Being internet famous in a brick and mortar world

What does that mean? I still have to take out my garbage and cut my grass…yes, I still cut my grass. I know it’s old school, but it’s exercise too.

I still pay full price at Starbucks even though I tweet about them all the time as being my daily destination.

And just because I ride around town with my Burger King Social Media Crown on, people still won’t let me out in traffic. I just wish if they were going to wave at me, they would show all their fingers…….

The only thing I autograph when I am out in public is the bill at the restaurant and even then, I’m prone to get alligator arms when it is presented; right, Adam?

Wait a second Dorman, who said you were internet famous? Aren’t you less than zero?

I want to be a rock star, live large, drive big cars…..

Ok, but what does it really mean?

It doesn’t mean Jack Squat

That’s not really true; I know I like the fact certain people know my name, whether they are big time or not.

But the reality is, the only people who are keeping score are the people in here. And guess what? We are one and the same…what do you think about that?

Circular mutual admiration society? Can you say echo chamber? Weren’t you that guy/girl in high school?

But look at my reach

No chit Sherlock; at one time it was over 26 million in just Triberr alone; now dropping, but it is a self-imposed clean-up. That alone should be able to get me elected as mayor ofsomething, don’t you think? How quick do you think the front porch lights would go out if I started asking my reach for a campaign contribution?

Easy big boy, don’t bite the hand that feeds you…

But I have the secret sauce

Really? I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but you are kinda lookin’ like everybody else in here. I mean, you are talented and all that, and nobody will deny you aren’t trying hard, but I’m not feeling it. From what I can tell, there can only be one next big thing, and I’m pretty sure that is going to be me.

Have you noticed how some can pull off this trying hard thing and it’s admirable, but others doing the same thing and it’s just too much or it just doesn’t have a good feel to it? And the harder they try the more it smells?

Why is that? Is it personality? Sincerity? Perceived social standing?

Think about this, would you rather be rich or popular? And what is rich?


Do you think one million dollars is a lot of money?

A kid I coached in little league just signed a guaranteed $32.5 million dollar deal, do you think he’s feeling rich right about now?

Did you see the list of 1,426 billionaires in the world? I know one of them; personally. They live less than 2 miles from me; I coached one of their sons in basketball; and see them out socially usually once a month.

That’s B as in billion, that’s more than 999 million: I don’t think anyone needs to tell them, they know they are rich.

Fortunately, their riches do not have to come with celebrity and they can still do normal things like going out to eat and attending social events.

I’ll bet that standing shrinks your peer group by quite a bit, huh? Do you think you would have to buy some friends just so you have someone to play with? The spouse still works BTW.

How about a little test then

  1. Would you rather be rich or famous, and if it’s rich, what is your number?
  2. Would you be satisfied as a one hit wonder, or be ok with a lifetime of average?
  3. Have you made the quantum leap from being to doing in social yet?


Offline online, does it really even matter? And just like being rich (or not), how famous is enough? So famous you need an entourage to even go out in public? How fun would that be?

If the more famous I became, online or offline, gave me more credibility and Klout to do some good things for others, then that would be pretty cool.

What are you going to do with your internet fame?

PS – this might be the Whoomp, there it is post; I’m less than 20 from hitting 10,000 comments…who’s the big dog now, huh?…:)


52 thoughts on “Being internet famous in a brick and mortar world

  1. Hey Bill, I really think you deserve a commission for coaching that kid who is now a Major Leaguer. I’m just sayin’…

    I’d much rather be rich because I don’t want to be famous. I think $50 million would do me just fine, though maybe that doesn’t count as rich in your book, considering you’re buddies with a billionaire.

    Who knows? Maybe I am buddies with a billionaire and just don’t know it. I never thought to ask my friends how much money they have. Silly me!

    I really don’t care about your reach or Klout. But I am hoping to be the 10,000th commenter here. That wins me a billion dollars, right?

    • Oh so close, I’m at 9,992 with this reply; I’ll come back and reply again for 10k….

      I could probably get by on $50 mil and I would be safe calling myself rich. I don’t think I want fame, people treat you differently; some good, but what happens when normal pops back in, does it become awkward then?

  2. Aside from paying all of my bills on time and how being rich would make that easier, I’d rather be neither rich nor famous. I don’t lack anything that a little work can’t get me, and I can’t even go to the bathroom alone as it is – can’t imagine what having an entourage following me around would do to my peace of mind!

    • Yeah, that whole busy house thing doesn’t leave much ‘me’ time, huh? Just imagine if you dealt with it every time you left your house….yuck….

      No debt and not worrying about if you can pay a bill or not is a good place to be indeed.

  3. “I just wish if they were going to wave at me, they would show all their fingers…”


    Money is preferable to celebrity. You can always buy the latter. [grin] But both would be swell – if it grew on trees and you could just pick it.

    100 Million would be great. You can write the check payable to me, Stan Faryna. And thank you! And rest assured, sir, that I will put that money to good use: online community building, rural development, and other amazing things, etc. I may just turn that 100 Million into 100 Billion in five years.

    I have hung out with more than a few billionaires and some dozens of multi-millionaires, but it was never a game-changer. Actually, I was pretty sure that in most cases they were more preoccupied with figuring out how to exploit me than I was interested in collaborating with them. You know, they’re rich for a reason.

    And most of them, I have to say, were not particularly intelligent, compassionate or inspiring.

    Recently on my blog:
    The Corsair: A Promise is a Promise #IWD #IWDfire

    • The billionaire I know is nice and philanthropic to a degree, but they were born into it; I imagine I could have a pretty rosy outlook given the same circumstances, huh? I’ll give them your name, and maybe then can cut you a check. If I cut you one, you might have to hold it for awhile…:).

      I’m not very disciplined; having too much money would probably bring me an early grave.

      Good to see you Stan.

  4. I wouldn’t like to be a one hit wonder – to live out the rest of my days in failure and un-recaptured glory. That would suck.

    Nor would I want a daily plate of average – never having dreamed larger or dared to do beautiful and amazing things.

    I want to love strongly, do amazing things, and walk in beauty. I want to help others, encourage them, and inspire them to see and live up to their highest potential. I want to know without a doubt that I left this world better than how I found it.

    Crazy, huh?!

    • I want to love strongly, do amazing things, and walk in beauty. I want to help others, encourage them, and inspire them to see and live up to their highest potential. I want to know without a doubt that I left this world better than how I found it….that’s all you need sir.

  5. Since things only seem to count in the millions here, I’m a long way from doing. Carolyn would disagree with me on the numbers and I love her for that.

    I need to see observable action and excitement in the millions and I suppose that it is very likely that I’m not going to get there – at least not until your check for 100 Million arrives in my mail box. [laughing]

    But I’m sure you can help me in other ways too. But how can I help you, sir? Because giving is just as important as getting.

  6. I just want world peace and to be part of Dennis Rodman’s posse! Oh and better seats for the home opener……Can you help Bill?

  7. I wouldn’t say no to a few extra bucks but I don’t want to be rich or famous.

    A million dollars is nothing in today’s world. You only seem to be rich if you’ve made it into the billions these days. Can you really enjoy that amount of money? It’s a bit of a responsibility, isn’t it?

    I don’t mind being Mr Average, so long as my kids make the leap to the next level!

    • I’m rich in many ways and most of my time and treasure has gone to my kids to make sure they didn’t want for much and I have all I need; everything else is just gravy.

      I still want Brian’s Extremely Average moniker; I could wear it well.

  8. Hi Bill! I always enjoy listening to your thoughts on social!
    I would definitely choose rich and definitely NOT choose famous! Can you have one without the other? Please!? But then, where would the fun of trying be? Where the challenge? I don”t know. Don’t change anything until I get back to you 😉

    • Too much of either probably brings more headaches than joy; I have plenty now and I know the people that count like me, so that’s good enough for me. I don’t mind if people know my name, but I wouldn’t be comfortable if I had to act differently because of any kind of perceived celebrity, that’s for sure.

  9. I often ponder my own “internet fame” and wonder what it really means in this bricks-and-mortar world. It takes a lot of daily effort to remain “on the scene” and top of mind, and it’s easy for internet stardom to be a flash-in-the-pan; fans come, and fans go if you don’t keep interacting and providing incentives for them to keep coming back.

    I’ve translated my “fame” (if you can call it that) into a moderate income that sustains my dreams of a full-time travel lifestyle…and I think that’s a boon unto itself.
    Attaching happiness to random amount of money that we think should be in our bank account is a dangerous idea, since a big fat pile of money doesn’t do you much good unless you know how it can help you live the life of your dreams.

    And occasionally, I run into a reader in some corner of the world who actually knows me from my online presence. That’s always very rewarding – not for the feeling of being famous per se, but rather as a physical manifestation (and realization) that people are actually reading my stuff and have benefited from it! 🙂

    • Every once in awhile I will run into someone locally who tells me they read my blog; that always makes me smile. I know a good amount of people who have achieved some amount of ‘internet’ fame and they know me as well. They don’t consider themselves celebrities, but when they talk, online people listen.

      Internet fame can be very fleeting, and if you ever get off the hamster wheel, most or all of the traction you have achieved will soon stop too. That’s just the way it is……..

      That’s great you have a full-time travel lifestyle from your ‘fame;’ cool indeed if that was one of your goals.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by; I do appreciate it very much.

  10. Bill. The internet is weird in the US. can’t seem to login to my account here. Hmmm….just a dumb Canadian.

    Rich and famous in my own mind ovah he-ya.

    I would much rather be comfortable. How happy is your billionaire friend? Hopefully sunshine flies outta his butt on a regular basis.

    BTW, set you my email via DM. Let’s chat about getting together. I am here until the 22nd. Cheers.

    • You can’t use Canadian money down here Ralph; you’ll have to go to the ATM and get some real dollars if you want to activate your internet…

      My friend is a ‘she’ and I would say she’s probably pinching herself everyday; it’s definitely good to be her.

      Got your DM & e-mail; I’ll get in touch tomorrow.

  11. I’ll never be internet famous, and since I’ve just turned 50 and still have great health (despite a sore left knee), you could say I’m pretty rich now, but…I could stand a few extra dollars. Put me in the millionaire category, and I’ll grab that house on the Cape right by the ocean.

    Old-school is my motto, and that comes with being surprisingly average. Despite that, I’ll continue to search for my “Lunatic Fringe” moment. And continue cutting my own grass.

    • Ah yes, the Lunatic Fringe…..I know they are out there….

      I don’t want for much and have plenty, I just need to appreciate living in the moment more, but who doesn’t?

      I’m probably as internet famous as I’ll ever be and that’s good enough for me. Good to see you Joe, thanks for taking the time to stop by today.

  12. Hi Bill. I would prefer rich over famous any old day of the week….to alleviate financial stress would be such a gift. Being famous, I think could be a curse. I don’t think being a one hit wonder creates any sustainability and so I would much rather experience a lifetime of average. Fun/interesting post Bill….thanks!

    • You’re a dentist; you are practically printing money, right?…….:).

      Too much of either might be a curse I’m afraid, so I guess we be careful what we wish for; it might happen…:).

      So good to see you Claudia, thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  13. Well, I just got reconnected online after 3 days with no internet connectivity. Brings great perspective to life, I’ll tell you. Rich? I am. Oh, you mean in dollars. I’m rich beyond measure in life. Average? One hit wonder? Neither. I believe in excellence for life, being the best me I can be every day. And “doing” in social? I’m hosting my first online webinar tomorrow, so I guess that’s a bit of doing, right? Things have definitely changed over the two years I’ve been in this online world, and stepping back and gaining perspective’s a daily ritual. I’m not too fussy about it when it’s imposed like it was for the past few days, due to technical difficulties: I like to be a master of my own destiny. But as they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder. Shameless plug here: if anyone’s writing a book, thinking about it or are already published, you might find the webinar tomorrow about “Getting Your Book Noticed In a Crowded Marketplace” of value here
    Cheers! Snowshoes

    • I would love to jump in because I do want to write a book….I think….and need someone to get me off the front porch. But it’s going to be 3 pm my time and I will be out of the office. Will it be taped? Good luck with it.

      Yes, sometimes totally shutting it down, whether it’s self-imposed or not can be a good thing. It does wonders for perspective.

      Good to see you; I think Ralph is down in my neck of the woods and I will try to see him while he’s here. He better buy me a beer…:).

  14. Damn, if I can’t be comment number 10k I don’t know what I am doing here. What is in it for me? Aren’t we supposed to getting something from you guru types. 😉

  15. Hi Bill

    So I see you just had to win the balloons and confetti for yourself! You could have let someone else be number 10,000 oh but I get it you needed that little bit of fame. lol

    Hey I am pretty famous at home…my cats stand outside any closed doors where I am and belt out symphonies! Online, not so much, probably nothing more than a bleep on the screen. Would rather have the money and do random acts of kindness, but then again a little bit famous wouldn’t be too bad.

    You got me laughing though and I needed a good laugh today.


    • I’m glad you had a laugh and a smile; I wasn’t patient enough to let the comments come in until it topped off at 10,000…:).

      I would like to think I’m famous around my house, but I still have to take out the trash and mow the grass so it must not be so, huh? Oh well, whadda gonna do?

      Good to see you Mary.

  16. Hi Bill,

    In the grand scheme of things, all that matters is how many people you gave a hand up today.

    I’ve helped people with no money in my pocket and have been fortunate enough to give generously to many.

    Both were very rewarding.

    If you desire fortune, make your first million… Then save your first million.

    Both skills are required to build a fortune.

    If you can accomplish this, you can potentially accomplish big B status; if not, you don’t have a prayer 😮

    Ever heard the saying; “money changes people?” …And not for the better.

    As it turns out money and fame turn most people into complete and total duchebags.

    There are a few who remember where they came from make it their lifes work to make life better for hurting or the less fortunate.

    These are usually the ones who do normal things like going out to eat and attending social events : )

    I won’t comment on those born into wealth.
    (tits on a bull usually)

    I was fortunate to have worked with a few B’s myself…

    Back in the old days, cable television and the cellular industry were enriching visionary entrepreneurs who brought pay television to the home and magically stuck a mobile phone on everybody’s ear.

    I did well in those industries, but plan to leave my mark on the greatest communication medium ever – the social web…

    And the only worthwhile measurement of success will be how many people it helps.

    Hopefully that can translate into a global impact and thousands of lives.

    That’s the plan anyhoo…

    Dude, you are definitely the Big Dog! : )

    • Woof, woof; yes, at one time a million dollars was a pretty big deal. Of course, being worth a million vs making a million a year is a whole different ballgame too.

      I agree on the helping part; what are you doing to give back? You can’t take it with you, that’s for sure.

      Good to see you Mr Mark, hope all is well with you today.

      • Hey, I never get reply notifications from your blog, dang it!

        I check the little box to receive them… on other blogs it usually provides notification of all comments so you can see the comment stream and jump into the convo if you feel inspired to 😮

        In for a penny, in for a pound… I give liberally, of both my time and money.

        There’s needs all around and it’s not always just about the money although, it’s usually just about the money…

        Money goes so far; it’s even more rewarding when you invest yourself in worthy causes. It’s challenging, meaningful and worthwhile.

        I know you would agree with me on this one, Bill : )

        All good here; just wrestling with my new blog and will hopefully have it pinned here soon! Geesh!

      • In for a penny, in for a pound; that’s for sure……..

        Sorry about the el cheapo site that gives no notifications; I’m doing everything I can to keep people away…:),

  17. >> Fortunately, their riches do not have to come with celebrity and they can still do normal things like going out to eat and attending social events.

    Now those guys did it right. God bless ’em. (Bill, an extra mil. would come in real handy about now. Please talk to your friend for me.)

    Now… I wouldn’t mind being “internet famous” if it bought me something in return. But I’d never want to be Entertainment Tonight famous. Boy, those people seem miserable.

  18. Like Barrett, I caught that point too. They became rich without the trappings of fame. There was a great quote by Fran Lebowitz: “”The best fame is a writer’s fame. It’s enough to get a table at a good restaurant, but not enough to get you interrupted when you eat.” Maybe Internet fame is the same way…

    Nah, you don’t get alligator arms; you’ve just got muscle fatigue from signing all those autographs when we go out. Makes you slow. 🙂

    I actually know a billionaire too. Strange to think about really when you realize there are only 1400 in the entire world.

    • Personally, if I was that close to making the list I would probably give away $50 mil to stay just below the radar. People tend to act funny around people who are worth that kind of money. This person I can still get a hug from, but they are definitely is a different social circle than me. Not in a bad way, just different.

      Oh well, let’s go pop some caps on the 24th and we’ll show them a thing or two, huh? See you soon.

  19. More than 999 mil, I’m sure they wouldn’t miss one mil, right? Of course they wouldn’t…..

    ‘Those guys’ just happened to be in the lucky sperm pool and born to the ‘right’ family; that’s how fickle fame and fortune can be at times. The rest of us have to go out and make it happen I suppose.

    We are probably ‘internet’ famous enough; certainly a lot more than I ever thought I’d be. Nobody might pay to here me talk, but enough certainly ‘know’ my name at this point.

    Oh well, at least I can walk out my front door without the paparazzi showing up.

  20. I don’t mind saying it Bill, I’d much rather be rich! Financial security I believe is what everyone truly wants. Whether they want to say that or not is another story. Just never worrying about money would be sweet. Now that doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it or go buy tons of stuff. Nope, just having that mula in my bank account it enough for me.

    I bet you’re really proud that you coached a kid that made it to the big leagues! That really must be a fabulous feeling.


  21. It’s funny because he would not have been the one you would have projected as a first round draft choice. He was a left-handed pitcher, loved the game and in college the tweaked his throwing motion and became unhittable. He was such a goof though; he had a policeman tase him one time with his dad’s permission…:).

    Not having any financial worries would be a nice feeling indeed.

  22. I haven’t though much about if I would be rich or famous. I’m more or less just an ordinary guy from Norway doing what I love. But, I need enough money to take care of my family and eat pizza several times a week, and maybe watch a movie or two during the week as well. That’s about it. And, I love connecting with all sorts of people, so that might make me want to be more famous than rich, or? I am not sure… I am happy the way it is, in my small town in Norway 🙂

    • And that’s a good place to be, happy with what you have and not always wanting for me. It’s ok to to use ‘things’ for motivation, but it’s bad when it consumes you. Enjoy the journey, right?

  23. Hi Bill, is this not a no-no question (whatever this means): you are rich = you are famous, they go hand in hand. Financial security does not equal rich. I am like Jens: living in a small town (compared to American standards) in Switzerland, happy to be able to pay my bills and sometimes buy a meal at a restaurant. When we start comparing and craving the going gets tough or as you said: “it’s bad when it consumes you”. Hey, and I am famous: my neighbours greet me when I take Chica out for a walk, they have not asked for my autograph yet (there are no alligators round here either), when I go to the local food market they know me by name and smile. It is a small world, but it is all mine.

    • Being able to pay your bills is a good thing; but yes, you can be rich in so many other ways. Once you start chasing, you will always be chasing; there will never be a finish line.

      The main thing is to enjoy the journey along the way; if you do that you will have all the riches you need.

      Hola, hope all is well with you; good to see you.

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