Butt you say; keeping a Dorman(t) blog alive

For those who know me and spent any time at all around here know that I have been persona non grata lately (I know that is supposed to mean an unwelcome person, but I’m using it as a no longer relevant, absent person, ok?). For various reasons I throttled down recently and took my foot off the gas to pull over to the side of the road. From this vantage point I can still see everybody speeding by; however, because I am no longer in the flow of traffic most don’t have time to even wave. Need to keep your eyes on the road, right?

I’m ok with that though and even if there were some initial anxious moments as I was pulling over, this is a good place for me right now. Instead of my brain being oatmeal, it’s probably more the consistency of scrambled eggs at present. And that’s an improvement, so it’s definitely a good thing.

In my world, January 1 is always one of my biggest days of the year because that is when a lot of commercial insurance policies renew and also when a lot of our new opportunities come to fruition. December had somewhat of a shaky start for me, but not only did I recover nicely I started the year with a nice little bang. In baseball terminology it wasn’t a home run, but more like a stand-up double which is still pretty impressive.

Yay Billy, right? Right?

What did that do to your traffic?

Oh, it’s definitely down, but in number of site visits weekly actually not that much; which was surprising to me. Therefore, I decided to do a little digging to see what is still driving traffic.

Certain keywords must actually work? Imagine that………

No kidding, huh? And being a dude, what I discovered was no surprise to me, my previous post Your Butt Smell like Fingers is still number one or two for weekly visits here on a consistent basis. Do you think it’s the word butt or the picture of Hayden Panettiere digging for gold? Imagine that too………

So I guess what I’m saying is, regardless of how present I might or might not be, I can always count on Hayden’s butt to keep me relevant, right? Imagine that three…….

Whether you’re a brother
or whether you’re a mother
you’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
Feel the city breakin
and everybody shakin’
and were stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive……..

Two points if you can guess that song; minus four if it gets stuck in your head today. Yikes…….make it stop…….

What is that smell?

It might smell like I’ve died or stepped in something, but I can assure you I am alive and well, livin’ large in the F L A.

There will be a new and improved……ok, maybe just a different version of me this year, but I’m having fun taking care of my bidness in my day job right now so I’m in no hurry to make any proclamations of exactly what the new me will look, sound and/or smell like.

One thing you can count on however, I will still have great hair…..seriously…..

And that’s the truth.


29 thoughts on “Butt you say; keeping a Dorman(t) blog alive

  1. Funny, no? Saturday Night Fever is something I remember so well. I bunked classes to go see Travolta. Still love the guy.
    If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it is that life goes on, eh, Bill? But the people who stay in our hearts always do, regardless of whether they are on a hiatus or in our hair. You’re one of them.
    I quite like oatmeal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Congrats on the not-home-run but stand up double. You can tell I am not baseball savvy!

    Now I must get used to the image of you sauntering along like Travolta singing that song….. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Ah, baseball…..like watching grass grow, but I really enjoy it……..:).

      Life does go on with dips and valleys and curves and all that other stuff; treasure the good, right?

  2. It’s funny to think about it but social media and blogging are still relatively new and evolving. The last few years were an anomaly — millions of people experimenting without a clear model for success. So we were all over the board. We learned skills, found some things that worked and didn’t, and tried to align our efforts with for our businesses and our personal life in search of some positive results.

    This Dorman guy experimented more than most and learned more than most. I predict this year he’ll achieve something close to perfect alignment. He’ll provide a clear model of success for so many others, and we’ll all be calling him for employment opportunities.

    • I quit blogging when I started making more money than I could spend…………ha………….

      I’m enjoying the journey right now; it’s still good to be me and I’m sure I will figure it all out one of these days.

  3. For me the stand up double usually means a hammy issue rounding 1st!
    Always good to find your post in my in box Bill. Oh and are you a Gator fan? Big SEC Roundball match up this week. M-I-Z…..Z-O-U!!! Cheers!

    • When I see which of my previous posts continually have the most traffic I’m sure I stumbled upon some magical keyword to keep them coming back. What I haven’t looked at closely is to see where they are coming from and if it’s real people or just spam.

      So maybe our blogs will never die, huh?

  4. Funny thing about keywords Bill, they actually help people find your stuff. Oh right, cool concept.

    Glad things are going well for you in the day job. We know your wife will kick your butt if you don’t take care of business first so no smelly fingers for you. Just glad all is well and you’re still “stayin alive”!!! Yeah and thanks for that…


    • Hey, maybe we should do a post about keywords; what a novel idea………:).

      Yes, the wife will be kicking me hard if I don’t pay attention in my payin’ gig. I’m having fun at it right now however and want to keep the momentum growing.

      Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Hey Bill

    I’ve slowed down a lot in the past few weeks in term of blogging. I kind of felt like a pressure cooker ready to explode! Life’s a lot calmer now.

    There’s a blog post I wrote about a certain affiliate network weeks ago that brings a heck of a lot of traffic to my blog. It kind of feels like it takes over sometimes.

    Glad to see you’re keeping your hand in on here mate!

    • I know the pressure/hamster wheel feeling; it literally was turning my brain to mush. I’m a simple guy, I can’t have too many thoughts and two parallel universes going on at the same time…….:). Once I stepped back it was a good feeling once I got over the anxiety of watching all my friends still playing and I wasn’t a part of it.

      I’ll find the ‘new’ me in 2013; and I’m in no rush so I will just enjoy the journey in the meantime. Good to see you sir.

  6. Wadda clown. You are one funny guy Bill. Have fun writing occasionally and that’s that. I have slowed down too. Social is important to me but it doesn’t put steaks in the freezer. I do look at the long tail though and plan to build on my consulting career through blogging. This is not a 2 year plan. More like a 10 year plan of which I am a mere 18 months into. Having a day job is a blessing but it slows progress which I am ok with.

    I think I have gotten over the FOBM and FOMO syndromes. The kiss is going to be alright.

    Happy blogging Bill. Enjoy FLA. I hope to see yu there in March.

    • Gini was my real entree into this world and I just assumed everybody worked like that. Ha; little did I realize she was a top 2 percenter.

      I see how social can help me from a business standpoint and I certainly like to network, so I might be on the 10-yr plan like you. I’m not ready to flip and abandon my day job to try and make a living on this side of the fence but certainly amenable to keep learning and see how I can blend the two together.

      I’m in a good place right now, personally, professionally and physically so it’s ok to enjoy the journey, right?

      Count on us getting together when you make it down to the F L A; have a good weekend.

    • I’m around enough I still see everyone; I’m just not able to be as active in commenting as I was and I know there is still a certain tit for tat which ultimately will knock the numbers down. But you know what? I’m 100% ok with that and I’m in a good place right now enjoying my journey so that’s good enough for me.

      Best of luck with your books and look forward to catching up with you on your book tour so make sure Orlando or Tampa are one of your stops.

      I hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive………

    Rocking insurance indeed; it’s been a good start to the year and with plenty of opportunity still in front of me.

    Now that I see the blogosphere didn’t fall apart in my absence I can sleep much better at night…….:). Good to see you, hope your weekend is going well.

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