3 reasons why I love Monday’s

Yikes, another post where I’m trying to make the content match my title. I have heard posts with numbers and actionable items are more popular; is this considered link bait?

Monday, Monday; every other day, every other day, every other day of the week is fine, yeah; but whenever Monday comes, but whenever monday comes you can find me cryin all of the time…

Monday sets the tone

It’s all about attitude; so what if you had too much fun over the weekend and stayed up too late on Sunday because you didn’t want it to end. Monday kick starts another week of opportunity and possibilities. If you scruffed around the week before it gives you the chance to redeem yourself and make something good happen.

If fitness and routine are important to you it allows you to get back on track so you don’t feel like a total slug.

Most who visit know I’m in commercial insurance sales. To me, everyday presents a new opportunity, Monday just happens to be the first day of the week to make this happen. How can that be a bad thing?

Monday is a fresh start

The dawn of the week should always be positive, nothing bad has had a chance to happen yet. If you think of it that way, in positive terms, then it’s almost like New Year’s Day every Monday; Mondays are like having New Year’s every single week in terms of mindset to make things better.

Sounds like a bunch of hooey to me

Ok, ok; I could only come up with two reasons, but I also heard 3 was a better number than 2 in the title of a post so don’t feel like you have been duped; just please watch out for all my traffic. You might think you are in an Apple store on the morning of the iPhone 5 sale.

You really want to know the best Monday’s?

  • When it is the start of your vacation.
  • When it’s day 3 or 4 of a  4-day weekend.
  • It’s your birthday.

I know the wife loves it, because she gets her house back.

Do you have a reason to like Monday’s?

Monday does take the abuse; it’s just hard to dress it up and make it look pretty unless if falls under my best reasons.

Do you have reasons to like Monday’s you would care to share?

Boomtown Rats have their thoughts on Monday’s; hit it Bob Geldof. If you take the time to look at the vid, how would you like to walk out on stage to a crowd like that? How do you top that? Looks like a walk-off home run to me…

Happy Monday.



95 thoughts on “3 reasons why I love Monday’s

    • Mine too; every day is a fresh start no matter how bad you might have stunk it up the day before, huh?

      Our leaves aren’t changing like yours, but we did have a touch of fall in the air this am; it’s only 85 outside now…….:).

  1. I’ve never understood TGIF or the gloom some people feel on Mondays. If you can’t find something good to focus on you’ll eventually get mean and ugly and miserable to be around.

  2. Mondays are awesome! None of that weekend pressure to unwind, relax and have fun.

    I have no special reason to loathe Mondays as so many people seem to do — for me they’re just another day to create stuff. Also, I work from home, so no commute to worry about.

    I think what’s killing people slowly these days is long commutes. There’s research to back it up, but I’ll be damned if I can remember where I read about it. In purely historical terms, you know, it’s unusual for people to live more than fifty miles from their place of work. Before the railway, anything outside a ten-mile radius was remote.

    • That’s right, no pressure indeed; it takes effort to let your hair down, right?

      Like you, it’s just another day and I enjoy all my days; I don’t work from home but I have total freedom to come and go as I please so that’s pretty cool.

      I concur on the commutes. We interviewed a guy who lived in Philly but commuted everyday to NYC. He left his home in the dark and got home in the dark…..lovely….

      I would be ok living in a downtown area and even walking to work; in fact, that would be kind of cool.

      Good to see you my friend.

      • Hi Bill, That’s actually not as rare as you might think. Lots of Philly folks commute to NYC. Well, maybe not a lot, but more than you’d think, My brother commutes there every week for a day or two.

        Housing prices are much lower in the Philadelphia area than they are in New York and the Amtrak trains are fast and frequent.

      • I could probably maintain my social dominance on a commute of that length, huh? Coming from the wide open spaces of Florida, we don’t have a good infrastructure for public transportation. Everybody wants to clog the roads with their cars. The NE is unique with all the big cities close enough you can commute to quite a few of them with very little trouble.

        And when you say lower, I’ll bet they are still big city prices……….:).

        We toured St Pete last week as part of the Lakeland Chamber retreat. They have done a great job of revitalizing it, but of course it drove the prices up on everything. They don’t seem to have a shortage of tenants however, and that’s a good thing.

  3. 3 is a better number?

    I don’t know, I think 2 is much more cooler (hey, one is more cooler than other because in a competition, who wins? 1st! :D).

    To be honest, I don’t really like Mondays (The only reason I like it nowadays is that I don’t have to get up early since my class starts only at 12 :D).

    But, like you said, Mondays are kind of cool because they are the first days of a week (if you hate your work, then you will probably hate Mondays, but otherwise, it’s cool, right?).

  4. It’s Monday and I am on Paris with the wife. Two weeks in France so it is a great Monday. Otherwise, I do see it as a weekly land of opportunity. If you had a crap week then it’s the day to shake it off and start again and if it was a good one it’s a way to remember it and reach higher.

    That’s not just vacation brain talking. Au revior, Mon ami.

  5. I use to hate Monday’s Bill back when I was in corporate America. Okay, guess it was because I never really loved my job so it was the same old thing, starting my week all over again.

    Now, I love Monday’s because I love what I do and I think it’s all the way you look at things in general. I could have had a better attitude when I was working in the offline world and perhaps my environment wouldn’t have been as bad. Who knows. But, Monday’s should be the start of a new week, heck, everyday should be the start of a new day.

    Love this message though and glad you love Monday’s Bill! 🙂


    • If you don’t like your job then any day can be a struggle and Monday is just a little higher on the list. Some jobs just grind you down like that.

      Sales isn’t always rosy, but at least each new week brings new opportunities so that’s a good thing, right?

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Probably the biggest difference for me is that I get up about an hour or an hour and a half earlier on Monday, but once I’m up I’m good to go.

      The prez of our corp just got his iPhone 5; he’s ready to start playing with it…..:).

      Good luck with it and good to see you Brian.

  6. I have to say, ever since I’ve been working for myself, Mondays don’t suck anymore. I read my friend’s Facebook posts and see them making comments about how they loathe Mondays because it means back to work.

    I love that my schedule allows me to work and have off whichever days of the week suit me best. It also doesn’t hurt when you actually enjoy what you do. 🙂

    Happy Monday, Bill!

    • Enjoy what you do helps and working your own hours isn’t too bad either. I do work better with some structure however, so I don’t mind the semblance of an 8-5 job even though I come and go as I please. If I didn’t show up ’til noon one day, they wouldn’t be sending a posse after me……..

      Good to see you motorcycle mama, hope the weekend ride you went on was a good one.

  7. This end of the world we begin our week on Sundays. So Monday is usually okayish because it is one-day down; only four more to go.

    When I was in India, Monday was again the punchbag poor day of the week. Though I didn’t hate it so much. I feel life can be crappy any day it has to; maybe even weekends… so why bother worrying about it and making it crappy…. 😉 The more you worry, the more awful it gets…

    • Be happy with yourself and thankful for what you have and any day can be good. I really do look at each new day as a new opportunity so why not embrace it, right? What would be cool is regardless of what day your week starts, but to only have a 4-day work week; I’ll vote for that……

      Good to see you Hajra, hope your week has started off well.

  8. Hi Bill, I’ve always thought of Mondays as the barometer of your life. If life is good, then you look forward to Mondays. If your life sucks, then you dread Mondays.

    I never thought of Mondays as New Year’s Day every week. Very cool!

    I love Mondays. Life is good. Okay, I have to share this post, then knock on wood…

  9. I like Mondays because my daughter has basketball practice on Monday nights. Since her practice is right down the road from my gym, I always know I’ll get to the gym on Mondays. No excuses for not working out. It’s a great way to start the week!

    • That does work out well for you. What grade? City gym, school gym or YMCA? Just curious because I’m on the local YMCA board; big supporter…….:).

      Starting the week off right makes for a good week indeed.

      Good to see you; thanks for stopping by.

  10. Mondays used to be my favorite day of the week! Now I have to sort of motivate myself to get the week rolling. Coffee helps me get through it, honestly. I really enjoyed reading your writing style and the points you made. Have a great rest of your week. Cheers! 🙂

    • Coffee indeed, it can help kick start any week……..:). I would never say Monday is my favorite day of the week; but I don’t loathe it like some either. If the sun comes up, then it’s a good day, right?

      Thanks so much for the comments and kind words, it is very much appreciated.

      So far, week is good!

  11. Monday does not scare me anymore since I started working from home. A good sunday always charges me back. I get a lot of ideas, sometimes better perspective on the problems I have been pondering upon. If it is my b’day , then it is better though 😀

    • Ah yes, if it’s your birthday then it has to be a good day, right? Most who work from home have said Monday is no big deal. The others who are working in the corporate world have not given it a ringing endorsement however….:).

      Sunday night is usually when I start focusing in on the week ahead and thinking about what the week will look like from a work and play perspective.

      Good to see you sir.

  12. It must be those Monday Motivations you’ve been receiving… 🙂

    I like to start the week with a fresh outlook, and am usually excited about what I can get done. The catch with Mondays is that the rest of the world does not always agree with this viewpoint!

    • It was the Motivations that took me from a hater to a playa on Monday’s…….:).

      Monday’s around our office are typically meeting days. We start of with our sales/education at 8:30 and once a month we have the big one where it lasts until 11:30. Then I have an accountability partner meeting and a HPT (high performance team meeting). It’s also prep time for the weeks appointments. Tues-Thurs are typically production days so Monday helps us get focused for that.

      Most don’t like Monday’s indeed; I’m ok with them however……..maybe not a love affair, but I will pat it on the head………..

  13. For me, Mondays mean boot camp, which means I can leave behind all the day job baggage for about an hour. Mondays also are a day to look over what I accomplished for Write Right on the weekend and to set some new goals – sometimes small, sometimes large – for the upcoming week and weekend.

    • Boot camp? I had my share of that in the Army……..:). However, I probably need somebody whipping my butt into shape.

      What are your goals for Write Right? Are you on track with them? I probably need to come up with some goals here, huh? Maybe I would finally figure this out….

      Good to see you, hope your week has gone well.

  14. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – it’s all pretty much the same to me. The day I enjoy the best really depends on what’s going on more so than where it falls in the sequence. Yesterday, which was Monday, was really good – productive at work, landed a few big contracts, enjoyed some quality time with my kids. The Monday prior stunk. Saturdays I sleep in, so that’s always a nice thing. I think that any day with an extra hour or two of sleep is pretty awesome. That rarely happens on a Monday.

    • I like that thinking, let what happens during the day dictate the grade.

      Sleeping in is good, that’s cool about days off. It’s hard for me to sleep in too long however, even when I want to………

      Maybe if we have 25 hours days….I would use my extra hour for sleep.

      Good to see you Ruth.

  15. Hey Bill,

    It seems that you’ve covered all the reason’s to love Mondays!

    I love a fresh new week of possibilities!

    Monday’s have always been my favorite day of the week : )

    It’s time to rally the troops and hit some goals!

    Cheers to Monday!

  16. Hi Bill

    Since I left the corporate world behind me and work for my kids I don’t dislike Mondays at all.

    I used to when I was employed but that was more about not liking what I was doing.

    Nowadays I sometimes even forget which day of the week it is. Without that daily routine of employment, I no longer think of one day any different to another.

    • Hmmmm, Thurs Fri are your reduced days; why not the weekend if you don’t mind my asking? I like to write too; just need to make an appointment with myself to do more of it.

      Since I post on a Monday, it’s always an exciting day to see who shows up…..I like company to come by if you couldn’t tell……..:).

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  17. Bill, I consider every day of the week special – I mean, there are only 7 days in a week 😀 what is not to like? But hey, I’ve always loved Mondays – and yes, i do believe they’re a fresh start after a lovely Sunday. (yes, all my Sundays are great!) I’ve always looked forward to Mondays even when I went out to work in the corporate world. These days I love it even more – enjoying the peace after the folks are off at school/work. 😀 Yeah, wicked, I know!

    Happy (next) Monday. For now, happy Wednesday! 😀 Although I love long weekends too! It is crazy, but I get a lot of work done during the weekend. Oh, the joys of freelancing!

    • Every day is a new adventure; what’s not to like, right?

      In the corporate world, if you don’t control your own destiny, some seem to not be as excited about the prospect of going back to work doing the same ol’ thing over and over. Me? I have total freedom of time anyway way I can do the same thing on a Monday as I do on a Saturday if I wanted to. I just like having a little structure in my life to keep me balanced however.

      Thanks for dropping by and the nice RT; always appreciated.

  18. Me and Monday, we have this love/hate relationship, see. Sometimes Monday wakes me with a smile and welcomes me. Sometimes Monday is a bitch and I wish she would just move so I can find Friday!
    Oh look! Friday! 🙂


  19. I remember the song by the Boomtown Rats, that was awesome. I used to listen to it all the time. I in fact love Mondays too. Like you said, it’s a fresh start, and I always start the day with planning the week. And I am usually very eager to get started, and I’m usually full of energy and I’m very positive that I’m going to have the best week in my life… and then comes Tuesday 🙂

    • The vid was a Live Aid concert, but it looks like there are at least 100,000 people there; how cool would it be to walk out to an audience like that?

      With the right attitude any day can be a good day, right? New opportunities every single day…….

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  20. I agree, although I am really not looking forward to Mondays over the weekend, it always seems that it is a fresh start and at the end of the day, it does feel to me, like the most productive day of the week.

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