Throw this dog a bone…

Bow wow yippie yo yippie yay…

Dude, you already walk around with your hand out every where you go; what do you want now?

Show me some twitter love

I have never actively tried to grow my twitter base. My efforts have been very passive indeed and pretty much only pulling the trigger after somebody shows up and then decide from there. Essentially, if you look human, have a reasonable amount of tweets I’ll probably let you in the house.

As a result of those efforts, after hanging around this joint for approximately 3-years I only have 2,990 followers. However, that is only 10 from 3,000. Therefore, I’m giving out a $100 billy dollar each to my next 9 followers and will send 5 $100 billy dollars and a DM for a great business opportunity for number 3,000.

How can you resist?

The reality is…

Unless someone is hanging on my every word in twitterville it doesn’t really matter. I still don’t do a good job of following streams, so even as twitter has become more mainstream I still mainly just broadcast blogs of others on my tweets.

The other thing about those 2,990 followers, I only really know about 150 of them. So I suppose it could be 3,000 or 300,000 for the way I use it. Somebody might look at that and think at 3,000 you are not much of an influencer so I don’t get the free stuff like some others, but even at 300,000 or 3,000,000 if nobody is really looking at your stuff, does it really matter?

However, my tweets are certainly worthy because I am sharing the works of some really talented people and if you were to take the time to see what is linked to my tweets, it might give you a ‘wow’ moment or two.

Twitter’s days are numbered

Mark my words; after twitter and other platforms (FB) become too mainstream and manipulative something new, shiny and different will come along and everybody will jump the ship.

And that begs the question, how much stock do you put into building a network on a particular platform knowing you don’t own it and it’s not going to be permanent? I guess that means if you want people to find you, you better have your own house in order with a welcome mat out front, and just rent your ride to get there, right? It doesn’t really matter how they get there, as long as they show up.

That’s what I’m going to do

For what it’s worth, if someone were to tell me they were thinking of getting in sales, I would recommend they look into insurance as a career. At least in my world it’s not a one and done, but building relationships and a book of business that pays you year after year. This might not sound too glamorous, but I can assure you the pay’s not bad and EVERYONE will buy insurance.

The downside of this model is after a while you get tired of scrumming and just want to hold onto and protect what you have. However, you do have competition, relationships change, businesses are sold and as soon as you put it in neutral you will be going backwards; you lose an account here, lose one there and then it’s hard to get the machine all cranked up again with an overflowing pipeline.

But what if your customers are your best advocates?

If I had to do it over again

I would have been more niche focused, picked a specialty type of coverage or a specific industry class and rode that horse until it had no life left whatsoever in them. It’s not a bad thing to be known as the expert in an industry.

Putting all your eggs in one basket can be dangerous, but can also be very lucrative; you just have to maintain flexibility and know when to fold them if necessary.

With a niche I think it’s much easier to communicate a social branding message in the world we live in today, and if you become known as the guy it sure makes it easier to open those doors; and standing out certainly helps.

Look at me, look at me; it’s not bragging if it’s true, right?

What do you think?

Are you better served trying to be all things for everybody, or just identifying your ideal customer/prospect and being the best you can be in that arena? I think we know the answer and if you become the best, then your customers will sell for you. How cool is that?

It might require you to get out of your comfort zone and actually have to walk away from opportunities, but at the end of the day you will be much better off.

That’s my story for now; until next time…


10 thoughts on “Throw this dog a bone…

  1. Hi Bill

    Everything to everybody is not ideal. When you talk about insurance it reminds me when our insurance agent died. He kept attaining more and more clients, but never really serviced any of us in a way he should have. Like adding to our insurance when values went up. It took 3 separate agents to take over all his clients and so we were shuffled around until they finally got us someone. We found out we were way under insured which was okay as we had no need for a claim, but it also was unfair as we expected for him to have our backs on this.

    I agree if you have so many followers but nobody reads the stuff, it really doesn’t matter.


    • Hey Mary, there are definitely some bad or extremely average agents so sometimes it doesn’t take much to rise above the rest; sorry to hear your agent didn’t take care of you.

      If I take the time to do business with someone, I certainly want to do my best to take care of them as well. It’s funny though, some people you can never make happy so sometimes you do have to part company because you will never meet their expectations.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Bill, I love Twitter! It’s my favorite social network but I agree we can’t put all our eggs in one social network basket. I used to say that about Facebook as many friends only are on Facebook and never ventured anywhere else.
    I don’t believe in buying followers either. I like to gain them organically. I use lists a lot to stay more focused on Twitter. I can quickly find certain people via my lists.
    I think you cannot be everything to everyone – you must identify your ideal customers and focus on them. It’s back to the 80/20 rule, 80% of the business comes from 20% of your accounts, right?

    • So true on the 80/20 rule; that’s why you don’t want the 80% of your customers taking away from taking care of the people who are paying your salary; that’s why it’s necessary to walk away from some deals.

      I know several people who have grown their twitter account by picking out 10-20 people every couple of weeks, interact w/ them and see if you get any feedback and then decide if you want to keep following or not. I’ve just been lazy mostly………:).

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Ok, Billy.
    Business first today. EVERYBODY buys insurance, yes? But do you offer the right KIND of insurance for everybody? Hmm… I have been researching and digging lately looking for an insurance- kind of a “Trip Insurance” to offer our clients. The deal is pretty straight forward with us- NO REFUNDS. (A-hem.) We do help people to find replacements for their cancelled trip- if they need help- so that they can re-coup their monies, as well as offer to post-pone their trip to a later year. HOWEVER. Lately in today’s world all this means to some is SUE, SUE, SUE… (Did they not read the contract before they signed it?? Oh the shame!) So! What kind of insurance can help these ‘tards as well as keep our own butts (and everything else attached) our of the Fed’s hairy-eyeball? (We operate in the National Park, remember! = Feds, Feds, Feds)

    Moving onto a wider scope. I STILL have yet to make Twitter my focus. I have, however, begun to use Lists and it does help, but seriously, how many people in the world are looking on Twitter (or on any other specific platform) for ME? Ha! My purpose? To share us and our world with THE world… so does it really matter if they are looking for me? Maybe they don’t even realize the hole in their hearts, that empty place inside them (maybe they don’t even truly FEEL the empty place….) ~ can be filled here. So I will meet (and THAT is the greatest gift I have ever experienced!! The gifts that Social Media has brought to my life) as many humans as I can and share our world with them. I will always be completely honest, as kind as I can be, helpful if someone needs me and I will continue to Walk the Talk and Stay my Path.

    Are you back on your bike yet??

    • Back on the new bike that I just bought last weekend and lovin’ it too.

      I think you do a great job of getting your message out and the more people that experience it and have a fabulous experience can help you sell it too. We don’t want anybody to have that empty space in their hearts, now do we?

      We are not all things to everybody in the world of insurance; however, you can get insurance for just about anything. I will snoop around and see what kind of trip insurance might be avail; I do know a lot of these specialty type coverages can be bought online these days so you might want to Google it too. Just make sure it covers what you need it to. Good luck.

      Good to see you, hope all is well.

  4. I think it’s better to look for the ideal customer and serve them…we certainly can’t please everyone (even among our target audience), so why try to serve everyone?

    As for social media sites, I think we just have to try and balance it out.

    We don’t want to put all our eggs in one basket, but we also don’t want to spread ourselves too thin.

    Flexible, but active. My (current) strategy is to pick a few sites and try to be active in all of them (but, I pick 1-2 sites per month – or for a ‘group’ of months and focus most of my effort on those sites).

    This way, I can compare & contrast…find which ones work best for me (We have to be careful though. There are many other factors at play here, like the festive season. If you are a gift shop owner, festive seasons are probably best spent on sites like Pinterest and FB, to get better results).

    • You are right Jeevan, I think some sites cater to certain businesses better than others. If you can identify that and concentrate on just 2-3 of them, that might be a better way to spend your time.

      There’s still a lot to learn and one thing you can count on is change, right?

      Hope all is well sir; good to see you.

  5. I have been sold on a lot of insurance that I am going to surrender next month. I will only have medical and car insurance after that. I believe that in insurance, agent should try to sell a minimum as possible to a single person. If the premium of all policies taken exceeds the capacity of individual after a few years, definitely they are going to default ( as I did with one of my policy).
    On social , I think you are correct. Bloggers are jumping from platform to platform in order to gain some amount of traffic . When the tap is closed ( like Google and Facebook) we are forced to relook at our strategy. I believe the best way is to build our site as much as possible and keep the “real” estate their. Social Media and Google should be our helpers and not masters. But we created those monsters 😉 now we have to deal with them.

    • I don’t do much in the life arena, but should probably at least have more conversations about it. Like you, I like my money and if I’m not eating and drinking and having fun because I’m spending too much on insurance, I will not be happy. It’s important for me to find out what you need it for first and then see what that looks like and what is costs and go from there.

      Whatever platform you use, just make sure the stuff you own stays yours and people can find it one way or another, right?

      Good to see you, hope all is well.

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