Pardon my dust, brain under construction

Clarity, perspective, the ah-ha moment; call it what you will, but unplugging for a week did not produce the direction and vision I anticipated. There have been a few times when life and work got in the way, but for the most part I have been running on this hamster wheel since March of 2011.

Even though I was officially unplugged for the past week, I still had my iPhone so it wasn’t like I couldn’t see all the activity. And Sunday when I finally got back to my computer to clean up and catch up it brought up the age old question, “does any of this really matter?”

As I sat contemplating what to write for my Monday post, I had several topics I could have easily touched on especially coming off a guy’s golf outing, but I had nothing; no desire to even post or jump back in the game for now.

How sustainable is your success?

As you scratch and claw your way to something you can reasonably call success, how sustainable is it really? If you took a 30-day moratorium, would there be anything left when you came back? If you are a solopreneur, probably not much, unfortunately.

At least in my day job I have a highly qualified team of people that have only one job to do while they work for me and that is to make Billy look good. I say this jokingly, but to keep it real simple, if they are making me look good then everything is working like it is supposed to.

I don’t have that kind of street cred with my social platform and as I see alliances and partnerships being formed, I have to ask, “is it still just a time suck or is it leading to sustainable success?” In other words, who is going to pay me for my time?

I also like to poke fun at myself for never making any lists, but I have made plenty and most recently my dear friend Adrienne Smith was kind enough to put me on her My Blogging Friends Rock list. And I do rock in case you were wondering; hey, it was a legitimate recognition, she wasn’t just giving me a mercy nod…:).

But what does that really mean? What if you are (or are not) the featured #FollowFriday? That and $3 will get you a Venti Redeye at Starbucks. Does this kind of recognition catapult you to the next level or is it just a feel good moment?

And my friend Adam does have a Starbucks story btw…..

I’m not very social anymore

As I try to evaluate my purpose and direction I have come to realize the extent of my socialness is in the blogs. My non-social friends think I tweet a lot and should know about every current event regardless of where it is occurring because surely someone tweeted about it.

I don’t know Jack Squat……….

99% of my tweets are coming from Triberr or when I promote someone else’s post; is that really being social? Is that being effective promoting others?

Does that make me king of the hill or is it still just a house of cards?

20 months into this thing, nobody still cares if I go to Starbucks so don’t look for me to tweet about it.

What does it mean then?

It means my posting schedule could change and instead of being Steady Eddie, it could be more along the lines of when the mood strikes. This applies to my commenting as well; I really want to spend time with all my friends, but I’m looking for a hall pass as it will be on as a time permits basis as well.

I want to start interacting again with my tweets; this means I will be more selective on how I promote posts and will be looking for ways to encourage feedback or acknowledgement. It is still ok to have two-way communication through tweets, right?

A new platform. I’m on LinkedIn pretty much in name only. However, I do know it is the most robust business platform so I will be devoting more time here to find ways to use it more effectively. Out of all the platforms, LinkedIn probably is the best fit for my business efforts in social. Also, now that my son is on board at Lanier Upshaw, I think LinkedIn will be a worthwhile social platform for him to become familiar with.

Finally, I plan on taking more of an ownership interest in the Lanier Upshaw blog. There is plenty to write about and hopefully I can de-mystify some of the unknowns consumers have to deal with in the world of insurance, other than just buying a policy.

Drum roll please…

That’s it; that’s my epiphany ’cause that’s all I got. You wanted direction; well, you got mine for now.

It could change next week.

Stay tuned on Thursday as I will have Erin Feldman dropping by; I tried to give her my blog but she wouldn’t take it. However, her post will be very timely indeed. She knows how to Write Right.


50 thoughts on “Pardon my dust, brain under construction

  1. The truth will set you free. Or so they say. Whatever you decide, I’ll be around to remind you that you have other aspirations than being an insurance magnate. For example, there’s that novel of yours still waiting to be written…

  2. Wow Bill – this is big news!!! You’re getting involved with your corporate blog!?!? In my opinion, the key to LinkedIn is the use of the groups. Very powerful. Are you bailing from Triberr? Or are you just going to ‘x’ out more accounts? (Please not mine!!)

    • I would never X out yours; I always pimp my friends……..:).

      I have never given LinkedIn a chance so I’m looking forward to educating myself on it’s benefits.

      Thanks for the drive-by; always a pleasure to see you.

  3. Bill, that’s the beauty of 20 months of experience, isn’t it? Frankly, I expect that you have seen enough and read enough to give you a solid sense of what to do. Change is good otherwise there would be no evolution. I’ll be around and will keep an eye out.

    That Erin Feldman is a great addition to the arsenal. You are lucky to get her.
    Cheers Bill!

  4. Well, what can I say that we haven’t discussed before? When the honeymoon’s over and the lustre rubs off, how does one stay motivated to stay the course? Some days it feels like you’re pushing a string uphill with your nose. What’s it all about (Alfie)? Some days I just don’t know. Cheers! Kaarina

    • Probably much ado about nothing; it’s interesting to see how the threads connect and who does what to keep people around.

      It’s the people who keep me around; otherwise, there is a lot of silliness indeed.

  5. First off, Bill, I came over to congratulate you on your headline, which is really funny and unusual.

    Secondly, I think the living brain is under construction all the time. Sorry that unplugging for a week didn’t sharpen your focus as expected. Maybe you didn’t yank the cable hard enough and a few rogue electrons followed you to your sanctuary.

    Thirdly, this whole thing — social media, trying to ride the wave of popularity or scale the wall or climb the steep hill of it or whatever visual metaphor you happen to favor right now — this whole thing is as important as you make it. Just like any other relationship in your life, you devote yourself to social media as much as you want, and the power it has over you is the power you give to it. That you cede or concede. I don’t know, both verbs really sound fine right now.

    Posting when the mood strikes is not as bad as all that. And yes, sharing through triberr is social and I for one appreciate every single time you RT my stuff or stop over at the blog to share some of your unique brand of humor. Always a pleasure to see you there.

    • I figured you’d bring some sense to all of this; it’s only as important as you make it.

      The people keep me around and I like hanging around your place; I’m always working my brain there.

      Good to see you sir.

  6. It makes me sad that you don’t do social much anymore. I understand, you are busy, but you are wrong…I do care about your run to Starbucks. I love those sorts of tweets and they are often the springboard to nice little conversations, sometimes long ones. I tweet about bacon, or grocery runs, or how I’m watching something on Netflix. It is put out there as a sign post, “Hey, I’m just hanging out watching a bit of zombie apocalypse and would love to chat, too.”

    I tweeted a link to my book, yesterday. I made it all pretty with a quote from one of the reviews I’ve received. It was the first such tweet in over a week, and before that, probably a month had passed since I tried to promote Henry, but that is okay. I love the social aspect of social media. The business stuff I can always turn on, but the friend stuff is what keeps me engaged. I hope you will not give up being social forever, because Twitterville is a better place when you are there.

    • The friend stuff is what keeps me engaged too sir. The social aspect I understand; it’s all the other stuff that I feel like maybe I have fallen behind on……..but only in my mind……….most have no idea what I’m doing here……:).

      We had 4 Hawkeyes in our golf group last week; good guys indeed.

      I can never give up being social; online and off. Good to see you my friend.

  7. Bill, you’re doing great stuff here, but a little refinement wouldn’t hurt, if only to make sure this blog and all the time you dedicate to it aligns with your needs. If it’s not working for you, it’s not working.

    I’m with you on reconsidering how to use Triberr. Margie Clayman wrote a great post about it here: The point for me: there has to be a better balance than what I have now. There’s more to life than blog traffic. I’m not blaming Triberr, but I need a better strategy for using it.

    Erin’s coming on Thursday? Cool! Talk about going from one end of the stylistic spectrum to the other… You may want to reinforce the blog’s foundation, there may be some sway and pitch.

    • Blogging is my networking vehicle. I see some people working very hard and the blogging/social is bringing much more recognition than real dollars.

      Realistically, my guess is the top 2%ers are making the real money and the rest are chasing damn hard, just to get by. If I put that same effort into my day job it wouldn’t be unrealistic for me to make $500k; so I have to ask myself do I want to work that hard at two jobs?

      However, I do want to stay plugged-in and I really do like the social part of it. It’s a constant challenge for me to find the right balance; how much is enough?

      Thanks for your kind words sir; much appreciated.

  8. I have been tweaking and adjusting for a while. My focus has been on determining what my goals are and if this time here is serving that. It is part of why I don’t get around as much as I used to. The game requires a change up and dust off every so often and sounds like you are in the midst of it.

  9. Hi Bill, So glad you’re back. The Internet isn’t the same without you. No matter what your new direction is, I will follow on that path. I have a feeling you can make even corporate insurance entertaining and engaging.

  10. Well-said, Bill. I have found that my greatest epiphanies, and life changes, take place when I am unplugged from my usual routine. Generally most of us wait until we have some catastrophic illness or accident to take stock. Glad to see you are back and look forward to the new direction.

    Life is short, success usually fleeting, we all need to take some downtime and look at where we’ve been and where we’d like to go.

    • Sometimes we get so far down in the weeds and most of us are on an island in here; it’s hard to find the thinking time unless you unplug.

      Life is way too short for me not to have a good time, so that is a big driver of my direction too.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts; I do appreciate them.

  11. Good to see you back, Bill! When I go off and come back, I just let my pictures do half my talking, because I am like that and it suits/fits me. I find that online begins to fatigue me, even as I am spending more time offline. Since I am on emai/skype/chat/phone/face-to-face with most of my friends – I am happy – popular or not. Most times, that matters more than anything else.

    I hope you enjoyed your time off. Lotsa love! Vidya

    • Happy is a good way to be. I really do like the social part of it, but sometimes it makes me question where am I going with this?

      I had a great time off; good friends, good food, good times indeed.

      I am back in some form or fashion; I’m still trying to get my bearings however.

      I hope you have been well.

  12. I am right there with you Bill. I went through that myself and now I am finally working revamping my blog, building my first product and not rushing to put out something for the sake of doing it. I have had my off days and only posted once a week and my excuse is that life happens and rather than moan about it, I just move on. At least I get something out and people like it. Whatever you are doing, we know you will be back because you are BILL!

    • Are Bill or The Bill?……….:)

      It would be too hard for me to just shut down; but it might be a different version of me. My biggest fear is not being able to give back enough to my community; but I’m sure parts of that will change. Like I said, just give me a hall pass until I find my new level of sustainability.

      It is so good to see you; thanks so much for dropping by.

  13. It will be interesting to see what you do with your company blog… Honestly, I’ve never read it, but I will take a look at it.
    Insurance can be such a boring subject, but I can see you adding some personality and humor into it – just what talking and learning insurance needs : )

    I’m sure Marcus has provided some solid ideas on strategy..?
    I have found that you ‘get out’ what you ‘put in’ to anything in life, really.
    You just have to decide where’s the best place to invest the best piece of your life to get the things you really want out of it.
    Time is a valuable commodity, invest it into things that really do it for you : )

    Cheers Mr. Bill!

    • Fortunately, I have a lot more time than treasure to give and can pick and choose how I use it. I really enjoy the networking in the blogs but at times I have to step back and ask myself ‘why?’

      There was a time we were thick as thieves w/ Marcus, huh? He’s definitely a man on a mission and I just hope his road to success and all this time he has to spend away from his young family to chase his dream is what he thought it would be.

      Stay tuned; we’ll see how the insurance thing goes. Maybe I can go on the road as the insurance comic……….:)

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      • 《香港再出發宣言》前言1.1 香港回歸十二年,經歷了多方面的折騰,儘管還有不少優勢,但面對當前的全球經濟危機,香港的政治、經濟、社會、民生,都處於十字路口,香港七百萬市民與政府都需要深入反思,再闖前途。1.2 眾所周知,香港目前政治內耗不斷,管治危機揮之不去;經濟缺乏新動力和增長點,香港經濟優勢加速下滑;社會貧富懸殊,機會減少,紛爭加劇,民生日趨困難;令人更担憂是社會缺乏共識、凝聚力和進取性。朝目前的軌跡發展下去,香港有可能陷於失序的境况。**香港社會欠缺共識和凝聚力?當然。一個缺乏民意基礎,又拒絕聽取民意,但是又突然「代表香港人」的香港政府,怎能凝聚市民?至於「政治內耗」一詞,就經常被親中團體採用,它的意思大概是政府說甚麼、推出甚麼,市民都要接受,不可以提出意見,一有反對意見就有爭拗,就有內耗。簡單一句,「政府面前,人人含忍」。1.3 如果香港市民及政府不勇於面對挑戰,堅持信念,承擔責任,重拾以前的幹勁,為香港的前途拼搏、扭轉劣勢;香港將會在祖國壯大中邊緣化,在激烈競爭中沉淪,誰也救不了香港。1.4 我們不應被香港目前遇到的困難難倒,並拋棄目前錯誤的發展軌跡,在這關鍵的時刻建立共識,再出發、闖前途。認識中國2.1 香港與國家:今天的香港,是回歸中華人民共和國成為特別行政區的香港,是一國兩制憲法框架下的香港。這是客觀的現實。儘管不少香港市民對中國內地政權有不同的看法,這事實是無法改變的。**在香港,誰要搞港獨?有多少人不認同香港是回歸中國的香港?反而是作者對內地的政權有奇怪的看法,認為中國一定要在中國共產黨的手中,不能走向民主。2.2 中興的中國:儘管中國政府在過去的六十年,在發展的過程中犯了不少重大的錯誤;但是,尤其是自改革開放以來,中國各方面的成就有目共睹,雖然仍面對不少急須解決的問題。最重要的是,它帶領中華民族再次站起來,擺脫百多年來的民族恥辱,進入小康,復興在望。作為參與其事的中國人一份子,亦深受鼓舞,深感自豪。**自改革開放以來,中國各方面的成就有目共睹,唯獨是在政治和公民權利,及言論自由方面,並無寸進。中國政府近來要求新的進口電腦安裝「綠壩─ 花季護航」互聯網內容過濾軟件,又是什麼進步呢?是言論自由嗎?認識「一國兩制」下的香港3.1 政治:香港市民享有高度自由,並受到法律保障。香港暫時還未能實行普選行政長官及全面普選立法會議員,但是已經有了2017年普選行政長官,和2020年全面普選立法會議員的明確時間表。**為何要2017和2020?為什麼不是2012?更令人憤怒的是部份親中人士認為,普選不一定是一人一票,十分無恥。由於缺乏管治經驗,再加上體制上的缺陷,特區政府有不少施政失誤,需要汲取經驗,努力改進。香港市民亦需要積極支持政府依法施政,維持香港的繁榮、穩定和發展。**「依法」?依甚麼法?依惡法嗎?依功能團體所立的法嗎?「法治」的概念,原本並不止是講「依照法律」,同時也講究立法的程序能反映民意。為什麼「法治」來到中國和香港,它的原意就不斷被剝奪,最後剩下「依法」?3.2 經濟:香港經濟太受地產發展的影響:地價、樓價及租金關係政府財政、市民財產及營商環境與成本。在周邊競爭力提升的挑戰下,香港已經面臨產業必須作重大結構調整的關鍵時刻。香港經濟的持續發展,寄望於新的增長點。我們不能昧於形勢,故步因循,無視自身競爭力的退步。作為第三產業主導的經濟體系,香港的工資結構不利低學歷、低技術的青年及中高齡人士;財富及入息差距擴大是一直困擾着香港的結構性問題。作為高速發展的中國經濟一個部分,以及「一國兩制」的優勢,是我們至今遠沒有用足的巨大機遇。政府需要扮演一個更積極的角色,促進經濟轉型和提升,大企業要騰出空間,使經營成本平穩下降,讓中小企業能立足和成長。**這一段是本人唯一可以認同的一段,唯一的希望就政府在促進經濟轉型和提升上不要「講多過做」。3.3 社會文化:香港是多元社會,社群、族群、人群關係可算融洽,對少數人的不同意見及權益是尊重的。**「對少數人的不同意見及權益是尊重的」,你是認真的嗎?香港貧富懸殊嚴重。但香港的貧窮是富裕社會的貧窮,窮人及社會低下階層得到的各種社會補助還算足夠。政府除了繼續維持這必要的社會安全網之外,還要通過各種手段降低社會不公,讓最多市民能分享經濟發展的成果。香港是商業城市,香港對弱勢社群的關懷,對文化及環境的保育有所不足,需要致力改進,並保持社會整體趨多元化方向發展。香港深受移民社會的過客心態、西方自由思想及個人主義的影響,對社會整體利益,尤其是長期利益不夠重視。這種取向優點在於發揮競爭力,靈活善變;但是過份重視個人利益的最大化,個人或個體利益凌架社會利益,不願意為社會付出代價,是香港社會及環境劣質化的根由。在個人和集體利益之間,我們需要另一個平衡點。**其實都有少少道理,不過作者有必要介定甚麼是「社會利益」。我並不希望「代表香港人認為經濟發展可以唔認殺人」、停止爭取普選、京人治港等成為「社會利益」。我們的價值4.1 愛國愛港:儘管有香港市民認為他們愛的是文化的中國、民族的中國,對中國的政權、政策、施政表現有不同的看法,有所不滿是完全正常的。但是中國是一個實實在在的實體政權;中華人民共和國是我們的祖國。香港與中國整體在文化、歷史、地理、經濟都榮辱與共,不可分割;香港和整個中國的利益長遠而言,完全一致。愛香港,不可能不愛中國;愛國就是愛實質上代表中國的中華人民共和國。**「中國是一個實實在在的實體政權」?中國幾時成為了實體政權?當然國家是一個實體,但是國家從來不等同政權。作者這種論調,顯示他有必要重新返回學校,學習最基礎的「國家」概念。4.2 社會和諧:我們承繼的傳統社會和諧價值,要求香港市民和衷共濟,事事從他人設想,追求雙贏,而不追求一己利益最大化。這樣社會才會和諧,整體社會質素才會改善。而在現代社會,社會和諧價值的實踐是要求政府依法施政,司法公正,無論強者、弱者、富者及貧者都要依法辦事。社會要顯彰公義及愛心,尤其對弱勢社群關懷、照顧。因此,尊重傳統,弘揚公義,發揚愛心,維護司法公正,是構建和諧社會的基本元素。**和諧、雙贏?本來呢,講和諧、講雙贏,是成熟社會的標誌。有說「君子和而不同」,但是有親中人士講和諧,其實是「政府講哂」,市民一定要Say Yes,一Say No就是不和諧。親中人士以為可以將這種A貨「和諧」推銷給香港市民,認真低智。4.3 民主自由:儘管香港市民對民主自由的實踐有不同的看法,絕大部分都認同民主自由是值得肯定的價值,是以人為本管治哲學的本義。這即是說政府要有認授性,權力要有制度上的制衡,要向公民交待施政理念及措施,並要接受公民的監督,承擔施政失誤的責任。民主自由亦表示公民有參政、議政權利,有表達意見的自由。**民主就是一人一票,絕對不只是參政、議政的權利。作者推銷A貨「民主」,實在無恥。4.4 自力更生:香港今天的成就是幾代人努力、拼搏、勤奮及自主精神的體現。香港今天的富裕容易使我們忘記自力更生價值的堅持,忘記個人努力、責任承擔的重要性。然而,自力更生同時要求政府要創造有利的條件,使所有香港市民可以在公平的起點上拼搏,追求自己的「香港夢」;並要對不能自助者及弱勢社群,尤其有工作的貧窮家庭提供足夠的保障,使他們獲得社會普遍認許的生活水平。**尚可接受我們的信念5.1 權責並重、跨代公義:如果每一位香港市民只重視自己權利,不重視自己責任;社會只會紛爭四起,內耗不息。長遠而言,一個重權輕責的香港不可能持續發展;香港市民會愧對我們的下一代。因此,我們不單止要問香港為你做了什麼,更要問你自己為香港做了什麼,為香港的下一代留下了什麼? 為民族復興貢獻了什麼?**又是內耗,又是社會責任,本人已經在上文表達了自己的立場,不再在此回應。5.2 發揮主人翁精神:香港是每一位香港市民的香港,我們不要因為政制未完備,便認為特區政府施政的績效及錯失與我無關。實際上,特區政府管治的得失,和市民憂喜與共。因此,我們有責任協助政府提升香港的管治。**你在說甚麼?市民就是覺得特區政府的施政與自己息息相關,才批評政府的施政。5.3 對香港的遠景有信心:我們不單只要對中國的遠景有信心,更要對香港的遠景有信心。中國今天的成就來得不易;它是幾代人付出了犧牲,付出了理想,貢獻了他們青春,以至生命所換來的。同樣道理,香港今天的成就得來不易:市民需要和衷共濟,摒棄成見,抱積極進取的態度,重現活力。5.4 熱愛香港,願意付出:愛的偉大之處在於感情的付出,承擔的精神。只要香港市民上下一心,正視香港是自己的家;大家多講承擔,多講雙贏、和諧,多關懷弱勢社群,創造和諧公義的社會,我們熱愛的香港一定會有美好的明天。我們愛香港,香港是我們的家。我們願意承擔,為香港整體利益付出。我們不會被目前面對的問題、困難難倒。我們決心與香港七百萬市民齊心協力,面對挑戰,打敗困難,共同努力建設香港更美好的明天!**5.3和5.4都再講和諧、雙贏,我快悶死了。**小結:**創造更美好的香港,是香港人共同的目標。不過,部份親中人士,不斷以無知(或者無恥)的言論,推銷其A貨「法治」、A貨「和諧」、A貨「社會利益」甚至A貨「民主」。接受A貨公民價值並不會使社會進步,反而會令香港更不公平。希望香港人對「民主」、「法治」等概念更為清晰,購買正貨。

  14. Hey Bill

    My wife told me I was putting too much pressure on myself to get things done on my blog, commenting everywhere and sharing etc. So I’ve cut back too, only one post a week and not so much sharing and commenting.

    My full time job is looking after the kids after all, so that has to take priority.

    I’m pleased you’re back, for what it’s worth. I hope one day we can have that beer and get the whisky flowing.

    • It’s very easy in the early days to let it consume you. I had reached what I thought was a sustainability point but after unplugging for awhile, it has been somewhat difficult to be enthusiastic getting back to even that level. That is why I mentioned some new directions.

      Thanks for your kind words; it is good to be back, let’s see what that continues to look like going forward.

  15. It’s great that you’re back Bill. I understand how you feel, I do feel some of the same things and I’m also kind of struggling to find the right focus. My “problem” has been that all my clients are Norwegian and all the fun things I’ve been doing has been when I’ve been writing in English. But that doesn’t generate any money or new clients. So, I need to find out if I am doing this for fun, or if I am doing it to get more business, or maybe both.

    What I do know is that this social thing is a lot of fun, and that I’m meeting so many awesome people. And, that I’ll be following your every step, even to LinkedIn with your insurance thing 🙂

    • I’m very attracted to fun; most of the times it does not make money, but it keeps me happy.

      I’m sure I could be doing some things from my social platform that would bring increased recognition to me and my day job that would help me financially. But then again, there are things I could be doing IRL, that would help that as well. My biggest challenge is if I start down that road with my social platform it has to be sustainable; I don’t want to get half-way in and shut it down because it’s too much like un-fun work. Plus, it’s one of those things you can put a lot of time and effort into and make very little money; that same time and effort if spent in my day job will guarantee results.

      I like the social aspect of it; that more than anything will keep me around. I’m just looking for a new sustainability level again.

      Good to see you out of the spam, sir.

  16. Glad to see you back bill and glad you didn’t run with that Hall Pass and never look back 🙂 (Great movie!) Yes, I tried to take a week off but sometimes a post just has to be done. It does feel like a rat race on some days trying to get all your tweets and shares in here and there. We must be selective even on Triberr. I don’t share every tribe-mate’s post. But those that have content I like and are in my realm of tweets may be shared. It still all takes time doesn’t it? We must prioritize and move on as Sonia said. Good luck whichever direction you run with.

    • There are certainly a lot of moving parts and trying to pick and choose which ones to keep up with can be challenging. Plus, it’s like being home sick and seeing all your friends outside on the playground.

      Catching up, I just made most of it go-away. I wasn’t even going to try to read and respond. My Triberr friends I know I posted and everyone else got the X.

      Oh well, life in the big city, huh?

      I’ll figure it out; thanks for stopping by.

  17. Okay, I know you’ll be around, but if it is in a way that makes the whole thing more enjoyable — then I think that is a revelation of sorts. We’ve spoken about this a lot; I know how hard it can be to make that posting schedule with a FT gig IRL. It’s tougher, I know, when the end game is not clear. Hopefully, this schedule will get that spring in the step again.

    And I do have starbucks story… Maybe I should tweet about it. 🙂

    • I had already skinnied it down to what I thought was sustainable; but after being gone it sure was hard to get enthusiastic about catching up again…..and I’m still working on it.

      I’m too social just to go away, but there might be another version of me going forward. Only time will tell….

      If the weather stays like this, we’ll have to go shooting again.

      Good to see you.

  18. Yeah Bill, you rock so the title of my post was appropriate and I had to list you first. 🙂

    I’m glad you took your week off but I hope you don’t fade out. I know, sometimes we look at the things we’re doing and ask why! Would anyone really miss us but the answer would be hell yeah. I know that you’ll do what’s right for you in the long run but I think that all your social activity online will benefit you down the road. I also believe that you can bring new light to the insurance industry if you post more on your corporate site. Hey, we can all learn from Mr. Bill!

    I’m going to go checkout the Starbucks story now. See ya!


    • Judy Dunn had a post today that was very timely for me; she talks about her evolution.

      I like to network and I like to tell stories; there should be a place in here for that, right? Some of the stories might even be insurance related, huh?

      Thanks for the mention; it was very much appreciated.

  19. You know what’s interesting about this? Most of us who’ve been blogging for any amount of time have gone through this very thing. Is it worth the time? What’s the ROI? What am I getting out of it (besides some traffic and social shares)? Good on you for figuring out what’s important to you in this whole world wide web. And, in case anyone was wondering, Billy DOES rock!

  20. Bill: Hey man, nice to be here man! I love reading your posts! I am in the same boat as you because I can’t go too long without everything on my blog going down the drain. I don’t have a certain posting schedule, but my goal is two post a month. I want to complete a new post every three days and schedule them, but I am just getting going with that. I got distracted not too long ago and wasted some time, but I am back on the ball and writing away. it would be nice to have post scheduled a few months in advance, in case the unexpected happens which it always does. As for income, I have some ideas for a future product and I want to make it super awesome so it can spread on it’s own and make me money on auto-pilot. I did some extensive work on few products, but I have trashed them all (Not literally) because I didn’t feel they were quite what I wanted as a finished product.

    Anyways, that’s just me. Wish you the best and don’t stress over posting too much. Be free and live in the present. I am sure that passion will come come back and you’ll be writing away!

    Best Wishes,
    William Veasley

    • Hey William, long time no-see. Thanks for your words of encouragement, you never know when someone reaches out that it might be just the thing you need to keep you going.

      Good luck on your journey and your projects and I hope you have a fantastic week sir.

  21. Looks like everywhere I go, people are talking about showing up. And you show up every time, that in my books is half the battle! And even if you don’t right now, you do it a little later, that’s okay too. As long as you are not making me lose millions, I am fine with you being irregular! 🙂

    And really, you are most social blogger I know…

    • Now we don’t want to be too irregular now, do we?……..:)

      I do have fun and don’t want to run away just because it got a little hard. Once again, it means finding a sustainability level and still being present, right?

      Good to see you; I hope school is going well for you.

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