The 3 word challenge; testing available here

Is perception reality? How others perceive you, if it is their truth, does that make it the truth? What about how you perceive yourself? Other than you, who cares what others think?

Fact or fiction? Real or imagined?

If you were to describe yourself in 3 words would it match the way others describe you? Would it be the same 3 words?

I attended a leadership retreat and one of the exercises was passing around a card with your name at the top and beneath it everybody wrote one word to describe you. Some of the people I knew before the retreat and others this was my first opportunity to spend any time with them, so it was probably a fair sampling.

It was interesting to see how others perceived and described me; it read like someone describing me for a blind date. Nice jerkguy, dickpersonable, assholefunny…..yeah, that guy; the great personality guy…

Is your business persona different than your personal one? What about when you are with your friends vs when you are with your family; would different descriptors be used?

I would like to say with me what you see is what you get, and the core is the same but I do act differently around my friends than I do around my wife family. Both are real, just different.

Where is the real you? Who is the real you?

My perception is my reality

Heck yeah, I’m sure I have an over-inflated opinion of my great self and certainly don’t need to listen to some yahoo tell me otherwise. It’s all about me, right?

But is it?

If you know how others think of you, can that shape your personality; your actions? Even if you don’t necessarily agree what others think is you beneath those layers, by others thinking so, then does it become so?

Self-fulfilling prophesy?

Well, let’s see then

Take the test or play my game; whatever you want to call it.

Describe yourself in three words and I will respond with whether I concur and had the same perception or if it was something different. If it’s different, I will add my thoughts. But by putting it out there, you are fair game; anybody who comes by can play too.

The end result might be where each person picks up a whole new perspective on how others think of them.

And of course, I control the pen so if anybody says something less than flattering about me, I’ll just change it.

Are you game?

If I were to describe myself in three words, it would be:

  • kind
  • funny
  • personable

Sounds like somebody is finishing last. There goes that blind date description again. Well, if the shoe fits I guess it’s best just to wear it.

I would like to be that roguishly handsome edgy bad boy that all the chicks dig. Instead, I somehow ended up Herman Milquetoast. Yikes, ok maybe not that bad but somewhere in between.

Grandmothers dig me.

Now it’s your turn

Let me see what your over-inflated opinion of yourself is in three words. Since we are all gurus, I’m sure some big words will come out so I’ll refer them to Josh if I need a clarification.

Just kidding of course, and don’t worry, this is the internet so however you describe yourself, it has to be true and nobody else will see it.

Fire away.


87 thoughts on “The 3 word challenge; testing available here

  1. Okay, I’m game.

    Polygadgetist (you can check with Josh on that one)

    Are we supposed to give you three words about you too? No matter, I’m doing that anyway.

    Bill – Funny, Savvy, Leader

  2. Outgoing

    I know the perception most often applied to me by others is not listed here, because it would be cheating–its not how I see myself, and it makes me giggle. I do think I’m pretty WYSIWYG, so maybe that’s OTHER people’s self-fulfilling prophecy if that’s really how they see me. 🙂

    Interested to hear what you perceive, Bill.

    • Sarcastic? That’s supposed to be witty, right?……..:). Being irreverent or always looking for humor allows a little sarcasm, right?

      I will put a check by each of yours and include passionate if I may.

  3. Can I do anyone, Bill? 😛 You might have to warn them…

    I’ll start with a few and we’ll see how it goes:

    John Magnet Bell – Mysterious, Brilliant and Sexy
    Billy Delaney – Charming, Compassionate, Spiritual
    Josha Wilner – Daddy, Straight-shooter, Funny
    Jayme Soulati – Intelligent, Perceptive, Kind

  4. Wow, did I get railroaded to swing over here…wait, who’s railroading whom, Stan? I thought this was Bill’s blog? Eh?

    But, I like the distraction, I love the game, and the 3 words you created for me, Stan (and that brassafras, Bill), work. I thank you! The ones I post here are not the ones I’d post offline…heh.

    Jayme: Nurturer, Driven, Squirrely
    Bill: Shoulder-rubber, Flirt, Modest
    Stan: Alien-romancer, High-IQ, Writer-Extraordinaire (hyphens make them 3)

    Thanks for bringing me! Cool beans.
    P.S. Hey, Stan? No way on the Wilner words; no way.

    • I’ve been exposed, you were the first to say flirt, but it is oh so true…:). Harmless of course….

      I love yours, I can definitely see the squirrelyness, but that too in a good way.

      Thanks for playing, and blame Stan the Man for dragging you into this mess.

    • Wilner is big and tall. Being much shorter and having a shorter arm length, I can’t afford not to give him the benefit of the doubt. [laughing]

  5. Cheese, steak and salad. Wait. Not food, right.

    Me: Direct, determined, modest
    Bill: Funny, honest, endearing
    Jayme: strong, clear, inquisitive
    Caroline: bright, enthusiastic, kind
    Stan: sharp, confident, savvy
    Mark: caring, genuine, passionate
    Betsy: kind, endearing, intelligent
    Bell: fiercely intelligent, real, humble
    Holly: kind, generous, purposeful

    Sure, I don’t know you all nor have I met many of you. Some O rarely correspond with but that’s what’s interesting about this exercise. We all shoot from the gut. First impressions. Loved this post Bill.

    Sorry if I missed anyone and sorry for being late.

    • You’re just sorry, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I know the feeling…

      I like the idea of doing a post on if you were a food, how would you describe yourself? I would like to think I would be a comfort food, but probably end up being something bitter and sour. Ha…

      I think you were pretty accurate in your description of yourself and others; we just have one big ol’ mutual admiration society here, don’t we. The hell with all those snarky people online, we’ll just play in this sandbox, right?

      If I can use two words, I would add modestly confident for you.

      Hope all is well; thanks for playing.

  6. Hi Bill

    Interesting exercise. Sometimes we would just as soon not know what others think and then there are times that I am totally surprised. I have had a couple of people concur that I am funny, never thought of myself anywhere near like that (maybe my English humor sneaks through at times?).

    Bill: friendly, joker, opinionated (the last in a nice way…)
    Me: quiet, patient, intuitive (since I only have 3, did you really think I was going to put anything negative down?)


    • I hear ya, no negativity…:).

      What if you could read people’s minds and know what they are really thinking; how different do you think you would act then?

      I figured you as quiet and patient; I do have opinions, but try to be less judgmental.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • I was hoping someone would come up with the big sexy, but I guess I’ll have to take what I can get, huh?

      I certainly try not to have any hidden agendas, it works out better that way for me.

      I guess you are spared on having to define any of the words.

  7. OK, I’m late for the party again and what a party!

    I’d say for you: happy, honest, warm

    For me: quiet, helpful, caring

    • Ok, we are all nice and boring, right? It’s not a bad thing to have nice friends and there is nothing wrong being likable either.

      This little exercise didn’t uncover any surprises, but it was fun to see everyone’s input.

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