Time to fish or cut bait

Miss me? Yeah, I didn’t think so…

Don’t get all excited though, I’m still a mere shell of the social man I used to be and this does not mean I’m back. I did actually write some posts during my hiatus, but never got around to pulling the trigger.

So then, what are you doing?

I’m at a crossroads with my domain name as I received the renewal notice on my GoDaddy account to keep billdorman.me active. As The Clash are wont to sing, should I stay or should I go?

The money isn’t the issue; I’m just afraid it might turn into some gay porn site if I let it go and how in the heck will I be able to explain that? However, if I’m going to keep piddling around like I have been, then what’s the point?

Piddle de diddle, the cat and the fiddle…

Well, if you haven’t been blowing up social

Then what in the heck have you really been doing other than sitting around and picking your butt?

Not much I’m glad you asked.

If you recall from earlier posts, my youngest son joined Lanier Upshaw, Inc about 6 months ago. I’m trying to assist him in any way I can and since sales can be as fickle as social, sometimes you really have to keep your eye on the ball or it all turns to fools gold.

In addition to my semi-regular rounds of golf and matches of tennis I have now taken up mountain/trail biking in my spare time as well.

Finally, I’m back to reading again since I’m not spending all of my free time in front of a computer. I’ll bet I’m reading on average a book a week. And I’m a big baseball fan and the pace of the game allows me to read at night while I watch my beloved Tampa Bay Rays.

So yes, it’s still all about me like it always has been, I’m just channeling my interests outside of the online social realm. Yes, my Klout score turned to dust and I haven’t had a free perk in ages, but no surprises there.

I want to thank

Those who have checked in on me from time to time. I do miss everyone and apologize that my tired, lazy ass rarely gets by to your place. I just know if I even try to do that a little bit I will be right back on that social hamster wheel again and I’m trying to spend that time on the treadmill instead these days.

In conclusion

I guess I’ll keep billdorman.me instead of letting it fall into nefarious hands.

Maybe you’ll see me again; maybe not. If you see me pimping a Lanier Upshaw post, feel free to give it some love.

Hope everybody is doing well and progressing nicely along the path to their success.

Until we meet again…


46 thoughts on “Time to fish or cut bait

    • Hey Alicia; the funny thing is I went to reply from my WordPress account and there were no reply buttons. That’ll teach me for neglecting it, huh?

      Hope all is well with you.

    • Tru dat; I’m just rolling along right now seeing where this will all take me. Very little pressure trying to figure out the ‘next’ thing.

      Hope you are well sir.

  1. Hey, I noticed a lack of you in my inbox!! I figured you were being busy-Bill, not really trying to quit or blow us all off. I am heading back into the field again (yes, I do this every year!) so don’t you forget me either! AND if you get up to sumptin special while I am gone, be sure to save some for me too! XXOO Safe Adventures, my friend.

  2. Hey, Bill – I’m glad you’re keeping your URL : )

    Your son is lucky to his dad teaching him the ropes and he’s probably getting some much needed helping getting deals closed? 😛

    It’s a good thing to spend time on the treadmill – I need to join you!

    Keep us in the loop, Bill!

    • Instead of getting closer to that optimal level of fitness I seem to be getting farther away. My problem is, fat boy likes to eat and it’s becoming harder to out fitness my eating habits…:).

      It has been fun having the kid around; we’ll get him there.

  3. Hi Bill

    Well I guess keeping your options open to either keep your good name out of those unscrupulous hands and let us know you still are around is cool. Exercise is good and yes much better than sitting in front of the screen. I am sure family is happy you are not glued to the chair glaring at the screen. Takes a lot of time if you are not in it for income.

    Nice hearing what you are up to and it wouldn’t hurt to hear your witted side of things more often.


    • Hey Mary, thanks for the nice comments. I do have to say since I have fallen off the grid I have felt somewhat lost. I miss everybody and just trying to figure out a level that works for me without jumping back on the hamster wheel.

      Hope you are well.

    • Hey Betsy, thanks so much. Now if I could just turn some of that reading into my writing project I might be cooking w/ gas, huh?

      Hope your summer is going well.

  4. It’s always good to keep your options open. You never know how things might change and you may find yourself compelled to write again some odd day. Glad to hear you are keeping healthy 🙂

    • Options are good, right? I really feel no pressure to ‘figure’ it out and comfortable enough sitting back until I’m hit with the blinding flash of the obvious.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope all is well with you this summer.

  5. Did you find mountains in Florida? Wow, you have been busy!

    So glad to see you dip your toe back in the water, Bill. You’re smart to keep your domain name. I bought domain names for my daughters, they may want them some day and domain names come pretty cheap. You’re right, having your domain name fall into the wrong hands isn’t what we want to see.

    You were doing plenty of reading before, it just wasn’t books, that’s all.

    My suggestion: tune into an Audible audiobook during your bike rides and start multi-tasking, then use that wasted free time you were spending on printed books on writing/reading blog posts. Let’s face it, reading printed books does Jack Squat for your Klout score. 😉

    • Klout dropped me like a hot potato…:). The only thing about the mountain/trail biking, I’m still new enough at it I really need to pay attention so I don’t crash into trees or run off the trail down the side of a hill into an alligator infested phosphate pit.

      It has been a little unsettling being out of the ‘social’ loop, but I will figure it out one of these days.

      I hope your summer is going well.

  6. I’m not surprised Bill to see you back here – been seeing you on Twitter so know you haven’t given up 100% with this all 🙂 I love Carolyn’s idea of listening to your reading. Good for you on the treadmill, I’ve taking up jogging after 10 years of not and just walking. Trying to see how to fit it in my day with blogging and commenting. Luckily I awoke very early this a.m. Just see if I’m awake later in the day 🙂
    Isn’t the beauty of our own blogs to publish when we want? Love to see pic of the treadmill on your next post Bill. So is your son following your footsteps into insuranced sales?

    • We might be able to get a treadmill pic in. I used to be exclusively an outdoor road runner, but my dogs have been hurting me lately. If my feets hurt, then I can’t play tennis.

      Yes, I can publish whenever. I was a little surprised to see the traffic I got with this post but it did put a smile on my face.

      Yes, my son is going to try his hand at insurance sales. He’s actually in a good position and if he will hit it really hard for 3-4 years he can write his own ticket.

      Hope all is well with you; thanks for the visit.

  7. Glad to hear you are well and thriving, Bill.

    I know you’ve thought about it, but Lanier Upshaw’s online presence isn’t going to happen without you – just remember that. 😛

    • I do know that Stan, I hope I can get it where it is somewhat relevant.

      I need a life coach/personal assistant; I get distracted too easily, but I’ve been that way all my life. Always looking for play instead of work…:).

      Hope all is well with you sir; thanks for dropping by.

  8. I have been rebuilding after taking a hiatus and boy is it tough. I am of course blogging under a new name and a whole new blog which does not make things easier. I am starting from scratch all over again. Be well, and I hope you make the right choice for you. 🙂 I also have to know – where is your speedo?

    • Sometimes I wear my Speedo underneath my clothes because you just never know when the appropriate time to break it out will be…:).

      I will admit, I put a lot of time and effort first time around of visiting and commenting at a lot of places. If I would not have done that it would have been very hard to even last this long.

      Just this post and the little activity I’ve had kind of gets me revved up again; we’ll have to see what the future holds I suppose.

      Good luck with your efforts; I don’t know your time frame, but don’t be afraid to give it some time.

  9. I’m glad you’ve been doing more offline! It sounds like your life is much more content. I’m actually jealous about you getting to read a book a week. I’d love to be able to do that.

    • And once I lock in, it’s usually read in 2-3 days. I’ll bet I have read at least 30 so far this year, if not more. Can’t you get paid for reading?…:).

      I’m in a good place, I’m doing plenty of fun things these days. As far as my online activities, I have no sense of urgency to get any particular thing accomplished so I guess I’ll see what the future has in store for me.

      Hope all is well for you in Austin; thanks for stopping by.

  10. Nice to see you back. I’m a huge Rays fan too. I don’t miss the games and record them even when I go to a live game. I’ve only been to two this year, because I have troubles finding people who are willing to go to the games.

    • Hey Bev, you made me smile; I didn’t know you were reading my posts…:).

      I’ve been to two as well; the last one we went to was against the Jays and it was a walk-off walk in the bottom of the ninth. Of course, didn’t get home until 11:30 pm, but it was a fun game.

      I’m toying w/ sneaking over for the Thursday afternoon game since it won’t be televised. You know, the one where the boss sees you catching a foul ball on ESPN and you are supposed to be home sick….

      I know the Rays are beating up on lesser competition, but I like what I see from the pitching and there are really no holes in the lineup. The last two times the Rays had won 50 games at this point in the season they won the division.

      BJ who?

      Good to see you Bev; thanks for the visit.

  11. Smart decision, Bill, and it is lovely to see you in good shape on your lazy ass. If you went to see more than a mole hill for your next bike trip, may I suggest Switzerland ….

    • Yes Barbara, here in Florida about 100 feet over sea level we don’t have too many mountains. However, the trails I have been riding have been ‘mountainous’ enough for me and I’m just trying not to crash into a tree or go off the side of a trail into an alligator infested pond. It’s fun and a vigorous workout however.

      How’s my favorite foodie doing; hope all has been well. Thanks for stopping by.

    • I’ve grown somewhat fond of it even though I took some ‘ribbing’ early as Door Man or Door Mat; but it was all good natured, I was never bullied.

      I might make a comeback; I don’t think any of us go away totally, huh?

      Good to see you; hope all is well.

  12. Bill,

    Glad you renewed and we can all avoid a gay porn site. You’d have lots of ‘splainin’ to do.

    A book a week, huh? Man, I used to do that, plus I had time to socialize in real life.

    Sounds like your son will be progressing along nicely. Good to hear and do pop in every once in a while.

    Sun’s been shining all summer in Seattle. The locals don’t know what to do. Hope the humidity in FLA is not killing you.

    • I think we are getting some of your rain, we’ve had our share this summer.

      B’more’s doing pretty well but I think my Rays are going to be on top at the end of the season…:).

      I wonder if gay porn pays more than blogging?

      Hope your summer has been well; take care sir.

  13. Hey Bill,

    Been here after a long time and enjoyed reading your post as usual. I am sure even the porn site would be humorous ;). Either way its a win win 😉

  14. Hey Bill,

    I’ve been MIA some myself traveling a lot in May, some in June and hardly any internet connection at all this week plus working on my product in my spare time! Yeah, what a joke that’s been since there is hardly any of that these days.

    I know your social time has been elsewhere and I seriously don’t blame you. We do love you though and only want you to be happy whether that’s online chatting with us or coaching your son in his new position. Whatever you want to do I’m sure the majority will agree with me and that’s fine with us.

    I do miss you though, just so you know! 😉

    Hang in there, enjoy life and just glad you’re keeping the domain and the blog alive. Even if it’s just the occasional visit, that’s okay.

    Have a great weekend and month if you don’t come back for awhile.


    • Hola Adrienne, thanks so much for stopping by. It made me wax a little nostalgic when people started showing up and commenting.

      I think I will try to find a way to have some kind of presence just so I’m not totally irrelevant should I decide there is a newer, better version of me in there somewhere…:).

      I certainly still see everybody and tempted to just jump back in, but I’m going to hang back for awhile and see where it takes me.

      Good luck with your efforts and I’ll pop in from time to time.

  15. What this is not a gay porn site?

    I haven’t been around many blogs the last 3 months or more. Time is not been kind with a 2 yr old and high maintenance wife. Tell your son he has a plumb insurance job waiting for him at Farmers when he is ready. You know Farmers folks hang with people like Diddy vs the round mound. Just sayin.

    • Yes, this is a gay porn site w/out the pictures; you have to follow the links……..

      For various reasons, I too have essentially shut it down hanging out at other blogs for the last 3 months.

      I miss it and miss the writing but I got to the point of ‘what is the point?’ If I was motivated enough to actually do something of purpose in here maybe that would get me going, but I kind of like being off the hamster wheel for now.

      Ever since the Rays traded BJ, life just hasn’t been the same…….:).

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