Sharing is caring, but does it really help

If you are involved in any type of athletics that require skill have you ever noticed the difference in style from the people who started playing/practicing early in life versus the ones who picked it up as adults? That is not to say those who don’t start playing a particular sport (golf, tennis) as an adult can’t be as good as the early starters but you can almost always tell who is who just by their style of play.

That is the way I feel about social at times.

When I say I am old school, I ain’t lying; social tends to give the impression we are all about the same age, but other than the fact I am still a kid at heart if you were to count my rings, I have a few.

I grew up playing outside. All day. Without the parents wondering where you were or what you were doing. You just knew when to show up if you wanted dinner.

Because of this, I think it is a big reason I still play outside quite a bit. Also because of this, when the gaming and computers started to become more popular with the kids my time had already passed.

Therefore, I see some in here who have totally embraced this realm and it is very obvious they look a lot better doing it than most of my efforts. Once again, not to say I could not achieve that same level of competence, but it will always look different.

What’s your point then?

Maybe I was destined to be the outsider looking in. It doesn’t intimidate me anymore and I can bounce around just enough to stay one step ahead of the invisible label.

But I am socially lazy.

If you want me to show up and eat your food and drink your good stuff; count me in. However, if you start moving furniture or something I might have to go get my hair did.

I belong to Triberr which is a blog sharing platform. It is very easy for me to go in every morning and share posts. Most of these are posts from people who I have had some connection with along the way.

Unfortunately, I read very few of them. Why? because I am socially lazy remember, and actually have a day job too.

So that begs the question, is this method helping my blogging friends at all? Because I have a somewhat limited network, does it even really matter one way or the other?

I also post through my LinkedIn network and have had people drop me because they think it clutters up their stream too much.

Margie Clayman thought there was very little benefit to her through Triberr just for the very reason too many people are doing the same thing I am doing.

I figure if you don’t lose an eye or something, how bad can it really be?

Because of Triberr I know my posts are shared a lot more than they normally would be but my guess is, it really isn’t driving up readership.

Did you know there are a lot of blogs out there? I’ll bet the number could be as high as one thousand. Crazy stuff, huh?

You take the test

Good or bad; am I just wasting my time? What is better, mass sharing or cut it down to 3-5 and actually read the posts before putting your name on it?

Did I tell you I was socially lazy? I have told you about my mountain biking? Did you know in Florida there are very, very few days you can’t go outside and play?

What’s a brother to do?


15 thoughts on “Sharing is caring, but does it really help

  1. I like to play, and I’m doing more of it. You and I, old-school buddy, jumped in, swam around and now, I think, we’re towelling off and seeing things from a different perspective. Have my efforts online brought me business? Not to the degree I’d been “promised” by the gurus and experts, whose advice and counsel I ate up and followed like a race car on steroids. Mind you, I didn’t start my online activities for anything more than to eliminate the self-editor in me and my writing.
    The change that I talked about for way to long is happening now. And I’m happy to have the poolside view, and dip and dunk into the choppy, crazy, frenzied online pool when it suits my playful nature:) Cheers! Snowshoes

  2. Hi Bill

    Yeah, I am old school too. But there in lies the problem with just sharing what you don’t read….you could be endorsing something you don’t believe in! Then you could be labeled as someone who believes in WHAT!!!! Do you really want your name to what you are dead against?

    Just my opinion, take it or leave it.


    • Yes Mary, you can ‘put your name on it’ when you really wouldn’t have if you knew exactly what the message is. However, not only am I lazy I’m not that smart either so I always have that to fall back on for an excuse…:).

  3. Hi Bill, I’m a big fan of playing outside and of Triberr, but I find it’s difficult to use Triberr and play outside at the same time. I play racquetball, but that’s inside, and walk my dog outside. There are hills where we live (have you heard of those in Florida?) so my walks with Astro tend to be more of a workout than a stroll.

    Triberr has brought me immense traffic, plus has connected me with other top bloggers, which is very cool. I read a lot of what I share, though not all. I check out an author to make sure their work is quality before I share. One guy just copies a few lines of text and then links to other articles. I keep him in my feed, but I don’t share his stuff.

    Triberr also can be sort of an RSS feed where you find articles of interest. I’ve also greatly increased my Twitter followers through Triberr because I have quality content to share.

    I know Triberr isn’t for everyone, but I’m a big fan!

  4. “Did you know there are a lot of blogs out there? I’ll bet the number could be as high as one thousand.”

    Classic DERP!

    I’m glad you still blog, Bill!

    I’m old school, myself. But I’ve been online for 20+ years. Online has been good to me – I made and lost millions. Not with a two-bit, online hustle. Not with a website either. Ironically, I made a lot of money making killer software and websites for the corporate types – the kind of people that can actually suck the bone clean with online strategy and pay for doing it – most of the time.

    One of the greatest lessons for me was making the coolest website ever. That was 10 years ago. I made it for me. For my company. About a million dollars of effort. And I didn’t get one client as a lead from that website. Sure, I got CVs enough to fill tall buildings. I got cheers, compliments and pats on the back. But no one was inspired to throw a million my way because I had a cool B2B site.

    If they threw a million my way, it was because I made the face to face and ran the gauntlet: lops, industry presence and membership, epic proposals, board of director meet and greets…


    Unless you’re running multi-million dollar campaigns, social is not the place to make it big. Sure, there’s some who lucked up. And there’s some who will luck up. One in a million? Those are not realistic odds for any kind of risk in my opinion. Even Dino is hustling it hard to keep his dream alive. But I don’t imagine the VCs will play nicely with him. They never did play nice with me.

    They just wanted a pound of flesh. And if you know a little something something about the Merchant of Venice, don’t go “there” without a Portia.

    Anyway, I met some awesome people in social – people that I would never have met anywhere else. That’s blessings and boons I can count with a shit-eating grin.

  5. Sharing is a matter of the heart and spirit. It ain’t a business model. And it ain’t no free lunch neither.

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  7. I just want to be like Robin Padilla and have people leave nonsensical comments all over the web. Of course if you delete the one above mine this won’t make much sense.

    It all comes back to what you want and what you are willing to do to make those things happen.

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