Can you do 3 more?

Being social in the witness protection program

Happy anniversary baby, I got you on my mind…….

Back by popular demand…true story, last week I was at an event and a person I didn’t know came up and introduced himself to say he read my posts and really liked my Once you go black you never go back effort; whoa, you talkin’ to me?

That particular post was written over two years ago; maybe I was on the cusp of greatness and should have hung in there, huh? I coulda been a contendah….

Three years is a long time

Actually, the last 3 years seemed to have gone by pretty quick; heck, I did a 3-year tour in the Army and it seemed like 10.  I seem to be at the end of the toilet paper roll where the years start rolling off more rapidly now.

It could have been worse I suppose, I could have become rich and famous in the last 3 years and turned into a total A-hole and forgot about all my friends. Since that didn’t happen, I just re-upped for two more years with my Go Daddy account in case I ever decide to jump back on the hamster wheel full time. Go Daddy said I would get to meet Danica Patrick if I renewed, but that hasn’t happened yet; I believe they tricked me…

However, March 3rd, 2014 officially marks my 3rd year anniversary; I have to stop by the place every once in awhile to make sure my key still works but I have pretty much moved all the furniture out and had the power turned off not to incur any unnecessary expenses. Of course, this is a cheap free site so I never spent a lot of money anyway…:). There’s nothing wrong w/ saltines and ketchup dip; and the clowns I hang with in real life think this is a delicacy.

I used to leave the backdoor open for the strays that would show up, but just noticed the door has been taken off the hinges and since there is no food around anymore there is not much coming and going anyway.

It’s still one big party

For me it is at least, I thought I was going to get serious at one time but don’t know if I have it in me. Whatever online success I have had was because I loved the networking part, and just like in real life, I still do. It was a way to stay in touch with your friends, some more frequently than others, but you usually got a good feel for what was going on in their lives. Nobody was paying me for all this frivolity and if I would have found a way to make dollars happen it would have been pretty cool, but lack of pay has not really been the deciding factor on my level of activity.

Recently, I have been lucky enough to be selected as a Brand Ambassador from a friend for a book that is to be published shortly; and yes, the author had to increase the cutoff to 1001 requests to get me in, but this person has been the biggest influence on me regarding a social presence and regardless of my invisibleness I still know where to find her and for that I’m thankful. Also, reading this book has opened my eyes and rekindled the spark again so there might be a resurrection after all.

I’m just trying to figure out if I need to hedge my bets because I’m not sure if this internet thing is going to make it or not and how uncool will that be if it looks like I was just jumping on the bandwagon anyway?

I just wanted to say thanks

I’m not really a tech guy but I can be as dorky as the best of them. My strengths are people and the networking part and if that and $5.00 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks, then I’m all in; Venti Redeye for me please.

Until you’ve done this blogging gig, most outsiders don’t understand; but all the friendships I have made on this journey they are as real as real can be and I really appreciate it. For me, it has been time well spent.

What does the future hold?

Who knows, maybe better hair or a new car; or just appreciating all the talented friends I have access to on this platform.

All I would say is don’t form the line behind me just yet, and even though I might smell like I’m dead I just might have some life left in me yet.

Until next time…


31 thoughts on “Can you do 3 more?

    • You know Bill too, huh? I haven’t visited this blog in many moons as my tastes changed but glad to know he’s still around.

      Keep writing and unnecessary to worry about whether or not a line forms behind.

      • Hey Ari, hope all is well; yes, I have seen quite a few people change their focus. I was lost for awhile, but think I have some focus not; I just need to keep the momentum up.

        Thanks for dropping by sir.

  1. Those were a fun few years. I know I had a blast. I’ve finally petered out. But the memories are great! I learned a lot and miss everyone. But I also have a few phone numbers of those I met and even yesterday had a great conversation with one of them! I’m a “real life” person at heart, but I LOVE the Internet friendships that become lifelong ones. We’re all connected. Whenever I see that you’ve posted, Bill, I smile!!

    • Ran out of gas, huh? Maybe you need to take a dip in the cold Atlantic….:).

      Good to see you, hope all is well.

  2. ¸¸. •*¨*•♫♪♪Happy Anniversary to You!! .*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*…¨…*•.¸Dear Invisible Bill~ : *¨*•.¸¸¸¸. •*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸. •*¨*•♫♪♪Happy Anniversary to You!! •*¨*•♫♪♪Happy Anniversary to You!!

  3. Hey Bill, Happy blogiversary! So glad you popped in to help us celebrate. We were going to have a surprise party for you but you showed up early…

    Congratulations on your third anniversary. Wish you were still doing this gig regularly but it’s great to see you when you have a chance to check in. Best wishes for much success in your next three years.

  4. Wow Bill, three years and you’re still partially here! That’s an accomplishment and we’re happy you drop by still from time to time. We know we’re not as important anymore but that’s okay. Life never stays the same anyway does it! I’m fixing to get rich and famous so watch out! LOL!!! And I’ve got a bridge to sell ya too! 😉

    Cool about the book and you know you’re still loved Bill. Glad to know you my friend.


  5. Hi Bill

    Well that is cool you are still going to stick around. The rich part still eludes most of us! But we are just not quite willing to throw in the towel and give up our little piece of real estate on the web.

    The truck load of cash has not pulled up to my front door either, but the value lies in the friendships we make and the lessons we learn. You never know someone might actually what our life story someday, then we will have to get busy and construct a biography. So it doesn’t hurt with all this writing practice we are getting! lol

    Happy Anniversary!


    • Yeah, I think the truckload of cash pulled next door and I really thought I had given them my address. Thanks so much for stopping by; I hope you are doing well these days.

    • Well, since I renewed my domain name I better stick around, huh? I don’t want someone else buying it and turning it into a porn site or something……….:).

      Good to see you.

  6. 3 more…..I believe you can. I will be here to bug you (not just me, lot of other folks too).

    Congrats, Bill 😀

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