Stale as a day old post

A day old post can be like a piece of bread you leave sitting out overnight. It’s still a piece of bread and maybe even edible, but not exactly delectable.

Most bloggers are not writing breaking news stories, so why does a post have the most impact and most eyes only on the day it is published? Once that first day passes, it’s like yesterday’s news for some reason and regardless of the topic, it seems to lose some of its relevancy.

Even if you keep a post in your reader you have less of a sense of urgency to get back there after the first day. You know a lot of people have already stopped by the party and left their comments, so you think ‘why bother?’. What do you have to add at that point…..

But everybody didn’t get to see it

Nope, I’m pretty sure between Triberr and retweets it had all the exposure it needed.

As much as you liked the post and the urge to drag it out a few more times, the trigger has already been pulled. The reality is, there is probably not much life left in it regardless of how epic you thought it was.

Maybe if I change the title and call it something else

Nope, going to have to give that the buzzer as well.

I can include it in a list of my best of

Just because your community loves you, they will read the list post and promise to check them out, but your traffic to your linked posts will be negligible; trust me.

What if I slip it in as a guest post somewhere else?

Marginally better, but if your regular community shows up they will be on to you.

That bites a big one

It sure does, because the posts are probably pretty good; in fact, some might truly be epic. Unfortunately, they have already seen the light of day and no matter how much perfume you put on them, it will not be enough to get them invited to the dance.

So why do I even save them then?

Well, if we want to be discovered it will be nice to have a body of work someone can look at and see how you have grown and changed along the way. It will give them an idea of what kind of audience you had and if the interaction was meaningful.

They will also be able to tell what kind of consistency you had and whether you had the staying power to grind it out when things got tough.

Does that really mean anything?

In the big scheme of things? Probably not, but it sounded good when I was writing it.

How much is out there never to be discovered?

How big is the universe? Can you imagine how many abandoned blogs are in existence? Can you imagine how many have a library worth of quality material with little chance of taking it any farther than it has already been?

Do you read your old posts?

Every once in a while and sometimes I am surprised at how well I thought I did; but there have been some that need to stay just where they are, in the hurt locker of old posts.

The most interesting thing to me is looking at who commented on the older posts, and where they are today; if they are even still around.

At one point they thought I was compelling enough to visit, but maybe because I wasn’t giving them enough actionable items, it wasn’t worth staying around. Or, I could have just sucked and they felt like they were wasting their time.

That used to be a head-scratcher for me, especially when I would still see them everywhere else but my place.

But I have matured like an overripe peach and if I gave it 50% thought then, it’s less than 1 1/2% now.

If you left me, too bad so sad; I might say I knew you when when I become the next big thing. I’m not going to promise anything however….I’m just putting you on notice.

Wrap it up

What was this post about? Old posts? Really? What a douche, no wonder you are chasing people off.

What are your thoughts about the older posts? Long gone and forgotten no matter how hard you try to breathe life into them?

Is it even worth making an e-book out of them?

When is someone going to discover me?


85 thoughts on “Stale as a day old post

  1. I don’t know if your old posts are expired as you imagine. Ok. So the party is over, but the writing is still on the wall. Sometimes.

    I have no idea why I wrote those particular words just now, but I thought it sounded right.

    Old posts may not generate a conversation, but if they got a little seo magic going on and the words still dance, they will get readers. I have some years-old posts that still get thousands of hits over the course of months. Or years.

    If the traffic is still hot and heavy for old posts, that’s when you know you just may have content for a book. At least, a soft cover – if not a hard cover. Maybe.

    E-books, of course, aren’t as finicky.

    How’s things going for you? How’s social going for you? Are you happy with what you get?

    • I just know I have a hard enough time keeping up so it’s not easy for me to go through the archives; whether it’s mine or yours. I haven’t thought about letting traffic judge whether it might be book worthy or not.

      Things are very well for me; I hit a mini-slump this summer in social, but I think others did as well.

      I know I could ‘get’ more if I were more purposeful with the way I go about posting and interacting in social, but I’m very happy with what I have; it’s a nice little community.

      How about you; what’s shakin’?

  2. Haha I love this, if a post of mine doesn’t get any traffic / likes / comments on it’s first day, I contemplate deleting it. However the other day a neglected post from the other month ended up with 4 comments and 2 likes – not much, but hey I’ll take it.
    It seems like we’re chasing that post to end all posts.

    • You feel like shouting ‘hey, I’m here, can’t anyone see me?’…..:).

      We are definitely chasing in here and as much as you say you don’t want to get on the hamster wheel, social is still very circular. You do have to maintain a certain pace, or you might as well just be a spectator, right?

      Thanks for stopping by; I’ll make sure to visit your place and leave the 5th comment and a like……:).

  3. Hi Bill, You have confirmed that the tech world has no relation whatsoever with the real world. The real world on the Internet, anyway. Wait a minute, did I just say the Internet was the real world???

    Often my blog posts gain steam over time. About a year ago I had one blog post answering a reader’s question about sharing an iTunes account among family members that got barely any traffic the day I published it. The post is now my #2 most popular post of all time.

    About 2/3 – 7/8 of my traffic comes from search engines so often Day 1 traffic isn’t a good indicator of how popular a post will be in the long run. And I can never predict what is going to be popular, so I just try to write about topics I think will be helpful to readers.

    Your posts are warm and entertaining. I try to read them day 1 but if I miss one I will get here as soon as possible. I often come back to visit a few times later to see what conversation ensued. Your commenters are a particularly witty and intelligent bunch!

    Your blog isn’t geared toward search engines finding you. You should be incredibly proud that people come here directly to learn more about Billy D, rather than because Google pointed them here for answers.

    Well done.

    • Damn it; being sensible again……of course you being the ‘professional,’ your posts have a shelf life. Mine, I better squeeze all I can by day two at the latest because it will get very little activity after that.

      Maybe I better wise-up and get w/ the program one of these days, huh?

      So good to see you Carolyn.

    • “About 2/3 – 7/8 of my traffic comes from search engines so often Day 1 traffic isn’t a good indicator of how popular a post will be in the long run. ”

      — what Carolyn said, I agree with.

      I have one post where I called out a lyin’, cheatin’, bastard. It’s amazing (in my little world) how many people Google “his name” and “arrested.” It’s traffic, but kind of irrelevant to what I’m trying to accomplish.

      • Hey, I want a search engine then; how do you get one of those? What does it run on?

        I could do a better job of making it easier to find my ‘stuff.’ Fortunately, I have a very nice core community who come by because they ‘know’ me and for no other reason than that.

        Better than a sharp poke in the eye, huh?

    • I’m with Carolyn. I think the big differentiator is whether your posts have “life on Google” after they are published. Part of that is topical, part of that is strategic. Obviously a post about “How to Format Your Video for YouTube” will have more residual SE traffic than say a post entitled “Stale as a Day Old Post.” πŸ™‚ Just sayin…

      In the end, I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, as long as your stuff is getting seen in the way most conducive to your goals.

      • Hey whadda mean stale won’t compete w/ YouTube video for traffic? Do you know who wrote it?

        My primary premise is relationships and being able to engage; do you think people would still find me appealing if I got so big I couldn’t ‘play’ as much? I see what Gini does, and she pulls it off somehow so I see it can be done.

        No right or wrong answer, just develop your goals and then create your path, right?

  4. Bill,

    Are you saying we should get rid of things that are old?

    Maybe we should not use “old” as the word to describe past posts and things that have aged. Maybe we should refer to them as “mature” or “wise” or even “experienced”. Then maybe people will go visit them more often. Don’t just shove them aside like they are old fashion or something. Those previous posts bring value and worth to your blog, I mean who gives you that rich history Google loves and the PagePank we all strive for?

    For gosh sakes, lay off the them! At one time they meant something to you, remember that.

    Ha ha!! Have a great day!


    • Easy now, I don’t think I was talking about getting rid of old things……..I happen to know first hand ‘old things’ still have some value left in them……..:).

      You are way more ‘purposeful’ with your presence and your actions. Essentially I just post and comment for whatever that’s worth. If I picked up the pace and got with the program, maybe I wouldn’t have to always do the heavy lifting, huh?

      My Rays are on the left coast this week and weekend; wish them well.

      Good to see you; love the pic of your daughter and dog.

  5. I’m not really sure that I could fully articulate why old posts should be kept but I feel strongly that they should be kept. And the beauty of electronic clutter it that it takes up absolutely no physical space.

    • There’s some value; it is interesting to see who you might have been plugged into at that particular time.

      Just like in real life, people come and go. Just be cordial and don’t burn any bridges and you should always be welcome, right?

  6. …….too much “Mariachi Static” on the Radio out there that keeps us from listening today so yesterday sometimes is like trying to polish a turd? Did you notice how some bloggers don’t date their post? Wonder what their numbers look like? I will get right on that research as soon as I look through your old post to see if I pirated the turd reference. Kind of sounds like something you might use? Cheers Bill!

    • I’ve been known to drop a turd…….reference or two…………:).

      I don’t know if dating or not dating is an option I have. I have linked some of my posts before and it’s interesting on some of them how far back I had to dig to find them; they were still somewhat fresh in my mind.

      Maybe because I don’t do a good job of reading older posts is why I thought it was somewhat universal; my bad, huh?

  7. I do read old posts. But, when I have subscribed to a blog I usually read the new posts and some of the posts that are linked to within that post. And, it’s probably a question of time. There are so many blogs and so many posts to read, and even though I used to spend a lot of time on blogs (and just kept looking around). Now I only spend a lot of time on a blog if it’s new to me or if it has an awesome structure (so it’s easy to find interesting “old” posts).

    So, for me, it’s all a question of time πŸ™‚

    • Always time…..and now I’m trying to be a minimalist in my online existence it’s hard enough just to keep current; much less digging through the archives. I might even star something, but if you have 4-5 posts that come out after that I will typically just go to the top and forget the older one.

      Good to see you my friend; hope all is well.

  8. I agree with what Stan suggests. Sometimes the SEO leads people to stuff you wrote a while back and it gets traffic. The fact that it’s on the internet means that the digital signature is there until you remove it and maybe not even then.

    Re-purposing content was widely discussed a few months back and it seems like a viable strategy to me. You could recycle old posts from a year ago and “update” the content if you feel it is relevant to what’s going on for you now. Most people won’t remember it anyway and like you said, readers are sometimes transient. You can then compare if your new post has better metrics than than the old one. If you even care.

    One thing is for sure, I hardly ever go into someone’s archives unless they point me there so in that case re-purposing an older post just keeps the exposure to the ideas expressed there. It breaths life back into those great ideas that are not even that old – by elephant standards.

    Yes, there is a ton of stuff out there already and the likelihood someone will discover your stuff is already slim. Give it a chance. Put it in coach!

    Thanks for this post. Great topic…….again {wink}

    • Now that you mention it, I did re-purpose one post and it did ok. Maybe I can be like TV and go into summer reruns………:).

      Because I don’t do anything other than write and comment, I have no idea how easy or hard it is for SEO to find me. My guess is, the invisible moniker might be quite appropriate. I could play smarter in here, but I could be 10 lbs lighter too….why don’t we wait around and see what happens first. Don’t hold your breath on either……

      Did you say put it in coach, or put ‘me’ in coach? Give me the ball; I’m ready.

  9. Yeah, posts tend to get the most attention the day they’re published. I noticed that too. Maybe feed readers play a part in this, with the way they organize information. Also, people are hungry for novelty. I know I am.

    Other influencing factors count as much as, if not more than novelty. I noticed that if I retweet older material about important or interesting topics, regardless of the source, those retweets get attention. (Buffer’s analytics help me see that.) I once RT’d a health article, “What sugar is really doing to your brain,” and it got 2500 clicks.

    P.S.: Day-old “bread”? Those quotes are kind of ironic. Hipster bakery, is it?

    • Hipster bakery indeed; at least in my mind…….

      Sugar causes cancer too, but I’m sure the sweeteners do too. Plus, doesn’t our body process it w/out any distinction anyway?

      I just write and comment; I’m sure that is not the most efficient way to get noticed online, but it sure is easy to do. I’m tickled people take the time to show up.

      I think my most popular post as far as getting some ‘known’ names to read and RT was the one about the dead guy at his desk for several days before anyone noticed.

      Thanks for weighing in; hope your day went well.

  10. Day old posts … I’ve chipped a tooth or two on those! Kinda got burned out writing my little writer’s heart out and seeing the comment field lie fallow. Got caught up in a wave of flash and been dog paddling ever since. But once I surf through this month’s blogflash extravaganza (!) I’m going to get some balance back in the mix and write about writing again. Maybe nobody else reads those posts – the day of or the day after – but when i go back through them, I always learn something new – about the craft and about myself!!

    • Hey stranger; I link you in a post and you disappear on me……..I’ll know better next time…….:). Good to see you; thanks so much for dropping by.

      You are a blogger on steroids; not only do you post at your place but other places as well. However, if it is feeding your blogging soul then write on, huh?

      Because I’m so minimalist in here, the only way I create activity is by visiting other places. I’m pretty sure I don’t have much SEO stuff going on bringing eyeballs to my place. I’m like that local restaurant off the beaten path you have to know where it is to find it; but I have just enough customers to keep it open.

      Make no doubt about it, you are a good writer indeed.

    • Actually…………..I was the next Best thing……………I’m trying to be the next Big thing. Sorry I missed you guys today; duty called. I haven’t made it to FB yet; your pics are up, right?

    • Did you see Mark’s post today? Dino was there talking about Triberr and reblogging. Jessica above commented she reblogged my post. If you will look, I have ‘new’ visitors; I wonder if the two are connected? Hmmmmm……..

  11. Nobody reads my posts and I don’t either. Makes life simpler that way. This has been a hit and run comment. The end.

  12. I hate my old posts. Yes, when I look at them, I go like this “What was I thinking”. As for popularity, some of my old posts have done very well. About 80 comments and so many shares… maybe I am just driving them away.

    I just look at old posts to see why so many people went missing; did I do something wrong? Or did they like me better then? I don’t know. I just keep writing and if and when people come by, I am glad!

    • You and I are very similar in how we approach this. You do a much better job with the ‘extras’ you are supposed to have going on with your posts, but the only thing that slows your progression is when you get too busy in real life and fall off the map for awhile. Otherwise, everybody knows Hajra.

      I need a social media manager just for me……….:).

  13. Okay, Mr. Dorman. So much stuff here to think about. Mostly I was a horrendous blogger when I started. Marginally better now? HOWEVER, I do gaze longingly at one or two, thinking, “You know? This one wasn’t too bad.” But of course, it had only 2 comments because I just had 9 readers back then. So, yes, sometimes I feel like dusting off an old post. Especially in these lazy hazy days of summer, when traffic is down anyway. This week I pulled one from my stint at For Bloggers By Bloggers because I didn’t think there was a lot of crossover between the two audiences. I think, too, that revising and adding to an old post, and republishing, might work, too. Oh well, I am just all over the board now. Hard to focus with this heat. : )

    Hey, speaking of the Rays, our Mariner Felix Hernandez just finished pitching a no-hitter against you folks from the Bay. That almost NEVER happens!

    • Sumbich, that wasn’t a no-no; that was a freakin’ perfect game….27 up, 27 down….. lovely……we are still tied for first in the wild card however…..:).

      For bloggers by bloggers is in my reader but I just don’t get by there on a consistent basis. I think it’s about time to clean out my reader again so I won’t be distracted and can visit some of these other sites.

      Instead of summer reruns, we can go to tweaking and republishing, huh?

      Heat? We got heat too……..and skeeters and gnats………:).

  14. I consider old posts as gold mines, Bill. Gold mines of ideas and thoughts.

    When I visit back to my old posts, I think about my situation, why and how I wrote the things I wrote, I also think about if I have changed my mind about anything that I said in the post. If I said, I go ahead and think about why (and if it is worthy, I make a post out of it :D).

    I read my old posts.

    Because they educate me.

    They remind me of what I have done and what I need to do (or get back with).

    As with giving life to old posts, the best way to do it is interlink and create a widget in the sidebar for them.

    We could rewrite the entire posts as an email for our newsletter,

    Take the ideas in the post, rewrite them, add and remove some ideas, experiment, research and make a post out of it – Publish it somewhere else (This is just awesome, don’t you think? I have done it, took an idea out of my old posts, rewrote the entire idea and submitted it as a guest post, got traffic from it).

    And beyond all,

    Old posts are my inspiration.

    They inspire me to continue, remind me what I have accomplished and give me ideas to write about in the future.

    I don’t really care if I get more visitors to the post because I got what I needed: Providing value to someone and gaining experience by writing the post and discussing the topic with my commentators.

    Sure, I would love to get more traffic to those. But like you said, I wouldn’t bother much. Because it was old (I think in general, we have a tendency to ignore old things).

    • Dude, going deep two in a row; thanks for stopping by and waxing philosophical.

      It is interesting to see what your thinking was at that point in time. In me early days I did a lot of post on the perceived slights I saw in social and poked fun at them, but still got my point across. Some of that seems pretty silly now…..

      I do think I have grown as a writer and I’m happy with that. Until I decide a specific path for my blog, continuing to improve as a communicator works for me.

      Social tends to move fast and everything is forward thinking; that is why it is hard to look back at times.

      Thanks so much for the visits, I hope all is well in your world.

  15. I’ve got a section on my blog dedicated to revisiting old posts, appropriately titled “How dumb was I?!” (cc Hajra) The idea to never look back, that we aren’t supposed to learn on this journey called life – absurd to me. Thanks for the reminder sir. I am long overdo for any refresh and revise.

    I think it all the time – the quality that must never see the light of Google, sitting in some Kloutless oblivion. Sad. All we can do is keep at it. And FWIW, ‘stale’ bread is one of the secrets to good french toast. Just because it’s ‘day-old’ doesn’t mean it’s outdated.

    • You realize of course our “how dumb was I” efforts will be digitally preserved for all time, past the age of man and well into the next ice age (from the movie “AI”) when alien life forms will evaluate it and judge the human race.

      So be careful before you hit the “publish” button.

    • Speaking of Kloutless oblivion, something must have just changed because my number jumped up significantly…..I hope I’m getting close to ‘new car’ perk.

      And speaking of dumb, I think that has been established for myself so the next measure would be ‘how silly was I?’ When I’m going to link one of my older posts, it is interesting to see who was there and what we were talking about at the time.

      Yes, all we can do is keep at it; I hope you are still satisfied with your journey and are maintaining a sustainable level.

      Football season is close; too bad you lost the Honey Bear.

      • If only we could stay out of trouble! Still, lots of talent on the team this year – in probably the toughest division. Geaux Tigers.

        Look for me to revisit an old post next week; as a twist, I found something even older the other day, about my following but holding out on much of the ‘social’ revolution. Had good reasons at the time but now, wonder where I might be had I jumped in sooner. Live, learn, keep it moving, right?!

      • I think Klout did send some ninjas. I saw where they changed something on their measurement but really didn’t pay attention. Whatever it was, it jumped me up 25 points……I think it was my birthday and wishes on FB that kicked me up….:)

  16. Well, we all know that those old posts are what help you get noticed because Google sees your content as fresh and consistent. Just this week I had a couple people visit some older posts so it even surprised me at some of the comments I still get on some of my older posts.

    Oh sure, they don’t hold the juice to the new ones that’s for sure. And some things change so often that it might be old news within just a few months. But I enjoy looking back through them but I certainly don’t take the time to read them all.

    Old posts are like stale bread. Ouch Bill! lol… You tell it like it is my friend!


    • I had someone comment on some really old posts (old in social terms) that I had to dig back through the archives to retrieve the post so I could even reply.

      I don’t know whether to think more people see them than I realize, or if they are just gone and lost forever; probably somewhere in between I suppose.

      I’m not sure I make it easy to find old posts anyway; maybe I can work on that.

      Good to see you.

  17. I’ve got several old blogs just full of stale bread. Like you said, I still enjoy going back and reading some of my old posts. That doesn’t surprise me, I’ve always been my biggest fan. Good post, I enjoyed it.

    • I hear ya brother; I’m my biggest fan too……a very singular fan club indeed.

      But are you saying you have old ‘blogs’ out there too, in addition to old posts? I know my friend @TheJackB has some. So far, this is my only blog so you wouldn’t have to dig too deep.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and doubly glad you took the time to stop by and comment; much appreciated.

  18. Hey Bill

    Did I miss the party? Your post is 2 days old already!

    My RSS reader tells me that your feed gets the most attention from me. So there’s got to be something that draws me back here. Although I admit I’ve not had a look back at your older posts. But hey, don’t get disillusioned! I might surprise you one day.

    I don’t tend to read my older posts or anyone else’s particularly unless I’m researching something for one of my next posts. Since Jens’ post about how he goes about reading blog posts, I got myself an RSS reader and now it just pops up with any unread posts. So, that’s where I go to.

    Some people close off comments after a few days on a post. I don’t get that. That’s like saying, well I’ve done that one and it’s not worth commenting on it any more. I know it’s more than likely for spam purposes but is that not confining that post to the scrap heap?

    I subscribe to some blogs that publish maybe 4 posts a day. Way too many for me to get to, so they’ve already lost my attention after the first one. I also don’t like blogs with too many guest bloggers. Same old same old. Post after post. There’s only so many times I want to hear the same thing in 10 different ways!

    That’s why I like your blog. A breath of fresh air.


    • I know what you are saying; it’s hard enough for me to keep up w/ my regulars who post once a day, two times a week is plenty for me.

      I have tried something different and that is posting on Mon/Wed instead of Mon/Thurs and just that change increased traffic by about 20% which I thought was interesting.

      I have the posts I read in my Google Reader; if I need to clean it out but have some posts still to read I will star them. Ultimately, some I just read and retweet w/out a comment, depending on the time.

      I apologize sir, I didn’t realize you were blogging as well. I guess I better get my tired ass over there and check you out, huh? I’m slow like that, sometimes you have to knock me upside the head……….

      I appreciate your kind words and visit; always appreciated. I hope you have a great day and weekend.

  19. I can’t believe i’m commenting on this old thing you call a post. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Waste not want not.
    i’m still here. I haven’t left you. I just can’t come over everyday like some other friends. I have a responsibility to my family and then i’ll come over.
    don’t you dare delete old posts. They entertain me to no end. Keep them there.
    my older posts draw the most traffic because they percolate.

    • Damn life, family, day job, obligations………….how are we going to have any fun if that keeps getting in the way, huh? I just want to play all day………a professional at play…:).

      It is always a pleasure to see you when you can make it. I won’t be deleting old posts; that would take effort and I’m lazy enough to just let them lay in wait.

      I mentioned above, I had some posts from about 9 months ago someone jumped in and started commenting. I had to dig deep in the archives to find them just so I could reply; that was kind of cool….

      I hope all is well; I’ll get to acknowledging my sisterhood award here shortly…..I have some ideas to make it fun…….

  20. When i get bored, i usually end up reading my old blog posts.It kinda contrasts with my latest articles, as i come to know that gradually i am honing my blogging skills. I’d never get rid of my old written stuff. In future if i get successful online, i’d label them as the scratch, from where i started.

    • Kind of like before and after pictures, huh? Some of my earlier ones had no links or headers; I was so green all I was doing was writing. Me cave man…..:).

      I have some in the archive I am proud of; whether or not they are timeless is a different story however.

      Good to see you; I do appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave your thoughts.

  21. I love the quotes around “bread” in the graphic. Do you think we could apply them to a post after its one-day glory? It’s still a post, like the bread, but not a “post”-post. Right? I use Tweet Old Post and get a new share or two, but seldom new comments. The older it is, the less willing people are to want to wade in.

    • Hey you, thanks for stopping by; I hope you have been well.

      Do you think the quotes mean you can leave it up to your discretion? If so, is it the same w/ older posts?

      Some of my early stuff was based on my ‘newness’ and ‘greenness’ in social so some would see how silly I was; but I do have one or two I thought were quality.

      I have also re-purposed one but that was more from I was desperate to post something so I was digging deep.

      I did notice @TheBloggess was pulling some out from 2008 when she was still working a day job before she became an author of some renown. I guess when you make it to that level you can do what you want, huh?

  22. Hello Bill,

    I never judge post based on dates or its freshness, If the post is attractive enough to catch my eyes and informative enough to push my knowledge litter more further then no one can stop me reading to the post.

    I know many people like to read fresh and they treat blogs as newspaper where we need to share something new as frequently as we can. But that’s completely wrong. We are not running a newspaper.

    There’s 3 solution which I think will make our post stay fresh long enough:-

    1- Don’t show dates on your post.
    2- Try to make it inspiring and effective.
    3- Keep promoting it new place (Blog commenting work well if we comment on commentluv enabled blogs.)

    BTW, Thanks for the post bill. I just tweeted. πŸ™‚

    • But, with all the traffic and the vast amounts of ‘new’ posts that hit our Reader each and every day, how do you find the time to go back and uncover some of these ‘gems?’ I know they are in there, but I do all I can just to keep up with the current stuff.

      Keep promoting it might be one way. I see someone who I used to be ‘actively’ engaged with early on who is virtually non-existent in social these days except to see an occasional ‘oldie but goodie’ of hers pop-up. I wonder what kind of traffic she sees from that? I wonder why they even still show up?

      I guess we never know who is out there reading this stuff, huh?

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by; it is very much appreciated.

      • I have some tips/tricks on this subject, if I may.

        I have pages like this:

        My Most Raw, Personal Posts —
        My Most Popular Posts —
        annnnnd, grande finale…
        My Most Overlooked, Hidden-Treasure, Ninja Posts —

        With these convenient links in my arsenal and at my fingertips, I reference people to them all the time. I also include them in my newsletter sign up process. I also periodically send them out to The Ryze Nation πŸ˜‰

        All it takes is for one ‘connected’ person to passionately share, and bam, the post has new life once more.

        Just some ideas πŸ˜€

  23. Hehehe… fantastic post, Bill, and you’ll note — I’m here ‘late’ πŸ˜›

    You may know that I compare blog posts to songs, movies, and books all the time.

    And just as there are songs, movies, and books which are fads — hot only at the first initial spike, there are also songs, movies, and books which are timeless classics, that generation after generation references, shares and passes around.

    Personally, the latter is mostly what I aim to create at Ryze, but in reality, I believe both types assist each other in support of a brand + legacy.


    I’m not sure if that means I agree or not, but it’s a quality 2 cents to add, even if it is days late πŸ˜€

    Rock on, sir.

    • Luckily my post was still here, huh?

      Good to see you sir; hope all has been well with you.

      Sunday is usually my catch-up day and my computer went squirrely this am and just now got it back on track. For a self-proclaimed ‘non-tech’ guy, I surprise myself at times finding solutions to ‘fix’ my computer.

      One-hit wonders can be timeless too; the challenge is getting them to see the light of day in the first place, right?

      One thing I do know, I am enjoying the writing and it might not ever reach ‘classic’ status, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someday something ‘cool’ became of it. But that’s just the way I think…….:).

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave your thoughts; I hope your weekend went well.

      • Yep, ‘anything can be anything’, and I totally hear you. Makes sense.

        I was hoping to make this point: as a collective society we have agreements. We agree ‘rare’ things feel more valuable. We agree ‘classics’ don’t go out of style. Etc.

        Something to think about.

    • Your ‘suggestions’ had to be released so I read your reply first. However, I think that is a great idea. Of course, you probably have more in your arsenal to offer and a lot of your posts have ‘actionable’ items. I just write about whatever is running through my head…..well, not everything; but everything I’m comfortable writing about.

      Thanks for sharing your tips.

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