Larger than life; my year in review

Ok, maybe not much larger but I had to make it sound good, right? How many of you like the Christmas cards from friends and family that include their year in review? Of course with Facebook and the other social platforms, there is not much we didn’t already know by now, but I for one like these.

You never know when you might need that information in conversation somewhere, huh?  One of these days if all that trivial non-significant information I have absorbed ever means anything, especially sports trivia, I do believe I might be the next big thing.

What goals did you exceed this year?


I will probably have to go Brian Meeks and grade my year Extremely Average on this one. I had very high expectations, but just like a round of golf where you have some really good holes but also some really bad ones, it wasn’t all smooth sailing and had my share of dips and bumps.

A round of golf really does have many parallels to a round of life. Of course, golf is just a game regardless how much money might be on the line. Life is very real however, and every day is an adventure.

I guess other than becoming the Next Big Thing like I had planned, but then finding it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, the good news is I didn’t lose an eye or anything like that.

Marathon man

I certainly had some fitness objectives I wanted to achieve, but between a stress fracture in my foot, Achilles tendinitis, and fat pasty lazy assinitis, it was a challenging year indeed. Oh, all my vitals are still good and I will probably score in the 90th percentile on my bio-metrics through our wellness program at work, but it bites the big wienie being dinged up.

But Jimmy Crack Corn and I don’t care. Actually I do care, but taking an at my own pace approach to staying healthy. Even if I just recently found out my days are numbered; if that don’t beat all, huh? Hey, let’s see you get up and down from a seated position on the floor without using your hands or any other means of support. Who comes up with this stuff anyway?

How’s bidness Billy?

Well, considering I had 5 slam-dunk, no-brainer, money in the bank opportunities at the beginning of the year and only one came to fruition, at least the world didn’t end on December 21st, right?

The problem was, I was so sure at least 4 would happen which would have made my year, I didn’t have a strong back-up plan and ended up essentially sleep walking through the year. In fact, The Walking Dead gave me a call to to see if I was interested in being in one of their episodes.

Not if it was going to mess up my hair…

Thank goodness for December.

For a month that started out somewhat shaky indeed, it ended up far exceeding my expectations and will give me a tremendous start to 2013,

That bump in business didn’t coincide with your hiatus in social, did it?

The next big thing

I get it; I jumped in social with both feet and experienced the highs and lows, the joys and frustrations and made some really, really nice friends.

I even made a list.

But it turned my brain to mush. Seriously…

This was part of my sleep-walking phase during the year. I had reached a point where I truly didn’t know if I was coming or going and it caused me to take my eye off the ball in my paying gig; shame on me.

In spite of myself, my income increased over 35% this year but I know I could have done so much better.

For those who got on my train thinking I was the next big thing and going all the way to San Francisco, I apologize if it appears I have decided to take my bike instead. I’m not throwing in the towel, but will continually be evolving knowing full well where my responsibilities lie and what is putting food on my table.

My resolution

To keep learning, growing and being the best I can be, even if I can’t get my fat ass off the floor without using my hands.

2012 is essentially in the books now and I am very excited about the opportunities for 2013. Maybe I’m moving to a different neighborhood, but I’m in the same town and I still see you.

The Invisible Blogger indeed.

I wish you the best on your journey and hope you find what you are looking for.

You know where to find me; you are always welcome.

Happy New Year.


47 thoughts on “Larger than life; my year in review

  1. Hey Bill.

    Happy New Year my friend.

    I got a great gift for Christmas. My wife bought us a trip to FLA in March for 2 weeks. I will be in Clearwater Beach at the family condo. Hopefully we can get together at least for a beer to say hi. Anyway, I recently heard a saying that went something like if you announce what you are going to do the potency gets taken out of it. The announcement makes you feel like part of the task is complete. That’s one way to look at it. The other way is that you have to put your money where your mouth is. I choose the money-mouth methodology but I don’t ever make resolutions especially the NYE type.

    Personally, I have two big accreditation (as it turns out letters after the name really do mean something in the consulting world) I need to achieve this year so my social time is going to be much more strategic that it has been in the past. I totally understand your point of view and agree. I understand my responsibilities and always have. It feels like I took a break in 2012 and could have achieved so much more. I too made some great friends and will continue to grow in the social world but in a much different way and more on my terms in my way. Regardless of how old i am and what you want to call that i feel it is a maturity that comes with life in general.

    Cheers Bill. It is great to know you even if only virtually. Have a great NYE. I will look out for you here and there. Stay in touch!

    • I guess if you say it, maybe there is more accountability attached to it I suppose.

      I probably went down several paths in social this year trying to find my way; and certainly still exploring along the way. I certainly jumped in enough to ‘know’ social now, but might become more of a bystander than embracing it to take me to the next level. It has its place, let’s just see where I fit in where it works for me.

      Let’s definitely plan on catching up for at least a beer; give me a heads-up when you make it down.

      Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Bill,

    I think you accomplished you a lot this year, that is my take on what you have shared. Maybe not as much as you might have hoped, but enough to make it worthwhile.

    • I guess we can always do more but I do know I felt I lost some focus around the middle of the year. I guess I’ll figure it out one way or another; I like the journey of exploration however.

      Happy New Year to ya…

  3. Thanks for wrapping up the year for us Bill and it’s always so good to hear from you. Hey, I have no doubt you’ll kick 2013’s ass my friend. Hey, you’ve got it in you even if you can’t get off the floor with no hands. I sure as heck can’t.

    Happy New Year Bill!


  4. Hi Bill
    I like that show ‘The walking dead” Sorta.. Not a blood and guts person, but I do like the stories about the people.. You know, did he or she get their head town off last week? Did that baby turn into a walker lol The normal stuff… haha.. Good choice though!. I feel it WOULD have messed up your hair…definately. 😉 I am not crazy about making resolutions all the time, I have plans and I am planning on carrying them out!. (sounds good) 😉 I do. Good luck with your New Year! Funny post! Thanks!

    • I had the question about the baby too………:). It is pretty gruesome, but I’m kind of hooked on it now.

      I know what I need to do to be successful in ’13; I don’t need a resolution to make it happen.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by; I hope your 2013 is a great year for you as well. Happy New Year.

    • Yes, fresh w/ renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

      As I was organizing my opportunities today, I have about 15 pressing good-to-go items that need immediate attention; that’s a good thing.

      Yes, 2013 will be tremendous indeed.

  5. Give yourself a pat on the back, Bill, in this economy a 35% $$ increase is huge. Sorry to hear of your -itises and hope they all heal soon. I’m so glad you came over to my blog to introduce yourself and hang out a bit in 2012. I hope this year you “do” exceed your expectations, without having to sacrifice any of the important stuff. Happy New Year!

  6. Actually, I think I’m getting pretty much healed up or as good as this ol’ body will let me. I’ve been pretty active in ‘play’ all of my life and even for the weekend athlete it can take it’s toll. The key is to remember you are not 21 anymore and don’t have to impress anyone………:).

    I’m glad we had the opportunity to meet and hopefully will be able to do so in real life too; maybe at one of your shows and I can tell everybody I knew you when.

    This will be a good year indeed; thanks so much for stopping by.

  7. Hi Bill

    Every year we start out with great expectations and then things begin to fizzle out. I just quit trying to start the new year with goals. I decided the best time to start with a new plan is when you actually have made it. Last year I had a plan for one month to write a certain amount to see if what I did made a difference in that direction. Actually accomplished the lofty goal, but the results was not what I had hoped for. Next plan!

    Had another project that had nothing to do with blogging, but it was well worth the pursuit. It is really hard to stay with a plan when other things just happen to show up.

    Anyways, I have been talking for a number of months to take some psychology courses online, found them and made a list. Started them on the 31st, so far so good. Where I am going with this not totally sure, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. I have learned a lot just with 4 classes, can’t imagine what I will know by the time I am done (total of 474)!

    Wish you all the best in this new year.


    • Hey Mary, thanks for stopping by.

      I certainly don’t mind being held accountable, but I know what I need to be doing to have success in my day job. The challenge for me is just sticking with it and make sure I plan properly; sometimes easier said than done.

      I am looking forward to 2013 for many reasons and hopefully I will keep my eyes wide open and capitalize on the opportunities as they present themselves.

      Best of luck on your journey, I wish you much success.

  8. Happy New Year Bill.

    I am going to start jogging again today, and maybe I’ll be a marathon man in 2013, or maybe not. I’ll just do one new healthy habit at a time, and starting the year by not drinking Coca-Cola zero is going to be hard enough. It seems that your 2012 went rather well, not any real scandals and now that your son has started working for your company, I bet 2013 will be the best year ever 🙂

    • Yep, no scandals is good…..:). Especially now with my son here…..

      Water, water, water; stay off the sodas and you’d be surprised how much difference it will make. And you are already walking so running is the next logical progression, right?

      Good luck with your efforts and let’s make 2013 a truly memorable year.

    • I don’t have any resolutions per se, but do have some things I want to accomplish. I’m still going to me morphing somewhat to more of a business platform, I’m just not sure what it will look like and how I will incorporate it into my current efforts. Time will tell, huh?

      So good to see you, I hope all is well.

  9. Well, 2012 rocked because we got to hang out, right? 🙂 Looks like you’ve got things in good perspective — and 35% is nothing to sneeze at. Looking forward to great things for you in 2013!

    • We got to hang out three times this past year, right? Hopefully we will get at least 3 in this year too.

      Yeah, 35% wasn’t bad and if I can pull it off again this year I will be cooking with gas. I definitely got a good start so I need to just keep up the momentum.

      Let’s rock the lights out in ’13; makin’ it happen indeed.

    • Hey hammerhead, sorry I didn’t get back with you yet. I did see the website and would be interested in hearing what you will be doing with them.

      Are you back in the F L A now? What’s going on w/ pops? I know that was a tough situation for you.

      Talk at ya soon.

  10. I loved direct sales, still do it, but learned the hard way never spend any commissions before the invoice is paid! 35% if really good Bill! Though if that was me it wouldn’t be. Starting from such a low level in 2011 with my career change still changing my 500% increase still has me in the lower 40% (working hard to stay pissed at Romney LOL) But hey my Klout is now 51 up 10% since summer. And as with recent social media reports to clients I had to explain it is easy having 1000 or 100+% gains when you start at zero but as you climb that % increase will plummet. But I figure shoot for the stars if I can do 1000% which is doable I can have a respectable year finally in my new life.

    Meanwhile just think snow baby snow.

    • Actually, it was a pretty nice bump for me but it wasn’t all organic new growth. However, it was spending money so I guess I shouldn’t be bitching and moaning too loud, huh?

      Snow no mo here; I think there has been about two days I couldn’t wear shorts…….:).

      Good to see you; looking for more frivolity and prosperity in ’13 my friend.

  11. Happy new year, my seminal Seminole. I really love the idea that I can be a few days late to the party and not be 3 blog posts behind. It’s hard keeping up with you prolific types.

    I’m really impressed with your 35% jump. I was about flat. Do you need an administrative assistant? I type really well!

    • Yes, I will be trying to find what direction is best for me going forward and less will probably be more.

      I stepped back for awhile as well and kind of liked it….almost too much….:). But here I am I suppose….

      Good to see you; hope all has been well; you with the Cavalier attitude……

  12. I’m late to the party but glad it’s still going on. Happy New Year Bill!

    So many things have changed for me over the past couple of years I’m not sure I can plan for anything these days!

    Really great news that you ended up 35% this year. Let’s make it an even better year in 2013!

    • Whatever you do, don’t get too settled as the landscape is bound to shift on you. That’s why we have to be nimble and willing to embrace change; let’s not get left behind, ok?

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