The passing of Bill Dorman

Yeah, it shocked me too. I kind of liked the guy………

Seriously, I received a Google Alert and it was The passing of Bill Dorman. The first thing I did was look in the mirror to make sure I still had a reflection, and then the next thing I did was read the notice. I was hoping this would finally be the one Dorman I found that actually had some money; and I was his long lost heir.

Fat chance.

Not to make fun of the passing of a loved one, it was nice to see my namesake was of some renown, respected and well thought of in his community.

When we leave this earth, and we all are going to do so, will the paper pick up your story; will someone blog about it? Even though the recognition is fleeting, wouldn’t it be quite the testament to have more than just an obit? It might be nice if you were thought well enough of to have one last #FollowFriday, right? Your life’s achievements encapsulated for all to see; what a tribute?

How long is your list? 

Of achievements.

Do you really care if I was past president of the Rotary Club, Main Street or the YMCA?

Certainly noteworthy in their own way I suppose, but how many lives did I impact through those efforts? Probably more than I know, but how is something like that measured?

Is it better to be known for a singular event, or a full body of work? Do you want to be ‘Man of the Year’ or get the Lifetime Achievement Award?

Can you give without any expectations of recognition or reward?

Get busy living, or get busy dying

Shawshank. Red.

Does this treadmill have you just counting down the days on the road to nowhere? Somewhere?

What gives meaning to your life; what puts that smile on your face?

Is it your body of work; the people you choose to associate with? Doing something good for somebody regardless if anybody else will notice or not? 

Life can be hard. Life can be fun. Life is real, roses and thorns.

Pay it forward.

Sometimes it is the little things that can matter the most.

Social makes me fat


I’m either sitting in front of my computer on my fat, lazy ass being social, or I’m out networking under the moniker of the working homeless getting as much food and drink as I can at these events.

I eat, therefore I run.

That used to be the case and I didn’t worry about weight; I think being a social desk jockey has not been the healthiest thing for my girlish figure.

I really don’t worry about weight, because I could be 2 bills or a buck seventy; it really  doesn’t matter. I just want my pants to fit properly, all.the.time. That is the only measure of judgement I need.

But I’m living. And living large.

My life is exciting because I make it so in my mind; every day is an adventure. On the surface it looks pretty damn routine and predictable, but whatever it is, it fits me like a glove.

I went to Starbucks today….and tweeted about it and changed my FB status.


What is your purpose?

It makes my day if I make your day a little more enjoyable. Pretty simple, huh?

Could I do more?

Absolutely; but who couldn’t, and how much is enough? At the end of the day when they are looking at my balance sheet, I can assure you I will have a lot more entries on the plus side.

How do you know? Because I said so, and if I say it, you can take it to the bank.

Take it for what it’s worth; have some fun, do some good, make someone smile today. It’s chicken noodle soup for the soul.

Make a difference.


52 thoughts on “The passing of Bill Dorman

  1. Hi Bill
    “What gives meaning to your life; what puts that smile on your face?” To me, if you have good answers to those two questions, you can throw away all your self help books and write one.

    • First and foremost, be happy with yourself and your efforts. Do that and most everything else will fall into place.

      Good to see you Riley; hope all is well in the great white North.

  2. “have some fun, do some good, make someone smile today.” – That is a good enough goal for me.
    I am trying to live that on a daily basis. Finally that’s what matters in the balance sheet of life.
    Very well said. 😀 Hugs!
    That news article would have spooked me.

    • Scared me too; are you talkin’ to me?………:).

      I didn’t know any other Dorman’s growing up other than close relatives; now it seems they are crawling all over the place.

      It really can be as simple as have some fun, do some good; pretty basic but very effective for your state of mind.

      Always a pleasure to see you; I hope you have a fabulous week.

  3. Bill! You made me laugh!
    My mom and I visited on Saturday for a few hours. I call upstairs when I arrive and she’s always welcoming even if she’s in the middle of writing. That’s what I love about her.
    She wants to start going through her stuff in case she dies and I get to “honor her life by how I treat her stuff.” I really stressed. And I told her so. She’s writing a book that might never get finished. And she knows that. But she’s having fun. What will I do with the 1/2-finished book if that’s where she leaves it? I don’t know! I’m really not attached to stuff any more, but I love it if there’s a story behind something someone held on to for years or generations.
    I think a lot about life and death and the connection between the 2. People in general get very sad or resistant when talking about their own passing or one of their loved one’s. For me there’s a technique to staying connected. It’s all in my head. Nobody has to do more than talk to me (nicely) for the relationship to start growing. Even my dead friends and family! What a bummer it would be if we all poofed into thin air when we passed.
    I let my brothers keep her stuff. I’ll keep our relationship strong with memories and ongoing conversations.:)
    I think if we learn to do what comes to our mind, like sharing thoughts and checking in on each other, that’s what will make us feel like our lives are rich.

    • But she’s having fun; is there anything else as important?

      Maybe you will have the urge and wisdom to finish the book or make it your story too.

      I’ve never wanted much for stuff when a relative has passed. I have some of my father’s ‘stuff’ and would like to pass it on to my two boys, but even then, after awhile it just becomes ‘stuff.’ It is the memories that I hold onto the tightest.

      Everybody has a story…..

  4. Geesh, roller coaster of emotions with this post, Bill…

    In my mind, there’s no need to keep count. I don’t need accolades and ‘at a boy’ from anybody.

    I live, therefore I am and if I have peace between myself and my loving creator, that’s all I need. That’s all anybody needs.

    The greatest source of peace, wholeness, comfort, and joy doesn’t come from from outside sources – not family, your bestest of friends, or your greatest moments in life.

    The most profound of these is experienced during the loneliest, scariest, darkest season’s of your life when nobody can come to your rescue.

    When you’re lifted out of the darkness during these times of your life – that’s when you know you’re not alone and the power to fulfill your destiny isn’t in your hands.

    It’s in the hands of the one carrying you through your journey.

    Dumb title, I did not like it. But I can be serious like that sometimes 😮

    • Hey, I just copied my Google alert; I was curious if that was how I was going to be notified my time was up now that I’m such a big deal in social…..:).

      Outside sources will not sustain you and some of these people who keep pushing hard seeking fame and fortune as way of validation, they might not like who they become along the journey.

      I think we all want to feel like we have made a difference; and some might think ‘how can I do that?’ It’s the little things, helping others, that’s all you need to do.

      Good to see you Mr Mark.

  5. I’m lucky when it comes to many of the questions you ask in this post. I’ve been married for 37 years to my high school sweetheart, I have kids and grand kids. The answers to purpose and happiness are answered when I see my family and interact. Don’t get me wrong. There are some family members I would rather not see that often but that’s the thing with family. Even though I’m happy and feel I’m pretty well off in the purpose department I will probably still kick and scream when my numbers up. If I see a notice about my passing my hope is that I take it as well as you did. 🙂

    • Yeah, family you are kind of stuck with; good or bad………..:).

      37 years, congrats; we will hit 30 next Feb but no grand kids yet. However, my youngest is moving back to Lakeland to start working for the firm I’ve been with for………….30 years, imagine that; he will start Wednesday. I’m looking forward to working with him.

      I’m not going to go easy; my grandmother (who lived in 3 different centuries) lived to be 102 so maybe I have it in there somewhere.

      Thanks for stopping by Doug, I do appreciate it.

  6. Thank goodness I’m the only Jayme Soulati in the whole wide world. No kidding. Sorry you got a shock; remember my 20 Things To Do Before I Die post? That thing became a viral meme. Our legacy on the Interwebz lives ON and ON and ON. By goodness, look at all the stupid video our kids can find of us now…scary.

    • And you thought all the stuff you did in high school might come back to haunt you; now it’s what we are doing on the web……….:). We just never learn…..

      I didn’t think there were that many Dorman’s out there; but with the progression of social and access to all the information you can imagine; I have found there are a lot more than I thought. My chances of being a long lost heir have been greatly diminished.

      One thing I did do was genealogy research into my direct family line of Dormans. It has allowed me to meet some ‘cousins’ I would have never known we were related; that was pretty cool.

      Good to see you Ms Triberr; figure that stream out yet?

    • At the end of the day, yes, it is enough. Just live while you are here and let the chips fall where they may. I’m sure there will probably be a time when we are all gone and it won’t mean anything really.

    • Yeah, a black hole. In fact, I hear that’s what they call you on the basketball court; throw the ball to Wilner and it’s like throwing it into the black hole, it will go in, but never come back out.’……………:). I had to throw that in; we did used to play with a ‘shooter’ that if you passed it to him, don’t expect to see the ball again.

      The ‘right’ people will know you made a difference, I have no doubt about that.

  7. I am a legend in my own mind…….and that’s where it will stay…….:-) Even Kafka had his day. Just a day too late to revel in it but then again that’s not why I do it.
    Make a difference? I still hope to. Someday. One day at a time, buddy, one day at a time.

    • We are making a difference; it might not be flashy or newsworthy, but we are making a difference every day.

      Not only am I a legend in my own mind; the older I get the better I was………:).

      One foot in front of the other; just showing up is half the battle.

    • It’s true; and not only making me fat but making me more prone to injury when I am active. Sheeeeesh……..

      If I wanted to be CEO of General Electric I could be, but I’m kind of busy with social right now.

      Good to see you sir; hope your weekend went well.

  8. Boy, that headline scared me a little Bill. Was hoping I’d drop by and you’re teaching us yet another valuable lesson about life. Thank goodness I was right and you didn’t disappoint.

    I know I’ve mentioned this before but when my Dad passed away it was in February. We seldom have really cold winters but on the day we celebrated the end of his life we had a freeze. Some of our relatives couldn’t even get here but the church was standing room only. My Dad impacted a LOT of lives. He was funny, entertaining, giving, caring, a great friend and family man. I hope I can be remembered for even a quarter of how he was.

    Helping people is what I’m here for. Oh, and making them feel pretty good with my humor and positive energy. Yep, that’s how I hope to be remembered Bill.


    • It’s the givers who seem to be remembered most fondly and even though it’s debatable you would actually see your service; you would probably be surprised at some of the lives you did touch and took the time to show up.

      I’ll bet that was bittersweet to see all the support for your dad. Sad that it was his funeral, but glad he had such an impact.

      You are doing a great job in your own right.

      Thanks for stopping by; always a pleasure.

  9. I don’t know how many will know me when I am gone, but this birthday I decided to do something that made me feel much nicer about my footprints in the whole world. I started volunteering at a local hospital here and my birthday was my first day there. Meeting terminal patients is a little overwhelming but you get to learn so much from them.

    I always talk about helping people. Maybe my being there for some might make a huge change. If one person smiles, I feel my mission accomplished.

    • That is pretty heavy duty, especially when it is someone’s last days. But there is so much you can learn I’m sure you will find it very rewarding even if it does make you sad when they leave. I’ll bet it gives you a sharper focus on what really is important in life and what is not even worth the time of day to give a second thought to.

      Some might be alone in there last days and just they fact you are there is probably a pretty big deal.

      Bravo for you.

      Happy birthday.

  10. So reports of your passing are greatly exaggerated?

    Good to know you’re still with us, Bill. I was worried for a moment. I had three friends pass within 14 months, all three I was connected with on Facebook and the annual reminder of their birthdays still catches my breath.

    I hope that my heirs keep my blog going for at least a week after I die. After that the tech will be outdated anyway. 😉

    Yes, I think about these things a lot since my mother died young. If I only have a short time on this Earth, what do I want my legacy to be? I hope people remember me as someone who enjoyed helping others. And liked tech. 🙂

    • Only slightly exaggerated; I might smell like I died but I’m still here.

      True story; this weekend after I did my yard duty on Sat I noticed my back was hurting. Not too bad, but popped a couple of Advil because they seem to do the best. On Sunday, I decided to go to the high school and hit some tennis balls and golf balls. I was working on my backhand so I was swinging the racket a little different than normal (two-handed vs one-handed). I put the racket up and then went on the soccer field to hit golf balls; after a couple of shots my chest started hurting so bad it took my breath away and I had to stop. I thought I either pulled a chest muscle or I was having a heart attack.

      My first thought? I wondered if this post was going to be prophetic and wondered if I could get my wife to post it……….:).

      It really did hurt that bad, but my family has absolutely no history of heart problems and my life style choices don’t make me susceptible to a heart attack so I self-diagnosed the muscle pull. Maybe not the smartest thing to do, but I’m still here, right?

      Maybe I better ‘coach’ my wife what to do w/ my blog in the case of my untimely demise, huh?

      I’m sure you will be remembered fondly. Anyone who will allow a serial killer in their house w/ young children probably deserves a star………..doh…….

      You do help others and always have kind words to say; that’s living a good life in my book. Good to see you.

        • I did, but my doctor said my wife had already called and said not to worry about it………..doh………..

          I appreciate your concern and if I thought it was a really a heart attack I would have been the first to call 911. It was painful, really painful, but I truly thought it was muscle related because I had already had some pain.

          It’s now Tuesday and I’m still here and even went to the gym yesterday morning, so unless there is another ‘episode’ I will protect my co-pay on my insurance……..:).

          Seriously, I’m ok……..

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          • 《香港再出發宣言》前言1.1 香港回歸十二年,經歷了多方面的折騰,儘管還有不少優勢,但面對當前的全球經濟危機,香港的政治、經濟、社會、民生,都處於十字路口,香港七百萬市民與政府都需要深入反思,再闖前途。1.2 眾所周知,香港目前政治內耗不斷,管治危機揮之不去;經濟缺乏新動力和增長點,香港經濟優勢加速下滑;社會貧富懸殊,機會減少,紛爭加劇,民生日趨困難;令人更担憂是社會缺乏共識、凝聚力和進取性。朝目前的軌跡發展下去,香港有可能陷於失序的境况。**香港社會欠缺共識和凝聚力?當然。一個缺乏民意基礎,又拒絕聽取民意,但是又突然「代表香港人」的香港政府,怎能凝聚市民?至於「政治內耗」一詞,就經常被親中團體採用,它的意思大概是政府說甚麼、推出甚麼,市民都要接受,不可以提出意見,一有反對意見就有爭拗,就有內耗。簡單一句,「政府面前,人人含忍」。1.3 如果香港市民及政府不勇於面對挑戰,堅持信念,承擔責任,重拾以前的幹勁,為香港的前途拼搏、扭轉劣勢;香港將會在祖國壯大中邊緣化,在激烈競爭中沉淪,誰也救不了香港。1.4 我們不應被香港目前遇到的困難難倒,並拋棄目前錯誤的發展軌跡,在這關鍵的時刻建立共識,再出發、闖前途。認識中國2.1 香港與國家:今天的香港,是回歸中華人民共和國成為特別行政區的香港,是一國兩制憲法框架下的香港。這是客觀的現實。儘管不少香港市民對中國內地政權有不同的看法,這事實是無法改變的。**在香港,誰要搞港獨?有多少人不認同香港是回歸中國的香港?反而是作者對內地的政權有奇怪的看法,認為中國一定要在中國共產黨的手中,不能走向民主。2.2 中興的中國:儘管中國政府在過去的六十年,在發展的過程中犯了不少重大的錯誤;但是,尤其是自改革開放以來,中國各方面的成就有目共睹,雖然仍面對不少急須解決的問題。最重要的是,它帶領中華民族再次站起來,擺脫百多年來的民族恥辱,進入小康,復興在望。作為參與其事的中國人一份子,亦深受鼓舞,深感自豪。**自改革開放以來,中國各方面的成就有目共睹,唯獨是在政治和公民權利,及言論自由方面,並無寸進。中國政府近來要求新的進口電腦安裝「綠壩─ 花季護航」互聯網內容過濾軟件,又是什麼進步呢?是言論自由嗎?認識「一國兩制」下的香港3.1 政治:香港市民享有高度自由,並受到法律保障。香港暫時還未能實行普選行政長官及全面普選立法會議員,但是已經有了2017年普選行政長官,和2020年全面普選立法會議員的明確時間表。**為何要2017和2020?為什麼不是2012?更令人憤怒的是部份親中人士認為,普選不一定是一人一票,十分無恥。由於缺乏管治經驗,再加上體制上的缺陷,特區政府有不少施政失誤,需要汲取經驗,努力改進。香港市民亦需要積極支持政府依法施政,維持香港的繁榮、穩定和發展。**「依法」?依甚麼法?依惡法嗎?依功能團體所立的法嗎?「法治」的概念,原本並不止是講「依照法律」,同時也講究立法的程序能反映民意。為什麼「法治」來到中國和香港,它的原意就不斷被剝奪,最後剩下「依法」?3.2 經濟:香港經濟太受地產發展的影響:地價、樓價及租金關係政府財政、市民財產及營商環境與成本。在周邊競爭力提升的挑戰下,香港已經面臨產業必須作重大結構調整的關鍵時刻。香港經濟的持續發展,寄望於新的增長點。我們不能昧於形勢,故步因循,無視自身競爭力的退步。作為第三產業主導的經濟體系,香港的工資結構不利低學歷、低技術的青年及中高齡人士;財富及入息差距擴大是一直困擾着香港的結構性問題。作為高速發展的中國經濟一個部分,以及「一國兩制」的優勢,是我們至今遠沒有用足的巨大機遇。政府需要扮演一個更積極的角色,促進經濟轉型和提升,大企業要騰出空間,使經營成本平穩下降,讓中小企業能立足和成長。**這一段是本人唯一可以認同的一段,唯一的希望就政府在促進經濟轉型和提升上不要「講多過做」。3.3 社會文化:香港是多元社會,社群、族群、人群關係可算融洽,對少數人的不同意見及權益是尊重的。**「對少數人的不同意見及權益是尊重的」,你是認真的嗎?香港貧富懸殊嚴重。但香港的貧窮是富裕社會的貧窮,窮人及社會低下階層得到的各種社會補助還算足夠。政府除了繼續維持這必要的社會安全網之外,還要通過各種手段降低社會不公,讓最多市民能分享經濟發展的成果。香港是商業城市,香港對弱勢社群的關懷,對文化及環境的保育有所不足,需要致力改進,並保持社會整體趨多元化方向發展。香港深受移民社會的過客心態、西方自由思想及個人主義的影響,對社會整體利益,尤其是長期利益不夠重視。這種取向優點在於發揮競爭力,靈活善變;但是過份重視個人利益的最大化,個人或個體利益凌架社會利益,不願意為社會付出代價,是香港社會及環境劣質化的根由。在個人和集體利益之間,我們需要另一個平衡點。**其實都有少少道理,不過作者有必要介定甚麼是「社會利益」。我並不希望「代表香港人認為經濟發展可以唔認殺人」、停止爭取普選、京人治港等成為「社會利益」。我們的價值4.1 愛國愛港:儘管有香港市民認為他們愛的是文化的中國、民族的中國,對中國的政權、政策、施政表現有不同的看法,有所不滿是完全正常的。但是中國是一個實實在在的實體政權;中華人民共和國是我們的祖國。香港與中國整體在文化、歷史、地理、經濟都榮辱與共,不可分割;香港和整個中國的利益長遠而言,完全一致。愛香港,不可能不愛中國;愛國就是愛實質上代表中國的中華人民共和國。**「中國是一個實實在在的實體政權」?中國幾時成為了實體政權?當然國家是一個實體,但是國家從來不等同政權。作者這種論調,顯示他有必要重新返回學校,學習最基礎的「國家」概念。4.2 社會和諧:我們承繼的傳統社會和諧價值,要求香港市民和衷共濟,事事從他人設想,追求雙贏,而不追求一己利益最大化。這樣社會才會和諧,整體社會質素才會改善。而在現代社會,社會和諧價值的實踐是要求政府依法施政,司法公正,無論強者、弱者、富者及貧者都要依法辦事。社會要顯彰公義及愛心,尤其對弱勢社群關懷、照顧。因此,尊重傳統,弘揚公義,發揚愛心,維護司法公正,是構建和諧社會的基本元素。**和諧、雙贏?本來呢,講和諧、講雙贏,是成熟社會的標誌。有說「君子和而不同」,但是有親中人士講和諧,其實是「政府講哂」,市民一定要Say Yes,一Say No就是不和諧。親中人士以為可以將這種A貨「和諧」推銷給香港市民,認真低智。4.3 民主自由:儘管香港市民對民主自由的實踐有不同的看法,絕大部分都認同民主自由是值得肯定的價值,是以人為本管治哲學的本義。這即是說政府要有認授性,權力要有制度上的制衡,要向公民交待施政理念及措施,並要接受公民的監督,承擔施政失誤的責任。民主自由亦表示公民有參政、議政權利,有表達意見的自由。**民主就是一人一票,絕對不只是參政、議政的權利。作者推銷A貨「民主」,實在無恥。4.4 自力更生:香港今天的成就是幾代人努力、拼搏、勤奮及自主精神的體現。香港今天的富裕容易使我們忘記自力更生價值的堅持,忘記個人努力、責任承擔的重要性。然而,自力更生同時要求政府要創造有利的條件,使所有香港市民可以在公平的起點上拼搏,追求自己的「香港夢」;並要對不能自助者及弱勢社群,尤其有工作的貧窮家庭提供足夠的保障,使他們獲得社會普遍認許的生活水平。**尚可接受我們的信念5.1 權責並重、跨代公義:如果每一位香港市民只重視自己權利,不重視自己責任;社會只會紛爭四起,內耗不息。長遠而言,一個重權輕責的香港不可能持續發展;香港市民會愧對我們的下一代。因此,我們不單止要問香港為你做了什麼,更要問你自己為香港做了什麼,為香港的下一代留下了什麼? 為民族復興貢獻了什麼?**又是內耗,又是社會責任,本人已經在上文表達了自己的立場,不再在此回應。5.2 發揮主人翁精神:香港是每一位香港市民的香港,我們不要因為政制未完備,便認為特區政府施政的績效及錯失與我無關。實際上,特區政府管治的得失,和市民憂喜與共。因此,我們有責任協助政府提升香港的管治。**你在說甚麼?市民就是覺得特區政府的施政與自己息息相關,才批評政府的施政。5.3 對香港的遠景有信心:我們不單只要對中國的遠景有信心,更要對香港的遠景有信心。中國今天的成就來得不易;它是幾代人付出了犧牲,付出了理想,貢獻了他們青春,以至生命所換來的。同樣道理,香港今天的成就得來不易:市民需要和衷共濟,摒棄成見,抱積極進取的態度,重現活力。5.4 熱愛香港,願意付出:愛的偉大之處在於感情的付出,承擔的精神。只要香港市民上下一心,正視香港是自己的家;大家多講承擔,多講雙贏、和諧,多關懷弱勢社群,創造和諧公義的社會,我們熱愛的香港一定會有美好的明天。我們愛香港,香港是我們的家。我們願意承擔,為香港整體利益付出。我們不會被目前面對的問題、困難難倒。我們決心與香港七百萬市民齊心協力,面對挑戰,打敗困難,共同努力建設香港更美好的明天!**5.3和5.4都再講和諧、雙贏,我快悶死了。**小結:**創造更美好的香港,是香港人共同的目標。不過,部份親中人士,不斷以無知(或者無恥)的言論,推銷其A貨「法治」、A貨「和諧」、A貨「社會利益」甚至A貨「民主」。接受A貨公民價值並不會使社會進步,反而會令香港更不公平。希望香港人對「民主」、「法治」等概念更為清晰,購買正貨。

          • Christmas Cookie Walk at Agape Church of the BrethrenDon’t have time to make homemade cookies or candy for the holidays? Don’t like to bake? Have a last minute get-together and need dessert? We have the solution for YOU! Come to the “Christmas Cookie Walk” at Agape Church of the Brethren, 11610 Lima Rd. (between Carroll and Dupont Roads) on Saturday, December 8, from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon. We will have many different varieties to tempt your taste buds. Some of the cookies featured will be: holiday cut-outs, buckeyes, peanut butter blossoms, monster cookies, and many more. We will also have a limited number of homemade Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples decorated for Christmas. Mark your calendars and get there early for best selection of these yummy treats at only $6.00/lb. Proceeds will be used for Women’s Fellowship projects and Outreach Ministries.In addition, holiday and gift items, handmade by Agape craftpersons, will be sold. A variety of wooden, quilted, knitted, crocheted, and “crafty” specialties are available with proceeds going to the Agape Women’s Fellowship projects. AND the youth group will be selling HUGE jelly beans as a fund raiser for their activities.Lots will be happening – hope you can join us! For more information call the church office at 260-489-6908.

          • National Memory Screening DayFree, confidential memory screenings for anyone concerned about memory loss and early Alzheimer’s disease detection and intervention, sponsored by Visiting Angels in cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.WHEN:Tuesday November 13 2012Noon – 4pmWHERE:Avalon Missionary Church. 1212 Lower Huntington Rd. Fort Wayne IN 46819INFO:National Memory Screening Day is an annual initiative of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA). Visiting Angels is proud to be a partner in this important first step in finding out if someone has a memory problem, and in helping patients and families become aware of the resources and assistance that is available.While a memory screening is not a substitute for a consultation with a physician, it can help to determine whether additional testing is warranted. With as many as 5.1 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease, and many more with mild cognitive impairment and dementia, early detection and intervention can be critical to making informed decisions for greater health and quality of life.For more information on memory screening and resources to assist with ageing in place, cognitive impairment, mild dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease, contact Visiting Angels at 260-482-CARE (2273).

        • Speaking of bad ideas, I love the new VW commercial where the horn honks when the guy is getting ready to do something ‘stupid’. Like when he is getting ready to go out on a date and he starts to spray the cologne down his pants and the horn honks………bad idea….:)

  11. They say that on their death bed, few people lament the fact that they didn’t spend enough time at the office. I try to keep that in mind as I trudge along on this entrepreneurial path to ‘perceived’ success. I think I’ll be happy knowing that I left this world having made my kids feel loved and valued.

    My head is spinning from all of your questions.

    • Too many questions? Is anybody perfect? Absolutely not; but we can live our lives trying to be good people and lifting up others around us. That sounds like a purposeful life to me….and sometimes it really is just the little things that matter the most.

      Perceived success; is it $50k more in the bank account than you currently have, is it that new BMW, or is it happy with what you have and knowing you are giving it your best effort…..and enjoying the journey along the way? Oops….another question…….

      Ditto on making the kids feeling loved and valued; I help bring them into this world (yes, I had the easy part….:) but there are very few things I would have done differently as a parent. That’s all we can ask, right?

  12. That’s why I am not using Google Alert 🙂

    Scary stuff. On the other hand, I’ve been thinking that I really don’t want to know what other people are saying about me. If I don’t know, I’ll just think that they are saying good things 🙂

    • I like you way of thinking; if I don’t know what they are saying how can it hurt me, right?

      I see you’ve made it through twice w/out a spam release; maybe it was your google alert……good to see you.

  13. Thankfully not many Tim Bonner’s come up on Google alert!

    My purpose? To make mine and my family’s life easier, fulfilling, stable, happy and rewarding.

    • Sounds like a good purpose to me; and part of that is to get you in the right mindset to accomplish all that. It’s all a part of the journey….

      Filter your Google alert to only show the good stuff…..

      Good to see you.

  14. Great reminder about what life is REALLY about. Sometimes, we become way too caught up in things that don’t matter when it’s all said and done. Love the phrase “body of work”. I think that’s what we’re all shooting for (or should be). We our end comes, we want to be proud of the impact we’ve made on this earth….or, at least, I do. 🙂

    • Some things really aren’t that important and we get caught in the trap of trying to chase perfection. Sometimes if you just take care of the little stuff really well everything else will be ok.

      Thanks so much for stopping by; it sure was nice to see you.

  15. I’m not ready for a week without Bill Dorman, Jack Steiner, or John Magnet Bell. So I was glad to see you’re still with us. Your post reminds me to ask – how’s your novel coming along?

    I suppose there won’t be blog posts, tweets, last #FFs or 21 gun salutes for me. I’m ok with that. If I can finish my novel, get it published and sell 50,000 copies in the first month – I’d feel lucky. But if I don’t, I’d still feel lucky and grateful. I have lived larger than ever I could have imagined, my friend. And friends were a big part of that.

    And as Mark is right to note, living large must include living with divine presence. And I do. And I am grateful.

    Recently on my blog:
    Princes of the universe

    • Very profound but it certainly has merit; live life w/ meaning.

      It’s funny, because I do have my phone so I still ‘see’ everything, but I have to go cold turkey for the week.

      The novel is still inside my head, I really need to get purposeful with that. Adam Toporek and I have had discussions and it gave me some direction.

      I hope your week goes well.

  16. Like @soulati, I’m one of a kind, at least as far as the name goes. It was a burden to bear in grade school (the first day of class always included the teacher asking if Rosie Barrett was present, and all the kids “twittered”). So I don’t plan to read about Barrett’s passing on Google Alerts.

    It’s sad to hear about Bill’s passing. I Googled your name once to look at your page rank. It was no surprise to see at the top of the page, but those other Bills were all over the place. I probably read about the late Bill.

    It’s a bit strange to think about our digital footprint surviving long after we’re gone. We’ve lost a few people lately and I sometime get automtic email alerts about their birthdays, etc. Spooky? Or just a reminder to live a good live, and give people happy memories when your gone?

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