Oh no, not the birthday suit again

***Yes, this is the same post as last year with very little revisions; but that’s just the slug I am***

You say it’s your birthday

It’s my birthday too, yeah
They say it’s your birthday
We’re gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Birthday’s are pretty cool; do you think birthday’s should rank higher than Christmas (if you do Christmas)? I mean, it is your day after all, why not celebrate all of your awesomeness, all.day.long.

Gifts, attention, parties, celebration; it’s all included. What’s not to like; sounds like the bonus round to me.

Yes, August 10th really is my birthday

And even doing a Friday post to proclaim it on this August 10th, 2012. Now, 2013 but it’s still a shameless plug for my bday. 

You’re a big fat turd Dorman; it always has to be all about you, doesn’t it? Yep, still a big do-do. 

Yes, I suppose; but in a somewhat understated way so it doesn’t seem so obvious. That makes it quasi-acceptable, right?

How old are you?

No, the question is, how old are you?

What if I said quelve? That sounds like a little kid’s number to me. Well, if the shoe fits I suppose.

I guess it’s obvious I have some miles on me if I have been working at the same place for close to 30 years. But I haven’t been ‘rode hard and put up wet;’ so there is still some life left in this temple ol’ body. I hit the 30 milestone this year, so yep, still old. 

True story; I got carded at a minor league baseball game last week when I was buying beer. The first words out of my mouth were ‘thank you.’ The guy behind the counter replied ‘we card anybody 40 and under.’ I said ‘thank you’ again and gave him a $5 tip. I don’t have a better story to replace this with so it stays…

No, I don’t look 40 or under but I won’t walk away from a compliment either.

I’ve still got game in case you were wondering however….just ask me.

Is it a milestone birthday?

Nope; just a tweener. But it’s still my birthday so it’s special enough for me. Still not a milestone, but that’s good because the next one isn’t that cool like the other ones…:).

What was your favorite birthday?

For me, it was when I turned 10 yrs old. Growing up, we were only about two missed paychecks from being poor white trash, but I certainly didn’t have a clue. And so what if my grandmother made me a dress shirt I actually wore. It earned me the name woodchuck the one (and only) time I wore it. How many chucks can a woodchuck chuck anyway?

Needless to say, we didn’t throw many parties at Casa de la Dorman. Being the 3rd of 4 children, I was lucky to get hand-me downs. Which sucked of course since they were coming from my two older sisters, but I still didn’t shave my legs so don’t even go there. Still true…

Seeing that I was being deprived, for my 10th birthday my parents decided it would be a good thing for me to have a real birthday party at the house.

Lo and behold, friends showed up….with presents….too cool….

Maybe I could have more than one birthday a year, huh?

In a tie for second, I have had 3 milestone birthdays since I have been married. My wife had a surprise party for me on every one of them and can honestly say I was totally surprised every time.

I might have been born Wednesday, but obviously, it wasn’t last Wednesday…:). What? Whadda mean there is no Santa?

How about you? What was your most memorable one?

Did you just do another post all about you?

Is the Pope Catholic?

I just wanted to make sure you didn’t forget. In lieu of a card with money in it, you can make a direct deposit to my HeyPal account; I will do a shot of Patron for each and every deposit I receive. My HeyPal account is still open so feel free to keep the money coming. 

You suck Dorman

Yes, I really do, but it is my birthday, right? I can do what I want to.



26 thoughts on “Oh no, not the birthday suit again

  1. HA! Happy Birthday, Bill!

    It’s good to see that you haven’t lost your consistency on post topic 😮

    One of my favorite birthdays was my 13th… My mom and dad let me pick 3 friends to take on a weekend long trip to Disneyland. Three days of tearing though the park with my best buddies – that was lots of fun!

    Cheers to you on your birthday, sir! : )

  2. Hi Bill

    Hmm…vanity not your strong point is it? LOL
    I knew someone that had a birthday month, she made sure she treated herself well and when she bought something in July, she used that as an excuse. So may be you aught to start branching out into at least a week!

    My most memorable birthday was when I was 16. It was actually a surprise party for me and my friend at the Friday church group we used to go to. Her birthday was a few weeks earlier than mine. It was planned by a couple of my brothers and sister in-law.

    Of course another was when I was 30 and we went out to dinner and the waitress carded me, I ruined her day because she was younger than me, but looked older.

    You asked did I write a post all about me, yes, but it is not fun and not a birthday one.


  3. LOL – Happy Birthday Bill – they should rank almost as high as Christmas. I have a friend who has never worked on her birthday and she gets upset to hear of any of her friends work on their birthdays. I know other people who make their birthday into a “Birthday week” celebration. I have a biggy coming up this year. Not sure how to celebrate it yet, after all it’s just a # right Bill?

    • The biggies are ok up to a point, my next biggy won’t be as cool as my other one’s I’m afraid. But at least it’s not my next one….:).

      Thanks for the visit, and I hope I’m awake enough to catch yours when it happens.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!

    A brilliant Indian actor was asked on twitter – How is your old age? He replied – Very very far! 🙂

    Growing up is mandatory, growing old is optional! Always remain awesome! 🙂

  5. Happy birthday Bill. I am a bit late to your party, but I was this late at Facebook 🙂

    I have created a tradition on my birthday. I never work. I just do what I love to do, and it’s usually something different for each year. But, one thing remains the same, you got it, I always eat pizza on my birthday.

    My favorite birthday was probably one when I was about 10 as well. All my friends visited, and we had an eating contest. I never won, but I really enjoyed watching my friends eat until they … I probably shouldn’t go into the details.

    You look under 40 to me. And that’s what I care about 🙂

    • Back in the day, I always hated the fact I looked much younger than my actual age; to a certain degree, it has carried onto into my ‘older’ years….at least in my own mind….and now I don’t mind it a bit….:).

      Trust me, I didn’t do too much on this birthday…at least as far as work was concerned.

      Hope all is well my friend; thanks for the visit.

  6. I’m SO sorry I’m just now getting by here to wish you a Happy Birthday but I KNOW you had a good one. Why? Because you’re you that’s why!

    I can’t believe you got carded. I’ll never be carded ever again but that’s okay! It was fun while it lasted so I have to look at all these years as great experiences because we both know the alternative is not where we want to be.

    So I apologize for my tardiness Bill but I did wish you one over on Facebook so I did do one thing right.

    Oh and by the way, birthday’s aren’t that big of a deal in our family so we don’t even get presents. Yep, Christmas definitely ranks higher for us.


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