I am very disappointed in you

You really had me fooled; I truly thought I was a better judge of character than that. You said if I hitched my wagon to your train we were going to go places; we were going to make real money.

You didn’t tell me it was real Monopoly money.

You also didn’t tell me I already know more than you in here.

When I signed on I really did not expect to be stranded out here looking for a ride home.

I am very disappointed in you.

You must be looking in the mirror

Oh; I thought that dude looked familiar.

Didn’t you write a post back in January about all the great things that would be happening around here? How did that work out for you? It looks like you are light years away from that guy, huh?………………….not…………………..

It’s the same ol’ bull spit, just more days off the calendar.

Dorman, you still suck.

Man up, then

This sounds like a post full of angst and a plea for help; if I have to tell you what your mission is then I might as well do your damn work too. Why don’t you just go find someone who is rockin’ it big and do the same thing?

That would be too easy……or too hard. The people that are really making it in social are flat working their butt’s off. They are posting 47 times a week, they have 3 different blogs, they are spending more time in airports than they are at home, and oh yeah, they are still trying to finish that book.

And I see a lot more who are flat working their butts off and aren’t even close and starting to question whether they will ever make it.

And……some are trying to fit a day job and life in there on top of everything else.

That sure sounds like it would be cutting into a lot of my ‘me’ time. I would have to ask myself how much of that is sustainable and how much of that goes away immediately as soon as I get off the hamster wheel? Does that really look like success to me?

Or am I just stroking my ego?

I think I’d rather be sitting around the house all day unshaven, in my skivvies and wife beater, eating potato chips while writing semi-erotic romance novels.

Only you can answer those questions

That is correct.

A couple of things I do know however; if I do nothing different than I have been doing, I should fully expect pretty much the same results. If I’m happy with those results, then I need to just keep my yap shut.

If I want things to change, I, and I alone have to take the first step to make it happen. Yes, there are many in social who can help me along this journey, but I have to be willing to get out of the door first.

I’ve done everything I can with the just showing up MO. I’m pretty sure my shtick has run it’s course and whoever is out there that needed to discover me, has had that opportunity to do so; and yes, this will be as good as it gets without change.

But you have so much potential

Obviously, I’m the next A-lister, right? Talk about the kiss of death; I’ve seen sooooo many in my industry of commercial insurance sales who had potential. In fact, they were can’t miss candidates and we even threw a bunch of money at them. Out of that entire bunch of about 12-15 people, only two lived up to their billing.

Talk is cheap; and there sure is a lot of talk going on in social.

Please, whatever you do, never put me on the potential pedestal.

So, who are you disappointed in then?

If I say me, it’s only because I know I can play the social game and be successful at it, if that’s what I decided to do. There has to be enough want to as well, to even have a chance of making it happen.

But that is not necessarily matching up for me right now.

I hear it was supposed to be easy to make money in here? Apparently a lot of people think that.

So what’s the point then?

I really enjoy networking and really enjoy people and learning about what makes them tick. As long as I have the time and it doesn’t detract from my awesomeness in my day job, then sign me up. It’s just an extension of what I do every day anyway.

I’m not disappointed in my efforts and if you stick around here because you find some value, I appreciate you more than you will know. If you left because I didn’t fit into your plans as you move forward or drop out; I’m sorry but it was a pleasure getting to know you and I only wish you much success.

I’m not looking for anyone to make me successful; but if you happen to blow up and make it big, I will be sure to tag along. I can drop a name……….:).



61 thoughts on “I am very disappointed in you

    • I was just going for a semi-creepy mental image kind of thing. I really am an outside kind of guy, I don’t like being cooped up too long.
      I changed the theme just for grins; we’ll let it run for awhile I suppose.
      Hope your day went well.

  1. I think that Dino and Dan had it right when they created Triberr. But I’m just as sure that none of us truly understand or are committed to the tribe paradigm. I’ve watched a zillion tweets of one of my posts with barely an increase in readers. What’s funny is that I expected them (the tweets) to reflect an increase in interest. I’m pretty careful about tweeting, but not always. I don’t have time to read all of them.But that’s only because I joined too many tribes. The two I started with were enough, I’ve learned.
    Are we really helping each other online? Nah. I don’t think so. ’cause as soon as the online monster becomes your friend he eats you up. But, I have friends online. So, I’m here. Sometimes. I think if you’re making money from blogging it’s because it’s attached to your website. The blog is a tab up top. I don’t know enough about making money from the ads that some blogs have…but I’ll bet that author loves to write!
    Thems is all of my thoughts for this bright and cheery day!

    • Amen sister. Agreed on the Triberr front. New tribe for me with 80+ members got me no less than 20 new followers and multiple tweets with no discernible increase in traffic. plus I have no time to be social with THAT many people. I go places where I feel I have friends or can make a new one.

    • Well, you either got your keyboard fixed or got a new one, huh? No more missing eyes……

      I’m close to a 20 mil Triberr reach; that is crazy. If I don’t check my Triberr stream at least twice a day it’s a train wreck. I will say I have noticed a slight uptick in visitors and a few new people took the time to stop by. A few I even reciprocated and went to their post, but I guess one visit was all they could stomach………:).

      I like to help others when I can but sending out a re-tweet is probably not doing too much. The twitter stream runs so fast I don’t see how anybody can pick something out. It is extremely rare I will go to a random tweet and open it up and I’m all over social.

      For now it will be status quo, but I’m starting to get a little restless again as I want some purpose to all this. Time will tell………

      • You make a point about the Twitter stream running so fast, and it certainly does. I have two lists that I have used and they move at a much more reasonable pace. One list, “The Conversationalists” are people who like to hang out and chat on Twitter, and the other “Bloggers of Interest” is there to remind me of the blogs I like to read.

        I’ve not joined any tribes, but it sounds like I’ve missed the boat on being involved and getting visits to my blog.

        It was really nice of you to stop over, today. I haven’t fixed the floaty thing yet, but it is on my list.

        • I have two main lists as well; people I talk to and locals. However, I still spend much more time in the blogs than I do on twitter.

          I have you sent you a Triberr invite and I have a handful of writers in there and some other people you would know. You can get in a Tribe and observe only if you so choose. You can also get out with just a click of the button.

          You might want to try it; it’s pretty safe.

          Good to see you Brian.

  2. Hey Bill, I like the new theme! What a lovely surprise to arrive here and see you’ve redecorated. (I’m not a fan of left sidebars, but you can’t chase me away that easily!) The font is so easy to read, love it!

    Sorry you’re disappointed in me, but I’m trying my best. It’s tough, though, with all the great tech out there, just trying to figure it out and then share it with others.

    It is pretty amazing how, when the wheat separates from the chaff, you are surprised at who is left. Some people who I thought were going to rock the world kind of fell by the wayside.

    I’m glad you’re still rocking it, Bill.

    • I like to go back to some of my older posts and see who was there; some were ‘names’ and appeared to have it all figured out. Some of those same names are long gone and my guess is, never to return. I miss them and hope their new journey is a good one, but sad nonetheless.

      I tried a few new themes and this seemed to have a nice look to it; the left sidebars made it a little busy, but I think I will run with this for awhile. I don’t want anybody to think I can’t change……..:).

      Ha, you rock Philadelphia Inquirer; I’ve never been disappointed in you. Me, and several others will be featured in a monthly publication our local paper puts out for the month of October listing the apps we use. Maybe that will put me over the top, huh?

      Rock on…….

      • I would be curious to know what the Top is, which you are striving to get over? Is it 1000 views per day, 10,000, revenue of $13,281.53 cents per month? Do you mind sharing the top with us?

        • The top to me would be anything sustainable; whether it’s your community that continues to grow which will help create other opportunities. Or, if it’s income driven, that it’s sustainable at whatever level. If I’m working harder in here to make a fraction of what I do IRL, I think I’ll pass.

      • You are a tech guru! Congrats on getting the tech journalism gig. Well done. Send me the link if it’s online.

        Don’t pay any attention to my sidebar preferences. This blog is all about you. Besides, I’m left-handed so I’m far from the norm. 😉

        • It is all about me…:)

          I think it will be out next wk; I tried to send them my Avatar and they wouldn’t take it. I had to go down there and have my picture taken. Hopefully, it was a good hair day…

  3. My, what big eyes, er font size you have:) Another change from Agent 86…you’re always keeping us guessing and on our toes. I’m in a really good place right now, as I’ve stopped chasing and have put my focus on carving my own path. Yes, that’s what each of us “should” do, but in those heady start-up days, it was easy to be romanced by the “experts” and “gurus” and “A-listers”.

    It certainly helps to have friends who have your back;) When I recently went through a kick in the gut (not literally, of course, although it felt like it), it took only a short time to make lemonade out of lemons (or maybe I should make beer out of hops next time?) I’ve stopped frequenting places that only cause me disappointment or chopped-liver-syndrome, and am expanding my world into areas and with people more aligned with where I’m going. I’m sending my dogsled and snowshoes to you, because I want to be sure we’re riding together. Cheers! Snowshoes

    • Beer out of hops; I’m all in…….

      Even though I’m still all over the place, I don’t feel I’m able to really dig in like I used to. I’m more of a drive-by guy these days and even though you are ‘seen,’ I think it takes you off the radar to a certain degree. However, that’s the way it has to be if I’m going to visit all my peeps. Hopefully you are ok with a little piece of me instead of none at all.

      Even at this juncture of our social existence, it can still be frustrating at times; but I would like to think I have ‘matured’ to the point that 99……..er, uh 90% of it doesn’t even register with me anymore.

      Find that happy place and hang in there m’dear; we will survive.

  4. That’s quite the photo. Bill’s serious side. I half expected a fart joke to go along with that image.

    I am sure IF you choose to be an A-Lister you will be one. Me, I have no time for that. Day job, IRL life, other creative pursuits and a career trajectory that requires serious attention only allows me to play this game from an armchair. I can still get out there with the boys and toss the pigskin around with the best of them but I don’t ever expect to be in the show.

    Having some great connections and making some new friends here has been a blast and hopefully will continue. just remember me when you hit the big time.

    Did you finally get the stains outta that wifebeater.

    • When? Didn’t you know I was already big time? Just ask me……….

      I wouldn’t even mind the hard work part, but it would have to be a tangible amount of income for me to get ‘all in.’ And I’m afraid if I was that deep in, it would take away from my day job efforts and my ability to make money there. Let’s just say I don’t need to get silly and just keep my eye on the ball for right now.

      Like you, I feel like I can throw the ball around enough to at least get invited to a scramble (sorry for mixing the sports……:).

      I like networking, it’s enough to sustain my efforts; good to see you sir.

      • I think we are on to something; I’m handing in my resignation right now………:).

        I think I told you, but my son will be starting with us next week; that’s pretty exciting to me.

      • I realize the writing stuff was a joke, but I’ve been blogging for over 1000 days now, and it has yielded 4 novels and 1 non-fiction. Writing a book is fun. You might enjoy it. (Editing a book is less fun. Three of my novels are in various stages of editing.)

        • I do want to write a book and I have at least two in my head. I’m having trouble taking that first step……

          I know if I wait until it’s a perfect time it will never come; I just need to start getting something down on paper and go from there.

  5. Hey Bill,

    Like the new look, I see you’ve been playing around with your theme. Nice…

    Oh crap, so sorry to hear you’re disappointed in me Bill. Heck, I tried riding on those coat tails darn it. I mean that is how you get rich online right! Buying into all the crap that’s being dished out. I mean I am just supposed to click that button and everything is automatically done for me right!

    I tell ya, I hear it all the time. People complaining because they haven’t gotten any further then where they are yet you ask them what they’ve been doing and there is their answer.

    You KNOW I’m big on relationship marketing so if everyone were to stick to that then people will start showing up. Even if it’s just to say Hey, what ya up to today! Those relationships can benefit you somewhere down the road or some are just pure enjoyment, I admit. Either way, that to me is what’s going to count in the long run.

    Thanks for calling us out. Some of us need it ya know! 😉


    • You have it figured out; a woman on a mission. You speak the truth and very quick to share your trials and tribulations. You will also be the first to dispel any get rich quick schemes. We have all seen the ones who think just because they are connected to many, that should mean instant riches without too much heavy lifting. Ha, that’s why we see so many falling by the wayside because not only is it hard work; it’s hard work all the time to sustain it.

      We are very similar with relationship marketing. Whatever success I have had has started with that; otherwise, I don’t feel I’m a very good salesperson. I am much more comfortable if you have had a chance to get to know me, or will provide an opportunity to get to know me. I have gone on many an initial visit and we don’t even talk about insurance; that can be very effective.

      Good to see you; thanks for the visit.

  6. I think you have a big future ahead of you, young man, whether you decide to just keep showing up, or if you take this social thing to a new level. Just make sure you balance all those potato chips with some low-impact cardio, or you’ll be forced to buy new clothes.

    • I was getting close to the new clothes gig; sitting in front of the computer will get you out of shape quick. However, I’ve got it going back in the right direction.

      There really is no magic dust; you just have to want it enough and be smart about it and you can make it happen. It just happens to be a lot more consistent commitment than most anticipate and that is where the dividing line is.

      The future is bright indeed; good to see you sir.

  7. In response to the Triberr comments, its a great way to discover new people to connect with, however, it doesn’t create relationships. That takes an investment of time and the very best of you, which is tough to scale.

    That’s what drives the relationships in this community and it’s just not realistic to beleive Triberr or any other app/ platform can manufacture substantive relationships, traffic, or interest.

    With anything worthwhile in life, you get out what you put in; especially if your growing your blog and personal brand on the social web by connecting and building relationships.

    Hey, I’ve never noticed those wrinkles on your forehead before… You better stop that, or they may not go away 😮

    I can’t tell if you’re angry or sitting on the toilet trying to make a poo poo… lol!

    The Doorman ROCKS!

    • My wife says the same thing ‘quit scrowling your forehead, you will get wrinkles’………..:).

      I have a much more serious look when I’m taking care of business on the throne.

      Relationships are the start; what you do with that is up to you. I guess one sign in how well you are doing is how many people are reaching out to you to either collaborate, participate in a podcast, discuss ideas, etc. I’ve had some of that in here, but not a huge amount. The ‘free’ WP account probably limits me at times from being considered a serious ‘player’ in here.

      But that’s ok as I’m not pro-active making it happen either.

      I’m in a good place for now; I’ll figure it out eventually.

      Good to see you Mark.

        • Interesting indeed; at times I have a vision what that might look like but I also know that comes with a commitment. I’m not one to take on a task unless I’m willing and able to give it my all.

          So far, what I do in here has been easy because all I have to do is show up. I want to make sure I’m ready to be ‘all in’ if I get serious about this stuff.

          Only time will tell I suppose.

  8. When my number comes up (and it will) I will need to purchase some hefty commercial insurance so have no fear, I know your number. 😉

    You can make money online and you can do it from blogging. I know because I have done it and am doing it. Haven’t made enough for me to call it significant, but it is better than a kick in the pants.

    A few thoughts to consider:

    The extra reach that Triberr provides is good, but it is value is limited. If you figure out how to make it more than just broadcasting a message and convert it into engagement you have a stronger tool to work with.

    Engagement is your best friend, at least when it comes to monetizing your blog. It is a tool you can use to sell sponsorships and those are usually better than trying to sell ads based upon CPMs, CPCs and CPAs. Most of us don’t have enough traffic to make those work as well as we would like them to.

    Sponsorships are different. Flat free sold each month means you know exactly what you are getting paid, but that is tied into a different conversation.

    Each of us needs to ask and answer why we are here and what we hope to accomplish. It is not something you have to share here in the comments. It is just what we need to know to help construct a plan of action. That plan doesn’t have to be anything more sophisticated, it than just have fun,it all depends on what you want.

      • Please do, I’ve been trying to copy and paste most of Josh’s work because I’m sure he wouldn’t miss it……..:)

    • Hefty insurance premiums are always cool…….:). I’ll sign you up any time.

      I would love to find a better way to engage w/ my new tribe mates, but man, the ranks have really swelled. If we can figure that out, we might be on to something.

      Just like any fundraiser, get the sponsors first because that is where you will make your money. Selling tickets is nice, but your money is in the sponsorship’s; everything else is chump change.

      My mission today, October 11th 2012 is to continue to network and maintain and grow a solid, sustainable community. I can’t decide if I just want to be a writer or something more business driven; or continue just being a goof.

      I’m waiting for some social guru introvert who struggles with the people side of this to bring me on board and build their base and community for a cool quarter of a mil per year. It would be money well invested……….:).

      If enough people see me, that person will find me…..I can feel it.

      That’s my story.

      • Start another six or seven blogs and when you finish chasing your tale you’ll go to bed knowing that your dreams are going to come true, at least that is what I keep telling myself.

  9. Hey Billy boy

    I’m kind of getting comfortable with where I’m going with blogging so I need to step it up a bit. Take a leaf out of your book I think.

    I always enjoy everything you write and that’s why I’m going to stick around.

    I tend to spend less time on Facebook and Twitter these days because blogging has become the new social network for me. I’m getting to meet so many new and interesting people that way.

    And if it all goes tits up, we can always drink that single malt and play a round of golf 😉

    • Almost my entire existence has been spent in the blogs; I do very little with twitter other than sending other posts out. FB I will wish someone a happy birthday and like a post or two; but that’s it. That probably doesn’t do well for a solid social existence, but it works for me.

      Thanks for your kind words; we will have that drink. And if you don’t want to play, you can be my caddie (I’ll only bring 3 clubs to keep my bad light………:).

      Good to see you Timbo.

  10. Hey Bill!
    I’m digging your “serious face” picture for this post. I suggest you do a photo shoot with tons of different expressions. Then choose one for every post you write. It’ll keep it interesting;)

    It is kind of crazy to see people come and go in this online world. I believe I ran into you out there somewhere when I was pretty new online. People come and go, and sometimes their agenda changes. I know that some of my goals have shifted over this time period. I still have the same end goal which is to earn a living online doing something I enjoy but to make enough money doing it that I can work less hours and spend more time with my family. So far I have the “working online” down. Now to get to that “less hours, more time with the family” part! I’ll get there. I have no doubt. I’m a motivated little sucker;)

    However it goes down for me, I have a feel I’ll still be stopping by here when I can. You haven’t lost me and I say whatever you decide to do–or not do–with this space is up to you and totally cool with me. Rock on, Bill Dorman:)

    • I was hanging around Brankica at the time and you won some contest I believe; when she featured you I think that is how I first met you. She’s was more ‘social’ back then but I’m guessing she is doing a great job with her online businesses. Every once in awhile I’ll bump into her.

      For now I can get by with the networking part of this; one of these days I might figure out something bigger than this. I sure have met some great people; like you.

      Good to see you; thanks for stopping by.

  11. I like the theme… easy on my old eyes. As for the picture, be careful or we’re going to start adding LOL Cat like captions to it!
    No disappointment here. You’re doing your thing, and people are into it. As long as you are having fun and don’t feel like you are wasting your time, that’s all you need to do.
    Anyway, it’s supposed to be about the journey, not the destination, right? I could swear I saw that on a bumper sticker — so it must be true.

    • Indeed, it must be true.

      I was getting paranoid using pics fr Google Images so I figured I was pretty safe in not suing myself. Of course, once my pic is out there, many things can happen with it…..and most aren’t good.

      I figure my blogging efforts are keeping me in the game and in the ‘know’ to a certain degree. If I decide to go in another direction I want to be very specific and purposeful with it, not some half-baked plan.

      Wasting my time? If it’s this or watching TV, I’ll choose this.

      Great to see you at Gini’s today; now you’ll make it big………:).

  12. You are disappointed because I came in late to the party or because I don’t write often? But I always show up. You do know that when people on my reader list go crazy, I will treat them for free… and therapists can be expensive. See, I am making the networking happen.

    As for Triberr, I am getting so much tweets but that’s just about it. I am still trying to play catch up and read every post in my tribal stream but that hasn’t been always possible.

    I love the theme, how come you get the best themes before I find them?

    And you posed for a pic for your post! Maybe a future in that? We buy your pics on flickr? 😉

    • I thought I’d try the male modeling gig….so far, I better stick w/ my day job…….:).

      I have too many tribes and too many tweets to try and stay up with; I have to go through a couple of times a days just to clean it up.

      I just need to find a way to be more engaging in there; hard w/ so many.

      Good to see you, hope your weekend went well; I’m never disappointed in you ma’am.

  13. Hey Bill,

    I’m still here, even though I have been in bed for the weekend with a cold. And today I’m going to attend a meeting and I hardly have a voice at all (sore throat). Talk about social 🙂

    I have been thinking a lot about blogging, social and marketing, especially since I was talking about it for 5 hours at a seminar on Thursday. And, the client asked me if they had to have it all figured out before they started blogging and going social, and after about a minute of silence, I said no. Just go out and have fun was my reaction, we’ll figure it out eventually.

    I hope you had some awesome pizza during the weekend Bill. I did, even though I couldn’t taste it 🙂

    • Had the mungus pizza box from Pizza Hut; it had two different pizzas, pasta and bread sticks. My youngest was in town so we stepped it up.

      My youngest starts with my firm tomorrow BTW; that’s kind of cool, huh?

      Have fun first, develop a community and then figure it out from there. Don’t forget the people part.

      Good luck w/ your cold….and voice; thanks for stopping by.

  14. Why are you disappointed in me? Maybe because I am not the first guy to comment? 😉

    Disappointment is something we all have to deal with, right ya? I think that we all have to have disappointment (you know, it’s one among those things for which we have to have a balance – a balance between satisfaction and disappointment). Plus, disappointment can teach us a lot of things 😉

    I have been disappointed in my efforts – plenty of times. But, in the end, I realize, it’s all good. I did achieve something – may not fit my expectations or others’ expectations (who cares about what others expect anyways? Should we? Yes, to an extent).

    Btw, I have dropped some comments on Triberr about what we should do – as a tribe 😉 Think about it 😉

    • Yes, sorely disappointed….why didn’t you stop by sooner………..:).

      Disappointment is part of the game; hopefully you don’t have too many ‘deal breaker’ disappointing moments though.

      The question to ask yourself, how important was it really; the disappointment? Is it really worth even making a big deal over?

      I saw your comments and think they have some merit. First and foremost, I need to figure out what to do with the mega tribes I’m now in. Man, did I start kicking out a bunch of tweets……….yikes………..

  15. Hi Bill, I think it’s marvelous that you have such a following; you’ve been terribly kind to me. I’m so glad we met–with no small thanks to John Bell. 🙂

    I’m intrigued by your posts and happy to hear that conformity is not one of your priorities. Certainly when representing a corporation, particular types of interactions and results would be expected and aimed for, but as individuals we have the freedom to be authentic. Operative words: “individuals” and “authentic.” I’m not exactly a rocking-chair social media-ite, but I’m not a NASCAR version either. As a freelance designer, I am constantly working towards deadlines, so my social is my time to slow down and enjoy. And I’m grateful for everyone I’ve met online; it takes all kinds.

    I hope you have a fabulous vacation!

    • Hey Terre; yes authenticity is key for me and I like to feel you get to see the real me social or business.

      There is a happy medium in social you can co-exist in and probably not a bad place to be.

      Because I have my phone, I still see everyone being social so it’s hard not to jump in, but I have taken a pledge……..:).

      Thanks for reaching out to me, I appreciate your friendship; talk to you soon.

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