Didn’t you used to be somebody?

Well, maybe…I tried to be. I did most of the right things, was personable, visited a lot of places and even got a mention here and there. I might not have made many lists, but I’m sure if the peeps had one more name to add it would have been mine.

But then it was gone.

When you commit to shutting it down, it’s shut down. It went dark so quick I could barely see my way out the back door.

Where did everyone go? Oh wait, they’re still in here; it must have been me…

One thing certainly seems obvious; either you are in or you aren’t, there isn’t much of an in-between.

Some interesting observations from my hiatus

I think I just got a glimpse of what retirement might be like; can’t say if it’s good or bad, but definitely different when you get off the hamster wheel. I have a responsibility to my family and employer to show up for work and perform; there is a certain rhythm and routine that goes with that. I also had the same responsibility with my blog for a time, and I’m not saying I’m done with it, but going forward it will be different…for you and me.

When your routine goes away, what do you really have? Like I said, can’t say if it’s good or bad….just different.

Maybe it was the lazy in me, but it has been kind of nice knowing I don’t feel like I’m always a day and a half behind trying to catch up with everybody. If I want to sit my fat, lazy ass in the recliner to watch TV, it’s my prerogative and I don’t feel one ounce of guilt in doing so.

Maybe it’s spam or something, but other than my usual post days when visits spiked a little bit more than most; the traffic has been pretty steady, even after a month of no posts. Are people really still seeking me out, or is that just a fluke? Was I really that popular?

Don’t answer; it wasn’t really a question.

Back away from yourself

Having a personal blog has been fun; it opened the door for me to meet some really great people. Having any blog has been (and I use the word has-been lightly) my ticket into the show.

But backing away has also shown me whatever I used to fret about if I missed posting on Monday at 7:34 am with my 573 word count post the sun wouldn’t shine, was much ado about nothing. I might not get 3 people to read this, but guess what, the sun really will come up and in the big scheme of things this doesn’t even amount to a flea on an elephant’s ass…nice visual, huh?

It really doesn’t matter with a personal blog.

Well, are you back or what?

I guess it depends on what you consider back. Going forward, most of my focus will be tying my social efforts into something somewhat business related. If I’m branding a certain way through my LinkedIn account and tying my personal blog to it in any way, there probably has to be a consistent message to some degree.

Therefore, there is a good chance I will be writing bidness stuff from here and linking it to LinkedIn. Wow, that’s a novel idea.

I can’t say if it will be good or bad, just different….

A new day dawning

I might or might not be by to visit; it’s not that I don’t see you, but the new me will be somewhat judicious with my social time as I have no desire to chase my tail anymore. If that means you need to move on and do your own thing too, I certainly understand and respect that.

No, I don’t think I have it all figured out but I have reached the point I will be more purposeful. Will it be the same ol’ me? Of course, it’s just some days my voice might sound funny.

Will I have a schedule now, probably not and when my readership dwindles down to my mother and her friend Maude, then it might be time to try something else in the meantime.

Until then? Rock on…


92 thoughts on “Didn’t you used to be somebody?

  1. Hi there! Always good to see you in my inbox. I applaud your (re)focus on your business use of Social Media. If some leave you, that’s okay as they probably weren’t part of your intended audience, right? The personal you can still come out as your clients want to know, like and trust you, and that’s all part of it….well, maybe not some of those visuals you conjure up. ;-).

    You are evolving, just like many before you and after you. Focus is good, but you don’t have to always abandon one for the other. Enjoy the journey, my friend!

  2. Hi, Bill! Nice to see a post from you pop up in my reader! What if social media is the same as the “other side”? It is to me. The computer sits and waits for me to log in to the world where people play. Sometimes I jut ignore it. But people always welcome me back with “where have yo been?” and “good to see you” until I disappear again until next time…

  3. I’ll be here with your mum and your Aunt Maude. The blogosphere just isn’t the same without you.

    That being said, I’m wondering how much you miss the Hamster Wheel. Well, maybe not the wheel but the community here. We sure do miss you.

    You’re wise to put your eggs in your career and family basket. But if you find an egg or two left over, feel free to drop it in your blog every so often.

    Best wishes for much success on LinkedIn.

  4. So good to see you in my mailbox, Bill! Focus is a beautiful thing. And oh yes, I will be around. While you were busy, I even moved to a new house! I mean I moved my blog to a new home, switching to WordPress and self-hosted. Still ironing out stuff and tinkering with the what-nots.
    Be well! You are frequently in my thoughts 🙂 For some reason I just can’t see you as “retired” 😀

  5. Bill Dormant. He’s back. Sort of.
    Ah, it’s all good man. It’s also good to see that you are getting into this for business as well. I wish you well, Monsieur.

  6. Hey Bill, it’s good to see you sir… your name often comes up in conversation and it’s unanimous; everybody misses you : )

    Isn’t it awesome to be loved?

    Happy Holidays to the Dorman family and looking forward to seeing you in the stream again!

  7. Okay, you try so hard to stay away Bill but you know you love us. Oh sure, you’re giving us the “I’m moving on” speech again because I understand that it’s time to take all these fabulous lessons you’ve learned with social media and now apply this to your business. Hey, can’t fault you for that Bill.

    Just hope you’ll at least share some of your humor with us even if it is just once a month. It’s called caring Bill, oh, and we just like you too!

  8. Hi Bill! I’m confused. Mostly because I keep seeing Mark up there and not you 😉 (Mark, you’re hilarious!)
    I know I stepped away for a couple of months – not much choice in that – and continued to take care of the biggest demands. When I returned I forgot how to re-size a photo etc. Funny what a couple of months absence can do to you. Bu it did give me perspective. I think it is a good idea to step away to see, not whether or not the people miss you, but whether or not you miss them.
    Nice to see you!

    • I had some snafu’s linking and adding the photo; some things changed in the short month I was gone.

      Yes, this is Mark’s post now; he certainly made his presence known, huh?

      Hope you are well; so good to see you.

  9. Uh… if you were trying to slink back in unnoticed, you need to work on your Ninja footsteps. Seems a few people noticed.
    Welcome back Bill… or not. 🙂

  10. Hey Billy boy

    Great to see you. I hope the LinkedIn endeavours are going well. I’ve not been over there for a while.

    In general, it sounds as if you’re enjoying life away which is a good thing.

  11. It’s great that you’re back Bill. I’m a bit like you, I’ve been struggling with time management and focus since I started my marketing business. I don’t just want to work for my clients though, I want to be able to create something for myself as well. I am writing several books, and I keep blogging and continue to read lots of blogs in order to learn more about the world of marketing and social media.

    But, it’s hard to set the right amount of time, when it’s so many other things to do 🙂

    What I’ve been thinking about lately is if it’s possible to combine everything we do, so people will actually follow us from a personal blog to a business blog and to social media and where ever we go, if we just do it right? You certainly are getting stalkers 🙂

    • Even though this has been my personal blog and some of the content and direction might change, I’m still a firm believer you have to ‘create value before claiming value.’ Through my efforts I do feel I have been able to open the door and let people see me and a provide a glimpse of what I am all about. It’s just the last month or so has been the perfect storm if you will. I hit the wall, took time off, my son started working with us, I got sick for two weeks, and December is my absolute busiest month with the Jan 1 renewals and new business.

      However, it did allow me to step away and observe from afar and I can’t say I miss chasing my tail but I do miss the engagement with all my friends. I still have some evolving to do but I’m excited about 2013. Who knows, I still might be the next big thing…:).

      Good to see you sir; hope all has been well for you.

    • Stepping away has allowed me to bring some things into focus as to where I might want to go; now the challenge is how much will I be jumping back in.

      My book of business grew by over 30% last year but only a small part of it was due to new, organic growth. Some of the slam dunks I thought would happen either got pushed to 2013 or went away entirely. I want to grow by at least 15-20% this year and it’s going to require some serious focus to make that happen. Purposeful is good and I just need to see how it fits with my social efforts; but it will be all good.

      Thanks for stopping by….

  12. […] far, and it appears I have already crested that hill. If I were to pin it down to a day, I believe December 6, 2012 is as good as any. It was a very similar post talking about how I had shot my wad…ok you […]

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