The man, the myth, the legend…

No no; not me silly, Dino Dogan. You know, the next Zuck, the next big thing.

His gig is Triberr and his official title is Chief Gardener in Charge.

Adam Toporek (a fellow central Floridian) from Customers that Stick and I had the opportunity to once again crash a social party in Orlando, and this happened to be the iSummit conference. Adam is starting to see how I work…as in the working homeless… as in I will work for free food and drink. He’s catching on quickly; I’m proud of my protege.

We’ve already crashed a tweet-up of Gini Dietrich’s in the land o’ Disney and a PR gig Shonali Burke was speaking at in O-town as well.

As we network among these crowds, people inevitably ask why we are attending. My response is typically, ‘I’m here for the food and drink, how about you?’  I’m pretty humble however, I rarely bring up how immensely popular I am in social; I figure they will find out soon enough.

What’s the attraction?

I suppose I just like to meet people, and especially people I have become acquainted with through social. As you know there is a definite line between those who are in social and those who don’t give two flips. Adam and I had the conversation about those who aren’t in social, don’t get why you would want to attend something like this just to meet someone. To me, it’s almost like ‘why not?’

Dino is someone I met early on and believe it was through Brankica Underwood. Dino had this thing called Triberr he was launching for bloggers and encouraged me to get on board. His only requirement was don’t suck.

Well, I had been blogging about 2 weeks, had a free site, and was so unsure of myself I called myself the Invisible Blogger…as in, under the radar. There was no way I had the chutzpah to start a tribe and ask others to join; and was afraid if I accepted an invite to join a tribe I would have been exposed immediately.

Therefore, I missed the first wave essentially. However, I ultimately did get on board and just recently joined some even bigger tribes, so we will see how that works out. Being in a tribe has allowed me to meet some new people and provide an easy to use platform to share blogs of others. Sounds like a win to me…

It might not be for everyone, but if you are serious about blogging it’s worth trying it out.

Dino and others

Through face to face meetings, I have been able to spend some quality time with Dino, Gini and Shonali. All 3 of these people understand social but also know how to incorporate it into something much bigger. For them, the sky is the limit and I admire the way they think and view things in a big picture kind of way.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t have to be the smartest guy in the room, just smart enough. Hanging around w/ the likes of a Dino, Gini or Shonali, makes me appear much smarter than I really am. Their forward thinking, pro-active nature is contagious and rest assured, they get things done.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been the best student but if I hang around long enough I’m sure the BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) will eventually knock me upside the head…right?

One thing I do know

As I crash these events to meet my friends, they are all just people; just like me and you. Most are very approachable and willing to help. I really haven’t had any surprises as most are pretty much what I expected.

I highly recommend making a face to face happen if you have the opportunity. Going to these events might not allow lengthy face to face conversations, but fortunately with Dino, Gini and Shonali, Adam and I were able to make that happen. It was certainly worth the effort.

I will close on this; if you meet me, hopefully I will be pretty much what you see online. However, when I finally met Dino, and remember I’ve known him for some time, he thought I would be much fatter heavier because of my big-headed Avatar. Sheeeesh……although, he will now tell you how much cooler I really am in person………..:). Ok, maybe I’ll tell you that…….

If you can meet your friends, don’t pass on the opportunity; make it happen.

Now, when I ask them to loan me $50 we’ll see how good a friend they really are, huh?


42 thoughts on “The man, the myth, the legend…

  1. I actually thought you were going to talk about you, Bill, when I saw the post title. Kidding, of course. However, you really are one of the coolest. That photo rocks. Triberr is a fantastic initiative. I’ve only recently joined a couple of tribes and hoping to participate in more. Nothing equals the joy of sharing other peoples’ stuff and the connections made? Precious. I’ve met at least four people who are from where I live, you know? That cool. I believe that it is all about human relationships anyway. And yes, very early on in my career, I’ll never forget the words of my mentor, who said, everyone is a person, like you and me, with feelings and fears. That was invaluable advice in sales.

    I loved this post. Cheers! Love,Vidya

    • Fortunately, Orlando Florida seems to be a good meeting place for a lot of these events. It’s close enough for me to drive over and meet these people when they are in town (and we usually crash in on the food too……..:).

      Dino definitely has some ideas and it’s interesting to see people like him and how their mind thinks. He downplays it, but he really could become a ‘pretty big thing’ with this. He definitely is thinking ‘big.’

      I am a legend in my own mind in case you were wondering………

      Good to see you.

  2. Are you sucking your gut Dorman? Kidding. Nice pic.

    It is awesome to actually meet those friends you make on-line, huh?

    Personally, I really need to delve a little deeper into Triberr. So far I haven’t pushed it because it seems like a platform for people who a mostly engaging on a business level. I am fortunate to be part of two tribes. It hasn’t really increased traffic for me but it has connected me to some pretty awesome peeps so that’s cool.

    Your enthusiasm for Triberr is making me think……..and that could be a dangerous thing.

  3. Hi Bill, So cool that you got to meet Dino in person. He’s a rock star in my eyes. Triberr > sliced bread. The impact Triberr has made on my blog is tremendous. I highly recommend it to bloggers to meet other bloggers, discover quality content and spread the word about your own blog.

    I haven’t yet met a fellow blogger IRL, though I have met up with other Internet buddies. So far only one has been a self-professed serial killer. I haven’t confirmed that yet so I suspect she might just be bragging a bit…

    What’s even better about your meet-up is that Dino got to meet you, the Man, the Legend. Good thing you’re not invisible any more!

    Disney better watch out. You’re becoming a more popular attraction than Mickey!

    • True story; Adam came over for a fund-raising skeet shoot this year and my son asked where I met him. I said the internet………..that was pretty funny……….

      Dino has a pretty well known platform, that’s for sure. Fortunately for him he hasn’t had to endure the criticism like Klout has. They have good ideas to keep this relevant; he was certainly fun to talk with.

      He was happy we came out to see him. Food and drink…..that’s all I need……….:).

      Maybe instead of my social crown I will start wearing mouse ears, huh?

  4. I think the $50 test might be unfair and cruel. Does anyone who is a who’s who in social media have $50 they can spare?! [grin]

  5. Don’t know about the $50 loan, but if you come visit me in Toronto, I’ll bake you a tasty banana cake.

    I’m a huge Triberr fan. My original Tribe is the one I’m in with you, Bill – and while I’ve joined larger Tribes since then, with broader reach, I’m a sucker for the folks (and blogs) in my first Tribe. Something about your first…

  6. Well look at you Dorman! Getting to meet the big man himself, the one who created our awesome community…

    I’ve heard Dino on several webinars and he definitely has a presence about him. I’d love to spend some time chatting with him in person. I would also love to have the opportunity to attend more functions and meet some of the people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with online. Including you!

    I also love Triberr. It’s helped me meet a lot of really wonderful people and it’s definitely not hurt getting my blog out there for lots of people to see. Yeah, really cool site..

    Great picture of you all. Convenient that was there in your home state. So, you guys coming to Texas anytime in the near future? Hey, Houston’s a pretty cool city ya know! 🙂

    • Orlando is a good hub for this and it’s close enough for me to drive; I will always try to make it happen if I have the time. I really do like making social social…it suits me.

      Dino is an interesting fellow that’s for sure and they have big plans that I have no doubt there will be real success for him with this project. It was fun to ‘pick’ his brain.

      The beer was cold too…………:)

  7. I thought the title is the caption for the pic… just didn’t know what goes with who…or whom! 😉

    Meeting IRL is cool! I have met just one while I went to India and it was fun. People sound something else when you read them and sound so much different when you talk to them.

    • We all had to take a vote as to who it would apply to and Dino drew the short straw so we made it him…..:).

      Adam and I have this down to a science; we are become the ‘social’ crashers instead of the wedding crashers.

      Yes, if you have never heard someone and only know them through the written word, sometimes that can be interesting indeed.

      Good to see you Hajra.

  8. Bill, 3rd times a charm. We have definitely become the “social crashers” now. Dino was very cool to meet, a really good guy with a lot going on.

    As we discussed, it is hard to “get” the SM connections that can form until you’ve really done it yourself. But as we discussed with the Tribemaster, the SM connections are only a starting point. Stuff really starts to happen when you start connecting on Skype and meeting face-to-face.

    In the end, I think you and I are very lucky to live in the 2nd biggest convention city in the country. We will always have a stream of people swinging through town, and will be able to see them for just a little drive time.

    Now that I’ve said all of that, can you please tell me what was up with the lady in front of us in the parking garage? I think I’m still waiting on her to get through the gate! 🙂

  9. I knew she was going to be a problem before she even pulled up. However, in her defense, if you weren’t ready the machine kicked your credit card out with some velocity; and then of course it hits the ground under your car……….I ended up putting a $20 in and it gave me $12 back in ‘silver’ dollars.

    We can crash a party can’t we; we even had name tags this time………:). For some reason, we both stand in the same place/order for our pics; maybe we’ll have to start mixing that up.

    You get so much more out of a real life meeting, even if it’s just to chat and not talk shop. I thought Dino had some good ideas for you. He did for me as well; let’s see if I can do anything with it……….

    Until the next one……….or maybe the virtual gun range first………….talk to you soon.

    • Adam and I are perfecting social crashing and turning it into an art………..

      I’m sure there will be conferences upcoming we will have some more people come through. Ralph Dopping makes a trip every year to the F L A to vacation and he will be close enough we can probably golf.

      I do need a Triberr t-shirt; maybe I can get Dino to send me one………:).

  10. Hey Billy Boy!

    Looking good. I’m getting into the concept of Triberr now I understand what it’s about a little more.

    I think before I got into a tribe (thanks to you!) it was not that obvious what use Triberr would be. When you’re new and don’t belong to a tribe, It feels like you’re confronted with a giant brick wall. There must be a better way than either being invited into a tribe or the 3 comments thing… Maybe I’m missing the point?

    Face to face meetings would be good, although the majority of people I’ve met are from the US. Edinburgh’s a lovely city…

    • Edinburgh is lovely; I only got to see a small part of it on my way to St Andrews, but liked what I saw. Be careful though, everybody seems to be driving on the wrong side of the road for some reason………

      Triberr is essentially sharing and caring. Unfortunately, twitter streams are often rapids and it’s hard to catch something in there. However, if nothing else you get to meet new people who can help you meet others; it’s been an easy way for me to do that and share posts.

      And trust me, if I can do anybody can…..

      I think you can certainly develop a community w/out it, either way you need to get out and about and engage; that’s what makes it happen.

    • TIm, I’ve only been in Triberr a week or ten days longer than you. 🙂

      I don’t think they do a great job of explaining it. I think we need to get on one of those Skype conference calls and have some of the experienced guys like Bill fill us in on the details.

  11. Hi Bill,

    I would have loved to attend the social party. I’ve only been to a few conferences, and that’s with people I didn’t dare to talk to, like Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuk. But, if I met some of the people I talk to on a regular basis face to face, then I’d talk, that’s for sure 🙂

    Not many things happening in Norway when it comes to events like this.

    • So, Norway is not exactly the convention hub, huh? Orlando and Disney are pretty centrally located and easy to get to; they also have the infrastructure to host these things. Fortunately, it’s in my backyard. Chris was at Gini’s tweet-up in Orlando and Jay Baer was there too but I didn’t talk with them. Mainly because I had had very little engagement with them so they wouldn’t have known me from Adam…..Toporek that is……….:).

      Italian tonight sir, but not pizza; maybe tomorrow.

  12. Very cool. It is unfortunate, but I like a car. This has really made it near impossible to meet people in real life. So I opt for phone calls and skype. Not fantastic, but I am happy when I can hear the voice of my online friends for the first time.

    • Mine started w/ a random phone call from Mimi Meredith and then I was hooked to talk w/, Skype or meet in person. It has certainly been worth it.

      It makes it more personal and ‘real’ so that is the attraction to me.

      Good to see you; thanks for stopping by.

  13. Bill, great post! And you know I just signed up on Triberr. I’m still not sure what I’m doing, but I’m relatively web-savvy, I’ll figure it out. Party-crashing to meet your social media friends sounds like too much fun 🙂 Nice to ‘meet’ Dino, and looking forward to exploring the whole tribe concept, thanks, Bill!

    • Okey dokey, sent you an invite. You will have to manually open your Triberr account to see the ‘stream’ of who has posted. From this, you can see who posted and decide whether you want to share or not. You can do this w/ yellow button, or use tweet button and add a comment to tweet. It’s pretty easy, I think you’ll like it and you’ll probably find other tribes you want to be part of.

      Good luck………..

  14. I like Triberr. But I want to trade ideas about how to get the most out of it.

    For instance, I joined one larger tribe. There are some bloggers there that blog about things that aren’t all that relevant to Tweet stream. And these guys blog multiple times a day. I don’t want to be tweeting more than 20 times a day or so, but to get all these tribal tweets out, I’d be doing 30 a day sometimes.

    I know I’m not obligated to tweet their posts, but they tweet mine. So…

    Oh well, I’ll sure we’ll come to some understanding.

    * * *

    Moving right along… here in the far corner of the country, in Spokane, we have this great Tweet-Up every Friday morning. We use the hashtag “SpoCT” for Spokane Coffee Tweetup.” I’ve met some incredible folks. It’s so much fun — and so valuable — if I moved to a place without something similar, I’d start one.

  15. Hey Bill,
    i have to say you are one lucky dude to meet Dino. yes the title goes perfect THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND…you know when i started my blog i was like a lone ghost wondering in the internet world. And after joining Dino’s Triberr, the reach of my Blog has crossed 3 million via Tribemates in my Tribe. I wish if i could also get to meet Dino like you. 🙂

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