Amazing revolutionary diet and fitness program

Guaranteed results.


Eat less and exercise more.


52 thoughts on “Amazing revolutionary diet and fitness program

  1. You know what I always find hilarious and absurd… (and the notion you’ve captured here applies 10 fold…)? They sell dog diet food. THAT, I don’t get!

    Surely the dog isn’t helping himself to an extra bowl of ice cream. He’s not chowing down one cream puff too many. The owner has full control to put less kibble in the bowl! Why on EARTH would there be a market for dog diet food?? In any case, I agree wholeheartedly with your directive.

    • Hi Ruth, it seems they took the saying, “Dogs are people too,” quite literally…

      We are such a diet conditioned society; perhaps this is smart marketing?

      Now dog owners can have their best friend join in the effort 😮

    • They are probably feeding the dog at the table too…:).

      Even if you just eat a little bit less and exercise any, like walking around the block, will provide some benefit. I would say the majority of our health care costs are lifestyle related ailments.

      • At the beginning of the year, I picked up the pace of my workout routine and guess what? It made me hungrier and whereas overall I might be healthier, I haven’t lost any weight. I have no discipline at the dinner table; I likes my food way too much…:).

    • Eating less and doing exercise more need hard effort to establish. We often give up to do it because we do not have enough motivation and have less commitment. It will be better if we have an instructor or someone to remind us to eat less and when we must exercise hard.

  2. Could you break that down a bit more? The precise steps? All of them? Please?

    Writers block? Hang over?

    This is about the best advice you’ve ever given on this blog – and it wasn’t all about you! 😮

    Growing a heart for other peeps I see :p

    What’s up with you Dorman?

    • Step one; get your lazy fat ass out of the chair and move your feet…:).

      How did I get through a whole post without making it about me? It must be the end of time as we know it….

      What’s up with me? I’m not sick, but I’m not well……….

      Hola compadre; I got to spend some time with Ralph Dopping and his wife Janene yesterday, and yes, we had a nice cold brewski.

  3. What? No more cheese doodles and beer then? The funny thing is that I am sweating my association off on the elliptical trainer as I write this dreaming of a beer and grouper sandwich waiting for me at lunch. It might be a losing battle but one I am willing to fight.

    • Nobody said anything about cutting out the good stuff; you just need to be better with portion control.

      Now you have me wanting a grouper sandwich.

      It was a real treat to meet you and Janene on Tuesday, and yes, you definitely out-kicked your coverage with her. I hope you enjoyed the FLW tour; I know it’s something Florida Southern and Lakeland are proud of.

      I hope you are enjoying your time in our great state and just remember, whenever you think you’ve spent too much money, just spend some more.

      Have a safe trip back.

    • I like Betsy’s exercise program.
      When the day comes that I’m making that mad Best Seller cash, I’ll probably spend a bunch to go to one of those adult tennis camps. I would like to get back in shape, but exercise for the sake of exercise doesn’t get me excited. I could, however, play tennis for three or four hours per day. I did the math and I could live at one of those camps for about nine thousand per month. Of course, I’d write a book about it, so I could write the 9K off as a research expense. 🙂

      • Golf and tennis, huh? I have a friend who I play tennis with every Wednesday night. We probably defeat the exercise purpose by having wings and beer afterwards, but hopefully it’s at least benefit neutral, huh?

        Yes, when you get into the mad Best Seller cash it will open up many more opportunities I believe.

        I will be on the links in the am, swingin’ away…:).

  4. And don’t be lazy to do exercise. Don’t give up easily with all your efforts. To stay slim and healthy there are a lot of obstacles in front of us. Remember your goal and keep on doing exercise and eating less. You must be harder than the obstacles.

    • Yes, you have to have enough motivation to at least to get up off the couch, right? And you don’t have to do it all at once; take some baby steps and work from there.

  5. Hi Bill
    Okay, that is one really easy post!
    One other thing I would like to add to that. If you think you are hungry drink water. In fact any beverage consumed should be water. But do we take our own advice? Most of the times it comes after we are having a hard time fitting back into our clothes that were lose a few months ago!
    Had to laugh though!

    • Too easy; I might be on to something…:).

      During the day, I’ll have a couple of cups of coffee and then it’s water the rest of the day and with meals. My only other drink of choice is beer, wine, and vodka & cranberry…but not everyday…:).

      I do have some tight clothes; I think they shrunk.

  6. OMG.. caught this link, LMAO. Because I was just asked by a few people, who’d noticed I’ve lost a little weight, what I’ve been doing. My very deadpan answer, “Eating less. Exercising more.” 🙂 FWIW.

    • Uncanny, huh? And it actually works; even if it’s only incrementally, right?

      Good to see you, hope all is good in the A T L. Saw the Bravos play the Tigers in Spring Training.

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