You say it’s your birthday

You say it’s your birthday

It’s my birthday too, yeah
They say it’s your birthday
We’re gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Birthday’s are pretty cool; do you think birthday’s should rank higher than Christmas (if you do Christmas)? I mean, it is your day after all, why not celebrate all of your awesomeness,

Gifts, attention, parties, celebration; it’s all included. What’s not to like; sounds like the bonus round to me.

Yes, August 10th really is my birthday

And even doing a Friday post to proclaim it on this August 10th, 2012.

You’re a big fat turd Dorman; it always has to be all about you, doesn’t it?

Yes, I suppose; but in a somewhat understated way so it doesn’t seem so obvious. That makes it quasi-acceptable, right?

How old are you?

No, the question is, how old are you?

What if I said quelve? That sounds like a little kid’s number to me. Well, if the shoe fits I suppose.

I guess it’s obvious I have some miles on me if I have been working at the same place for close to 30 years. But I haven’t been ‘rode hard and put up wet;’ so there is still some life left in this temple ol’ body.

True story; I got carded at a minor league baseball game last week when I was buying beer. The first words out of my mouth were ‘thank you.’ The guy behind the counter replied ‘we card anybody 40 and under.’ I said ‘thank you’ again and gave him a $5 tip.

No, I don’t look 40 or under but I won’t walk away from a compliment either.

I’ve still got game in case you were wondering however….just ask me.

Is it a milestone birthday?

Nope; just a tweener. But it’s still my birthday so it’s special enough for me.

What was your favorite birthday?

For me, it was when I turned 10 yrs old. Growing up, we were only about two missed paychecks from being poor white trash, but I certainly didn’t have a clue. And so what if my grandmother made me a dress shirt I actually wore. It earned me the name woodchuck the one (and only) time I wore it. How many chucks can a woodchuck chuck anyway?

Needless to say, we didn’t throw many parties at Casa de la Dorman. Being the 3rd of 4 children, I was lucky to get hand-me downs. Which sucked of course since they were coming from my two older sisters, but I still didn’t shave my legs so don’t even go there.

Seeing that I was being deprived, for my 10th birthday my parents decided it would be a good thing for me to have a real birthday party at the house.

Lo and behold, friends showed up….with presents….too cool….

Maybe I could have more than one birthday a year, huh?

In a tie for second, I have had 3 milestone birthdays since I have been married. My wife had a surprise party for me on every one of them and can honestly say I was totally surprised every time.

I might have been born Wednesday, but obviously, it wasn’t last Wednesday…:). What? Whadda mean there is no Santa?

How about you? What was your most memorable one?

Did you just do another post all about you?

Is the Pope Catholic?

I just wanted to make sure you didn’t forget. In lieu of a card with money in it, you can make a direct deposit to my HeyPal account; I will do a shot of Patron for each and every deposit I receive.

You suck Dorman

Yes, I really do, but it is my birthday, right? I can do what I want to.


62 thoughts on “You say it’s your birthday

  1. Gosh! Happy birthday, Bill Dorman! ๐Ÿ˜€ Believe it or not, two days ago, I was wondering when your birthday might be. Yeah, I like to write these things down. And fancy getting an answer almost immediately to my thoughts.

    My most memorable birthday was my 28th. I had a longish day at work – had to go out to an industrial area and was late getting back. I was dreading facing my Mom and explaining – and when I reached home and was parking my bike, i was shocked to see our place in darkness. First, I panicked, wondering if all was well. There was only one way to find out. I raced up the steps and knocked on the door and rang the doorbell at the same time. Imagine my shock when the door was unlatched and open. I quietly opened it further, still a little anxious and oh my God, became practically deaf when the lights came on and the noisiest crowd I have known in my life yelled happy birthday. I think I burst out crying with relief, I am not sure – I got crowd-pushed to the kitchen where my Mom was in her element – cooking away and laughing with those perched in the kitchen. I escaped to get a shower (yes, I actually had a layer of carbon on me) and then – after I got dressed – I had my eyes force-shut by a friend who led me to my birthday cake. It was a huge chocolate cake she had baked for me. And the evening began. Very memorable. We sang, we laughed, we ate. And by the time most of our friends left it was 1 am. My bestie stayed over because we obviously couldn’t sleep. So I didn’t get to work next day, being a Saturday.

    ๐Ÿ˜€ I still have the purse, the audio tapes and the birthday cards from the birthday. With a couple of pressed roses.

    Happy birthday, Bill! I am very happy to know you. Big hugs, Vidya

    • Yeah, my birthday used to be in March, but since you were just wondering when it was I went ahead and changed it to Aug 10th…….:).

      That sounds like a great birthday indeed; last year, right? Maybe your 30th will rock too…..:).

      Bikes and scooters, you do like those two-wheel means of transportation, huh?

      So good to see you on my bday.

  2. You really are a dork, Mr. Dorman, sir. Happy Birthday anyway. What number is it really? Let me guess. With 30 years in the business and graduating for college (at least) that would make you very, very close to 48. Am I close?

    It’s just a number. You, like me, probably act like you are quelve. I just wish my golf score could consistently be under my age (for a front or back 9). I suppose the older i get the easier that will be. Ha.

    My best birthday? My wife took me to NYC for my 45th. The best weekend of my young life.

  3. Happy birthday, Bill! I hope it’s absolutely wonderful for you, and that you do take some time to do whatever it is you want – you deserve it! I am so, so happy and privileged to know you. Thank you for being my friend.

    As for my best birthday(s)… well, my 16th & 21st were great. Since each was a milestone, my parents went to extra lengths to celebrate the way I wanted to. So for my 16th, I had a small party with only really good friends, and my mom made the most amazing spread of salads & cold cuts (and Black Forest cake was ordered, that was my fave). They cleared out the top floor of our house to make it “danceable,” so it was really neat. And my 21st was a huge shindig that, I think, half of Calcutta attended. LOTS of presents! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I haven’t really had birthdays that sucked, though perhaps my 7th, but we won’t go there. And after that, I think, my 40th; I went public with my age to do a fundraiser, and then about a month later we went to London for a belated celebration to visit my brother and see Elvis in Concert (yes, it’s true). I think that’s when I feeling the empowerment that comes with claiming your age. So I’ve enjoyed them ever since.

    • Black Forest cake is good…..

      My 21st must have been nondescript because I don’t even remember it. I had just gotten out of the Army the previous June and the drinking age in Florida was 18 at the time; but I’m sure I had a large time.

      Sounds like you have some memorable ones indeed; it’s ok to have at least one day a year that is ‘your’ day, right?

      Elvis is still alive? Maybe we just didn’t notice he was playing gigs in London I suppose.

      Thanks for sharing and thanks for the kind words and wishes; always appreciated.

      Good to see you.

    • Hey, I resemble that remark……….nah, I still have a few before my next milestone.

      Life is good and birthdays are cool; that’s my story and I’m sticking with it….

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hola ma’am; thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have been well.

      40’s are awesome…..I remember them well…..:).

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and wishing me a happy birthday; so good to see you.

  4. Happy birthday Bill, but remember what Randy Travis taught us โ€“ you canโ€™t go everywhere in your birthday suit. Randy went into a store drunk and naked to buy cigarettes and got into a little trouble.

    • What? You can’t drive around town naked?

      I did take my pants off once and dropped them off at the drive-thru cleaners. When I walked in the door with just my skivvies and dress shoes on it did make my wife do a double take. Of course, she knows I’m strange like that.

      Good to see you Riley, thanks for the bday wishes.

  5. When I saw the heading Bill I thought you were writing about me…because my birthday is August 8th! Fellow Leo…

    I would pay good money to be carded. I’m jealous!

    Congratulations and I hope it’s a fabulous day/year for you!

    • Happy birthday Ruth, another Leo.

      Trust me, I don’t even remotely look like I need to be carded but as you say, I’ll take it.

      The day was good indeed; if they didn’t have an ‘age’ associated with it, I wouldn’t mine having 2 or 3 birthdays a year……:).

      Good to see you.

  6. Hey Bill

    Happy Birthday to you! I hope the golf course treated you well and that you’ve been spoilt by everyone today.

    Chocolate cake is what’s needed along with an ice cold beer to wash it down.

    My best birthday was only a couple of years ago when my daughter was born within a couple of days of my birthday.

    It’s the big 4-ohhhhhh for me next year. My parents are treating me and the family to a trip away so that will be great.

    Have a good one Bill!


    • Golf course treated me very well; and enjoyable day on the track indeed.

      How about strawberry shortcake w/ my margarita?

      That would be cool to have your daughter born that close; I’m sure it was the best present ever.

      Four-oh was a walk in the park for me; I enjoyed it. Sounds like your trip will be cool; not coming to the F L A by any chance are you? Everybody has to see Disney at least once, right? Or Legoland……..

      Good to see you Tim.

    • I did back away, but sneak peeked at my phone. Now that I’m ‘social’ and everybody on FB knows your birthday, it was an active day indeed. Kind of cool however….

      Somebody treated me to lunch, golf was free and had a great dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant (and ate WAY too much). A good day indeed….

  7. Happy Birthday, Bill.

    My favorite birthday was way back in the Paleozoic when I first landed on Earth. I don’t think calendars had been invented yet. Or flowers. Or chocolate. So if you got in trouble with the missus it was all you could do to bring her some trilobites on a stick.

    Trilobites taste like river lobster. Sort of.

  8. Yay! Woo hoo! Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day and an awesome golf game:)

    My fave bday? I can’t say for sure cause my memory sucks, but 21 was pretty fun. It usually is;)

    These last couple of years my birthday falls on the week we’re away in Ocean City, MD with our closest friends for Bike Week. Nothing like riding that Harley in gorgeous September weather. We’ve been celebrating my birthday every year we go now while we’re there by partying away with our friends and pretending for a night that we don’t have any kids or responsibilities;)

  9. My favorite birthday wasn’t 40, 41 or 42. Can’t say that 43 was awful because it was a damn site better, but none of them come close to 19, 25, 33 and or 51.

    • Now with the advent of FB and getting hundreds of wishes, I might have to rethink my top 5………:).

      I don’t make a big deal out of birthdays, but I sure do like them; mostly because it’s a reason to celebrate.

      Thanks for stopping by the party.

      • What? The link’s not working; no wonder no money is rolling in.

        I do have a pic w/ a HUGE sombrero on as I’m being serenaded at the restaurant. No birthday suit pics however……:).

    • As I mentioned above, why attach a number to it? In fact, why don’t we have one a quarter; sounds like a winner to me.

      I’m a birthday kind of guy, much better than Christmas because you get a ‘hall pass’ to do anything and use the ‘but it’s my birthday’ excuse….:).

      Good to see you and thanks for the multiple wishes all over social.

  10. Happy birthday Bill.

    I always take the day off at my birthday. I go somewhere where I’m all alone during the day, and I celebrate with my family during the evening. Guess what I’m eating? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll probably never feel like I’m older than 30. But I’m sure I’ll never be 18 again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a wonderful day.I wish I could find the money like you do. Now it’s all up to me to find the clients and the money. It’s hard, but I really enjoy it. I’m actually not sure of my potential, but I’ll find out fairly soon – probably during the end of 2012 ๐Ÿ™‚

    – happy birthday. I hope your Mexican dinner was awesome.

    • Ah, I see what you mean on the comments being lost. Your other one was in spam, I retrieved you.

      Mexican was great and it will probably be pizza tonight. Dominos has a 50% off if you order online deal going on right now; how cool is that?

      I’m healthy, happy and lovin’ life; each day is an adventure to me. As long as I can maintain that, then age truly is just a number. Hopefully I don’t morph into that ‘creep old guy’ anytime soon……:).

      Good to see you and thanks for the wishes.

  11. Happy Birthday, Bill!

    It’s just a number, Senior Dorman … ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My youngest son always reminds me that I’m 27, so I’ll stick with that, ’cause I can never play the act your age b.s.

    Have some beer and cake and enjoy.

    • Uh, that should senor, not senior pal……….:).

      27 was a good age; the age I got married. I think I will choose that one instead.

      In my minds-eye, I still envision the ‘youthful’ Billy D. Then someone will take a pic and it’s like ‘whoa, who’s that old cat?’……..

      It’s all good; I’m certainly at the age I’m comfortable in my own skin and still having some kind of fun.

      Good to see you; thanks for the wishes.

  12. I’m a big enough fan to read the post, but not all the comments. So if anyone already said this, my apologies… HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD FART!

    OK, that’s out of the way.

    I turned 17 on Friday the 13th, Sept. 1974. At approximately 7:03 p.m., under the Friday night lights and on the first play from scrimmage, after I slightly missed the hole created by pulling guard and fullback, a opposing linebacker broke my leg approximately 3 yards out of bounds on the visitors’ sideline.

    About 3 hours later, after we lost the game, and a hour-long 40-mile bus trip in silence back to our campus, I was gently placed in the back of a station wagon for a trip to the hospital. My leg was fat as a watermelon. As I waited for my ride, one of my buddies walked up, with the girl who I had an enduring crush on, and who had a week earlier dumped me.

    They asked me to tell anyone who asked that the two of them had taken me to the hospital, when in fact they were going to an undisclosed location to, uh… uh… that’s when I finally passed out.

    So I just love birthdays. Especially ones that fall on Friday.


    • Shhhh, everybody thinks I’m in my 30’s……..that seems to be the median social age, right? Otherwise, everyone will think I’m that creepy old guy……:).

      I think I saw that movie, but you left out the happy ending where the girl comes back and you say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ because now you have an enduring crush on the nurse intern and you live happily ever after……..

      Memorable, but yikes. You have alluded to this story before; still a yikes, huh?

      I’m not old, but I know old people……….thanks for stopping by.

  13. Happy birthday (belated now) Mr. Bill! Hope you had a great one. I believe I do know the real number, but I won’t sell you out, at least not for anything short of a six pack. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite birthday is the same every year — the next one. It doesn’t always live up to the hype when I get there, but as long as I get there I’m happy.

    Hope you had a great bday yesterday!

    • You do know the real number and since you’ve seen me up close and personal, you know it’s a laugher anyone would think to card me. However, I will take it……..:).

      The surprise ones were cool because they were unexpected. I’m up for a celebration anytime, whether it’s your birthday or mine; I’m not that picky.

      I did have a great day indeed. Not necessarily fireworks, but memorable.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Ok, we share some things here. I am the third of 4 children and I have two elder sisters too and I had to manage with hand downs until I turned 15 and just became the tallest of them all! But yes, I did shave my legs… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But then I hate birthdays. For many reasons, I never get surprises on my birthdays – after having an awful birthday where I got the exact same gift from five different people; everyone just asks me what I want and I keep thinking they will think of something, but they don’t. So its like being a teen where I just have to ask for things.

    I think I could probably tell you what the worst one was – 24. Reasons will be declared on request. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I tried sending something through the HeyPal; they say they have already reached the limit of a million dollars….

    And yes, Happy Birthday!

    • There you go, just outgrow them….

      Yes, I will have to get the particulars on the ‘bad’ bday.

      I just like having a party, so I have been able to pull that off most of the time. I’m sure there have been some decent gifts in there somewhere, but I was more interested in the celebration….:).

      Thanks for topping out my HeyPal account; much appreciated.

      Hope your weekend is going well.

  15. Where have I been? Neverland? A very very happy belated birthday, Bill, so sorry to have missed the party, let’s just have another one right now!

    I am somewhat biased on celebrating birthdays, I always end up throwing big parties (at least for the milestones) and I am happy for everybody having a good time.

    I prefer the more intimate celebrations and I remember with fondness one birthday in the South of Spain when we went to a restaurant famous for its Avila beef and gorged on barbecued fillet and some lovely red wine (I think it was a Roda I), my still very young daughter had a glass of it and could not stop talking. I decided to take a different route back (for obvious reasons), only to discover later that at the same time a horrible accident happened there. I really felt blessed, what is it they say about the nine lives of a cat?

    A peaceful Sunday to you!

    • Yep, I slipped a Fri post in because it was my birthday……..:). I had a good day indeed.

      Wow, sounds like a memorable birthday and fortunate turn of events for you as well.

      Big, little, I will take any celebration; I am very accommodating………..

      Sunday has been good, played golf in the am and getting ready for me week. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

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