Help me help you jump the hump

Ok, first and foremost don’t say send money. I get $60 dollars a week and fat boy gotsta eat. Just know if there is one pork chop left on a plate and you reach for it, you might be pulling a hand back with a fork embedded in it. This is the only warning I will give you.

I mean socially; if you need a hit man let’s Skype…I know people.

We are all trying to accomplish something in here, and thankfully some have a much clearer vision than others, but what is the one thing I can do that will benefit you the most?

You can share

I do, especially if you are in one of the tribes I’m in or if I’m a regular at your place.

But is that really worth anything? As many tweets as I send out, do you think it is really grabbing anybody’s attention? True story, I have had people drop me because my tweet stream overwhelms them….and I don’t blame them.

On most, I try to attache a witty comment to the tweet before sending it out, but does that even make a difference?

I felt it prudent to quit acknowledging others when they re-tweeted me because it just compounded to the problem of too much stream clutter. I certainly appreciate it, but how many truly want to promote me because of my epic work or just do it out of social obligation?

I currently have 529 tribe mates; a lot of tweets are generated from that alone.

What is the solution; what can I do differently that will make a noticeable difference to you?

You can comment

Oh, that I can do and try to do as much as my time allows. My challenge with this is I feel I spread myself too thin at times and I’m usually just driving by and waving instead of pulling up a chair and chatting.

One solution is to cut down on the number of places I visit, but I don’t know if that is in my MO. Plus, who makes the cut anyway?

What works for you; how are you effectively being all there for your community with this?

You can be a better host and invite guest posters in

Absolutely, and I pretty much have an open door policy for visiting bloggers. Unfortunately, I do a poor job of pro-actively encouraging this.

If you think there is some benefit to you by showing up at my place with a guest post, then by all means just let me know you’re interested. I know the owner, I can make things happen.

Jayme Soulati had a great idea in her post about building your community; giving new followers an opportunity to guest post so your community can get to know them. Of course, Jayme is smart like that and I think it is a great idea.

Other than me being more pro-active with this, any other suggestions? What is working for you?

How can I make you look good?

If you are sitting around frustrated because you feel too much slippage and not enough traction, what is the one thing I can do to help? This is your chance to not only let me know, but whoever else is reading this.

We are all in this together, right? One big happy family, how can we truly support each other in a meaningful way?


56 thoughts on “Help me help you jump the hump

  1. Score! Wait, that sub-NFL ref took away my TD…dang it.

    Getting right to the point…absolutely love this post and your voice here. Not sure what grabbed me more than the others (maybe ‘cuz I’m in it? Heh), but you make spot-on points about the stream, Triberr, quid pro quo, and more.

    All truths and how to overcome? I don’t think you really can, but I do give my Triberrs more attention…why? Have to admit I’m lazy and can’t get to everyone’s house like I need to.

    As Queen D at @3hatscomm would attest…the burn out will drive you to one post a month…that’s so sad.

    And, BTW? Your witticism when RT’ing a post? Classic. Don’t go changin’ that is a signature move.

    • I believe that was a Lingerie Football League ref that disallowed that score. Thank goodness those guys are gone, huh?

      Just showing up and trying to do the right thing is a start, but if I could just drill down and really help my ‘true’ community that would be cool; and maybe the way things work around here, we are doing all we can, right?

      Thanks for stopping in and the kind words; I think I can call myself a survivor at this point……….:).

  2. The complexity of the “social” relationship blows my mind – mostly because of the apparent high rate of fail.

    You got the personal connection – which is not easy to build through the small talk at the hors d’ oeuvres table. I love those mini hotdogs as much as I love the jumbo shrimp cocktail. Doritos are fab too – with the right dip. Yum, um, yum. Did you say something?

    Then there’s helping each other level up in social – which could easily become two full time, unpaid jobs if we start talking about advancing the self-promotions of 25 or more people.

    Then there’s the boss monsters that can only be defeated by a disciplined and organized crew – the kind of thing that nobody has time to work out – not without obvious and immediate boss rewards.

    You said it, Bill. We’re all in this together. But we need a 100 people, the discipline of soldiers, the heart of heroes, and the super tools by which dragons will be slain.

    Until then, we are still on the putt-putt course – killing rats when we are a little lucky. Four!

    • Excuse me, I’m trying to eat here……….no talking………..I prefer the salsa dip w/ my Dorito’s.

      It’s very easy to be singularly focused on trying to achieve your goals, especially when you need to make something happen………fast. However, for most of us, we really are all in this together so why not throw the dog a bone.

      I would like to do more than I am because I think most gets lost in the clutter, but I don’t know what else unless I just unabashedly pimped one or two people each and every month. That might get a little creepy and I certainly see some do this w/ the A-listers but what about the rest of my crew; we don’t want them to think they are chopped liver now, do we?

      Fore indeed; can I use the red ball?

  3. Drive by for now but will try to return to the scene of the crime to CSI. Still trying to make sense of the Chicago Links Melee yesterday……has me a little blue today…….

  4. I truly believe that we have to share who we are (and for the blogoshere that means writing) and let go of who we reach. The one who needs it, wants it, or connects to you is the meant-to-be. My family and friends IRL get as much of me as I can give. What I do online has to be uplifting to me or it has to stop. What others do with what I create is neither good or bad. I’ts just a connection. Have I over-commited? YUP. This I know, supporting someone’s work without truly enjoying it or finding value in it is not needed or necessary. Friends get that. I can’t lie, connection grows when someone supports and finds value in what I do. But connection isn’t always made by comes when we add ourselves (like you do).

    • Yes you can get over-committed but the connection does grow when we add ourselves. That alone is worth a lot and some days I do better than others.

      I see you have a new Avatar; cool beans, maybe I better start working on one….:).

      I also find it better when I can give without any expectations. If I can truly do that, then I seem to get repaid many times over.

      Good to see you Betsy; hope all is well.

  5. Keep doing what you’re doing: we are all in this together. And the longer we’re in this, we see who’s really there with us for the long haul, those who will leave for greener pastures, those who will choose to sit on the sidelines and observe. We’ve had the “chopped liver” conversation: sometimes it takes what I call “broad shoulders but not thick skin” to not be offended when we feel unsupported. It takes time and experience to realize that we can’t have thousands of meaningful connections. Just because someone doesn’t “show up” doesn’t mean they don’t care/aren’t reading or commenting. It’s a tough lesson, but thankfully, one I’ve finally learned.

    What can you do for me? You can write a ruddy guest post for me you slacker (just kidding…not!). You can keep on being the Agent 86 ninja warrior friend that you are. To quote Jayme: You #RockHot. Cheers! Snowshoes

    • Ruddy, huh? I know I should have done a better job of not only guest posting but inviting others in as well. Part of the challenge is, you get too many balls in the air then it becomes like work and you might actually have to be organized to pull it off. Sheeesh…….

      I quit keeping score; if I do the best I can with the amount of effort I am currently willing to give and somebody notices it….good, if not…….well, that’s good too because I’ve done my part.

      You really can not have thousands of BFF’s; just do what you can and reach out when you can and hopefully it all works out at the end of the day.

      Yes, we are thick as thieves and I certainly appreciate your feedback and support.

  6. Bill, it sorta seems like a slippery slope to me. I think you can build yourself up and up and up and then it can come crashing down because there is no way to maintain a furious pace 100% of the time. What’s better for you? Sit and chat or drive by? We all give 110% to what we do and the thing that sticks for me, with you, is that you are a caring and genuine guy. You can’t be that to everyone, can you?

    There are so may forks in this long road (thanks Yoda). Slippage is natural but I always see it at two steps forward, one step back. Just knowing that you are there as a blogging buddy and support the community you are in is a gift. It is truly admirable.

    If I was at the dinner table with you there would be a duel for that pork chop. I get pretty damn ferocious around food. Hey Bill! Look over there. Is that Hayden Panettiere? Bye bye pork chop…….

    If you want me to do your job for you and write your posts I will but you have to deal with the consequences……;-)

    • I might take you up on the writing offer……….:).

      Hayden has her hand where?

      Social is kind of like golf; some days are better than others and within those days, some holes are better than others. Some you just want to pick up and some you can’t wait to get to the next hole for another birdie.

      Probably the hardest thing for me to adjust to is you can feel like you are on the top of the world and everybody knows your name and is patting you on the back; and then the weekend comes and the next week you feel like everybody is ignoring you. Do I need to check the bottom of my shoes?

      I did learn to not put too much stock into those situations because it’s just life. It’s not like everybody thought I started stinking it up all of a sudden; it’s just they have their own thing to do, right?

      You can have the dessert, I’m a second helping guy anyway.

      • Social is a fickle place. That’s why when there is consistency it feels good. I am hoping you are happy with the community you have around you. It will continue to grow. You know that.

      • I luvs my community; some extremely good peeps.

        I see some complain because they don’t have the ‘right’ community showing up, but I couldn’t be happier with my efforts. My community makes me smile and that is how I’m getting paid right now; good thing the day job is working out, huh?…….:)

  7. Oh heck Bill, I just finished responding to your comment over at my place and what I said was keep doing what you do. We all love visiting your blog and hearing what you have to tell us in this post.

    Obviously if people are tired of seeing what you tweet then they don’t have enough friends. I think they need to get them some more followers or something. I’m never overrun by what you share and yes, we’re both on Triberr.

    Heck, I tweet quite a bit myself through there and if they want to drop me so be it. I still get a lot of traffic to my blog from Twitter so obviously something’s working okay.

    I say just be you, keep doing what you’re doing and as that old saying goes… If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

    Have a great week Bill.


    • I had to laugh, it’s not that they don’t have enough friends, it’s that they are barely on twitter and haven’t taken the time to figure it out. Of course, I’m like the 300-lb gorilla in there compared to the other 7 people they are connected to who don’t get it either. I tell them to click on the links, they might find something interesting to read, right?

      Rock-n-roll, thanks for the support; so good to see you.

  8. Hey Bill, Ask not what you can do for us, ask what we can do for you. We can write quality content so you will want to visit our place, not out of an obligation of friendship but because you enjoy and/or learn from what we write. As we continue on this blogging journey, some will take the exit ramp, others will head for the hills, but we muddle on, hoping for the best. I’m very glad I’m not alone on this road.

    That being said, how is the guest post coming along? 😉

    • Not lately, but there are days where I wonder what does this all mean. What it means to me is I have met some really interesting people and I get to connect and chat with them on a pretty regular basis. Being the social critter that I am, sounds like the bonus round to me……….

      And what did you want me to write about; the fax machine?

      My new office computer? They let me download my iTunes account and I finally got that business card app your friend gave me the code for………….yay………… I have to figure out how to use it.

  9. Hi Bill,

    It is hard to find the right formula. I am with you about thanking people. I want to because it is the right thing to do and I want them to know I appreciate them, but I don’t want to create clutter in my stream because that can have a negative impact on the response I generate from my followers.

    So I am trying to find that balance. Don’t have the perfect answer or significant wisdom to offer other than, experiment.

    it is what I am doing and I think we’ll all find out the best way to go.

    • First and foremost I don’t want to be offensive; to the people who are totally in they know how to manage a stream. It’s my locals who I seem to overwhelm.

      The tweets are actually interesting and if someone took the time to actually open the link attached they might find a whole new world to play in.

      I got Triberred up in a big way; I went from about a 250k reach to close to 12 mil. Now that is creating some tweets………..whew………interestingly, pretty much the same amount of traffic as before. That’s why I question how can I make it a better experience.

      Just keep plugging away I suppose; good to see you pushups.

  10. I’m not so sure we can necessarily give more for our community than what we’re already investing… The very best we have to offer.

    It’s the great ideas and vision we share with others who are inspired by it and have the ability to contribute more value to it that leads to getting things done.

    It’s about putting great ideas into action.

    If you can come up with that and its worthy of the talent you’ve assembled here in this community, some amazing things will happen.

    That’s the real question; how can we make a difference in the lives of those in the community and those the community desires to serve.

    We are all here to make a difference after all 🙂

    Cheers, Bill!

    • I truly believe we are the sum of all these parts and we do make a difference. It might not be life changing, but can be subtle in a good, positive way. I don’t think we hang around anybody who is trying to pull us down.

      If I can help you launch or take it to the next level, I will be more than happy to do what I can.

      We do what we can, right brother?

  11. I don’t think you should do anything different. You’re everywhere, and you’re funny, and what you’re saying is true (well, most of the time) 🙂

    If you start adding guest posts, please use a filter and make them good. Or you could do what Mark has been doing and reblogging some of the posts from your tribe. That’s a good idea.

    You make me smile just by showing up, and that’s a huge accomplishment.

    • And we all know smiling is good, right? And hopefully your smile comes through your message.

      The guest posts will be screened; they might be posted on a Saturday night….:). I have a feeling that if I don’t make the ask, I won’t have many signing up. I probably would never ask someone if I could GP. That’s the way to get my name out there, huh?

      BTW – had Pizza Hut tonight; we missed it Fri night. Good stuff….

  12. You’re everywhere! And that is admirable. Much more than admirable. I try my best, but I don’t always make it.

    But yes, we are in this together. If anyone wants any help of any kind, feel free to ask, I am more than happy to help. As long as they don’t want me to wear meat and sing, I am fine with almost everything else.

    As for tribes and tweets, you should know better, you are the chief! 😉

    • Depends on how good you can sing; the meat might give it the ‘special’ touch.

      Some feel they can do it on their own and at some point you will have to do your heavy lifting; but we are all in this together. Whatever your mission, we need peeps in here to make it work.

      Chief Billy Bob Bacon I am; good to see you Hajra.

  13. Hey Bill

    I’m just glad when you show up at my place and give some of your craic! That single malt is here any time you want to visit by the way.

    I love this place too; it’s what social should be about and you’re creating a great and interesting community of people.

    Change things if you feel the need but I’ll still show up. You’re a good ‘un.

    • I’m not so much into change, but I do want to stay helpful and relevant. I feel some of my ‘friends’ have moved on because they don’t feel I bring enough value to further their cause. I also know you can only be at so many places in a day; so at least I got to know them for a time.

      Thanks for the kind words and offer of a single malt; I hope to be able to take you up on it one of these days.

      Hope your day went well.

  14. Not many people share due to the true value of the post (really? I have seen bloggers I admire sharing the same “old content” by other bloggers – which they themselves have mentioned as “old content” in their posts.

    Lot of the stuff that is going on around in the blogging niche, is all the same stuff. Well, except for a few (only a rare .00000001% blog posts are actually rare).

    Majority is occupied by “old content”. And then there is the mix 😉

    Mix is, well the mixture of old ideas and new ideas (or even presenting the old ideas in a different manner or perspective)

    All the articles I have written (will ever write I suppose) will be mixes. There is always something old in there (I don’t dare to say that blogs I read do the same as that might irritate someone, but I believe that is the case :D).

    As with sharing, I have had a strategy for quite a while – Share less than I comment (well it is something I haven’t been able to keep up, especially with Twitter). What I want is more interactions and to share more useful shares/tweets (my new social profiles and my new blog will be based on those ideas).


    I have divided blogs I read into different categories (like bloggers who comment back, Awesome bloggers and Blogs I read). These go in the order of importance, aka I comment more on blogs in bloggers who comment back list than I do for blogs in Blogs I read list).

    It works like a charm 😉 This way I will be able to focus on building long lasting relationships.

    And yes, I do “upgrade” the blogs from one list to another, as the relationship grows (I have a new blogs list for new blogs :D). Oh, I do something different for new blogs. I comment on 3-4 most recent articles (From my experiments, I have seen when commenting on new blogs, it is better to comment more, because that helps you to establish yourself as a committed commentator, not a guy who walks by, says hello and goes away.

    • Good strategy indeed; my challenge is fitting the new ones in because I’m at max load right now. It’s not that I don’t appreciate whoever shows up, but I try to do what I can.

      There are very few ‘new’ ideas in here; just our own unique take on them. It might look old, but it is still all yours, right?

      Thanks for getting in the tribe; maybe I can find your post now, huh?

      Good to see you sir.

  15. But you already helped me today… did I use up my credit? 🙂 Thanks for the comment on my GP — much appreciated!

    I think about the “thanks for the RT” tweets a lot — it’s sort of like “thank you” emails, is it actually nicer not to clutter than to be gracious? In the end, I usually default to manners. I always wonder where the line is when people don’t expect you to thank them for the RT anymore. Obviously people that get 100+ tweets a post can’t even begin to.

    Hmmnn, I think you just gave me an idea. I’m going to leave a comment in your new tribe.

    • Yeah, you only get one of those a day……..:).

      I’m trying to find an effective way to consolidate the thanks and still have it mean something…..the jury is still out on that one.

      I’m probably in too many ‘big’ tribes. It’s to early to make the call but I will run with it for awhile; I just know it’s a lot of tweets, theirs and mine.

      It says I have a ‘reach’ of close to 12 mil; if all 12 mil of those people would just give me a quarter I think I could make this social thing work for me. What do you think?

      That’s my new strategy………

    • That’s like double awesome; do you have any money? I haven’t found any Dorman’s yet that do, but I’m still looking………:).

      Most of the Dorman’s I know are ‘southern’ Dorman’s, but I’m sure a few slipped north of the Mason Dixon line.

      I like your site; I’ll be back. I can see why your parents don’t like it………:).

      Nice seeing you cuz; thanks for dropping by.

  16. Bill, your witty comments make a difference to me! I’m not sure that they necessarily drive more traffic to my site, but they make me smile, and surely that’s worth something!??! But now that you’ve asked…a mild coffee, just milk, at around 10:00 am always does the trick. Thanks!

    • Would you like that served in bed or will you be joining us at the table? I know that’s kind of early for you……….:). I know better with all the kids you have……..

      I’m better witty than serious, but can do both. Sometimes I probably try to be too witty, but if you can bring a smile to someone’s face, that’s a good day right?

      Thanks for the kind words; always a pleasure Ms Zive.

  17. Don’t change anything, why should you? Reading your posts is like moving with the tidal waves in a lovely warm sea and looking back to the shore you see the refreshed cool drink waiting for you. And that book beckoning to be read (when will it be published, he?), lying next to the comfortable lounge chair.
    I love your witty tweets and you make me smile, that’s more than I can say about some of the smartass gurus out there. And I have noticed your enhanced triberr activity, you big chief now, and enjoy the new members, they bring some fresh wind and motivation to your tribes and to me.
    But thanks for asking, ahem, yes, now come to think of it, did you not say something about that recipe …. ?

    • Big Chief indeed; I re-energized our post and had a few new invites. It will be a fun crowd I’m sure.

      Book is still in the head, but Adam Toporek and I did discuss it and what path I should choose; that counts for something, right?

      I’m having fun, I’m networking and meeting people and just keeping social, social. Oh, and I’m actually learning something along the way. Some might ask why are you doing it if you aren’t going to monetize it; but I really don’t know what I’m going to do with it and not necessarily in a hurry either.

      Can that be my answer?

      Welcome back ma’am; Tuscany sounded like a fun trip indeed.

  18. Hi Bill – not sure how to respond to this. I’m a relative newcomer to your blog – your posts make me smile and that’s a result as far as I’m concerned. It’s much easier to jump when you’re feeling cheerful.


  19. Why thank you Sue Neal at @write_clever; I do appreciate the kind words. I’m not sure how you found me, but I’m glad you took the time to leave your thoughts.

    Have you been blogging long? I’m a relative new-comer at 18 months in, but feel like a grizzled veteran at times.

    I’ve enjoyed the journey and hope you have as well; good to see you.

  20. It’s nice to hear it when people tell you, don’t change anything. And I have to say it too – in a different way. Don’t stop being you, Bill! But that’s not saying – don’t change. Because I want to see you get something more out of this. I want Mrs. Dorman to say, my Bill? My Bill is amazing. Of course, Mrs. Dorman says that, but maybe not about the blogging. [grin]

    Here’s three things I’d like you to consider changing up in terms of social:

    1. A better comment system – CommentLuv or Livevyre for example.

    2. Name and Link to your company in your “signature” at the end of your blog posts and your comments.

    3. Premium Triberr account with 100 people tweeting your blog posts with every publish.

    You helping yourself move up your game is going to help me the most. Because when you level up your game, you lead by example. And you, my friend, have what it takes to lead.

    Recently on my blog:
    Sustainable failure. And other social media DOHs.

    • Good info indeed; especially from someone in the ‘know.’

      If you don’t mind my asking, what will a ‘better’ comment system do for me?

      Also, I got in a couple of mega-tribes and probably have close to 70+ tweets of my posts now; will Premium Triberr be more ‘impactful?’ It sure added to my stream and now it’s too much for me to thank them all; any suggestions with that?

  21. Bill,

    You stopped over at my blog the other day and left a comment, then another, and it really helped with the conversation. I think that helping people with their blogs is a good thing to do. I need to make an effort to do a better job of blog reading and this post reminded me of that fact. I think I’ll stop on over to Gini’s place and see what has been happening there.


    • It’s the one thing I can do well in here; I try not to step on it too bad along the way but obviously I still need help at times…….:).

      Good to see you sir.

      Gini is still Gini; always a good place to stop by.

  22. Bill I just had to stop by and check you out because I saw your post on someone’s blog (Write Clever) and you said “Yo! Adrienne what are you doing here?” It made me smile so here I am *smiling* & being social 🙂

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