Wag more, bark less…

There is nothing wrong with being happy; I promise, it’s ok.

How much fun can it be going through life with a chip on your shoulder all.the.time? No wonder you don’t fit in; you can be about as pleasant as a fart in an elevator.

Why all the attitude? If it’s because the way people treated you in high school or something, get over it. That was a hundred years ago and nobody gives a rat’s ass. How can you see where you are going if you are living life always looking in the rear view mirror?

Why does everything seem as a personal affront to you; do you really think this big blue and green ball called earth revolves only around you?

Edgy and vulgar is ok and different for awhile, but that shtick is wearing pretty thin. You might as well be typing in all CAPS. It’s readable, but it damn sure gets annoying after awhile.

Take a deep breath, quit trying so hard.

But nobody will notice me

I get it, bad news and controversy sells. You have to be different, the trend setter, to stand out. And if you aren’t controversial then you are boring, right? Or so they say.

Do you really think you are a lightning rod?

It wears me out; entertain me and keep my interest; but if it feels so exhausting every time I visit, no thank you. I’m more interested in the real you, not some hyped-up, tatted up, screaming version.

Although that is kind of cool; just not so loud…:).

Your rants are not a call to action; it’s my drill sergeant back in basic telling me to drop down and give him 20. You have any idea how many push-ups I had to do in basic? If I went into battle hopefully a push-up contest would be the choice of weapon because then I might stand a chance.


But this post sounds like a rant to me

So, you think this is hypocritical? I can tee-off on the loudmouths thinking my doodie don’t stink but it doesn’t apply to me?

Every time I write about what ticks me off, people just think I’m whining.

How endearing is that after awhile?

But I need a kick in the shorts sometimes

Sometimes we all need a wake-up call; our call to action. But every single day? If I am that much of a slacker, maybe I should perfect the art and start a post exclusively on slackerdom.

What? You thought I already mastered it?

Why I never…..

Come clean, what is this post really about?

There are a couple of barking dogs post I follow, that I’m really trying to warm up to because the bloggers have real talent. But everything is always with attitude and if you are not perceived to be a peer or colleague then essentially you are a nobody to them.

They publicly want your support, and your money in some instances, but there is little to no reciprocity. It’s all about them and never about you.

Wag more and bark less and maybe I’ll give you my credit card number.

No, I don’t want to be like you when I grow up.

I took it as a challenge at first, but the deeper I got in and harder I tried, the more it made me appreciate the community that hangs out here and what they have to offer.

If you get cussed here, it will ony be because your name is Mark Harai.

Just leave then

I am; I did….sorta…..it’s just hard for me to walk away from a challenge….:).

Nobody is going to get the best of me ya hear; did I mention my Kung-Fu grip?

There must be something to that style; they are still in my Reader as much as I try to ignore them.

Not my style

Truthfully, I don’t mind the edgy attitude. I read all types in here. If it’s working for you, then rant on. It’s just that shock jock thing is so yesterday isn’t it? I just doesn’t seem very original any more.

Show me something original, credible and sincere and I’m all in.

And if you are going to be loud and edgy maybe if take your clothes off too (no dudes…..just sayin’) that will help.

What? I’m not a pig; I just appreciate art and beauty……..:).

That just took a sordid turn

Yes it did and I’m sorry; that’s what I get for trying to write a post around a title. Whereas my buddy Mr J M Bell will help you Start Your Novel, I’m pretty thin trying to creat a post with a title only.

It sounded cute though, didn’t it?

If you feel a refund is in order just DM me and I’ll credit your account from HeyPal. It will get better next week; trust me, I’m a doctor.




60 thoughts on “Wag more, bark less…

    • It takes all types and we can certainly vote with our feet, but too much ‘tude wears thin; that really is not original.

      Genuine, honest, instructional with a touch of humor; maybe I’ll try out for that part?

      Good to see you Carolyn, hope your day went well.

    • Depends on the reason for a rant. Many of us have been pushing for honesty from marketers vs the fraud so many commit and very hard even when tactful and call their bluff to get anyone to care. But the clients are just as much to blame. Many of the top 50 Ad Age Marketing bloggers who sell books and give talks never get hired by smart businesses for good reason. But they have legions of small suckers who as marketers like to do…pump up the numbers. Really sad.

      And while the ‘instructional’ bloggers have less readers they usually have more clients.

      • I hear what you are saying; some think being the loudest makes them the bestest but when you cut through the noise, there isn’t much there.

        Some things are worth ranting over and some things need attention drawn to it. However, some people just aren’t happy and now with a blog, they have found a way to ‘share’ this unhappiness with anybody and everybody.

        More clients are good………

    • I figured you might get a kick out it; somebody new stopping by might wonder ‘what the heck did that Mark Harai do?’

      I had fun with this; you know me, I’m not a hater………

      Hope your weekend went well.

  1. Attitude is a real killer, right?

    Lol, loved this post πŸ˜‰

    Some rants are great, others whiny, others controversial.

    I believe that one can be controversial just by picking a side – because, there are always people who are against your opinion. The again, there are issues in which the majority is for the topic – in that case, there is no use of writing about it. Is there? Like why commenting is great πŸ˜‰

    Of course, if you have anything to add, then go ahead and write about it (it is going to be unique, because it is your voice, right? Is it going to be unique? Depends. There is something more than our personality to “content”. Adding our personality may give it a touch of uniqueness, but the message isn’t unique, is it?).

    Now, we could do something else – go against the popular opinion. Yup.

    Like why commenting sucks. Maybe.

    Or why social media is a complete waste of time.

    Now, if we have some good points, we could be convincing (then again, we need to have some credibility to talk about it, or people are going to slap us with their comments :D).

    That’s all I have to say for now (or that’s all what I can think of now).

    • Pretty deep sir, but I expected that…….

      So, social media is a complete waste of time……..now that’s a novel idea……..:). But then again, I do a lot of things I like that are a complete waste of time so why should this be any different?

      Just by taking a side can be controversial; some like to keep that ‘wiggle’ room in there to be ‘socially acceptable,’ right?

      I wonder why some people have it in them to always be contrary; that’s exhausting to me and at the end of the day, what was gained?

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by sir; I do appreciate it.

      • It depends, right?

        How do we categorize activities as productive and non productive? Isn’t it very subjective?

        Some people want to be controversial (they like the discussion or they like the “fame” they could get with it). Some people also go to any extent to prove their points (sometimes, they are ignorant about how it might hurt their relationships with the readers, and sometimes they just don’t care).

  2. “And if you are going to be loud and edgy maybe if take your clothes off too (no dudes…..just sayin’) that will help.

    What? I’m not a pig; I just appreciate art and beauty……..:).”

    That reminds me of the story about the old farmer who implored his wife not to parade around the house naked because he didn’t want her to scare the children or spook the horses.

    • I hear ya; I’m glad you are comfortable in your own skin but you are making me pretty darn uncomfortable parading around with so much of it exposed, huh?

      Life is short; live large….:).

      Good to see you.

  3. At first I thought you were talking about me because I am at the center of the blue-green ball after all but then I realised you weren’t after the line “There are a couple of barking dogs post I follow, that I’m really trying to warm up to because the bloggers have real talent. “…..:-)

    Isn’t that why we tune into different channels once in a while? Variety……I’m just sayin’

    • I’ll tell you a little secret………I hate to be ignored………don’t you know who in the hell I am? I am somebody around here……..:).

      I just find it ironic some of ‘these people’ sure want your support and money, but it would take an act of Congress for them to even think about throwing you a bone unless you really were ‘somebody.’ If you aren’t perceived to be on their level, the fuhgetaboutit.

      It’s social, they sure aren’t as ‘big’ as they think they are.

      That’s ok, we can always vote with our feet, right?

      I do like variety and have some pretty good ones in the Reader.

      Good to see you Ralph, hope your weekend went well.

  4. Bill,

    How did you know I got a tat? πŸ˜‰ And sorry for calling your a Senior, but graybeard to graybeard, I do appreciate you not cussing at me on that one πŸ™‚

    Anyway, variety is the spice of life, right? And we all like to have a bit of a bitch-fest on our respective blogs. I see lots of bitching and barking and some of it is really fun. I just don’t want to spend too much time reading all this stuff, because it’ll lure you in and before you know it, poof! There goes another day of work. That’s the real danger, eh?

    Akkk! I just got “hotboxed” in an elevator after some burrito eating office worker – holding it in all day – exited after an early lunch. How’s that for a late Monday morning attitude adjustment?

    • Hotboxed! Yikes. πŸ˜€ I am I glad the lift, I mean the elevator in our apartment complex is the “cage” type and not the “airtight” steel box type! Perfumed tissue always comes in useful.

    • It was close; I could have called either one of you out……..:). I deferred to the wiley veteran over the rook……….

      Oh, I like the rants up to a point. When it seems to be your entire premise, I might have to take it in smaller doses.

      The problem with the ranters, they are serious so when I drop one of my ‘quips’ in, they don’t get it; they just want me to go away………ha, fat chance……

      Hot boxed and burrito’s; quite the combo sir.

      Thx for the perfect game against the Rays, it pissed them off and they took it out on the Angels.

  5. Hey Bill

    They had it coming huh? Glad you got it off your chest though! Very amusing. I love a bit of sarcasm.

    Take a deep breath… and calm. πŸ˜‰


    • Chill, right?

      They just think they can ignore me. As I explained above, some of these people REALLY have a chip on their shoulder and they don’t fully appreciate my humor when I stop by. That fact and the fact I’m not a ‘name’ to them, doesn’t get me much run at their place.

      I have fun tormenting them however; I don’t get mad, I get even…….:).

      Good to see you Mr Tim.

    • How did you know this post was about you? I just didn’t know which site of yours I should apply it to……..

      Hola school dad; hope week two in ye old middle school goes well. Heaven forbid if you try to home school them………:).

  6. I think way too many bloggers default to the rant. Sometimes they are called for and well done, but that is the exception. Most are just a lazy way to try to grab attention.

    You called them out well!

    • I take it as a challenge to ‘break’ their shell. Some of these people are really on a mission and are serious as a heart attack about their cause. You know me, I look for humor, not drama. Sometimes ‘they’ don’t appreciate my humor when they are trying to be all serious.

      Starched underwear will do it every time.

    • No, that’s my sheep; straight from the horse’s mouth no less…..

      Ol’ Bobby D; you talkin’ to me?

      I rant all the time in here (or whine…..whatever you want to call it); but some live by it like they’ve never had a happy day in their life. My makeup is to look for humor; I don’t relate well to people who always feel like they have been ‘wronged.’

      I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore………

      Good to see you my friend.

  7. I’m still waiting for your novel Bill. This proves that it’s just a matter of time.

    Sometimes, when I’m reading your posts, I’m thinking about how a meeting at your office would be like πŸ™‚

    By the way, I read a post by Seth Godin a few days ago that I need to send you a link to. I’m sure you’re interested (if you’re not already subscribed to his blog that is).

    Talk soon. Keep on being awesome. And keep on rescuing my comments from spam πŸ™‚

    • My wife is waiting for it too; she wants me to quit ‘farting’ around in the blogs and write the damn book……:). I haven’t made much progress, but I do have some ideas I’m working with.

      I don’t follow Seth but will check out your link. I usually stay away from the really big boys because I know there will be no chance for engagement; and I’m all about the social part of this gig.

      You would like visiting my office and meeting the people around here; we have a good group.

      Thanks for the kind words, I’ll bump into you soon.

  8. I find “the rant” very amusing, especially when I do it. I can always tell when something’s off with me when I get so passionate about something that I can’t shut up! (I mean in the negative, blaming and accusing way).I watch my mom’s eyes and her smirk as she sits quietly as I go on and on, finally realizing that I’ve wandered down that dark alley again. And it’s her silence that wakes me up. Nothing better than ignoring a ranter. Drives them crazy!!

    • Yes, ignore a ranter and it will drive them crazy.

      When you get passionate and fired up about something, it is very easy to rattle on. Some of these ranters in here however, seem to have the rant without the ‘real’ passion that goes along with it. They just seem to be unhappy people for some reason. That doesn’t work for me; I like to associate with like-minded people and that would be happy people in my case.

      Hope all is well; thanks for stopping by Betsy.

    • If you are that unhappy with your life that puts you in such a bad mood all the time, the do something different, huh?

      I know they can’t be friends with everybody, but if you want me to support you and take my money, I better feel a little bit more love than essentially being ignored because I’m not at the ‘right level.’ Ha……….

      Good to see you; thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  9. Ranting gets old if that’s all they do but as you mentioned, some people can do it and get away with it all the time. But hey, when I have something to say I’ll rant. I think that does us some good at times. I do love the humor too and of course being genuine. I can relate so much more.

    Love your posts Bill and you rant, shout, love, laugh all you want my friend. I’ll keep coming back for more. πŸ™‚

    • Hey you, thanks for stopping by. Some of the ‘ranters’ I have in mind don’t appear to be very happy people and have a chip on their shoulder for some reason. If that is their motivation and what pushes them, then it’s not for me to judge. I just thought blogging was supposed to be somewhat social, so I don’t need to be scolded all the time.

      My bent is humor, if I can find humor in it (which I can most things) then I will be interested.

      Thanks for the kind words as well.

    • Opinions are like a**holes; everybody has one, huh?

      Because I am so tied to my business and even talk about it in my post and the About me section, I really have to temper how ‘creative’ I can be. Even then, I might have gotten too close to the line, so you will probably see my have more of a neutral tone than anything.

      Even though you think nobody is reading this stuff; it’s usually more people than you think.

      If you want to be Herman Milquetoast sir, it is perfectly alright with me.

      Good to see you Barrett; football season is right around the corner.

  10. I have a few names if you like :). Maybe they need a dose of reality too lol :). Too much attitude really lands one nothing. I am smart in my own way, like to do things my own way . I can learn from someone but can never leave the core I am made of .

    • I probably know some of those names………:).

      We are all different, that’s for sure. Obviously, some are happier than others too. Some also think they are way bigger than they are too. If you are asking for my money and you want me to ‘follow’ you and all that other stuff, maybe you should actually acknowledge you see me, huh?

      That’s why it’s so great I suppose; you just never know what you will get in here.

      Good to see you.

  11. I like rants. Well, that is what I do mostly on my blog. But if it makes people think and improve then why not! Rants are cooler if they make people stand and think “Oh my, I have been doing this, I do really piss people off” Well, the world might become a better place you know… πŸ™‚

  12. Yeah, you are the worst……..you are a bigger whiner than I am………..:).

    Trust me, I have a couple of people specifically in mind and you are nowhere close; I think these people are just not happy people. They see everything as somebody doing them wrong….

    I do like when people make me think and I don’t care if it is in the form of a rant; it shows you have passion. But when it seems you are only doing the rant to be edgy and different, it doesn’t seem to get my attention.

    Oh well, everybody has their style and somebody might be doing a post on how much they hate something like my style. Therefore, let’s just do what we can.

    Good to see you; time to celebrate and eat now, huh?

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