Sweet, a post about kissing, this could get interesting.

Well, maybe not; it is really just the acronym for keep it simple stupid, you will have to decide how interesting it gets.

But hey now, who you callin’ stupid? Don’t look at me, I’m sure he’s talking about someone else.

When I’m talking ‘insurance‘ to prospects and customers it is certainly a good thing to remember; right? Say what, cut to the chase, am I covered or not?

I have never professed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I don’t need to be because at my restaurant you can practically cut your steaks with a fork. What I mean is, I am smart enough; if I don’t know it, I know people who do. Therefore, I am smart enough to be able to use the resources at my disposal.

You still seem pretty dull

Ok, ok; I got kicked off school patrol where you get to wear that cool triangular strap looking thingy and a badge because I couldn’t maintain a B average. It wasn’t because I couldn’t do it; it was more because I would rather play than study.

Let’s just say I was an average student at best.

But having said that I do have a few educational achievements. I was the accounting student of the year my second year at the local community college and even went off to big boy school thinking I was going to be a CPA. Ha, when my first upper level accounting class was taking as much time as my 3 other classes, time to find a new major.

I also tested well enough when entering the Army to have an offer for a full ride to West Point, the US Military Academy. It did have strings attached however, and I was not prepared to make a 10-yr commitment and the engineering requirements probably would have been a real struggle for me anyway. Plus, I think there are some real bullets in the mix too.

The story of my life

If I have to do something, I’ll get it done. I have my degree, I have my insurance license, and I have several professional designations which encompassed a master’s level curriculum. The ability is in there somewhere; I just need to match up the want to with it.

But I have a confession to make which won’t be a shocker to many. Hopefully my community will stick with me once I out myself.

I am not a nerd, a dork maybe, but you would be hard pressed to find one nerdly thing about me.

I know it is almost a pre-requisite for online social, but this probably explains why I am a minimalist with my resources and gadgets and essentially survive on my social skills alone.

I read a great article by Allison Boyer at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo Blog and her very thorough but accurate description of why nerds thrive in this environment. It was spot-on and gave me pause for thought.

Crap, none of that applies to me; I might be in danger of losing my blog card.

Well then, that explains it

I have never been a gamer or a Trekkie and have not read Lord of the Rings. I was always interested in being outside and playing. If it involved a bike, a fort or a playground where some kind of ball could be played, you had my attention.

Fortunately, my mother did instill the love of reading in me however, and that has probably been my saving grace and ability to know things I suppose.

It appears I was destined for a career in sales from an early age and somehow I found it. Interesting, how many of you are doing something now that your childhood interests would have made your profession predictable?

So, what are you saying then?

It takes all types. One other thing I never was, was a hater. I never made fun of someone for being physically, ethnically or academically different. Billy has always been the nice guy.

Make sure you read Allison’s post. Just about every one of her points in her post never applied to me as a youth, but I’m still standing. I was the just show up guy back then, and the just show up guy today.

I wouldn’t say I have had Forrest Gump type success, but I haven’t done too bad either for someone who still uses fun as his premise for success.

Maybe this explains a little bit that I’m not the most coachable or always follow tech advice when provided. Not that I don’t appreciate it, but until I absolutely have to have it, I might be a slow adopter.

Fortunately, most of this stuff requires just signing up and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to operate once you are in.

Did any of this make sense? Did any one care that I’m simple? Do you think any less of me, or do all the pieces fit now?

Hey, it was hard to top the restaurant post.


Just for the heck of it, I ‘filmed’ the pre-hurricane in the F L A. Here it is if you want to see it:



48 thoughts on “K.I.S.S.

  1. “Love you just the way you are” 😀 I can sing that too! Ah, Billy Joel.

    I read Allison’s post – and loved it – found it reassuring. I like that you’re nice, Bill. When I was very young, I wanted to be in all sorts of professions. I ruled them out one by one as I grew up – yet one thing remained constant: I wanted variety in whatever I did. And people. Lots of them. So I began my career in the projects division of a multinational, which was near perfect and gave me the chance to use the French I’d learned. From there to advertising, and to sales. I meandered in the right direction 🙂 Shucks, one of the major customers I handled, which was LIC of India was so impressed they insisted I become an agent and sold me the benefits of residual income. I also did rather well for a couple of years then was too lazy to persist, as I had more interesting things to do.

    I am happy to say I’ve done happy stuff I was passionate about. And today, am really grateful I have a work from home job.

    Oh, that restaurant post was fantastic. 🙂

    I know you’re going to have a great week ahead! Am off to see your video now. Though I donno why you didn’t embed it here 😛

    • I always expected to be a professional athlete; of course, I was never good enough to even make it to the college level but the thought never left my mind….:).

      I like people and all their uniqueness; that is what makes my job so interesting and every day can be an adventure.

      Thanks for the compliments on the restaurant post; it was a fun one to do.

      We have a hurricane passing us right now but fortunately it’s far enough out in the Gulf that we are getting mostly rain and moderate wind. Otherwise, it’s going to be a great day indeed.

      Good to see you.

    • Yeah, and all you got was me…..without makeup too…. what a letdown, huh?

      Nasty weather with the feeder bands or rain running through; but since the hurricane took off for the Gulf waters, we shouldn’t have it too bad.

      Of course, all this rain really helps our mosquito population flourish and I’ve heard how you like mosquito’s………:).

      Good to see you, hope things are still rock-n-roll for you; take care.

  2. Hey Bill, It’s not often I read someone apologizing for not being a nerd.

    It’s okay, Bill, really it is. We’ll accept you since you’re the nice guy and you don’t make fun of us!

    But maybe this is fiction. Maybe you are a nerd in real life? I have to question everything you wrote because you said that you’re a slow adopter. You have jumped into the deep end of the tech pool this past year, soon to be earning the title of “polygadgetist” so I don’t consider you a slow adopter at all.

    So while I now have to question everything you wrote, I can’t imagine you as mean.

    Tech tip: turn your iPhone 90 degrees so you don’t have the black bars on the sides of your YouTube video.

    Stay safe from Isaac!

    • Thanks for the tip; even though that was a snafu, it was really easy to do. I’m amazed how I can walk and talk and it doesn’t look like the Blair Witch Project when it’s filming.

      See, if I play dumb I can get away with a lot more. The reality is, most of this tech stuff is so idiot proof all you have to do is jump in and work with it a little bit.

      I’m a chameleon, I find it easy to blend w/ my audience, whoever it might be. Because I do read quite a bit, it’s easy to ask enough ‘right’ questions so I’m not at a total loss in any conversation.

      Polygadgetist…….I like it. Nerds have come a long way when you have to apologize not being in their club, huh? I’m just glad they let me play on their playground too.

      High & dry; that’s my motto for today. Good to see you.

    • Wait a minute….hold your horses! You have to be a NERD to succeed at social? Says who? I’ve missed something. I am DEFINITELY weird, but I’m not particularly ‘nerdy’. That said, keeping it simple (stupid) is always a great strategy. In life and in social. Carolyn, I think I can sort of picture him as mean…in a sarcastic kind of way…and only with those who can ‘take it’. Am I right Bill?

      • Yes, in addition to dork I have the weird and strange down pat too.

        Oh trust me, when I get with my buddies NOTHING is sacred; you better be able to take it ’cause it’s going to get bumpy. I dish as well as receive, but I don’t do it in a purposefully hurtful way. Heaven forbid if you show up with your hair died or a comb over; it’s on then………..

        Sweet; I am probably described as sweet more than anything. Say what? And I’m guessing they don’t mean like sugar….. grandmothers dig me though, or so they say.

        Good to see you Ruth.

    • That’s assuming I had some when I went out there…..:).

      Actually, I have a shag bag but only hit 3 so I get my exercise in walking after I hit my 3. I have about 150 yards to work with so I can get some good exercise in.

      Dessert? Looks like a fruit cup to me……

      Thanks for the kinds words; still working from a loaner computer so I do have limitations.

      More bark than bite to this storm; some rain but nothing we don’t see in an afternoon thunder shower.

  3. Nice video, but Bill, come on, you’ve been in FL long enough to know that you can’t report on a storm without a windbreaker and some sort of visual aid. You need to amp up the drama!

    One thing is for sure: “nerds” and sales are almost 100% mutually exclusive.

    • The best people for sales did ‘average’ in school and liked sports. Average so you don’t over-think everything, and sports because you have enough of a competitive drive to motivate yourself to achieve.

      You can absolutely be ‘too-smart’ for sales. If you wait for the planets to align and everything to be ‘perfect,’ you will make very few sales. Fat, dumb and happy is not a bad thing….:).

      Within 15 minutes of taking the vid, a feeder band came through and soaked me…..oh well, I got about 45 minutes in.

      I am much more dork than nerd, but I can hang with any of them.

      Good to see you; hope this was an inside day for you.

    • Shhhh, I can make the ‘right’ things happen, but I do a very good impression of the just show up guy.

      I am the guy that would just hop in the car and go to the beach w/out a towel, change of clothes, sunscreen or cooler however; and then just figure it out when I got there….:).

      Oh well, as long as the important stuff is getting done, right?

      Good to see you; how’s the day time job going? Still in the honeymoon phase?

    • That pic looks more like the Matrix because I’m pretty sure that ‘weapon’ was not spitting out those casings.

      I do have the bar code and the base of my head, but no packaging…..yet…….

      It’s just me, that’s all I can be……….:).

      Good to see you, thanks for the visit.

  4. Well Hello Bill

    As you rightly point out it takes all sorts to make a community. I tend to lean towards the techie angle focusing on getting the job done with minimal fuss, In fact during my military training I was known as Mr Gray, simply as the instructor put it “beaming down” completing my task and disappearing back into the crowd.

    As for athletics that was not for me, swimming being a case in point. Instructors want you to swim to the other side then swim back again..I’m already here so why bother, this logic can be applied to most sports!

    The key point is to always as you say not be a hater and by using technology even geeks like me can overcome their social inhibitions.


    • I’m with ya on the swimming, yuck…..

      I try not to be judgmental and as long as your are not in my space being offensive to me; then be your own unique self, because it certainly isn’t up to me to question your behavior.

      I’m the go along, get along guy anyway. I can blend well with any crowd.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, it was very much appreciated.

  5. I thought I could come here and not have to think (too much). Dammit, man. So what, you’re not a geek. Whatever. Having fun? I think I know the answer to that.

    And yes, it takes all kinds. Sometimes the geeks are no fun when you meet them in person, sometimes they are. Sometimes the regular folks are more interesting, smart or goofy that they appear to be. All I know is that it doesn’t much matter. Hustle matters. I think you have likely proven that to yourself; on and off line.

    Nice weather vid.

    • I usually go out to the soccer field when I only have an hour or so. Corner to corner I have a little over 150 yards to work with so I’m pretty safe with my 52 degree wedge. I only carry 3 balls in my pocket so every shot has to count and then I track it down like real golf. Plus I have the music going so I really enjoy the experience.

      Like Mr Bell said; we aren’t packages, no need for labels. I’m probably a lot more tech savvy than I lead on; but I know I don’t hold a candle to some in here.

      Even if I don’t have the same interests, it’s cool to see people get all excited about some of this stuff. Passion is not a bad thing………

      Still off and on rain, but no worse than when a front moves through. We got lucky on this one……

      • Whew! *wipes brow*

        That’s cool that you can golf in the school yard. Around here people get riled up and call the cops. Liability and all. Sounds like the US. Canadians are never known to be that uptight – except when it comes to golf.

        • Oh, it’s only a matter of time before they throw me off. Nobody is usually around on the weekends however. Plus, I only carry 3 balls in my pocket and one club so I can always put the club by my leg and act like I’m just walking for exercise………..:).

  6. I have enough experience with insurance agents that I know that many are not using the K.I.S.S. formula 🙂

    I say, get started in Norway and I’ll be your first customer. I don’t even know how much I’m paying in insurance or what it covers. So, I’ll go for KISS any day.

    I am not a geek/nerd either. I have always been outside playing ball, but when the other guys went to sleep, that’s when I started using the computer. So, I guess I can say that I have been a geek too, but more or less undercover 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about you and the hurrican. It’s been all over the news here in Norway. I hope you’re doing ok.

    • That’s why we can charge more because nobody has a clue what we are talking about or what it means…..:). They actually tried to change policies to a ‘readable’ language and just made it worse.

      It sure would be better if they utilized more of a common sense approach; but it is the attorney’s who have litigated it to death that drives a lot of the language. Kind of like politics when they try to fix a social ill.

      I guess I’m the closet geek/nerd too because most of my computer time is night time. I would much rather be on the computer than in front of the TV.

      Fortunately, the hurricane did not come up the west coast of Florida like predicted. It kicked out into the waters of the gulf so we were spared. You wait for 3-days and do all this preparation but never know until it’s right on you. The panhandle won’t be as lucky; they will take a direct hit, but this isn’t a big one so hopefully it’s not too bad for them.

      PS – you can never pay TOO much for insurance………..trust me………..:).

  7. Hello,

    Tough to follow the restaurant post…eh? But you did a great job here. As long as we know that you are the good guy who likes coming by and has the most wonderful things to say. People keep asking me why I blog. I just keep saying “for fun”. They don’t get it….

    Well, you do! 🙂

    P.S. And you mention Forrest Gump; I am in love with that man… basically, in love with Tom Hanks…Just sayin’

    • Fun; there is absolutely nothing wrong with having fun as a motivator. I enjoy the blogging as I enjoy being social. Social I can do with my eyes closed.

      I know some don’t really get the ‘social’ part, but basically that is all I do get. In my world of outside sales, social has gotten me pretty far so let me run with it online too, ok?

      Tom Hanks is a great actor; I really liked him in Saving Private Ryan as well.

      I hope your day has gone well; our’s was wet from the hurricane, but no damage where I live.

      • More than not getting the fun part… people will stand to judge you. Doesn’t make sense at times…

        As for being nerd, I was called a nerd when in college. Mainly because I wore nerd glasses and I liked reading way too much! But that’s okay; nerds aren’t all crappy. Some (cough, me, cough) can be fun!

        I saw about the hurricane in the news tonight (yes, its night here already). Hope everyone comes out of it okay!

        • I was shy and a dork; but in my mind I was too cool for school……:). I think the tech generation was after me so maybe that is why I was late to get on board.

          Hurricane was a non-event here; some rain, but not even a lot of that. These things are so hit or miss and you wait 3-4 days to find out where it’s actually going to hit. Oh well……..

  8. Wow Bill, as I was reading this I was thinking to myself well dang. We sure do have some things in common. Okay, I don’t have the college degree or anything but I love to just dive in and learn things. Oh sure, some things are over my head I agree but I’m going to give it hell figuring it out.

    I’m going to have to check out that post too because I don’t believe I fall anywhere in the category of being a nerd. No siree but like you, I’ve never made fun of people throughout my life. Treat people the way you want to be treated was instilled in my brain throughout my childhood. Oh yeah, it stuck.

    Sure, this post didn’t top the restaurant post but you still have plenty to share with us and I know that I definitely appreciate what you have to say.

    Hope you made it through the storm. Just watched your video and I can’t believe you haven’t gotten caught yet on the soccer field. Since you shot that video you just might still. You’re crazy man. 🙂

    • The storm was essentially a non-event here. They did close the schools, but all we got was some rain.

      We are old school; we are just smart enough, we can make things happen in our own way, huh?

      With school back in session and the field in nice shape, I probably need to just go back to the range. However, it is nice to be out there with my music own hitting some ‘sweet’ golf shots……:).

      We really don’t need labels; we all have different interests and if we just treat others like we would want to be treated, then you can be a zombie for all I care………:). Not really; especially if you want my brains because I don’t have much to spare…..

      Thanks for your thoughts.

  9. Hey Bill, I’ve never been a geek/ nerd…

    Hey, lets arm wrestle for the least nerdy/ geeky guy in blogoshpere… I bet I could win 😮

    For some reason, learning tech stuff for me is worse than going to the dentist : (

    Slow. Boat. To. China. Here.

    You’ve always made perfectly good sense to me; that’s why I hang out here, duh!

    • On the tech stuff, if I can flip a switch and figure it out from there then I’m good. That was why Facebook was easy and twitter took me 6 months to figure out.

      As far as the arm wrestling, I think you are bigger than me so let’s do the arm wrestling, a 100-yd dash and a game of horse; how’s that? I got wheels and skills baby……….:).

      The tech stuff never caught my attention; it wasn’t like I had to ‘figure’ it out. But once I saw I could survive by just showing up; then I’m all in now.

      The key is to ‘know’ the right people and take it from there.

      Good to see you Mark; hope your weekend went well. Did you get wet?

  10. Okay, the whole geek/nerd issue reminds me of a line of Steve Martin’s character in “Out-of-Towners”: “I hated New York when it was hip to hate it. Now it’s not hip to hate New York anymore, so I don’t. What can I say? I’m in advertising. I’m weak and I follow the crowd.” It’s the same thing with nerds. Was a time when the super smart kid with the glasses and pen protector in his shirt pocket was SO not cool. Now people admire the Bill Gateses of the world so everyone wants to be a nerd, even though they don’t really qualify. Except for you, of course. We can always count on the real Bill to shine through.

    I read an interesting quote on Facebook today that really made me think. It was somewhere along the lines of: “When you are procrastinating to avoid your real work, what activities take up your time? Because that is a sign that you should have chosen that as a career.” The idea was what do you love doing, more than what you are currently doing. For me it’s immersing myself in news and politics. Man, I could spend my whole day on those sites. So perhaps I should have considered the law, or at the least, perhaps journalism? Got me thinking. : )

    • When nerd started equaling money and in some cases, lot’s of it; then yes, it definitely became a lot cooler.

      And I’m in sales so what can I say….I’m weak and I will follow the crowd……..:).

      My youngest was Poly-Sci and Journalism. However, he is getting ready to interview with us, so he might end up in sales just like his daddy.

      It’s never too late to get a law degree; maybe a child’s advocate lawyer with your teaching background and tolerance of kids? Actually, the child’s advocate lawyers I deal with rarely see the kids; all their action is in the court room.

      Thanks for stopping by Judy, it is always a pleasure to see you. Are you the next big thing yet? I hope we are not disappointing Danny; we still have a few months to make it happen…….

  11. I am not really a nerd or a geek but I could probably roll with both groups. I am more of an outsider who does his own thing and always have been. I don’t buy Allison’s arguments any more than I would if you said you need to be cool to be part of social.

    Takes all types to make the world go round and you find us all here.

    • Yeah, you are that loner dude who’s not afraid to speak his mind……we know your type……

      I too could roll with both groups or probably any group for that matter. I’m a better ‘connector’ and use my connections to make me a much smarter person than my abilities allow.

      But you do have to admit there is a higher population of people who really like the tech world in here than not; at least in my opinion. Without stereotyping, this population tends to identify more with being a nerd or geek at some point in their life.

      It’s all good however, I like diversity. And I might not be smart, but I sure know where to find some really smart people.

      That’s what works in my world; being able to put all the pieces together. That’s why I like the social side of this equation.

      So, did the Dodgers do enough to sprint past San Fran?

  12. I have not read those article you mentioned about why nerds thrive in this online environment. I would think that the battle cries of MineCraft and dungeons and dragons would be to distracting for them to get any real work done but i digress.

    I’m no nerd either unless you call someone who loves sci fi movies a nerd. I am a geek in more ways than i care to admit. Everyone i know online is somewhat of a geek but Really i don’t know any nerds. So i challenge the assumption that nerds succeed in this environment.

    • Hey, don’t be coming into my house challenging me. If I said it, it must be so…..this is the internet and you can’t lie on the internet…..

      I guess you can be a nerd and a geek or you can be one or the other, huh? You are probably right however, it’s the techie geeky crowd that loves the gadgets and toys it just so happens some are nerds too.

      I’m just a hick with a funny accent, so if I can live with that, nerdom might not be too bad of a gig.

      I’m an equal opportunity offender; I don’t use labels in a derogatory way, but if the shoe fits, be proud to wear it.

      Good to see you Annie Bo Bannie; hope all is well in your ‘hood.

  13. (1) Was it Woody Allen who said “80% of success is just showing up”?

    (2) I want to put in a few words for Lord of the Rings: You should try it! An easy way to slip into it, try “The Hobbit.” It’s a lot of fun and you’ll enjoy seeing the movie more when it comes out in a few months.

    • On the surface, neither of those books looked appealing to me. HOWEVER, because you said so, I will give Lord of the Rings a try.

      I didn’t think I would like the movie Avatar at all until it happened to be on TV and I caught most of it. I ended up thinking it was pretty cool. I’m not sure if it qualifies as a ‘tech’ movie, but it was certainly different.

      Field of Dreams is the best movie ever, in case you want to know….:).

      • Ah ….Mr. Dorman.

        Now you’ve come up with something. Field of Dreams. Here is the seed for another of your insightful posts.

        Wonderful Blogs are sometimes like baseball fields in the middle of Iowa.

        But….Just because you build it, does not mean they will come.

        However, if you are true to your passion and create a comfortable place for people to play ball and connect with people who like the same things ….you’ll see a long line of headlights heading your way.

        However, you’ve always reminded me of Mr. Costner in Bull Durham. Something about a single malt scotch. You’ve created a really nice place that attracts really nice people.

      • I like the analogy sir; both of Mr Costner and the blog……:).

        One thing for sure in here; just building it is no guarantee of success or visitors. In fact, the bank might be hounding you until they see something tangible.

        So, how the heck are ya? Are you still in Orlando? If so, we need to catch up and have lunch or drinks or something…….

        Thanks for dropping by.

  14. Hi Bill,

    I was that boring, in-between guy in high school cause I never fit into a group. But everyone does want to belong and things haven’t changed: Jock, head, nerd, etc. Chris Hardwick even had a debate on his podcast, and little did I know, there is a difference between a nerd and a geek … WTF?!

    I still don’t like labels, or groups whether they be roving bands of nerd-bots or angry jocks. It’s still a herd, right? 😉

    Just like the fine peeps you meet outside of our little blogging utopia, it takes all kinds to make the big machine work, right? By the way one of my best friends in high school was probably the smartest guy in school and ended up going to Johns Hopkins University. Bastard 😉 He was also a lineman (played both offense and defense), but he didn’t like beer, played chess a lot and drank wine coolers. Don’t tell me you like wine coolers … 😉

    • Aw hell no on the wine coolers………I will drink one however if that is all that is being offered………:). It’s a good beach drink……don’t tell anyone………

      Labels encourage prejudices; I’m ok w/ my ‘labels’ and will even make fun of them, but it’s not a funny thing to some people, especially if it caused a lot of angst in their lives.

      I mentioned above, since I’m a baby boomer most of this tech stuff was just a dream. Once the games started coming out and some of the gadgets, I felt I was way to mature to still be playing games………..:). However, because it wasn’t in my era I’m using that as my excuse to being ok as a late adapter.

      I did make my own radio in Scouts that I thought was pretty cool because it actually worked. My dad was a good handyman and he taught me how to use my hands as well. So, I can do ‘stuff’ if I need to.

      It’s funny, I know some guys from high school who were way smarter than me that never did anything. If anything, I way over-achieved…..don’t tell anybody that either.

      Good to see you Starbucks; hope all is well on the upper left coast.

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