My wife barely tolerates my girl friend


You thought I was going to go Donald Sterling on you and talk about how I flaunt my girlfriend in public in front of my wife, didn’t you? I will go one better, my girlfriend lives with me; albeit she has to stay in the garage.

I don’t even know her name, but I think I am in love.

Because I became semi-obsessed with her, it was my wife who dubbed her my girlfriend.

Yes, I am talking about my new trail bike.

It hasn’t been a perfect relationship however

But how many relationships are; just like any relationship worth having it takes a lot of understanding, patience and communication.

Then why did she throw you off 3 times already?

The good news is that I have been on the deck 3 times now after the broken hand incident but still back in the saddle riding; all were really rider error so I will have to shoulder most of the blame. There is a fine line in trail riding between too aggressive and not aggressive enough. In my unprofessional opinion, more wrecks occur being tentative than from being too aggressive. I mean everybody can ride a bike, right? You just have to channel your 8-years old instincts…..

Why are your shins so dinged up; it must not be all smooth sailing

Tru dat.

Apparently there are some adjustments to be made on a new bike after you have broken it in and even though I thought we were still in the honeymoon phase, my chain has slipped at the most inopportune time causing me to bang a shin and/or a knee. I have taken her to the shop twice for adjustments and even though the situation isn’t totally resolved if I keep my fat ass on the seat so the chain isn’t bouncing around as much when I hit terrain it is less likely to happen.

So why doesn’t your wife approve?

She said if I ever brought anybody home they damn sure better be able to cook and clean. Well not only does my girlfriend not cook and/or clean she is obviously getting all of the attention right now.

As I was trying to convince my wife a trail bike was a good investment for me because my window of opportunity for trail riding had a shelf life, she was quick to remind me she felt my window of opportunity for this has already come and gone.

Well I never….

Since I am the sole breadwinner in our family, it’s all or nothing. Since I am worth about 3 times as much dead as I am alive my wife doesn’t want any in between. Either I am upright and answering the bell everyday or I better be pushing up daisies…:).

Nah, I’m sure she’s just teasing; how can she not want to live with Mr Wonderful.

For better or for worse…

What is this post about?

I guess you are looking for some kind of positive take-away, huh?

Me too, so get in line.

I will close by saying if you find something you really like whether it be business or personal related; then what’s the problem with being all in, because that is where I am with my trail riding right now.

Sounds like an obsession…

Close, and I imagine there is a fine line between hobby and obsession. However, I have been all in with softball, running, weight lifting, rec basketball, reading, golf, tennis and online social at one time or the other throughout my adult life so there does appear to be a pattern.

For the athletic ones, usually injuries got me moving on to try something else, but at least it made me try other things.

This is what happens when you never grow up; maybe it’s good and maybe it’s not, but what are you going to do when your wife barely tolerates your girlfriend?




11 thoughts on “My wife barely tolerates my girl friend

  1. Great title and article, Bill! Yes, I do worry about your new girlfriend, she seems abusive at times…

    But if you keep riding her hard you can work off some of that pumpkin butt you so proudly displayed here a while back.

    Your obsession seems like a healthy one, except for the injury part. Or perhaps that’s part of the obsession?

    Mine is racquetball which definitely has its risks of bodily injury, especially in doubles. Perhaps you should give that a try when you and your new girlfriend break up.

    • If I love her enough, I’m sure she will quit hurting me….:).

      I do have some friends that are very consistent racquetball players as I see them at the YMCA first thing in the morning; maybe I should jump in the mix as I am looking for something different for my morning routine.

      Riding is definitely a workout and when I first got started and thinking I was in pretty good shape I found out there is a difference in being in good ‘bike’ shape vs just being healthy. If I were to equate my bike riding abilities to my skill level in golf, I would say I’m shooting in the mid-80’s right now. Not quite ready to take on the most technical trails but feel pretty comfortable on most of the intermediate ones.

      Good to see you, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      • Definitely give racquetball a try, it’s also a great workout. If you’ve ever played tennis, you’re good to go with racquetball. All you have to do is hit the ball against the front wall before it bounces on the floor. How hard could that be?

        So when you calculate your score in bike riding ability, do you deduct points for crashes? Maybe you add points for taking risk. 🙂

  2. Hmmm…. I suppose your wife needs a boyfriend to even this one sided situation out a bit. How about unlimited shopping at her favorite clothing store? For all the hours you are out hanging out with the “shiny wheels”, she can spend shopping! Maybe that would help curb your obsession. LOL

    • For some reason I got lucky Mary, my wife does not like to shop. Her ‘boyfriend’ would be playing Bridge and she has about 4 active groups she plays in during the week. She’s actually pretty good; I’m trying to get her to find a place to play for money as I think she would hold her own.

      Hope all is well; good to see you.

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