like to read and filter stuff and many times I go to a link that doesn’t work and it shows 8 people have shared it already. I used to go by title alone, but took my own advice about how what you share reflects on your brand so I started sifting through my tribes. I look at their blog and articles in general. If I don’t like the site or the quality is low I generally mute the users so I can filter out content I know I would never share. Even though I am a member of the tribe, many times I am not the chief so a new member may get in that I wouldn’t have let in. Depends on your tribes. It only takes a second to click the links and get to know the tribemates and their blog to know if it is worth sharing. After you do that you can go by title.

    • You are right Ross, take the time to check them out. Otherwise you are at their mercy and it can be good or bad.

      Sometimes due to time constraints I get lazy and just let it fly; I need to clean that up a little bit.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by; good to see you.

  11. I sift through the tribes and only tweet what is relevant to my followers or that I think is relevant 🙂 I don’t always share everything and the timing is okay at anytime since I have followers around the world and sleep patterns vary with many. I don’t tweet myself while I’m sleeping, maybe while I’m brushing my teeth though 🙂 I really love Tribber and the traffic it has brought me.

    • I’m not that picky but maybe I should take a poll and see how many of my followers think it’s too much or it really doesn’t matter.

      Since I’m just a personal blog for now it doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things anyway I suppose. Maybe I’ll figure it out one of these days…….:).

      Good to see you.

  12. For some it does matter. I’d like more social shares of course; but I’d rather they be the read, clicked kind. I know I don’t want my streams filled w/ noise; it’s why I prefer to use clients that let me filter what I see and what I don’t. Think my position on this is clear: Bacon! And reading before I share. So if it’s only a few posts a day and no mass tribal of bloggers sharing my stuff, then I only tweet a few times a day and not one has been optimized (maybe that’s another thing I’m doing wrong?). 😉 FWIW.

  13. As you know, I’m *very* against Triberr as an atuematod tool. In the morning (between 6-9am ET specifically) I am overwhelmed by the number of these tweets especially when I follow all of the members of the same tribe in the same list (like in the example above) and see the same thing over and over during the course of a couple hours. Because of that, I can’t trust the recommendations of friends anymore and do less clicking through.The best thing I’ve done (on my home computer) is to utilize the filter in Tweetdeck to remove all of these tweets. I wish the same could be done in hootsuite (as well as mobile applications) but when using those applications I just have to be cognizant about whether someone is *REALLY* recommending it, or just having an atuematod tweet come through.I wholeheartedly agree with Jackie’s comment above, if it’s truly an awesome post I’ll take the time to tweet it out. I don’t need to spam my followers with things that are simply mediocre just to increase pageviews for myself and friends.

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  15. Smart post!I run a hyperlocal news and events website in my home town and find catching stories early really helps with traffic. For instance my three record days involved a post about a red bull flying event, a zombie reality game and most recently a meteor seen over the city. The meteorite story gave me 401 extra visits (600 pageviews) that day improving on an average of 20 hits (80 pageviews) I normally receive. I caught wind of it from a friends facebook status and tried google to find out what he meant. There was no mention of it on Google so I bashed out an article going off the info I had from my friends status comments and a popular article was born. You can read more over at my blog so I wont bore you, but some articles stem from the strangest of places, and these are normally the most popular. It’s like a night out on the town, the best ones aren’t planned.

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