Newsflash, I am only 29.7% weird this week

Is 29.7% a good number? By whose standard? What are you using for a measuring stick?

At what percentage do people call you weird….to your face? Depends on how scary they are, huh?

Does public vs private weirdness have a different number, or you just can’t help yourself all the time?

Who cares?

Ever wonder why you were unpopular?

Because you were different. Plain and simple; maybe it was your looks or your actions, or a combo of both, but to somebody, you were different. You just didn’t fit in for some reason.

Did it bother you?

No? Then congratulations because it probably saved you a ton of angst and needless worry.

Yes? Fuhgetaboutit; who decides who gets to be the judge and jury anyway? Life’s too short to let some dickweed make your life miserable.

It might have even been your motivation to succeed in spite of the unpopularity. Some even write books about it….

Well, that’s easy for you to say because you were never picked on

Tru dat, but it was because I would break out the G.I. Joe Kung Fu grip on my antagonist and they would shut the hell up real quick.

This square peg won’t fit in this round hole

Maybe it you whack it a little bit harder; I’m sure you can make it fit.

Sound like our school system; one size fits all?

I’m the bomb in social

People love me, they really do. So what if I had to embellish some of my stories to make it appear my life is much more exciting than it really is. And so what if I am still really uncomfortable in a room of people I don’t know.

I don’t wear this social media crown for nuttin’.

I’m popular now, so there….

On a level of weird

We’ve narrowed healthy behavior so dramatically that our quirks and eccentricities—the normal emotional range of adolescence and adulthood—have become problems we fear and expect drugs to fix. Critics also complain that doctors medicate patients who meet no diagnosis, who practice ‘cosmetic psychopharmacology,’ to move a person from one normal, but disfavored personality state, like humility and diffidence, to another normal, but rewarded state, like self-assertion.

Is there a pill for everything?

What if….

You are that crazy Euro that talks, dresses and smells funny?

You are that gay guy who talks and acts like a sissy?

You are that disabled guy with MS in a wheelchair?

You are that religious fanatic so rigid in their beliefs they hate anyone who doesn’t believe like they do?

You are that guy who puts ketchup on his steak?

I could go on….

Different = weird, right? Is there any difference between weird and eccentric?

What is weird to you might be totally normal to someone else.

Austin, TX = weird and they promote it.

Hey Dorman….

This whole post is kinda weird; are you sure 30% is your number?

What’s the freakin’ point you are trying to make with this?

Do you think Steve Jobs was weird; eccentric? Do you think he was more acceptable because he was successful? If he was just some Joe Schmoe how many friends do you think he would have had? Do you think it mattered to him? Is that all that counts?

We are all different and unique

For the most part, we all have a pretty good idea what is conforming and non-conforming behavior. It’s up to us to decide where we want to fit in the continuum and how likable we want to be.

A good rule of thumb is if you are comfortable in your own skin, rock on. If not, then try to find a way to get there. that’s all I got.

BTW – if you are interested in taking the test, here it is:


56 thoughts on “Newsflash, I am only 29.7% weird this week

  1. 🙂 Comfortable in my own skin. But you already know that about me, no matter how weird I am. That…..eeez…..aaall. Does creating a new email id to comment on WordPress make me weird?

    • Ewwwww, how weird is that? Creating a new e-mail………..why I never……….

      That’s what I say about overly large people who were underly small suits on the beach; if they are comfortable enough in their own skin, then more power to them, right?

      Good to see you…….

  2. You gotta figure out who you are and have the courage to be that person regardless of how others perceive or catagorize you. And of course there may be a price (decrease in popularity, standing in the community etc.) but anything that curtails your freedom ain’t good for the spirit and how you feel. And how you feel is the name of the game. Pay attention to your feelings; they will tell you whether you are on target or not.

    • You certainly don’t want to sell-out and try to live someone else’s life based on their expectations, but if you are in a relationship there might have to be a little give and take in order to keep harmony, huh?

      The sooner you can figure out who you are and live that life with no regrets the more fulfilled you will be….in my opinion.

      Good to see you Riley.

    • Hey tent boy, shave that beard yet? Don’t tell me you are wearing dark socks with those sandals………….:).

      What’s the worst thing about us Yanks? Loud, crass and brash?

      Good to see you sir.

    • I had to flip a coin on the herpes question…………50% is good….or bad…..depending on how you want to look at it.

      It was an easy test; that I could do. Good to see you sir.

  3. I am very disappointed in my score, Bill. I just don’t think that test was fair. I am much weirder than my score would lead you to believe.

    I tell my girls: “Weird is good. Too weird is creepy.”

    When is your vacation? I need to be prepped ahead of time so I can deal with the withdrawal.

    • Well, last weekend was supposed to be the Keys but that didn’t quite work out. I did take a week off, just because. I’m sure we will come up w/ a fabulous get away here before too long. I need to win another trip somewhere………..

      There is definitely a ‘too weird’ category, but the scary thing is the people in that category usually don’t know they are weird at all.

      I’m sure you were expecting a 70 or 80% weren’t you? Good to see you back….

  4. Funny how your post applies to business:

    Be normal, and you fit in. And kind of become invisible.

    Be different, and you stand out. No one knows what to think, at least at first.

    But it in the end, you may be the last one standing.

    I can’t tell you how many people have told me they want to look “like everyone else in their industry.” I’m pretty sure that’s not the best plan.

  5. One thing I’ve always prided myself for Bill is not being normal. Now, I wouldn’t consider myself weird, just unique so want to know what my score was? 60%, yikes!!! Man, I’m pretty darn weird compared to that test but I’m sticking with unique.

    Fun so thanks!

    • I love it; we have a 60%er…………:). I’m ok with outwardly being a conformist; when I do get weird it has a much better shock value. Dorman did what?

      We all have quirks but that is what makes us unique, right?

      Good to see you Adrienne, hope your day was well.

  6. Well, it seems we are equally weird. Shockingly, I scored a 30%. I was certain that I was MUCH weirder, and if you asked any member of my family, they would agree! In any case, I’m suspicious of anyone who isn’t a wee bit weird. Which is why I’m very comfortable hanging out here :-).

    • Oh yeah, asking the family is not allowed; especially my wife. Of course, she would say I’m just strange…..not necessarily weird….:).

      What was most shocking to you is we had the same score, huh?

      Weird = flavor; and everybody needs a little flavor in their life, right?

      Good to see you Ruth.

  7. 40% weird today, that’s ok. I’m happy enough with that, it’s one of my off days!

    I reckon I was much more weird when I was younger.

    As I get closer and closer to age 40, I’ve conformed a bit and blended into the crowd a little (well maybe a lot). Then as I get older I’ve going to get weirder again and become really eccentric just before I peg it.

    • I was probably much weirder and less socially acceptable in many ways in my younger days. My wife has domesticated me to a large degree, but that has been a good thing. If I were left to my own devices I can’t promise it would look too pretty right now.

      I blend well, with just about any crowd but would also like to think I stand out in that blended crowd. Maybe it’s because I always keep my zipper down……….:).

      Good to see you sir; thanks so much for stopping by.

  8. Okay, so I’m 50% weird at the moment. I say “at the moment” because my answers may change depending on my mood 😉

    In any case, I’ve finally learned in my adult life that being weird–or different–is a good thing. It’s like when you’re younger and your mom tells you, “Some day, that’s what all the boys will love about you.” You totally don’t get it at the time. You just feel like an outsider. Then, you grow up and…wouldn’t you know. The boys DO like that about you!

    Being different is also key in business. Isn’t everyone always telling us that you need to figure out your USP (unique selling proposition)? Now we want to highlight what sets us apart.

    Lastly, you just never know what will resonate with people if you just share. If you show the real you, that just might be the thing that the other person really connects with and likes you for!

    • I love it; a 50%er. Yes, just a touch of crazy/weird in there can be very intriguing and appealing.

      Also, mama-san can be a little crazy/weird when it comes to their baby making sure the baby is protected and get’s their fair share, huh?

      Even though in my mind I’m much more weird than I appear outwardly; as much as I blend in I would like to think it’s my personality that sets me apart. Everybody loves Billy, right?

      Being me I can do; I’ve had plenty of practice at it.

      Good to see you Alicia, hope all is well in your world right now.

  9. Bill, you are sooo normal, what’s wrong with you? And flipping the coin with the herpes vs. overweight question: overweight can be taken care of but herpes? It will stick with you forever!

    No, I will not tell you my score.

    PS: That reference to Euro: you are not getting personal, are you?
    PS2: I do not have permission to pen your link to DICKWEED, is it rated by any chance?
    PS3: I will eat a cookie now!

    • Too normal, huh? And yes, I think herpes is something you can’t get rid of….yikes….

      C’mon, don’t tell me you don’t have some ugly American references. Euros are easy to pick on because they are prone to wearing Speedos and socks w/ sandals and sometimes sans deodorant……….:). I’m an equal opportunity offender and will certainly poke fun at my hillbilly southern ways as well.

      You will recognize Mr Dickweed, give him a look; it’s Google + rated.

      Cookie is good.

      • Oh yes, the ugly American syndrome! Give you one though: we have quite a big English speaking community here in Basel and therefore also an International School (I used to work for them as a purchasing officer), in the mornings the kids were brought to school by their mothers driving big SUVs, traffic chaos each morning as they were not able to maneuver on the narrow roads. Or: why do Americans cut up their meat, put down the knife and continue with fork only, one hand on their leg? As a kid I thought it had something to do with hiding a gun?

        My server still refuses to open up Mr Dickweed.

        Have another cookie.

      • Do you mean cut all of the meat and finish with the fork, or one piece at a time and putting down the knife? I’ve got my elbows on the table so you can see both of my hands….:).

        Here’s the dickweed link again; maybe this will open for you:

        Americans do like their big cars, don’t they?

  10. I am 30 weird… funny actually, in my head I thought I was so much more. My mom will be happy with the results. Maybe I should tell her how less weird I am…

    This might be revolutionary for us shrinks 😉

    • Your mother will be so happy now; she was so worried about you and your obsession with social and blogging contests………:).

      We can keep our weirdness to ourselves, right? It’s all in our head……..

      I think you should start incorporating this test for your diagnosis. Classic; revolutionary.

      Good to see you.

  11. I am in 40% weird at the moment. wow this makes me think twice before continued reading the post. I wonder what’s wrong with world most of the time but actually its me who is weird funny but sometimes true. great post

    • Yes Ralph, we already had you pegged at a 60%er, but you should revel in all that glory. You are very normally weird; like many of us in here………:).

      Good to see you sir.

    • Yay, you pass…..with flying colors……..ding ding ding……….

      I think the herpes question was the over and under; make or break question….:).

      Thanks for playing; and stopping by.

  12. Got a 40..but could have answered every question differently depending on my mood. Some days I’m nice and care about making the world work. Others I’m a fighter. Keeps things interesting.
    I have no idea what weird really is, or if you can define it. I know what I like, and respect the rest. I feel like if someone is trying to be weird or different they will be unhappy. They will always be seeking to impress. That would be exhausting – letting the world and its opinions
    mold and lead you!
    No matter how hard we try, we will be normal or weird to somebody.

    • You are right, there will always be something we do that will be weird to someone else. It’s those that really push the envelope to the point it’s hard to keep friends, that maybe a true ‘weird’ label can come out. However, if you make a gazillion bucks like Steve Jobs did, you can be as weird as you want I suppose. Then you are just eccentric, right?

      Good to see you Betsy; glad is was a good day to take the test for you…..:).

    • Whoa, frighteningly close to the straight-jacket level of 50%. We knew you had it in you….:).

      At some point you do get to call it ‘eccentric’ by the way; just wanted to let you know.

      I’m glad you had fun with this and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave your thoughts; very much appreciated.

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