Yes, you Brian Meeks, time to give it up

Yes, that Brian Meeks; the one on the cusp of super stardom.

Give up what?

His damn @ExtremelyAverage moniker, that’s what. I have been hounding him for close to two years now because that moniker is a much better fit for me than him.

Sumbich won’t budge.

He was featured this week by Geoff Livingston no less; you know, the dude that wrote Marketing in the Round with Gini. In addition to Brian’s most recent self-published book Time and Again which you can snap up for free on Amazon if you hurry, he’s has a whole litany of other works ready to follow. Extremely Average my ass…

You think I’m kidding?

Just to show you the depth of my quest to wrest this moniker away from him, this is my post of January 30, 2012; verbatim. Do you think he budged? Hell no; that’s why I’m cutting lose a second salvo. Republished with Billy’s permission; this is what he had to say that day:

* – * – * – * – * – *

Time to move on Brian Meeks*

Ha ha funny, right? Except I’m not kidding; Mr Meeks of @ExtremelyAverage notoriety needs to give it up. Whenever I crack on him, all the women are quick to defend and quickly proclaim he is anything but ‘average’. Hmmmm…..all I know is that ‘extremely average’ is a much better fit for me, so this is my active campaign to make it happen. There is a shelf-life for these things Brian, and you have exceeded it my friend.

I mean really; the dude already has books published and 9 zillion blog posts. I barely have reply buttons at my place; c’mon man…….

You probably find this hard to believe after reading of all my exploits of heroism, how it was really me who invented the internet, and I’m really a double-naught spy; but in reality, at a party I am so extremely average I have to keep moving so as not to blend in with the wallpaper.

This past week was tough

My day job and meetings pulled me in many different directions; all of it good, but all of it primarily offline. No big deal, right? Except when you peek in and see all of your friends playing; kind of like staying home sick from school and you see all your friends outside afterwards. Makes you kind of antsy, huh?

I keep telling myself I am NOT going to jump back on the hamster wheel; but the pull is there.

So what’s the problem?

It was difficult to catch back up with all the posts I missed; I’m realistic in knowing the only way I drive traffic is through my engagement. I’m afraid without it, I could very well pull out the invisible moniker once again and just leave Brian alone.

So what do you want to do?

Part of me says quit looking out the window and just keep doing what you are doing. The other part says, quit being a doofus and if you are going to be in the game at least be the best you can be.

There is even another pull to put all this effort into our corporate blog at @LanierUpshaw which is probably what I should do because it is my company after all, right? That would probably be the smart thing, but don’t know it it will be the fun thing. Fun is my motivator BTW…..

And of course all of this takes time, so do I substitute my commenting for writing and guest posts? I can just show up and comment; writing takes thought and planning. And it’s a given I don’t have enough game to attract an audience on my writing alone.

Where did you come up with all this?

As I had small blocks of time during the week I could have very easily caught up with friends one blog at a time. However, when the time came I could not muster up the energy.

During my catch-up phase over the weekend, I did read posts and some gave me reason to think and once again ask myself ‘what are you really doing in here’?

Dino at DIYBlogger featured Francisco Rosales, the brains behind @Socialmouths and whereas our models are different, it made me think I should be more strategic and doing something like Francisco suggests.

The other was from my good buddy Jack Steiner (or whatever name the witness protection program will let him go by this week) @TheJackB. He’s calling out the guru’s and exhorting everyone to just be themselves and forget the noise.

And finally, my friend Margie Clayman at who I respect and admire but seems to be feeling some angst on several fronts. She’s trying to wade through what is real and what isn’t (and this wasn’t a shameless link BTW…:).

Did I miss the boat?

One thing I can do, is be myself; and part of that is truly ‘just showing up’. I have tried to play the person who doesn’t care for about as long as I can carry this thing. Now the big question is, do I want to do anything about it; or just keep on ‘showing’ up and take what I can get?

It never ceases to amaze me how a couple of days offline can totally change your perspective and potentially your focus.

If anybody out there is reading their tea leaves or horoscope this week, will you let me know what direction it is taking me in? I’m a Leo…:)

*Brian had no prior knowledge of this….hopefully he is a good sport.


32 thoughts on “Yes, you Brian Meeks, time to give it up

  1. Hey, Bill – I’ve always surrounded myself with folks smarter and more capable than myself. I’ve always learned a lot with this strategy :p

    Here in Costa Rica, I haven’t met many smart expats here – just mostly older retired nice folks who I’m proud to call friends. The younger crowd seems to come here to try to kill themselves partying their butts off!

    Even in the States when I was jet setting around starting businesses, I didn’t have a large community of friends who inspired me, taught me new things everyday and generally just made me smile. And it is lots of fun! There were just a handful of these…

    I get influenced on the social web everyday by progressive, forward-thinking, salt of the earth friends who are shaping the future as we will know it.

    It’s programming the noodle for the future. It’s a great place to be part of; especially with all the crap and stress most people talk about day in and day out. That shit will drown you!

    Margie has been on a rampage lately… She’s boiling things down (up) in her mind after they’ve had some time to simmer for a while and now she’s breaking out the samurai sword and hacking off the fat 😮

    I wish I had developed a stronger relationship with Brian. I know him mostly through the comments/ conversations he has in the community. I missed him with my hiatus and just haven’t had the opportunity, YET, to jump in and take a swim in his mind, first hand.

    Josh says what he means and means what he says. No bullshit. I appreciate that about him. I knew there was something I didn’t know about him! Witness Protection Program, YIKES! LOL!

    Thanks for some fun this AM, Bill – now get back to work!

    • Brian is a man on a mission and I feel if he can have some success and devote even more time to writing he can really grow. He’s very readable and hopefully my small effort in trying to help a friend will be of some benefit to him.

      Most of my friends are knuckleheads, but somehow we have all reached a certain level of success, so maybe it rubbed off, huh?

      Good to see you sir.

  2. Bill,

    You are awesome! Thanks so much for telling your readers about my books. I’m not giving up the moniker, as I LOVE it, but I don’t make good choices when it comes to diet, so you probably won’t have to wait too long…now, where was that bacon?


  3. Okay since Mr. Meeks is not going to give it up anytime soon, what is stopping you from taking over a new title. Extreme Bill or Extremely Average Mr. D or AABill (Above Average Bill).
    This sounds like a lot more fun than your business site.


    • Barely above average; more averager; most averagist; Sir average; hey, how about the invisible one….:). That actually used to be my moniker and I thought it was pretty clever….

  4. Hey Bill, That Brian can’t take a hint, can he? Perhaps his name is supposed to be ironic, such as calling a tall person “Shorty”. Or maybe he comes from another planet where his genius isn’t considered as brilliant as it is here on Planet Earth. Whatever the reason he certainly isn’t following your lead in shedding the inappropriate moniker/ #InvisibleBlogger

    • Perhaps the telling of the tale as to the origins of the moniker might be in order.

      It was many years ago, my friend had won 2 million dollars in the lottery, I lived with him and our friend Bryce Miller. My friend, Steve, had a girlfriend who had recently been promoted to fiancé.

      Mary decided she needed a puppy. The drove out somewhere and bought a Treeing Walker Coon Hound. This is a breed that when it is young looks like a beagle. Needless to say, it was a whole pile of cute.

      The second night with Roger, the puppy, he was standing on his hind legs with his front legs draped over Mary’s knees. It was funny and adorable. Bryce looked over and said, “Oh, Roger, you are extremely average.”

      It was a turn of phrase that I adored. When it came time to name my blog, that was the first thing that came to mind.

  5. Two things in the above post are impossible to argue with.

    (1) Brian shouldn’t be @extremelyavg any longer — if ever it fit at all. Probably the only reason he won’t dump it is to keep you from grabbing it!

    (2) Billy should by all means continue to just show up. Good things will continue to happen.

    * * *

    Who am I even writing this to? Who’s in charge here? 🙂

  6. Did someone say “Brian” and sports?!? Oh, wrong Brian – how is that possible? Mr. Meeks of the very cool avatar is getting around nowadays. He’s in my feed on all fronts, so I’m wondering why he didn’t come write a sports analogy for me to compare to book publishing.

    Rising above the noise by engaging in the comment section…

    • Be careful sir, you are on my radar next. I want to use your theme of sports analogies in regards to life, business, social, etc.

      I’ll make a deal with you; I’ll stick to golf and baseball, you can have b’ball and hockey, and we’ll split football, ok?

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