Color me gone; vacay time…

Off the grid, back away from yourself, whatever you want to call it, there will be no Billy ball this week.

Actually, it started with my This blogging gig is hard work post last Thursday and will continue for at least another week. It’s not like I’m really off the grid because I do have my phone and still see everybody and what’s going on.

However, between my son starting at Lanier Upshaw and getting him moved back to Lakeland and me being gone most of this week for a fun golf tournament, I’m taking a much needed self-imposed moratorium.

It would have been very easy not to have a post today, but then again it wasn’t easy either. Is gone really gone?

Anyway, damn the torpedoes and see you on the backside. Don’t have too much fun in my absence….but I will in yours….:).


84 thoughts on “Color me gone; vacay time…

  1. First the passing of Bill Dorman and now you’re gone… go figure!

    Enjoy you’re time off, Bill. I really appreciate your work and inspiration.

    But you already knew you’re cool like that 😮

    Cheers, bro!

    • He’s only been there a few days, but it’s great having him around.

      I’m back and trying to catch up some; most is getting wiped clean and starting fresh on Monday.

    • Basically it was 4 solid days of golf and the celebratory events surrounding it; I packed my phone away and didn’t even look at it while this was going on… that’s good, right?

  2. HEY ALL! I heard Dorman was auditioning for The Voice! He’s on holiday so he can get up on stage and show off; I’m thinkin’ that anyone who announces they’re gone leaves blog comments UP FOR GRABS. @KaarinaDillabough — you there? You get my drift?

    • I had some really good golf and some really bad golf, but I never lost an eye so I’m guessing it was a plus then. We had a blast; had some hurricane winds to deal with, but you know how stubborn golfers can be…….:)

  3. Wait, wait, he’s really NOT on holiday; he’s just parading around in … oops, not going there; nope not gonna do it.

    So, how’s the weather folks? It’s raining and tomorrow’s gonna be 80 degrees in Dayton OHIO after a 38 degree frost and fog soccer tourney Sunday; it’s already 75 the last 2 days.

    Is there Global Warming in Canada?

  4. Let’s see I changed the furnace filter and turned it on ‘cuz we was cold. Now that it’s summer again and the leaves are falling, my house is confused; it doesn’t know whether to warm up or stay cool. Is it snowing in Canada yet?

    P.S. Anyone going to a Halloween party?

    • Yeah, I’m with you on that. Must be his alter ego, Agent 86 doing the posting. Just confirmed Thursday 12:30 p.m. for google hangout. Maybe we can chat or email prior so I can take forward your feedback. Already know you’re not in favour of the 8ball logo, so we’ll be looking at options. Jen Olney suggested a somewhat masked marauder type logo…I’ve been thinking of simply creating #TeamBlogJack in some type of graphic font…let me know your ideas via email Jayme, and I’ll take them forward on Thursday.

      Are you listening Agent 86, er Bill?

  5. Oh, you will be missed, Bill 😉

    But, take the break (it’s going to help you and us :D). How’s the golf tournament?

    • You can play golf 3 days in a row in it like I did……….:). Actually, it was far enough off the coast so all we got was wind; and wind and golf don’t mix with me. I had a great time and there was some good golf in there but some great food and great friends made it a special time.

      I’m not officially back yet; working on it……….

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