Can you hunt in a Walmart parking lot?

As long as it’s in season I suppose. Or outside the city limits.

Ken Mueller, was that you? I’m so glad it wasn’t someone from Florida; we already do our share of providing the people of Walmart pics you see floating around the internet.

Do you think you need a hunting license? If so, can you go inside and purchase the gun, ammo and license and come back outside and fire away? What would your cammo gear need to look like anyway? Only in America…

I wonder if choice of weapon matters; maybe if it’s bow season instead of using a rifle there is reduced potential for collateral damage, huh?

And maybe it’s only legal in certain states; is your state in the lottery?

If the Walmart is open 24-hours do you think that will thin the herd a bit; provide less opportunities for the deer to wander into the target range?

Can you set up deer stands on the perimeter?

And do you think it’s appropriate to limit it to one buck per season?

What about ducks if the Walmart is located next to a body of water?

Maybe Amber-Lee can be our guide.

The opportunities are endless; what is your vote?


36 thoughts on “Can you hunt in a Walmart parking lot?

  1. I suppose when the zombie apocalypse happens, there’ll be hunting in Walmart’s and other parking lots. Myself, I prefer a machette or baseball bat for zombies. The loud crack of a firearm tends to bring them like sharks to a feeding frenzy and you can get overrun pretty easily.

      • My advice to Bryan was not to get too close, especially in season because a high velocity round might go right through the deer and hit the next object in line……..a frozen pizza might stop it though…..:).

    • Just like the Walking Dead, don’t get too close to the deer when it’s crossing the lot because you might get in the line of fire….and somebody else will have to eat your pizzas…:).

  2. OH! I pretend to get points for certain violent acts in the store and in the parking lot of Walmart but those thoughts will forever remain in my head and they do not involve deer and duck. I simply cannot visit Walmart, I get too frustrated there. I am assuming it is the area i live in because I have been to other states and the Walmarts are much better and I feel no violent tendencies there. That is all I will say without incriminated myself. 🙂

  3. WHAT the heck is going on?! We’re hunting Walmart?! I don’t know if my horses are big or strong enough to carry out the trophies… hmm… as to that I am at a loss where you’d even hang something like the trophy you may bag there… (thinking)… maybe the garage?

    Okok! Are you all legal? Hunting licenses, tags… Is the season open? Where? Florida? PA? Where are we goin’?

    Personally, I like the funny pink and white camo! It throws everyone off and they forget that even pink bullets, flying through the air at 3000 feet per sec can can cause enough damage to drop them and bag ’em. Now that is a 300 Win-Mag with 180 grain bullet (pink, please) and you probably wouldn’t need a caliber that big to drop the game found at Walmart.

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