What does social networking mean to you?

How do you measure your social relevancy? Everybody but the Cabellos Largos tribe deep in the Amazon knows about social, right? You think you are in, but are you really in? And what does being in really mean?

Maybe I was just not paying attention before, but Facebook seems to have made a resurgence and people are just flat wearing that platform out. I truly believe some people are posting by the minute.

Without making you hear this story for the zillioneth time and rolling your eyes when I look away, Facebook was where I started and it was mostly personal; Twitter is where I took the ball and ran with it. Before too long, both worlds collided for me and almost blended together.

If anything however, I have become more of a lurker lately and will occasionally chime in when I want to crash someone’s party. I know that won’t get me a lot of Klout points, but it is what it is I suppose.

What does it all mean?

If I don’t see it being talked about in the blogs there is a good chance I won’t see it at all. If I see anything in Facebook or Twitter it is probably by chance unless someone is linking me specifically. I have my lists and know how to see primarily the people I really connect to, but even then it can be hit or miss.

Does that make me bad social? It feels like I am all in, people think I am a tweeting fool; but I don’t even scratch the surface compared to the activity I see out of some people.

The other thing I know, if you are not playing the game you become yesterday’s news quicker than yesterday’s news. At times I get anxious when I see all these people I know; it’s like being home sick but seeing all your friends outside playing. Most of it still seems like hamster wheel behavior to me though and I just need to stay the course I have picked out for myself.

If I only randomly see the people in my lists, what about brands trying to reach me? If the brands are using social for their platform, they aren’t reaching me either.

And I think I’m in social more than most, so what does that say?

Where are you on the measuring scale?

Do you think you need to be doing more? Are you looking for ways to be more efficient without becoming creepy? Or, are you looking for an exit strategy, but are too addicted?

My social expirement

I have not done a vlog in awhile and I became intrigued with some of the posts Jayme Soulati was doing at her place and I thought ‘what the heck.’ Also, Carolyn at @WonderofTech is wanting me to do a tech post about my iPhone of all things so I thought this might be the perfect segue.

So here it is Jayme, raw and undedited; the amazing thing is how simple it was.

I did laugh at myself however, because once I got into my office and started trying to be funny, you could almost hear the banjos playing. My true colors and the Florida twang was very prevalent at the end of the clip.

Now that I know how easy it is, look out Hollywood.



56 thoughts on “What does social networking mean to you?

  1. Indeed Hollywood (and Bollywood) should watch out. Very pleasing twang. Blue IS your color. There’s something wonderful about seeing someone whose blog I love reading on video. Suddenly it is so much more real.

    You’d better insure that smile.;-)

    And I like that a related video has Jack Nichols in it 😀 (A few good creative men)

    I’ve gone through the social overwhelm for a short period – I think it must have been the time when Twitter gained popularity and well – looking at the streaming messages, I’d wonder how people did it. I mean, you’d have to be at it all day, right? At the cost of bread. And flavored cheese. Sigh. I love to share, but I do it only during the couple of hours I set aside for browsing blogs. Just can’t afford to spend more time. But eventually I figured out that there are social media dashboards that let you schedule posts. Hootsuite works very well for me for the time I am not online. I use my smart phone only to make, receive and miss phone calls. And take photographs. That’s all.

    Oh, but it is so much fun. Like the forbidden icecream I couldn’t eat during vocal music training. Sigh. Facebook I could do without. But these days, with my Twitter and FB connected, I find it easier to share on my Facebook page – and have it automatically tweeted. That means carefully composing the message there to include the twitter handle.
    I am used to it now.

    What I like best about social media is the sharing. 😀

    How come your posts are so focused on social media? Love them, of course. Just curious.

    • I guess the video tells no lies, but when I’m in ‘business-speak’ I don’t think my accent is that prevalent, but it sure was shining through on this post, huh?

      Sometimes I seem to lack the energy to even participate but when I see all my friends playing I feel I must be slacking. Fortunately or unfortunately, if you are not an active participant, life in social will just go on without you…..at warp speed. But does it really even matter?

      I like the sharing and engagement as well; if I lose people because I don’t ‘play’ as much as others then that’s my choice and there’s not much I can do about it.

      Right now, twitter is my platform and I will RT other posts and every once in awhile mention somebody on a random post but that’s about it; that’s not too social, is it?

      So, vocal music training; do we have a vocal vlog in the works?

      Since I’m playing in social and see the good, bad and ugly it has been easy to write about. However, you are not the first one to ask me ‘is that all you write about?’ You know me, the path of least resistance…..I’ll start branching out….I promise…..:).

      Good to see you ma’am; always, always a pleasure.

  2. Vidya, you think he’s good enough for Bollywood too? Lol did i miss his dance and singing number? If he can dance and sing, then yes, absolutely Bollywood too!

    I actually am trying to limit my social media accounts to people I actually know. First I thought wow, wouldn’t it be cool to have 1000 twitter followers and 800 facebook friends. but then realized that I have to read a bunch of nonsense that I have no interest in. Now, most of my twitter followers and fb friends belong to some sort of religious institution or cult, either write personal development or are on the brink of suicide and a couple of folks sell insurance. Oh, and one guy is a ninja but that’s a whole different story – I just keep in touch with him for my personal safety. Kind of an interesting group of people I follow but I try to limit the interaction to people I know, have gotten to know or in some cases, people that have interesting things to say.

      • Uh oh, that might be me…..although I don’t actively ‘add’ people unless I know them through a blog or something. Otherwise, I just have strays showing up on my door step and I usually let them in unless they have a creepiness factor to them.

    • Hey, I get to be the ‘insurance guy;’ I haven’t developed a cult following yet…..

      I did do a song and dance but it didn’t make the final cut unfortunately….maybe next time……

      Out of my close to 1800 followers, I probably only ‘know’ about 100. I don’t actively seek followers but if they show up and look human and not trying to jam me up to buy something or teach me something, then I’ll probably follow back. However, I keep my friends in lists to cut down the clutter from the rest. It works ok for me, because I won’t actively cut anybody lose either.

      Good to see you sir; thanks so much for dropping by.

  3. Every day’s a different spot on the roller coaster. Some days up. Some days down. But since I embrace imbalance, it’s all really OK. I think if you’re high-achievement oriented (which I am) there can always be an itch that there’s more you can do, more you can learn, more you can research, yadayada. The trick for me is to simply let go of expectation and the chopped liver syndrome. I’m good at that 99% of the time. And the other 1% of the time? I have a particular friend that I share with in the cone of silence. Cheers! Snowshoes P.S. Love the video: love the accent.

    • Y’all come on down, ya heah? Normally it’s not the accent is not that strong, but it sure came out in the vid, didn’t it. That Dorman is a damn hillbilly, isn’t he?

      If I had the ‘vision’ and more direction, I would probably be doing more than treading water. However, I’m not feeling any extra inspiration right now so I’m laying low for the time being.

      The problem with laying low is you get forgotten quickly and the shout-outs you used to get, get fewer and fewer. And I think we both agree, sometimes it is that shout-out at the right time that is just the pick me up you need sometimes.

      Cone of silence is always available; thanks for the kind words and dropping by.

  4. Bill, When you become viral on YouTube, I hope your remember your original fans!

    Way to master the tech! You’re showing us how it’s done, shooting a video and uploading it to YouTube. Can’t wait for your next tech trick.

    Every time I think I’m on social media overload, I find a new platform to check out. I think if you enjoy a social media site, you’ll go there because you like it, not because you feel you have to. Get Glue and Pinterest are sites that I visit for fun, not obligation.

    Enjoy the fun!

    • The next tech trick w/ be editing the video, or shooting a vid w/ the green screen and including a background when I shoot it.

      It had been so long since I had been in my YouTube account however, I was struggling to remember my password………..yikes…………..

      It was fun, it was very easy; I’m sure I’ll have another before too long.

      Thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate it very much.

  5. Hey Bill,
    The problem for me is that there are only so many hours a week for all the things I want to do. Enjoying life to the max is number one and all activities have to support that. Social media (facebook, twitter, blogging etc.) is enjoyable but very time and energy consuming and conflicts with other things I want to do. Always a struggle to achieve the desirable balance. Multitasking helps – listening to books while driving, mp3 playing while working out, combining socializing with business opportunities. Lucid dreaming fascinates me because if I could manage my dreams I could even do fun things while I’m sleeping LOL.

    • I’ve been getting the golf bug again and that’s certainly a time commitment as well. However, it’s no more than once a week at best because that would really be pushing it…..:).

      Compared to where I was, I have really dropped off the table with my online social activities. I feel like the forgotten one, but it was my choice and I’m ok with it. I am having fun with the writing part, so that’s worth something to me. It might not make me the ‘next big thing’ but I will keep my sanity.

      Fun is good; I might have to check out this lucid dreaming gig. Good to see you.

    • Yep, we were just missing the banjo music I believe. I was impressed it didn’t give me motion sickness watching the thing.

      The Natural…………indeed………..

      Good to see you.

  6. This is great, Bill! I am struck by how different it is seeing your live face and hearing your voice. I am scared to death of doing a video post. I am all nerves, shaky voice, the whole thing. But that is me and I can see how it might help my readers feel like they know me better, quirks and all.

    Love that Southern accent you have going on. Thanks for inspiring me.

    • Yep, you probably thought I had a deep, thoughtful, resonating voice only to tune in to Hee Haw, huh? Most of the time, I don’t think I’m that bad, but given the opportunity my true colors will certainly show. It ended up I only had a face for radio……….:).

      Doing the vid w/ my iPhone was so, so easy and if I didn’t like it I could just erase it before I put it on YouTube.

      I hope it is an inspiration for you; I would love to see you live and ‘in person.’

      Thanks for stopping by today.

  7. Hi Bill,

    Nicely done. Next time you hit the links with Chuck ask him to come on as your special guest. He’d make a good interview.

    If you added some Ned Beatty and clips from Deliverance it would be even better. 😉

    Ego creates all sorts of issues in this world of social. I am not always good about putting mine aside, but I do my best ‘cuz it causes drama that no one needs.

    Some are popular and some aren’t. Not really any different from life in general I suppose.

    • Yep, not much different than real life. It’s just online social is so much more visible, I can actually see what I’m missing. That is what causes me anxious moments, like I’m not part of something.

      Now that I saw how easy ‘shooting’ with the iPhone is, there might be some ‘Chuck’ shots; he will be back next year. As far as Ned goes, I would be the redneck in the woods, not the campers…………just sayin’………..:).

      I have enough of an ego, but usually just keep it in check to be the humble shoe shine boy. Like you, I don’t need the drama……..

      Hope you had a good weekend; thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahaha……OMG Bill Dorman! That’s awesome!

    I forgot what you wrote about and must now go back and read that again. The funny thing is that I am not used to that southern twang even when we are in Clearwater Beach at the condo. Weird that so many people there don’t speak with the same inflection. They must all be imports – like us.

    Social relevance. You have lots, dontcha? I don’t know what it is really? I just keep plodding along with “the plan” and we will see where it nets out….or nuts out. Oops.

    The wife and I will be down there in late September. I will have to seek you out and buy you a beer…..

    • Yeah, unless you get off the beaten path I’m pretty sure those Clearwater Floridians are transplants. I’m a 4th generation Floridian so the twang comes very natural to me. Normally, it’s not that noticeable, but for whatever reason it was really shining through on the vid…….like I said, my true colors…..:).

      I’m relevant enough I suppose, and if I did want to be the next big thing at least I would have a better start than most, right? I liken my existence to treading water for now; let’s see how long I can stay afloat.

      When you get down maybe we can do beer and golf; I would love to catch up with you.

      Good to see you.

  9. Hi Biill! How brave of you to do a video! I’m just going to go straight to your question; what does social networking mean to you? It means connecting with people, sharing ideas, building my TCP business (when I figure out how to do that here!) It means checking in to see what everyone is up to! I mainly use my Reader and Facebook to find the trails to follow. You never know where they will lead! One place I’m sure they will never lead to is a video by yours truly! 😉

    • Social to me means engaging, sharing and meeting lots of great people. Where I get anxious is when I see so much going on without me, but I shouldn’t even be giving it a second thought.

      I guess I’m trying to not be too social, but still being social enough to be seen. If I had a business purpose, then I would be as visible as I needed to be. However, since my efforts are personal, it probably doesn’t look good if it appears social is all I’m doing, right?

      C’mon, you can do the video chats so you should just do a vlog as well. I know recording on my iPhone was very, very easy.

      I hope your day went well; good to see you.

  10. Nice!

    As for social, no one is really talking about it! Thank God for gurus like you who make it easy for us!

    What is really relevant? 300 comments, 200 shares, or a million twitter followers. For me, as long as what one is happy with is what is relevant for you!

    • I think someone did a post on social about a month ago…….I might have even commented…..:). To me, relevant is somebody (no particular number) knows I’m here and I have an opportunity to engage and share thoughts and ideas.

      I am the EASY button; just stop by Billy’s place.

      Good to see you Hajra; hope your weekend was well.

  11. Was that a scene from the Bill Witch Project? Actually, I’m pretty amazed at how still you kept the camera while walking. You have a future in video production I think…

    Timely post for me. I was sketching out the blog plan for the 2nd half of the year this weekend and came to the conclusion that even the big 4 social channels are too much to keep up with at this point. Twitter is my go-to — always — but I’m really considering how to focus my social time in the 2nd half. Facebook has the users, G+ has the SEO benefits, and YouTube has videos of you and Jayme — I’m torn. 🙂

    • Trust me, if it would have gone Blair Witch I would have never posted it. I saw that movie and had to cover my eyes have the time because it was giving me motion sickness. It was really easy to film with the iPhone; who knows, the next one might be Tenoroc……….:).

      Twitter is my go-to as well, but really just to promote other bloggers. Like you, it’s rare that I just start firing off random tweets or Facebooks posts. If this was more of a business gig for me, I would be more pro-active, but as a personal base people still don’t care if I go to Starbucks or not.

      Vids are easy, but it’s still much easier for me to read a post than have to sit through a vid.

      I saw your response to my comment at your place; we will talk later this week about Sunday.

  12. Way to go Bill, loved the “raw” video my friend. Glad you took Jayme’s advice and looks like you threw in something that makes Carolyn very happy! 🙂 I’ve yet to conquer the walking and talking part… Only because the darn thing is just going all over the place. I end up never being in the video. lol..

    I agree, social media ain’t what it use to be. When I get on Facebook I only see what’s been shared right before I popped over. I know I miss a lot of great stuff but I just don’t have time to spend all day and that stats that have been shared so many times about this are that you should only post about four times a day because there is so much going on at any given time.

    Like you Twitter is one of my favorites but I do kind of hang out with my “in” crowd. I can’t help it, I just have some favorite people that I love to see what they share. Hey, you’re included there my friend.

    But when it come to Twitter, you could write the book. I still see you as Mr. Social Butterfly!

    Enjoyed the Vlog Bill, great job.


    • I have done a better job of listing/isolating people I spend the most time with; but if I’m not being mentioned or linked, there is a good chance I will miss the fun.

      The social/engaging I can do, but we both know if you are not ‘in the game’ it will just go on without you. The problem is, we can still see it going on………..

      I’m glad you enjoyed the vlog, you could probably understand what I was saying….:).

      Thanks for your comments; always a pleasure ma’am.

  13. Thanks for your post!

    Social networking for me starts with a specific goal. From that goal, arise tasks that can help achieve the goal. Usually when my participation in social is down, it is because I have lost sight of the driving goal, the purpose or need, of using social media and social networks.

  14. Stop being such a lurker Doorman!

    The key word you used is “Good Friends.” If you were gone tomorrow Bill, some people would cry… Us guys don’t cry, just sayin…

    You’ve built some meaningful relationships in the community. They will never forget you, because they’re Real Friends.

    When you go about social in this manner, there are only so many people you can maintain and strengthen relationships with. It requires the investment of the very best part of you everyday, especially in the beginning – and there is only so many of this kind of relationship that you can maintain and feel good about the effort.

    Maybe one day you’ll do this blogging stuff more for business and profit, rather than touching the souls of beautiful people and being touched back.

    And when or if you do, you’ll have built the relationships and trust on the digital cloud that take you as far as you want to go.

    So anyway Doorman, like I said; stop being such a lurker!

    P.S. Brands are stupid.

    P.S.S. You look much older on video – HAHAHA!

    P.S.S.S. You’re kinda goofy – like in a Marcus Sheridan kind of way 😮

    • Yeah, I need to work on some professional lighting; it aged me about………er, uh wait, I am old…………:). That might be as good as it gets……..doh……..grandma’s still love me though……….

      As George Bush would say, I need to use more strategery in my efforts to reach out, engage, and give back in a consistent manner.

      I do have a very, very good core of friends that I wouldn’t trade for anything. There is an ebb and flow with them as well, but we know where to find each other when needed.

      We just do what we can, right? Next time you come by, you better be a lot more complimentary like telling how great the post or vid was or something. I don’t even care if you lie, just say something nice…………:).

      Good to see you my friend.

      • I would leave more nice comments, but your head was looking a little big in the video, so I certainly didn’t want to be held responsible for making your head explode 😮

        Besides; everything between the warm greeting and thoughtful close was about how awesome you are…

        We’re you skim-reading comments again Bill?? – LOL!

      • A lot less of me and a little more of you, huh? I think talking about social and talking about me has pretty much run it’s course; I better find some new material……..:).

  15. When I try to leave social I can’t. How do you leave your friends?
    With the changes in Facebook and the quick pace of Twitter, I’m finally understanding that you get what you get when you show up, and you’re NOT always showing up in front of your friends!

    Lori (LifeForInstance) asked if it was my birthday last week and commented how the notification didn’t show on her Facebook wall. Creeped me out the first year I was on Facebook when all of my friends were wishing me Happy Birthday. I felt like such a loser that I NEVER remember anyone’s birthday and here there were so many remembering mine!

    That’s when it struck me that if you want to be seen and heard it takes a personal consistent effort to get your message out ’cause everyone’s on at different times. And not everyone sees everything even if you DO post it a million times!

    But these days I just want to be social, so I just engage with whomever and whatever I want ’cause whoever’s in the room is the most important person there! Right?

    Did you put your phone on something that rolled and you pushed? Seemed like it! I LOVE southern accents…Paula Dean!

    • Actually, all I did was hold the camera in my hand and walk and talk. I was surprised how steady it was….

      If your intent is to be seen and heard, you definitely have to jump ‘all in’ and play the game. Otherwise, it will just run on without you; that I do know.

      I like your attitude of just jumping in and seeing who’s there and let them be the most important person in the room; staying w/in the moment and not always chasing.

      Southern and Floridian; probably more of a twang than true deep South southern. But it’s definitely me……:).

      Thanks so much for coming by; I’m glad I was your most important person at this particular time. Always good to see you…..

  16. Bill, you look much younger on video than you do on blog. I’ve said it before – I don’t care much about my social ‘relevancy’, unless it is driving bottom line business results. I’m all about using social to grow my business. And while my ‘fans’, ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ tend to be modest (by social superstar standards), my business is exploding. That’s relevant in my book…

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you; I’m going to have to kick Mark’s butt for calling me old. It was the lighting………I’m sure………

      I think it’s fantastic your business is exploding; that’s relevant, everything else is fluff. But you rock, so it’s no surprise.

      So good to see you and thanks for your thoughts; you always make sense.

  17. Saw you on Twitter and followed to the blog. That (iPhone vid) was too funny, for an insurance guy. I have no idea how long you’ve been here in FL (paradise) but that is Not a FL accent. I had a FL insurance license, but retired it. No selling, I was helping people with their C.O.B.R.A. So, I’m not knocking you, just funnin’ with you. Blessings, Janet

    • Hey, thanks for tracking me down. Actually, I’m a 4th generation Floridian, and probably 3 generations of Georgia before that. Whatever the accent is southern, hillbilly, or something, it’s all me…..:).

      I can take the funnin’ and glad you felt comfortable enough to do so.

      I have all kinds of Fla licenses….general lines, life & health and surplus lines….I’m covered up, right?

      I appreciate you coming by and taking the time to comment; hope to see you again.

  18. You look dappper! With 3 p’s!

    Don’t tell brands they can’t reach you. Companies. Agencies. Gurus. Experts. Authors. All depend on the idea that you are no reachable 24/7 at their mercy. I bet you chat with Kraft Mac and Cheese late at night in bed.

    • Beans n Franks, beans n franks……..

      All I know is I think I am definitely much more ‘in’ social than most and I basically see nuttin’…….you have to link me specifically if you want to get my attention. I don’t do random streams………….just sayin’.

      BTW – the two best trades the Rays made and both involve your teams: http://ow.ly/cjSKB Sports radio said the Kaz pitched one inning last night, 6 hits, 6 runs……did the Angels give him a wad of cash when he went out there?

      • Back in the day, these guys would pitch complete games on a 3-4 day rotation. Now we have improved nutrition, proper exercise and specialists (closers) and they seem more fragile now than ever. Take the money and run, right?

  19. Wow. Your office is a lot bigger than mine, and I don’t have any furniture at all, and the view… I don’t want to talk about that or the weather in Florida 🙂

    I have to be honest, I haven’t been much social online lately, since I’ve been living in a tent. I’ve been a lot more social offline than I’ve been used to, and that feels good as well. To me, social is usually about a fairly small crowd (and you’re one of them). I read a lot on Facebook, Twitter etc.. but I don’t do much conversations. Not sure if I’m focused on what I’m currently working on or why I’m not that social (with lots of people), but I’m still out there doing my best to survive 🙂

    • Ok, I had to laugh because your tent story reminded me of this Saturday Night Live clip: http://ow.ly/cmbEG If you haven’t seen it, I think it will make you laugh.

      I will let you in on a little secret while you’ve been gone…..you haven’t missed anything, trust me. It’s all here just like you left it…………

      Like you, I do more reading than commenting on the daily missives from FB and twitter unless it is directly linked to me. Otherwise, I’m pretty much oblivious.

      I’m just kind of keeping my head down and doing my own thing right now, not worrying if I’m keeping up with the Jones’ or if I’m going to get an invite to Social Slam or anything like that.

      It’s all good, we are just doing what we can, right?

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