I believe he just fell off a cliff…

Where did he go? He was just standing right here…..

Here today, gone tomorrow

A funny thing happened on the way to the store; somebody got lost and decided to stop in the neighborhood tavern to grab directions and a drink. When his eyes finally adjusted to his surroundings he could see there were a few people like him in there, but it was a totally different crowd from where he came.

The beer was cold, the people were friendly, but different.

But inviting.

He felt comfortable and had the strong sense that things might never be the same again.

He could still see all his friends outside, but that beer sure tasted good. He was content to tell the barkeep, “I’ll have another.”

Social etiquette

I will be the first one to preach that if you want any type of community you had better be willing to give a lot more than you expect to get. This means visiting and sharing with others…..consistently.

I’m at the crossroads. My little hiatus from blogging has shown me a few areas I should have been paying more attention to. The fog of social and community development had literally turned my mind to mush and pulled me pretty far down in the weeds so as to cause neglect in these areas.

What does this mean?

That looks like Billy, only smaller; what happened to him?

If it’s social, then I’m all in

As I prepare for 2013, we have some really great things happening at Lanier Upshaw; things are definitely on the upswing and there is a renewed energy and enthusiasm I want to be a part of.

Some of it is social and social platform related and I will have a big role in how this develops.

I know where I came from and have made some really great friends in here. I didn’t want to fall off the cliff and just go dark, but how viable is a personal blog if I can’t commit to doing my part and visiting others?

I certainly like to write, but how selfish is it it if becomes one-way communication only? We all know if you are a beginner and this is your MO you will never grow a community.

Who turned out the lights?

I’m not thrilled about the prospect of going dark, but I’m less thrilled about talking to myself in an empty room.

I’m certainly not going away but as I go through my next social evolution, you are more apt to see me around Lanier Upshaw or LinkedIn.

I don’t want you to think I’m cheating on you or I have become too big for my britches and don’t need you anymore; it’s just part of the inevitable change that is bound to occur for all of us eventually.

So, it’s not goodbye…

It’s just goodnight for now and if you see me, please say ‘hi,’ I promise I will make eye contact.

Best of luck to you and your journey; just keep putting one foot in front of the other.



62 thoughts on “I believe he just fell off a cliff…

    • Yes, that’s what counts indeed.

      Change can be hard, but there are some things I need to do to grow. This will be a good direction for me, it will just be different.

      I’ll still be around, just in a different format.

  1. Cheers Bill! I agree with Stan. Honesty and integrity cannot be beat. It’s great that you got some experience in the social world and that you have friends here that will always support you the best way they can. Take care!

    • It’s like I’m moving to the next town, but that town is still close enough for me to be a frequent visitor.

      I’ll be watching everyone and from time to time I’ll be stopping in; there are just some other things going on that need my focus.

  2. Hey Bill,

    Life’s a journey, those who are living it are learning and growing everyday. Change is inevitable.

    I really appreciate your friendship, your support and your work, Bill. You had a positive impact on the community, that’s the only measurement that really counts for anything.

    Now that you’re getting a bit more business focused on social, things change.

    Just like it does when you focus on friends and/or business offline, it’s no different on the social web.

    You have lots of friends and soon to be lot’s of potential customers, too.

    However, I’ve never told my offline friends, “Well, gotta go do something profitable, it’s been nice knowing ya, wave or smile if you see me.”

    I just go about my living my life, online or off… Enjoying my friends as much as I can and now that I’m focusing more on accomplishing something for my business on the social web, I’ll be focusing on winning and serving new clients, too.

    The nice thing about the connections and friendships I’ve developed over the last few years on social is, as I spread my wings and dive into monetizing my efforts in the space, I have some great minds willing to help and support that effort.

    After all, that’s what real friends do, yes?

    2013 is going to be a great year for Lanier Upshaw as it spreads it’s wings on the social web!

  3. I disagree with Stan and Ralph. ;-p Forget honesty and integrity. Your true fans want your articles here even if you don’t visit our blogs. Okay, maybe not all of your true fans, but definitely me. It’s always great to have you drop a comment or a tweet on my behalf, but life without your articles is sepia. Give me technicolor, or at least the rainbow of your blog, and I will be happy even if you never stop by my place nor share my stuff.

    That being said, your paying job probably matters a wee bit more than hanging with your homies here. So I’m willing to visit you there too and read your works, though I have a feeling your creations may not have the same twinge of fun that they do here.

    Just don’t give up your blogging gig here totally and I will be okay.


  4. I’m pretty sure nobody can be everywhere for everyone. I have good friends online and off. But only a few, really. That’s all I acn handle. But in reality, that’s all that consistently show up and connect. And that’s enough for me. It would be fun, Bill, to hear some stories about what you’re learning at work. Of course you wouldn’t share personal stuff ’cause you just wouldn’t. But I’ve found that it’s so much more rewarding to share what I’m doing IRL with online friends. I don’t know why that is. But I wouldn’t be able to replace the conversations or the insights that I get about myself and other people that I get online. People tend to go deeper online. And I like that.

  5. Every one of us reaches this point on the blogging journey; I applaud you for recognizing the positive changes that will impact your business life and sharing with us. Look at Mark Harai? He took a hiatus and came back emboldened with wisdom. You may too and offer up your own package of wisdom from years of being a seasoned business man.

    Say hi once in awhile so we don’t miss you forever, eh?

    Shoot, I’d like to say bon voyage and see you in the bar for a brewsky, but I’m confident I’ll find you just where you said you’d be…Congratulations on a good run, friendships made and an awesome 2013 to come, Bill. XO

    • I won’t disappear, even though it might look like I have at times. I’m very excited about 2013 and not only what it will bring for me, but for Lanier as well. This is the most optimistic we have been in 3-4 years and it is refreshing.

  6. OK, I’d cry, but you always say “there’s no crying on social”.
    Seriously: true friends always want what’s best for their friend, and you know what’s best for you. I’m still clinging onto the roller coaster’s ups and downs on social (for now), and so respect your choice and your decision. Like Carolyn, I don’t care about the reciprocity aspect from you. I just enjoy Billy/Agent 86, and will miss the jokes and camaraderie and fun. But then again, I could always show up in your backyard with my mush dogs and snowshoes, ninja warriors and shoe phone.
    Do what’s best for you: that’s always the truest past. Like Jayme said: “Say hi once in awhile so we don’t miss you forever, eh?” (I particularly like the fact that she Canadian’ized it with ‘eh’. Cheers, love and best, best wishes. Snowshoes

    • Eh is right; I’m still around but more from an observation standpoint. I might drop some posts in so I’ll just see how that goes.

      To top it off, I have had some stomach bug for over a week and it really has zapped any enthusiasm I might have had about jumping back in w/ both feet.

      For everything there is a season, right?

      There’s no crying in social….

  7. Hey Bill! Good friends will always be around. Do what you gotta do. It is a fact you’ll be missed, in a good way though.
    Just want you to know…that if there’s anything at all I could do for you, all you have to do is holler. Hugs!
    Take care of yourself, eh?
    Wishing you great times ahead. I know they’ll be great, because you’re a wonderful human being.
    Yes, I’ll miss you. Sigh.

    • It’s all good, it will just look different. The lure of social is just too strong for me to stay away, I just have some other priorities that need my full attention right now. Social tends to turn my brain to mush at time, so I need to avoid that siren song.

      Thanks for the kind words and support.

    • Hey Lori, I’ll be around but probably wearing different clothes for awhile. I just need to focus on some new opportunities and social sidetracks me at times.

      It’s all good; let’s just see how it plays out.

    • I’m reading Brian Meeks’ book pre-release and it’s made me realize how much I don’t know. However, until you put something down on paper and get started, you will never know, right?

      I’ll be around, just more from the outside looking in.

      Thanks for your support and friendship along the way.

  8. Bill, if nothing else you’ve always been honest here…okay, and funny, too. It takes a lot to just come out and tell everyone how it is. You need to do what’s best for you, your family and your career. I think it’s great that you’re getting so much support here in the comments. We all take twists and turns on our path of life. That’s the way it is! Good luck in whatever you do, Bill!

    • It will all be good; it’s more like I’m moving across town, not out of the state. I just need to focus on some tasks and I’m excited about the opportunities.

      I hope you have been well; always a pleasure.

  9. Oh don’t worry Bill, you couldn’t get rid of us if you tried. Okay, you could but sometimes we just won’t go away.

    I so get that you need to pay more attention to the business at hand and who better to take Lanier Upshaw in the social direction then you. Heck, you’ve already got some cool online friends who will be more then happy to help get the word out because it’s you. That’s what social connections is all about right!

    I’m glad you continue to be an open book for all of us and we are just so proud to have had this opportunity to get to know you, Bill the Social King! Now, on to making big things happen with the company site. I’m excited for you.


    • It’s kind of neat to see who is showing up because they have definitely been my core community. I’ll be around; I just need to give myself some space to get some other tasks accomplished and need a clear head and vision to get them accomplished. Sometimes social really does turn my mind to mush.

  10. Thanks for taking the time to write this Bill. As Jayme said, you’re not the only one going through this. It’s great to hear about the adjustment and refinement of all this stuff from your point of view.

    It can get to be overwhelming. I’m all for trying new ways to get a grip on it, so that it remains a joy, and beneficial, and not just a duty.

  11. Hey Bill

    The whisky (and maybe even the golf) are always waiting if you ever row across the pond.

    I’m sure I’ll see you around but if I don’t then I just wanted to say I had a damn fine time here getting to know you.

    • I will take you up on the whiskey and golf offer; you just never know when I might show up……..:).

      I’ll be around in some form or fashion; maybe not so much in blogsville for awhile but let me get started with my other endeavors and see what kind of time is left.

      I’m just moving to a different neighborhood; not moving out of state.

  12. Well, Bill, I just discovered your blog. And now it’s going dark. It wasn’t anything I did, was it?
    That said, the integrity thing makes me like you even more than I already do. We have to follow our own lights on these issues. And I think you’re absolutely right about reciprocity. There’s a real spirit of generosity that I’ve seen in the blogging community that impresses me. But that’s because it’s not a one-way street. You realized you can’t participate in the way you’d like and you decided to invest your energies where you can be effective. Good for you. I suspect it will have a huge pay-off.
    But we don’t want to let you off the hook that easily. You’re going to be missed. Where can we find you on LinkedIn?

    • Not exactly dark, but maybe with the dimmer switch on until I figure out what phase II looks like for me. Because mine is a personal blog it’s hard to expect people just to show up when I know I can’t devote the time right now for reciprocity. Therefore, I just need to see what that looks and smells like before I keep cranking out posts.

      It’s all good however as I’m not going anywhere, we were just able to move into a bigger house across town…..:).

      My LinkedIn address is: http://www.linkedin.com/in/billdorman1 and I will be hanging around http://www.lanieruspshaw.com some more now too.

      Don’t give up on me; I just have some other stuff on my plate that needs my attention right now.

  13. Well, Bill, that.is.it, then. And as always you are doing it in style, with dignity, integrity and honesty. Kudos to you but you know that!

    Imagine what you can achieve when directing and focusing your steamroller energy on Lanier Upshaw exclusively. I guess that many of us will congratulate you on your decision, for being able to resist the bottomless temptations of social and being sucked in.

    Thank you for your wonderful posts, deep in insight and such funny entertainment each time, thank you for your support and friendship. This is not goodbye, I know for sure. And hey, if you ever come to Europe you know where to find me!

    • Be careful with the invite, you never know where I might show and it might be like Jason Bourne where nobody knows my name………

      Thanks for all your support; I just need to get organized with my new direction and then when the dust settles I will see where that leaves me.

  14. I’m happy for you Bill! Sad for the rest of us, as your content will be missed, but it’s obvious that this is the path that will keep you motivated and feeling like this whole game is a “time investment” not a “time suck.”

    Fortunately, I have the advantage of being able to see you IRL — that’s an advantage, right? 🙂 Seriously, let’s make that happen soon. If there is anything I can do to help with the new blog, let me know.

    • Hey Adam, I certainly appreciate all of your support and friendship; I just need to focus on a few projects to maximize my efforts and then we will figure it out from there. I’ll see you around…….

    • Well, I made it past a year, huh? I’ll be back, I just need to take care of some other things right now, but it’s all good things. Good luck on your journey and I’ll be in touch.

  15. There are only so many hours in the day (It’s 25 or 26, isn’t it?) and adjusting your focus won’t mean that you can’t adjust back in the future. The blog-o-sphere will understand why the posts are more infrequent and we will cheer if and when you return.

  16. You are correct about that sir and the one thing about a personal blog, it’s not like the Sun didn’t come up when I decided to take a break. I’ve got a few things on the plate that need my attention, but they are all things that will help me grow and have success. I’m excited about the opportunities.

    Good luck with your book and writings; you’re kickin’ it……..

  17. Hey Bill,
    I too believe that sometimes blogging takes up a really large amount of time. But I guess you will be able to fit it in your tight schedule. Maybe reducing the post frequency is the best thing to do. Best wishes to you.

    • Hey sir, thanks for the note.

      It’s a commitment that’s for sure. I have a few projects that need my attention; not only do I need the time, I need a clear head too. Social/blogging turns my brain to mush at times…:).

      Not sure where the journey is taking me, but it will be a good journey.

      Best of luck and thanks for the visit.

  18. Bill, I empathize with this struggle. Where are the clones? Bring in the clones! Not enough hours in the day to do all the things that beg doing. Come, go, wave hello, I understand, and wish you well.

    • Hey Pam I am; good to see you. I had to rescue from spam. Walking away for the time being has certainly brought some normalcy back to my life but I miss being in the mix. I will re-surface one way or another soon.

      Hope all is well with you and your tribe.

  19. Bill,
    Look at me coming weeks later, I’ve been busy but I like to check on the people that are always around. But now you won’t be. That’s ok, i’ll know I can find you on FB talking about golf. I may take it up next year and will need some words of encouragement, cuz I know I will suck. But heard some cool people play.

    See ya in the social realm.

    • Hey you; just taking a little break and probably enjoying way too much.

      If I finish it, I might have a post tomorrow, but we’ll see I suppose.

      Things are well; just working on some business stuff and trying to get my head on straight….social turns my brain to mush…..:).

      I’ll see you around; don’t give up on me….

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