The mother of all lists; the list of One

Do you still get excited when someone rolls out best of lists? Happy face when you see your name, sad face when not?

Are you truly happy for your friends who make it, or do you want to poke them in the eye?

Or just kind of sad; depends on how long you have been doing this blogging gig. That kind of stuff used to bug me to no end but now that I am a grizzled social media veteran with a hide like whit leather, that kind of stuff just rolls right off my back.

I said veteran not Guru, because a real grizzled veteran would never utter the words guru.

A good test for me might be, did appearing on the list make my phone ring, did somebody pay me? If not, then fuhgetaboutit.

There is a remedy however, have your own list, a list of ‘one’ and only include yourself; that will certainly show them won’t it?

Trust me, if I thought it wouldn’t clear the house, I would showcase me every week.

What? You think I already do, why I never……

Why not a list of one?

If you aren’t going to have an actionable item list, which is much more attractive than a name list, why not toot your own horn?

Ewwww, that’s kind of creepy. I suppose it can be; it all depends on how you go about doing it. Obviously it never slowed me down….:).

I know, we all want to sit back and let our awesomeness be discovered. You want to be that humble shoe shine boy discovered on the street corner so you can become the next big thing.

Please don’t make me sell myself.

If I have to tell everyone how great I am, will anyone believe me? What if I get all my friends to talk about me instead?

Do you walk the walk?

Talk is cheap; and we certainly know some talkers in here, don’t we?

If you walk the walk and not make it all about you, then your friends and community will talk about you….in a good way.

When you get down in the weeds with most of us bloggers, it really can be hard to get noticed. At this level we all kind of look the same at times don’t we?

What are you doing to stand out? Is your plan of action sound? If you want to be published or hit the speaking tour, what are you doing right now to make that happen?

Are you comfortable enough to verbalize your plan of action so your community can be your accountability partner?

More times than not opportunities have to be created and this can be done through who you know or reaching out to the right people in the field you want to be known in. If you are an unknown, don’t despair; stick to your plan and don’t let the first or second rejection thwart your efforts.

If you think you can do it all on your own, then certainly keep up your push marketing campaign and don’t give a second thought about what it takes to pull people to you.

Is that knock at the door the take-back man, or is it opportunity? Are you going to let it in?


Status update: On October 31, 2011, I posted about my quest for 10,000. $10,000 dollars; 10,000 followers; 10,000 tweets and 10,000 comments. I don’t recall if I was trying to accomplish this by the end of the year or if I was giving myself a year. Either way, here are my results:

  • Well, I just looked in my wallet and now I have $16 which is down from the $37 I had in October. Looks like I will be pushing to make it in one year.
  • My followers have gone from appx 1,000 to 1,943. Yes, I might only know about 7 of these new followers, but since I turn away at least 3 out of every 5 it might take me awhile to hit my numbers.
  • Tweets – I have gone from 5,745 to 12,551; yay, I made goal. For someone who really doesn’t tweet unless it is tweeting someone else’s post, that sure looks like a lot of tweets, doesn’t it?
  • Comments – this has gone from 3,504 to 34,825* Ok, there is some funny math going on because I have counted spam comments too. The real number is 8,017.

So now what is the point?

I’m not sure. On one level it shows that I can still stink it up with the best of them; but on another, it might give an outsider the perception I actually have a plan and know what I”m doing.

If nothing else, I’m still here and making some progress.

The reality is, these kind of numbers will not get you noticed, if getting noticed is one of your objectives.

So I’m putting the ball in your court; please tell all your friends and family you have discovered the greatest thing since sliced bread.

For every verifiable referral that signs on with me; you will get $3 worth of HeyPal dollars, redeemable for a discounted annual subscription to my site. 27 referrals and your first year will practically be free.

Aren’t I the bestest?


86 thoughts on “The mother of all lists; the list of One

  1. Ooh yes, you are the bestest! I’ve never set myself any number goals, Bill. And self-promo – oh, blush! The most fun thing is sharing other peoples’ stuff and making them look good. I am happy with that.

    πŸ™‚ I first “met” you over at Praveen’s blog in his bloggers’ spotlight. I am glad.

    I think so long as the general state of things is happy, I am happy. I am happy to look forward to my friends’ posts and go read them. Oh, I am happy when they mention me. I am equally happy when they don’t – just because they love others does not mean they love me less.

    A thought just crossed my head. I am sorry, but I am giggling. I signed off my blog post nearest your birthday with a “happy birthday bill dorman” and strangely the birthday person was missing at the party!

    Heheh. Either way, life is good.

    Love, Vidya

    • Ha, I went back to that post…..if you linked me though, I wonder why I never saw it? Hmmmm……

      I don’t really keep track of numbers and even my 10,000 post was facetiously saying I needed to get to that number. Hopefully you know not to take me too seriously on about 99% of this stuff.

      I too am very happy to share my friend’s ‘stuff;’ especially when it can help them out. If my community is successful that’s a good thing for me.

      That was nice of Praveen to showcase me; unfortunately I haven’t been able to spend much time over there but I certainly notice and appreciate his efforts.

      So good to see you; thanks for dropping by.

  2. Bestest for sure!! Very entertaining post and quite a bit of “wisdomous” too ;). The best thing is to keep trying and connecting to people in all ways possible. Congratulations to you for reaching your targets πŸ™‚

    • Connecting is what I do best; it is about the only thing that keeps me afloat in here. If I had to rely on my technical savvy, I might end up being at the bottom of the river.

      Thanks for the kind words; I do try to find some humor in everything I write.

      My ‘targets’ are moving and I’m perfectly ok with that…..:).

      Good to see you sir.

  3. You don’t want to SELL yourself, but you want us to pimp you? Yeah. Right. πŸ˜‰

    If I say I “discovered the best thing since sliced bread,” then promote your blog, does that make me the next Al Gore?

  4. Here is what I’ll do for you. You front $10k HeyPal bucks and I’ll get you 265k HeyPal followers. All you need to do is sign up. Press firmly the third copy is yours and be careful not to smear the carbon.

  5. I think I got one of those $3 bills as change once when I was at a Publix in FLA but it was ok because I used it at a liquor store the next day. Wash!

    Now all you need to do is find a way to monetize your 8,000 comments.

    I would help you but I only have 685 visits to my blog since it went live on June 1 which is only 52/week on average. With those numbers I spend too much time sweeping the dust off the floor. Why do I hear crickets?

    What’s really important here is that once I went live (again) I have stopped gaining weight and I haven’t lost any more hair. Blogging has actually strengthened my fingers which has improved the grip on my golf clubs which, in turn, has reduced my average score by 12% on average.

    Blogging, therefore, is good regardless of the numbers.

    • I think I’m going to set up my comment system so that you have to pay to comment. I don’t want to get greedy, so I’m thinking about $5 a comment should be ok. And if I respond and you want to reply again, I’ll cap that at $2 and then everything after that will be free. That should keep me in top shelf golf all year…..:).

      Publix, their HQ is in my town. I know all the big dogs there. My tennis partner is head of the marketing/advertising department. They are HUGE community supporters, so yes, spend your money freely there.

      I’m holding onto my hair pretty good, although there is some grey starting to show through……….distinguished, right? My fat ass needs to lose at least 10 lbs, so hopefully I won’t be gaining any more.

      I don’t know if blogging has strengthened my fingers, but I bet I could get a job as a secretary now; man I can type fast.

      Blogging is good for what ails ya; trust me, I’m a doctor.

  6. You are definitely the bestest. From one person on Danny Browns list of 12 Bloggers to Watch in 2012 to another, there is some real pressure to perform. We don’t want to make him look bad, right? I’m not sure what I’ve accomplished this year except that I’m on track to have the first draft of my memoir finished by October 31. Okay. I just noticed that’s Halloween. How appropriate.

    I have learned to look at blogging as just another avenue, another tool. I love Vidya’s philosophy: “…so long as the general state of things is happy, I’m happy.” For now, I’m not making any big social media goals for the new year. And Ralph’s accomplishments of no more weight gain and no more hair loss sound pretty good to me. : )

    • I feel so bad about that too; Danny will hardly make eye contact with me now. I just know the pressure was a lot more than I thought it would be…..we still have time though, right?

      My biggest accomplishment so far is that I’m still standing. There have certainly been days that I have lost my direction, but being the social critter that I am, it’s hard to keep me away.

      I’m a happy guy; sometimes too happy because people want to know what I’m smiling about. I usually don’t have an answer than just ‘I’m happy.’ That’s good enough, right?

      Good to see you next big thing; thanks for stopping by.

  7. “…I actually have a plan and know what I”m doing.” Real”ly??

    All I know is that Bill Dorman can dominate and win on any given Blogday. So I’m compelled to drop by.

    Other than that… I love your point about being accountable. Going back to restaurant discussion, I’m still trying to figure out the menu. It’s getting there, but it’s hard to be accountable if you don’t know exactly what you’re accountable for.

    I saw a great description on a blog the other day:

    “This is a space for sharing how I continue to evolve from PR person to social media and digital marketing pro. I am providing how-tos, observations and opinions to give my peers pragmatic advice and actionable information. … ” (Found at )

    Seems to me, this serves as a commitment and touchstone. I think it fits here, if not I’m going to sleep.

    • Yes, we have to work smarter, more effeciently; goal oriented and with clear direction. But I’m from the school you can be too driven and it’s not worth it if you don’t take time to enjoy the small successes along the way. But that’s just me….

      My plan is to not bring too much unwarranted attention to myself because if the spotlight gets too bright, all my cracks and crevices might start to show.

      Quit looking through my webcam; I didn’t wear any clothes to work today…..

      I need to sign off; I need to dominate the blogosphere some more today.

  8. So I’m thinking that $21 missing from your wallet went to pay for most of those new Twitter followers, right? Because I know you care like that.

    Yes, you are the bestest and the cream rises to the top. So save your HeyPal bucks for something valuable, like golf balls personalized with your URL.

    Congratulations on making your way onto Dorman’s List. I hear it’s very exclusive!

    • Well, it was a pretty exclusive list; in fact, it’s probably the same list that will show up at my funeral. I wonder what it’s like planning for one of those you can hold in a phone booth?

      The problem with the $21 package it’s all spam bots; you follow back and they drop you a week later. Most of my new followers I at least do a cursory check to make sure they can fog a mirror; but a BIG red flag to me is when I see they only follow back a fraction of their followers. To me, those are the kings of douchebaggery and if they are that freakin’ anti-social find a new platform; just get the heck out of my house. It took one so called guru to come up with that brilliant idea and just check out the ‘sheep’ that followed……

      Oh, did I mention how I feel about that practice?

      I’m liking the golf back thing; except it’s hard to read the URL when the ball is at the bottom of the pond………yikes………

      Thanks for the kind words; always good to see you.

  9. I think you should just charge when someone comments; and charge double when the king of all social replies. I think you can hit your numbers fast like that.

    And for the record, I’m always happy when I see my friends make one of those lists, unless it’s Ten People That Are Destroying the Blogosphere or something like that…

    • Hey, I think you are on to something………….brilliant………….

      I’m more towards the I’d like to poke you in your eye because I’m jealous…..but I will smile to your face………..just don’t blink……………

      Nah, I’m always happy when someone I know does well; I will drag the ‘I know them’ card out until you can’t see the writing on it anymore.

      Hola Adam.

    • I swear, Adam, I read your URL wrong and could’ve sworn it was “customers hat trick” πŸ™‚ I was so almost interested… (Okay, that was mean. I’m going over there right now just to make amends. I’ll let Bill and Hajra explain that I’m flippant, but not really mean… most of the time. πŸ˜‰

      • If you’re not mean, what are you doing hanging around here… πŸ™‚

        Now, I’m upset because Customer Hat Trick would have been a really cool site! Maybe I can get a post out of it. πŸ˜‰

        Glad to meet you Holly! Any friend of Bill’s…

  10. Bill, you are the bestest! Or so I hear all around on blogosphere.

    There seems to be a lot of money talking tonight. May I suggest a safe bank account in Switzerland? Accepting any currency, US, Canadian, HeyPal, Monopoly – the choice is yours. No affiliated links, I assure you!

    Or maybe you have a future in banking, seems like your dollars last long, reminds me of a Bee Gee song (

    • Stayin’ Alive indeed……I can stretch a dollar; I get an a $20 allowance each week and that is supposed to cover lunch too………whew………..

      There is talk of money flying and is the Swiss bank account still the safest? We might have to work out a deal………:).

      Or so they say, huh?

  11. Maybe if I comment like 2000 times you could reach one of your goals? I will try, not 2000, but maybe like 20…. a step closer anyway! Or I will just comment bomb every post of your unless they call me spam and kick me out! Or if I promised like 2000 will be let the money go?

    Or maybe we all buy insurance from you… it might make you super rich; you work on commission and there are loads here who love you and who might do good with insurance…

    As for being the bestest. You are. The Bestest… ever!

  12. I swear I’m going to do a list Bill and you’re going to be on it. I’ll definitely have to include your restaurant post.

    I don’t do the numbers game myself. I did in the beginning and learned the hard way that’s all they are. Numbers!!! You want to build a community in order to really get heard and you have a loyal group here. I love the way you write, I love your sense of humor and I just enjoy visiting your place. You always make us feel welcome and you just write to write.

    You are pure enjoyment Mr. Dorman and I hope you’ll always continue to entertain.


    • Mr Excitement, huh? When I got into this blogging thing it was because I thought you were supposed to have on if you were going to be a commentor. Then, I could see everybody was on a mission, or looking for direction.

      What is has been for me is a daily networking event; I can talk my fool head off in here……..:).

      I certainly appreciate your kind words and visits; and I am being facetious about the lists, I’ve made my share……and the phone still isn’t ringing…….

      I hope you have a great weekend.

  13. When I toot my own horn on my blog (which I do often), it’s usually because I want to promote myself as a brilliant content marketing strategist (which I am). But in your case Bill…I’m not sure why you would toot, other than to give yourself a little ego boost (which I suspect you don’t need). I can’t recall if I’ve ever included you in a list post before – probably have – and will do it again if you beg and plead :-).

    • Your tooting is tolerable; you do a great job and should pat yourself on the back.

      I probably would never overtly toot my horn; but I don’t shy away when others toot my horn for me. In fact, in my world of insurance, if someone is tooting your horn for you, you know you are doing something right.

      Yeah, my ego is already pretty big (but in a subtle way……..:) so I don’t need any pumping up in that area.

      I have to be careful; I don’t want to make the list of those who whine the loudest… or longest.

      Good to see you Ruth, I hope your week went well.

  14. Hey Bill,

    I am always happy when my friends makes the list of the “top bloggers” or awards or whatever. I don’t feel sad or grumpy when I don’t make it. But, I feel a lot better when I make the list of one. I haven’t been on a list like that more than a few times, but I still remember the awesome feeling.

    I have been thinking about making those long list of awesome people, but the reason I haven’t is because I know that I would forget some, and I really don’t want to forget to add a person who deserves to be on the list. I know that I would feel awful if that happened πŸ™‚

    • Maybe can do a list and let our community fill in the blanks. If you get left off, it’s because you didn’t show up, right?

      I haven’t done much to be list worthy lately; I had plans to do and receive more guest posting this year but got lazy. Therefore, all I have been doing is posting at my place. Hard to get recognized if that is the sum total of your game I suppose.

      Papa John’s was my place, but had the hand tossed Pizza Hut last night w/ tomatoes and onions and it moved way up the list; good stuff………..:).

      Thanks for coming by my friend.

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