Swing away Merrill…

What in the hell happened to you, didn’t you used to be somebody?

Please pardon my French….do you think this is why the French are always ticked off at American’s because any time we cuss we call it French? Oui? Oh, I’m sure that is just the tip of the iceberg with Frenchie, but we try harder, right? Did you know without the French, there is a good chance the U.S. would not have won the American Revolutionary War and gained our independence. Put that in your pipe and smoke it for awhile…Of course, the debt the French incurred in this endeavor was instrumental in causing the French Revolution but that was their gig, not ours. Maybe that’s what started all this hate, huh?

Enough with the history lesson pal, I hope you are going somewhere with this.

I am, but probably not too far as I’m really not that deep.

You are a mere shell of the man you used to be

Ain’t that the truth, but I really was somebody for awhile; I was hob-nobbing with all the goober smoochers of social and could list quite a few of the peeps that really knew my name.

The good thing about social is you can have and maintain a certain level on notoriety for free*. Of course when I say free I am only talking real dollars and not soft-lost cost opportunity dollars from wasting your time. As we all know, time = money and social do take up a lot of time so obviously there is no free lunch. Or, is that ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too?’ One of those…

But we also know Billy is all about free because my wife CFO will not allow me to spend a dime in here unless I can quantify the return on investment.

So where does that leave you?

When I was in the Army there was a term commonly used called ‘short-timer.’ As your tour of duty was winding down, the shorter you became. Once you were down to 99 days or less, you would joke about being so short nobody could see you.

Billy is short right now.

Not that I’m going anywhere per se, but as long as I am content to keep operating under a free platform I know I can only carry this so far, and it appears I have already crested that hill. If I were to pin it down to a day, I believe December 6, 2012 is as good as any. It was a very similar post talking about how I had shot my wad…ok you pervs, what I meant was “I’m done, that’s all I have the energy/money,willingness/desire for, there is no more I have to say/add/do.”

Where does that leave you?

Where I always was.

I came, I saw, I conquered…in my own way. I ramped up as much as I could given the tools I chose to work with. Actually, for a knucklehead I was kind of impressed I made it as far as I did.

Maybe it’s because I grew up before gadgetry and could make do with a stick and a box, or I am more of a people person than a thing person, but I am not really all that curious about the latest and greatest toys. Never say never, but you will never see me camping out overnight for any new gadget that is being introduced. I will let all the gadget heads work it over and then if I see it’s gaining some traction I might jump in.

That’s why I could do the just show up part so well, but when it took a certain level of geekiness to move the needle I became exposed. Not in a full frontal nudity kind of way, but nobody was hitching up to my wagon for me to take them to the promised land either.

Well, if you set the bar low enough…

There was a time I would need a little cheese with my whine, but I am good to go these days…totally. Even trying to exist in this realm with little or no expectations, somehow someway it actually hasn’t been a bad ride.

And, I wouldn’t trade my last two years for anything and feel I have grown from this experience.

Here’s what my two-year social degree got me:

  • I have a much better global perspective due to my diverse acquaintances.
  • My expanded social knowledge has positioned me to be able to ask better questions.
  • Social will turn your brain to mush if you try to chase every rabbit.
  • Online friendships are just as real as face to face friendships.
  • I know just enough about social to be dangerous now.

If I let anybody down because you see wasted potential, get in line. I did just good enough and for this, that was good enough for me.

At this point in my life, fun is a huge driver for me; fortunately I’m in a position I can make those choices. As long as I am having fun there will be no regrets.

Did I make the cut?

I made my cut I suppose, I’m somebody enough and I still have great hair, so that should be worth something, right?

Activity is down on both sides of the wall and I can tell the air is leaking out of the tire and the tank is running low; there is a good chance I’ll just park the car instead of filling it back up.

Such is life.

Swing away Merrill…


30 thoughts on “Signs

  1. As someone who got in the car about the same time you did (was it your Ferrari or mine?), I’ve enjoyed the ride with you, Bill. This goober smoocher gadget head is blogging for fun as well and it continues to be fun for me, in spite of the ups and downs that inevitably come with this medium.

    You’re right that online friends are every bit as real as face to face friendships, though how you got there from the French Revolution is a mystery only your genius can solve.

    I wish you the best, Bill, wherever your journey leads you.

    • After a business trip and vacation with no real internet access to speak of, I think it’s for real this time. I kind of like not having to take care of all my ‘social’ obligations and can just going back to being a bum.

      Good luck on your journey too ma’am, and hopefully our paths will cross IRL one of these days.

  2. Ah, the shifts and changes of the crazy online world. It’s quite a ride, and not always a pleasant one. But more days than not, I’m drawn back to its siren call, although the times, they are a changing. An exciting new project is in the works. My writing offline continues to become a bigger priority. Family obligations are quite steep right now with my mother’s recovery from surgery. I’m planning to travel to Europe in the Fall to meet another mutual online friend. So whatever your journey, wherever you go, I know where to find you, Agent 86. Miss the cone of silence some days 😉 Cheers! Snowshoes

  3. I’m so business minded, I’m a bore… That’s okay with me, but I’m very thankful to be connected to people who know how to have fun and you’ve made the whole social experience lot’s of fun for me.

    One thing I’ve mentioned often is ‘people will always remember how you make them feel.’ If you put a smile on peoples faces often and consistently, they’re not likely to forget you : )

    Cheers, Bill!

    • I do know that Shonali, I’m glad social provided the platform and opportunity for us to meet. I see many who struggle with the overall commitment ‘social’ requires, and even though it’s the ‘social’ part I really like about all of this, I think I just ran out of gas and need to step back for awhile.

      It’s all good though; I’ll see you around.

  4. It was so fun online for a couple of years…in this blogosphere! It’s evolving into something. I don’t know what, but I’m sticking it out. I always get my entertainment fix! You’d make me laugh and I’d get a kick hanging out with you!

    • Hola Betsy; fun I can do and that was my attraction to social. However, lately I feel I haven’t been holding up my end of the bargain and it was kind of sad to see the people start dropping away. That was my sign I need to just fold up my tent for awhile and give it a rest.

      Nothing is forever, right?

  5. So, are you fading off into the sunset or is it that you are not going to show up here as often? I shall miss your crazy sense of humor. I think we all are in a constant change of what we did do, want to do and will do. Each of us has to pick what suits us best. When things no longer serve a purpose, even if it is only for the soul, it is time to move on.


    • I will be gone for awhile. My lack of effort and enthusiasm was dwindling my crowd pretty quickly so I felt the timing was good just to give it a break. It’s the people and interaction that I enjoy, so it certainly hasn’t been an easy decision.

      But I really do have a life outside of these social platforms, and I’m existing in it quite nicely.

      Hopefully we will bump into each other again; I do appreciate your visits and support.

      Good luck.

  6. Haha. You can only cry wolf so many times. Are you going to tell me that you let your ego beat you? Ok, then.

    Next year I will remind you about this again. 😉

    • Hola Ralph, I think it’s for real this time. Plus, I had a business trip and vacation that took me away for two weeks so it helped me see what not being involved looked like and I think I’m ok with stepping away for real this time.

      Never say never, right so I guess only time will tell.

  7. Hi Bill
    Always the voice of the Blogger, aren’t you? I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that things changed here in the Blogosphere. They change everywhere. That’s just life I guess. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in the nearly 3 years since I started. We’ve evolved from people who couldn’t pull ourselves away from the computer screen to people who are respecting themselves and balancing their lives. In that state of imbalance, we were all a lot more active here. It’s not over yet though. I’m riding it out, though, to see where it all leads! You never really know, do you?

    • Change is inevitable, I just felt my efforts were tired and it was definitely showing as the visits kept dwindling. I just felt if I couldn’t put the right amount of effort in then I needed to quit fooling myself. I truly did feel I crested that hill and didn’t know if I had what it took to turn it back around.

      Good luck with your journey, I’ll just be in lurker mode if that for awhile.

  8. You had me at goober-smooching, wad-shooting, full frontal nudity. Did you say anything else in here??

    Enjoyed reading the blog post. I don’t care what needle you are moving, Bill – I like reading these posts and hanging out with you via blogs/Twitter.

    Don’t park the car…

    • Appreciate it very much sir.

      My head’s on loose, but my shoes are tight…it’s time for a break. My efforts and enthusiasm have really taken a dip and it shows as I make it very difficult for people to stay engaged.

      We’ll see, but life goes on, right?

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  10. How can I follow the comment about the nude man. You’ll probably spam that comment and the people that follow won’t understand what I am saying here…

  11. Hey Bill,

    I’m so late to this going away party but I at least made it. Hey, I totally get it but I’m so glad you had this experience and let all of us be a part of your life. I hope your wife understands this because like you said, online friendships are just as real my friend and we miss the people when they aren’t around as much or ever.

    I know you did this blog for enjoyment and we’re so happy that you did. I know you’ll be hanging around still but don’t be such a stranger okay!

    Thanks for all the good times Bill and I definitely wish you the best of luck in anything you do. Just enjoy life and live it to the fullest and know you did make a dent in our lives.


    • Hola Adrienne, it’s been fun and who knows, I might not be done yet. I did more than get my toes wet and thoroughly enjoyed the ride; let’s see what the rest of the journey holds, huh?

      Good luck w/ your efforts; you are doing quite well.

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