Oh look, the Kreativ Blogger Award!

I have been honored and humbled to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award from Carolyn Nicander Mohr at @WonderofTech. Carolyn has been a tremendous friend and supporter.

Not only is she Kreative, and keeps up with just about every new technological gadget and gizmo that comes down the pike, she has a regular column in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Yes, that Philadelphia and yes, that Inquirer.

I know she has been bugging me to do a guest post at her place, but I’m afraid the fax machine has come and gone. In fact, I am pretty sure they closed the patent office after that because nothing else could possibly be invented that would top the fax. I already knew writing fiction was her first love so I really need to get her to guest post at my place….maybe even take over my blog…:).

When I opened her post referencing this award, I thought it was going to be a new car. Unfortunately, it was not and under her terms of service, by opening the post signified acceptance of said award.

Acceptance means I now have to:

  • nominate six (6) other bloggers that are outstanding and deserve the award.
  • share ten (10) things people don’t know about me (well, at least I get to talk about myself…….).


Like Carolyn, in selecting my nominees I wanted to choose bloggers who I have never nominated for anything and most you will not have seen around these parts.  What you will see from this list is not only their love of writing, but very kreatively as well. All are more than worthy to pay a visit to.

Judy Lee Dunn – In her own words: Well, I am happiest when I am writing. I blog to help people show up online in real and engaging ways.I like to show my readers how to make their blogs feel better. Be liked more. Be read more. And how they can use social media to get their brand out there in the world.

Also, she has been annointed by none other than the Danny Brown as a blogger you should really read in 2012. Tru dat….

Ms ‘Ruth’ Bullish@Bullish Ink. She is always scheming up something kreative that really stretches your mind and typically rotating a different theme so you are bound to find something you like. BTW, she really does see dead people.

Pamela Fagan Hutchins – she writes award-winning fiction and nonfiction about “having it all” from the position of having a little too much of everything, and loving it: writer, mediocre endurance athlete (triathlon, marathons), wife, mom of an ADHD & Asperger’s son, five kids/step-kids, business owner, recovering employment attorney and human resources executive, investigator, consultant, and musician.

She still hasn’t figured me out yet, but I do know she likes humor.

Ruth Zive – She’s another one with a house full of kids. On top of that, she’s actually making some money with her writing. If you were to ask her, she would tell you she’s a a Freelance Copywriter and Content Marketing Strategist; and a damn kreative one at that.

Miss Bliss@TheBlissBlog. She is very, very kreative and edgy too. She is in cahoots, with Ruth at Bullish and Ruth’s sister Jules. Notice how they leave you guessing as to what their real name’s are? Hmmmm…..

She has this little series featuring The Razor Girl that is quite interesting and of course, kreative.

Jules@SweetBananaInk. Actually I’m sure Jules has other blogs out there but I know her from Sweet Banana and she’s part of the 3 Muskateerettes with Ruth & Ms Bliss. In a nutshell, Jules is an avid reader, skilled listener, compulsive storyteller and lousy keeper of secrets.

Sweet Banana is a very kreative place and they even invite other writer’s to play there as well. I even tried my hand at fiction; to less than rave reviews, but I did show up…:).

10 things about me you probably don’t know

Some of this has been shared, but since I’m running out of space I will just hit the bullet points. If you need elaboration, I can pick it up in the comments.

Congrats to the Kreative Bloggers and thanks Carolyn for the award.

41 thoughts on “Oh look, the Kreativ Blogger Award!

  1. Congratulations, Bill! 😀 You are very Kreativ, that’s for sure. From that list, I know Pamela (as a friend) and Ruth Zive and a great-to-read blogger. And of course, Judy Dunn. I am eager to visit the others.

    Hmm…live hand grenade? At whom/what?

    So enjoyable, as usual! Hugs! Vidya

  2. Hi Bill, When you flew in the helicopter and hurled that hand granade at me, was it because I gave you the Kreative Blogger Award or because I asked you to do a guest post at The Wonder of Tech? :-0

    Thanks for your kind words. You richly deserve this award because you are so effective at fooling us that this blog is about you. No one ever suspects that you’re teaching us life lessons as you entertain.

    This is a huge improvement from the days when you tried to convince us you were invisible, yet your star was shining brightly illuminating the darkness of the Internet.

    Congratulations on the award, Bill, and thanks for sharing your kreative talents with us.

    • Black’s Beach is in between San Diego and La Jolla (home of Dr Suess). One other observation from Black’s Beach, the ocean water is much colder in the summer than it is in Florida………just sayin’………..

      Good to see you.

  3. A well deserved accolade. You are quite the Kreative blogger, and to echo Carolyn, you do have an amazing way of weaving thoughtful life lessons into posts that seem to be “about you.”

    Congrats, and I look forward to learning about some new bloggers from your list!

    (Also, very interested to hear about West Point.)

    • The short version is, it would have been a 10 yr military commitment, and I was still in shock from starting basic training………I was already counting the days until my 3 years were up…….:).

      Thanks for the kind words……..

  4. Does this mean I need to call you William now?

    Congrats on the award. I sure do like coming by here. Since my time is becoming more and more limited and I have to pick and choose where I visit i can’t seem to let this place go. Too much fun.

    • I am a man of many ‘nicknames’…………:). Just don’t call me late for dinner……..

      I hear ya on the picking and choosing; this week got away from me and my day job took over. I used to ‘panic’ about not keeping up, but now I’m ok to just do what I can when I can.

      Good to see you sir.

  5. Hi Bill! Congratulations and kudos to you for mentioning blogs that are new to many of us. Coincidentally, I discovered the Bliss Blog only last week! I love it! An interesting list of things we didn’t know about you! A live hand grenade eh? Yikes! where did you throw it?

    • I threw the grenade over a wall into a muddy hole; I would have liked to have thrown it at something more substantial so I could see the destruction….:). I’ve also shot a grenade launcher attached to an M-16 rifle and a M-60 machine gun. All pretty cool stuff……..

      Good to see you; this was a crazy day today, but I survived.

    • I do wonder what path my life would have taken if I had taken the West Point opportunity; but ultimately I think I made the right call.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Bill,

    A full ride to West Point? Holy Academy, Batman! What else you hidin’?

    Never heard of Black Beach. Bare beaches wouldn’t work here. Too cold and too much shrinkage.

    Now I know what a Paul Harris Fellow is too. I imagine Barkley is a crack up in person, eh?

    Congrats to you! Carolyn is awesome!

    • Black’s Beach is on your coast in San Diego/La Jolla but let me tell you; the water is damn cold there too………yikes………..:).

      I would have probably ended up like General Custer or something if I would have gone to the Point.

      Thanks for stopping by sir; busy day for me.

  7. A full ride to West Point makes me think there are quite a few stories that you need to start sharing. Get writing my friend. 😉

  8. Mr. Dorman, congratulations, you Kreativ Blogger, you! Your award is much deserved. I tend to crawl into my writing hole and huddle with my characters and plot these days, so it’s so inspiring to get an out-of-the-blue shout out like this. You have truly made my day. I love creative, whichever way it is spelled, and consider this an honor (especially coming from you).

    Now, back to you. I am commanding you to write a blog post on each of your 10 things we probably didn’t know about you. (Particularly interested in the walking au naturel thing. : )

    Oh, and thanks for the heads up on more amazing bloggers. I’m familiar with Ruth (Zive), but will have to check out the others.

    • There are definitely some good writers in that group; you included. That does give me an idea for some posts to flesh out some of the ten……….hmmmm……..

      Thanks for stopping in and leaving your thoughts; always much appreciated. Hope your day was well; mine was busy and interesting……..

  9. If anyone deserves an award for their blogging efforts you do Mr. Bill – you Kreative Blogger you!

    The closest I’ve come to a hole in one is an eagle… But I’ve driven the ball 400 yards many times… : )

    Okay, okay, it was in Colorado where the air is thin, but I still haven’t seen many drive it that far…

    I wish those drives went straight more often – sigh…

    Cheers to you sir!

    • I did win one long drive contest but I think it was 337 or something like that; which was a ‘big’ drive for me. The backside of that story is, that was the last round played on that course and they developed it into an assisted living facility. My claim to fame was I must have shut it down w/ my long drive……….:)

      Thanks for you kind words, and drive ’em straight sir………

  10. Very interesting facts Bill! Though the last one rings hollow since you are most certainly STILL a somebody. But we’ve been through that before. I’m delighted to be included, and I will get to my post when I’m back at my desk next week!

    • Oh yes, I’m still a somebody; sometimes in my own mind, but that’s ok, right?

      You have the ‘right stuff’ it was a pleasure including you; thanks for stopping by.

  11. Man, look what going off the grid for 24 hours does…I missed out on the fun and excitement of yesterday — walking naked on the beach, and a hole in one? Are those two related? 🙂

    Thanks, Mr. Kreative, for including me! You are right, by the way. I have no idea how to take you yet. But you ALWAYS end up making me sputter/laugh/spit out coffee.

    • Well, not exactly related………and the real story is, we didn’t go to the beach to get naked, me and my friend were just going to be ‘observers.’ The parking area was atop a cliff and you had to walk down the path to the beach watching your feet and step. When we hit the bottom and I looked up and went ‘whoa now’ because I saw naked people. I turned to my friend to ask ‘well, what are we going to do now’ and he already had his shorts half way down. I guess we will be getting naked then, huh?………:).

      When in Rome I suppose…….

  12. A voyeur turned follower au naturel! Rich story! What a man of many fames but first things first: congrats on the richly deserved award, Sir William!

    Lovely list of winners, looking forward to get to know them.

    I see that you still love throwing things but I am far more comfortable with you hitting the target in your posts and focusing on the next hole-in-one than you throwing grenades.

    Have a peaceful Sunday!

    • Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades, right? Hitting the target would be nice.

      Sunday was good; played golf and won enough to have my lunch paid for….good day indeed……..:).

      Good to see you birthday girl, hope you had a great weekend.

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