The 30-day naked classroom challenge

Made you look, didn’t I? Sorry, no nekkidity here today.

However, everybody has had the dream where you show up for class without any clothes on, right? Don’t be joshing me; I know you all have.

Don’t worry, you are saved, I certainly won’t be taking off my clothes here; but, if you feel like your life has become too predictable (I have) then I want to challenge you to get out of your personal space and comfort zone. 30-days in the title sounded better than 9 months but what I propose is finding at least one thing a month to do for 6-months or so that totally takes you out of your comfort zone.

Just one a month.

Suggested suggestions:

  1. Introduce yourself to 3 new people at a networking event
  2. Perform some type of public speaking/singing
  3. ASK somebody to do business with you…for pay
  4. Go to a restaurant you have never been to and order something unique off the menu
  5. Spend time around people more successful than you
  6. Say ‘yes’ to every single opportunity for a month, big or small
  7. Try a new hobby
  8. Pick a book totally outside your area of interest, and read it
  9. For a day, make eye contact and smile at everyone you see
  10. Visit a total stranger at a nursing home and take the time to learn their story

As you can see, there are a myriad of things you can do that make you feel just a little uncomfortable and can probably come up with plenty on your own.

Other than making me uncomfortable, what will this get me?

A new car? Not likely but it could if that is what is holding you back in sales and you might be surprised how it can subtly change your life and pull it out of those deep ruts. It’s bound to help you grow and by opening your mind it will expand your horizons.

If you feel like you are too predictable and stuck on square one this will provide just enough creative juices to give you the confidence to be bolder in everything you do.

Vanilla is a killah…

Confidence attracts.

But I won’t shave my legs

Why not? If it will take you out of the zone and get you out of a rut, run with it.

It sounds too silly to really work

Try it; if it doesn’t work and you haven’t changed a habit or two or phobia by the end of the year, I will guarantee your money back.

But I am afraid

Of course you are, but the only thing  we have to fear is fear itself, right? The real question is, what do you have to lose? Personally, I think the reward far exceeds the risks and it might be something you will continue each month thereafter.

The more you expand your horizons, the more interesting you become, the more interesting you become the more others like to be around you, the more others like to be around you the more you get invited for drinks and food; so how can this not be a win-win, huh?

And the results are:

If you are already doing this I would like to hear about it; whether you feel it makes your life more interesting. If not, are you willing to at least give it a try?

Here’s to full frontal nudity in a classroom of your peers; do I feel a draft in here?


7 thoughts on “The 30-day naked classroom challenge

  1. Hi Bill

    Hate getting out of my comfort zone…but I know when I do I feel rejuvenated. No on the naked at school, but I did have reoccurring dreams on one of my jobs. Still don’t know why!

    I have had to take a few leaps into the unknown lately and not knowing quite where I would land. So far, on my feet!

    Shall have to give it some thought and maybe some interesting doors might open up. How awkward we become in our own skins, yet others feel the same and they really are not paying any attention to us. Yes, I shall have to remember this and get a little more daring.


    • Sometimes we are forced out of our comfort zone but it might open up doors we didn’t know existed.

      I try to be comfortable in my own skin, but some days it is easier than others. Some days I seem to be brimming w/ confidence and others I’m ok blending in with the crowd.

      We can be funny people at times, huh?

  2. Hi Bill, You are so right, we only grow when we leave our comfort zone. I think of racquetball where my comfort zone is distinct: forehand side, in the back. But when I’m outside that zone, I get better because I’m practicing my weaker shots, not my best shots.

    My comfort zone in life is pretty small so I go outside my comfort zone daily. Starting The Wonder of Tech took me outside my comfort zone. Raising three teenage girls is way outside my comfort zone.

    But looking strangers in the eye and smiling is square in my comfort zone.

    Going outside your comfort zone also gives you the confidence to know you can handle more than you think you can!

    • I’m trying to expand my comfort zone with my bike, when you crest that hill and it’s the moment of truth for go, or no go it can get your heart beating a little faster.

      Being in sales, sometimes you try to over-analyze opportunities and the ultimately call reluctance settles in, but it’s like a lottery ticket; if you never buy one you will never win, if you never make the call, you will never get the deal.

      Sometimes we can just be too smart, right?

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