3 lessons Richard Kimble taught me about blogging

The hand

You know, The Fugitive, right?

Yeah, it pretty much sucks being the one-armed man. I took a spill on my trail bike so now I’m walking around like Clubber Lang. One important lesson I did learn however; that would have been my head if I hadn’t been wearing a helmet.

Lesson # 1

It is really hard to type anything of length with one finger. I have all these great and witty ideas rolling around in my helmeted noggin, but about half way through actually getting them down on the screen my A D D kicks in and I give up on it. This is much less efficient than the hunt and peck method.

Lesson # 2

Because buttons and shoelaces are a real pain, I have become very efficient at dressing myself. My shoe of choice for the next 2 months will be loafers, and I will button as much as possible before slipping them on; including pants.

Lesson # 3

For a power eater like myself, it’s hard to load a plate and go sit down; especially during the holiday season when you are at the trough trying to socialize too. The good news is, most of it has become finger food anyway so now I can graze and just forget about the damn plate. It’s already dicey enough that I have to put my drink down to dig in, but sometimes sacrifices need to be made, right?

The moral of the story

Don’t wreck your damn bike and get injured while trying to convince the wife now would be a good time to invest in a new decent trail bike.

The real moral is it could have been much, much worse as I had a friend recently succumb to injuries sustained in a bike accident.

Be careful out there, but life is way too short; live it like there is no tomorrow.

Yes, I’m still a big kid even at 107 years old and I will definitely saddle up again; giddy up.

I hope all who are celebrating holidays this time of year, are doing so with gusto.

There you go, 350 words more or less, typed with one finger.


33 thoughts on “3 lessons Richard Kimble taught me about blogging

  1. That’ll slow you down for a minute, Dorman. Hope you are well otherwise and enjoying the sunny weather. It’s freezing up here in the Great White North (hence, the name). Have a great holiday and stay away from the shrimp ring. That stuff will kill ya.

  2. Did you pick the colour of your cast? How come it’s not blue? 😉

    Stay well my friend. Thankfully this will heal, unlike your friend’s accident, which is tragic. I have a buddy who’s an avid cyclist and marathon runner who, while cycling, was hit by a truck and left for dead at the scene. Severed aorta. Broken bones. Thankfully he was resuscitated at the scene and over the years has recovered fully. He’s back cycling. So you’re right when you say: saddle up again.

    Enjoy the holidays. I think you should post a video of your activities as the one-armed man 🙂 Cheers! Snowshoes

  3. Sorry and happy you’re okay! I broke both wrists on the same day when I was in high school. That was fun! You did a great job writing AND typing. LOVE to read your posts however they are typed! Merry Christmas, Bill!

  4. Aww, poor little buddy… Is it real? The cast? Or is this another one of your invisible man tricks to get some attention? Hmm…. Saddle up, boy-o, the ride must continue! LOL, while (and if) you are recuperating, you can go over and watch my new foray into Videos!! Yay! Campfire Chat is bound to get ya moving onward, right? And just maybe, you will feel moved to leave a question or three to keep me moving too! Merry- Merry- Happy and Blessed Christmas to you and all you hold dear, my friend.

    Ha! I ALMOST had Dad (Boss) talked into a dirt bike on year… even checked a couple out and he was talking money-money with the big guys… Well, then his oldest daughter went and had a terrible terrible (but we were all blessed, she is fine) accident on her Harley and then two weeks later I was shot…no dirt bike for me…. But I did get a new horse! So maybe if you’re cute enough, Santa will bring your new bike this year!
    Take care, ride on and be safe!!

    • Well, if cute will get me in I might make it…Yes it’s really broken…:). But at least I wasn’t shot, huh?

      Yes, I’ll need to check out campfire chat; will it be cold?

      Good to see ya…

  5. A Gator orange cast, huh? Very handy if you work road construction.

    Actually, I think wrecking your bike was a brilliant idea because now you have to get a new one. And you have to get a better one because that old one wasn’t good enough to keep you out of trouble.

    My tech tip for you: dictate on your iPhone. Press the microphone button next to the keyboard and speak your words. You can dictated an entire blog post and email it to yourself to copy and paste it into your blog.

    Remember, tech usually has a solution to your problem. Except, perhaps, having to put your drink down to eat. I’ll have to work on that one…

    …Okay, got it: http://www.amazon.com/Wine-Enthusiast-Glass-Holder-Necklace/dp/B000W43HF4

  6. I am sorry that happened, but glad to here that you are okay 🙂

    I remember the time when my shoulder bone was fractured (when I was in 6th grade). Fortunately, it was my left hand (I am right hander), so things weren’t too bad. But, things were hard for a while. I am glad that it had happened, reminded me how fortunate I am to have all my limbs working properly.

    Hope you get better soon 😀

  7. Hi Bill

    So now you are part of the “break your wrist” club. But I see they did not cast your thumb like they did for me, that became pretty hard to even do a button. They messed up by casting my thumb to tight on the last round that I could barely move it, when it was removed at the 6 week time for xrays. The good part was they decided to put me in a brace for the remainder of the healing time. Without the use of my thumb I couldn’t even cut my food. That was August until mid September and my hand is still not back to normal.

    You are right though, it could have been a whole lot worse. But just think of all the things you can get out of having to do right now!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


    • Mary, Mary quite contrary; how the heck are ya? Actually it’s my middle metacarpal bone and I’m opting out of surgery for now, so wish me luck.

      I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by.

  8. Ouch, Bill, speedy recovery to get you back in the saddle again. And trust you to come up with three survival lessons, you need more zippers, buttons are a pain. Use straws for drinking, it is proven that drinking with straws will not accelerate the result of alcoholic beverages and it will save you from further hurting yourself.

    Love the orange, we could swap: I still have some blue ones left from last time.

    Merry Christmas, Bill, to you and your family! And already looking forward to your posts in 2014, imagine what you will turn out once you have use of all your fingers again ….

    • Hey Barbara; so far it’s not ‘gamey,’ but I haven’t been real active yet. I’m thinking of trying to play tennis next week…:).

      I might get more active with the posts; it’s still neat to have people drop by.

      I hope you had a Merry Christmas too.

  9. hi bill; good to hear that you didn’t let your injury keep you from following your passion and get a blog post out however you could. if the arm will be out of commission long you might want to try dragon or some other dictation software. had a great week with the family and recorded my first video. thanks for the post and take care, max

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