Meet my friend, Jim Shorts

Huh? Really?

I try to be a give back kind of guy. I actually seek out opportunities where I can give back to my community. Yes, this volunteerism has certainly helped my business but I am serving because I feel it’s the right thing to do. If all you are going to do is be a taker, what fun is that?

I was a long time member of the local Rotary Club, even a Paul Harris Fellow at that. It was a very worthwhile service club and provided ample opportunity to not only give back to the community but meet like-minded business leaders as well.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Sounds pretty professional too.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

There happens to be 4 Rotary Clubs in my hometown, and each one has it’s own distinct personality. I was a charter member in one but eventually affiliated with another because it better fit my schedule. Of course when I changed clubs, I picked this particular one because it was known as the fun club.

I knew it was going to fit right into my juvenile mindset when during the announcements of visiting guests and Rotarians, Jim Shorts was in attendance.

See, the trick is to pick the newer members who have to get up in front of a crowd of 50-70 people and are probably apprehensive about public speaking anyway, to make the announcements and recognize the visitors. I mean, they are literally handing you the sign-in sheet of names as you walk to the podium. Hence the opportunity to get someone to say a name without knowing the joke will be on them.

Have you seen Sir Charles Barkley’s “I’m a dumbass” clip? This is what happens when you are concentrating so hard to enunciate correctly and say the right thing.

Didn’t they catch on?

Oh yeah, because Jim Shorts was always in attendance so it created a tendency to let your guard down once you got past Jim’s name. Public speaking shuts your brain down sometimes…:).

But do you think we would let it stop there? Not when you have the mind of a twelve year old.

But I thought these were professional business people?

Oh they are, and I can’t speak for the ladies but I know the crowd I run with are just about the biggest goofball’s you’ll meet. We can dress up well, but when you peel the onion back we are still those kids with water balloons and flour bombs on Halloween.

BTW – My wife said she didn’t sign up for this and is still waiting for me to grow-up. Hmmmm, I think you grow old when you grow up so I’ll pass for now.

Who else went to these meetings?

Well, Ben Dover was certainly there and sometimes his friend Jack Strapp came along as well. It was always good to see Stu Pudidiot enjoying the fellowship too.

Because it was a mixed crowd and typically clergy in attendance, most of the names were G-rated. But during my time in the club I do remember Bud Weiser, Cole Dusak, Neil Down, Arthur Itis, Jim Nastic and Justin Time making an appearance.

I guess it’s funny how we never got any of those people to join, huh?

What do you think, does humor have it’s place and should only be used appropriately, or should we always look for humor in just what goes on in our everyday life?

But that wasn’t funny…

I know, not really. But it doesn’t take much to make me smile or laugh and there is more that I keep to myself because sometime it’s just too silly.

So, if you see Jim Shorts, tell him I said hello and I’m looking forward to catching up with him again.


18 thoughts on “Meet my friend, Jim Shorts

  1. Most jokes fly right over my head, but I’m the one who won’t stop laughing, replaying it over and over in my mind. I go to lots of meetings and fall asleep in most of them. I REALLY appreciate a good sense of humor especially when it’s unexpected. Keeps me on my toes. Practical jokes are the best. My friends know that their antics are safe with me….I’m usually the recipient of them.

    If you can’t have spontaneous simple fun, I don’t know, I just wouldn’t like working much with you.

  2. “What do you think, (A) does humor have it’s place and should only be used appropriately, or should we (B) always look for humor in just what goes on in our everyday life?”

    What, I can only choose one of the above??

    Haywood Yabuzov

  3. Well you didn’t have to say you wrote it. Would have been able to tell you were the author. I think maybe your wife is right! I could see you laughing at really dumb “knock, knock” jokes. Right!??


  4. This post reminds me of several situations of my own life 😉 Over the years my mom has told me to act like my own age (No, she doesn’t mean in terms of chores and other stuff. I think I am basically a good teen in terms of chores :P).

    I like to act silly – I mean, what’s the point of being all formal every day? You have to have fun in life, right?

    As for rules on how we should act, those are set by people themselves 😉 (And we all know that people can make big mistakes :D). Of course, we shouldn’t go overboard with our silliness 😀

    I personally think we should look for humor in our daily lives 😀 Laughter, as they say is the best medicine!

    By the way, Bill, how have you been? I have been taking a break, loooong break from blogging – about an year now 😀 Just got back to blogging (I am sure glad that all my friends are still blogging :D).

    • Hello sir, like you, I’m practically gone from blogging for now. I took a little break and kind of like not being on the hamster wheel. I miss a lot of the activity, but at lease my head seems a lot clearer these days.

      I think trying to keep up w/ social and my in real life friends was making me schizophrenic…:).

      Good to see you sir, hope all is well.

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