Revealed: the secret to your success

Just show up…..and be prepared. Don’t make it harder than it has to be.



35 thoughts on “Revealed: the secret to your success

  1. Sort of what I said over at Jack’s.
    Thank you!
    Prepared is what prepared does.
    I always think I’m prepared, but then I find out hat there’;s stuff I can’t prepare for. So, what you really have to be prepared for is the unexpected.
    In other words…have fun.

  2. Gee, Bill… you should have made this into a free ebook or something 😮
    Funny coming from a guy who doesn’t show up much anymore : (
    What am I complaining about – I should be happy for a bone? : )
    Let’s catch up sometime soon on Skype… let me know if you’ll be around this week, I would like your feedback on something.
    I’m on the road for a couple of days…

    • I’m showin’ up in the right places for my day job right now; things are going very well….and I’m prepared for the success…….:).

      Yes, let’s Skype; I actually have a camera this time so you can see my mug. Let me know when you are around again.

    • I hear ya, I got sucked in too. Some pretty good games though…….and I didn’t have a dog in the hunt since the Bucs were no where to be found, so I could just sit back and enjoy.

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