99 things I love about myself…

Lk Region 2

Wha? It’s not supposed to be about me, but only the things I love? Well that certainly changes everything then….it’s a much smaller list now….

Of course, with a 10 minute timer that might really put the pressure on but maybe it will get me thinking deeper about the things I really do appreciate, but sometimes don’t take the time to stop and smell the roses.

The real impetus (word of the day, just for you Josh) is that I have had 185 posts published from this site, and it would be pretty sorry of me not to at least get it to 200, huh?  I could tell you what I have been doing in lieu of being Mr Online Social but trust me, it’s pretty boring.

Ok, here we go; set the timer:

The 99 things I love or like a lot:

  1. My wife Allyson – even though I think I’m a piece of cake to live with, she has to put up with a lot.
  2. My kids, Will & Justin. I had sisters growing up and never got the brother I wanted until much later; they have been a blessing.
  3. My family, all of them. There is definitely some wackiness in there, but I love them all.
  4. My job – not everyday, but many more days than not. It’s the bomb…
  5. My hair – you didn’t think I was going to leave that out, did you?
  6. My IRL friends – I have different sets of friends depending on the occasion, but know some pretty good peeps.
  7. My social friends – Here too I have different sets of friends, but have met some really super peeps online.
  8. Networking – free food and drink; I love this kind of stuff.
  9. My health – I take no medication, eat and drink what I want and still play to my heart’s content.
  10. The smell of coffee in the morning.
  11. The smell of bacon anytime.
  12. The smell of fresh cut grass.
  13. Baby’s breath.
  14. Puppy’s breath.
  15. A perfect golf shot.
  16. Physical activity that makes you sweat.
  17. Being a handyman around the house.
  18. A soft kiss.
  19. A good hug.
  20. The smell of leather from a baseball mitt.
  21. Helping others.
  22. My FSU Seminoles.
  23. My Tampa Bay Rays.
  24. Reading a good book.
  25. Making someone smile or laugh.
  26. Quirkiness.
  27. Originality.
  28. A perfect sunset.
  29. A perfect sunrise.
  30. Running in the morning before the sun (and heat) rises when it’s nice and quiet.
  31. Surprise birthday parties.
  32. Drinking – no, I’m not an alcoholic nor do I drink every day, but I do like an ice cold beer, glass of wine, or Goose & Cranberry.
  33. Cold water – to drink; agua, nectar of the gods.
  34. Hamburgers – remember Wimpy from Popeye?
  35. Tomatoes – just about any way.
  36. Smell of popcorn.
  37. Boiled eggs – in salad or in turkey dressing.
  38. Fried eggs – sunny side up.
  39. Tabasco sauce – on just about anything.
  40. Smell (and taste) of baked bread.
  41. Cabbage – yep, that too.
  42. Outdoors.
  43. My iPod.
  44. The beach.
  45. Genealogy.
  46. Closing the deal – bringing value to a relationship.
  47. Honest people.
  48. The power of music – songs that bring back good memories.
  49. College football.
  50. Pro baseball.
  51. People who do what they say they are going to do.
  52. Leading by example.
  53. No hidden agendas.
  54. Blue eyes.
  55. Women.
  56. Rumps – you know, buttocks….on women of course…:).
  57. Art/pictures that are captivating.
  58. Onion rings.
  59. Grits.
  60. Driving fast – don’t tell my insurance agent….or wife….
  61. A bird’s nest.
  62. A dog’s unconditional love.
  63. Comedy.
  64. Spring.
  65. Fall.
  66. A shooting star.
  67. Fireworks.
  68. Shooting a gun – but not at people or critters.
  69. College campuses.
  70. My fraternity brothers.
  71. Rice and tomatoes.
  72. Ribs on the grill.
  73. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks.
  74. The still of the night.
  75. Making a difference.
  76. Accomplishing something you worked very hard at – marathon, 26.2 miles, 3:42 time.
  77. Airboat ride.
  78. Clean sheets.
  79. Having someone wash my hair.
  80. A massage.
  81. Time travel – wha?
  82. A fresh haircut.
  83. Chips & salsa.
  84. Mexican food.
  85. Onions.
  86. St Andrews.
  87. Monaco.
  88. Belly laughs.
  89. Loyalty.
  90. Teamwork.
  91. Being the man.
  92. Writing a blog post that someone would actually read.
  93. Mail.
  94. Finding money in a coat you haven’t worn in a while.
  95. Pen pals.
  96. Tampa Bay Bucs.
  97. Frank Robinson – look him up; he was my sports hero.
  98. Johnny Unitas – look him up; he too was my sports hero.
  99. Sincerity.

There you go; obviously somebody likes to eat, huh? And, I’m pretty sure it took more than 10 minutes to put this together so I probably defeated the purpose. And and, there is no rhyme or reason or particular order, but all things I can dig on.

For what it’s worth; here it is.


29 thoughts on “99 things I love about myself…

  1. Cool beans Agent 86:) Glad you took up the challenge. And did you say beer…and wine? Blue eyes? I look forward to the day when we can meet IRL and compare notes and drink beer. Cheers! Snowshoes P.S. But you better hide the golf bag. Just sayin’, right Adam?

  2. One of my favorite 99 things about you is your writing. Thanks for sharing your talents with us again, Bill.

    Great list. I’m thinking you covered both 55 and 56 with that pumpkin picture from a while back…

    Funny you didn’t mention snow, sleet and freezing rain, which we have plenty of here in PA.

    Great to see you back online. Let’s hope you get to 200 and then 2000 after that…

  3. Hey there Handsome! LOL
    I’ve missed your quirky wit lately…. I have to admit, for me reading your list ~ my biggest smile came from #4 closely followed by #92! Ha- but that’s just me… Merry and safe Holiday season for you and all you love, Bill. 2014 is gonna rock, dontcha think? I do…just sayin’.

  4. Love it!

    Time travel, huh? So, are you from the future, Bill?

    I do love time travel…Sometimes I do wonder, if I do get my hands on a time travel machine in the future, why don’t I came back and visit myself? (it would great to know how everything works out….it’s cheating, but hey, it’s time travel :D).

  5. Astonished that a Floridian can come up with 99 things he likes and Carl Hiaasen is not one of them! or Conch Chowder! I with you on the Chocolate Ice Cream with the Chocolate Chunks though!

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