A weekly round-up; best of the best

What the hell; it’s Monday and the week hasn’t even started. What in the world could you have already read? Ok, not everybody is in the same hemisphere so maybe it’s Wednesday somewhere else already. Hey early bird, this is still kind of soon don’t you think?

When I first got up to speed in social it seemed like quite a few people did  ‘best of’ posts to fill up one of their posting days. That was how I met some of my new friends and seemed to work ok.

However, it was just another list I never seemed to make. True story, a friend of mine ran a ‘best of’ list with 199 bloggers you need to check out and follow; 199. Guess who didn’t make the list? Talk about chopped liver, huh? I’m sure if it would have been 200 I would have been a shoe-in, right?

Moral of the story – don’t suck………no really, I am still friends with this blogger and essentially, lists are just lists. I don’t think making someone’s list catapulted anyone to stardom. It’s nice to be recognized but certainly don’t get hung up on who’s list you might or might not make.

Where did they all go?

Did lists run their course? Are they so ‘yesterday’ nobody is doing them anymore, or am I just so entrenched with my current crowd I haven’t ventured out enough to see any?

On one hand you can actually bring value to your audience by either introducing new people or re-introducing some of your previous posts. On the other hand, is it just a lazy way to knock a post out?

I sometimes talk about trying to live in the ‘moment’ but because I visit a good number of blogs it is very hard for me to take the time to drill down into links or check things out on lists. Some days are better than others, but most days I’m doing good just being able to read and offer a comment.

Of course, you could always cut your Reader down to about 10 people and spend all the time you want, but I’m certainly not ready to do that; I might miss a party……:).

Why don’t you write about social

No kidding, huh? I’m surprised nobody is writing about this stuff………yeah, right. Is it another cop out to write a post about lists? How many ways can you slice and dice this to make it even readable?

I certainly want to write about real stuff and keep it entertaining. The way I look at it, for those of us in here, social is a big part of our life so it’s not much different than writing about anything else.  Even though I am pretty entrenched with my community I have to believe there is still a big number of new people arriving who are trying to figure this out as well.

Things are going to change around here

I laugh because I have probably written about this at least 2-3 times. If you consider changing themes and actually getting a domain name change, then I am really pushing the envelope. Whoooeee, that is some kind of scary, you crazy guy.

As we evolve, in our minds we feel we are going through these incredible changes and even take the time to publicly announce them, but in reality they are probably subtle at best. This is neither good nor bad, it is just what it is; perception vs reality.

The big expirement

Last week I posted about free subscriptions; some people actually took me up on my one time offer. I did warn them that might have been the high water mark.

I also heard from my friends who are still waiting on a guest post from me. I hear you loud and clear and will get off my lazy busy ass and get those done. I just don’t know if social can stand all that awesomeness…..doh…..

Independence Day

For us Yanks in the US, 4th of July is our Independence Day. To me, it brings memories of celebration, cook-outs, family, and fun. I hope to partake in all of that this week.

Here’s to a fun and prosperous week. That.is.all.


55 thoughts on “A weekly round-up; best of the best

  1. Hehe. Happy Independence Day! All I know is you made it to my top 20 “list” (NOT 200) verrrry quickly. I actually like list posts probably because I live by my own lists.

    Bill, thanks so much for coming by and commenting over at Evita’s. 🙂 I replied with a long story 😉 Hugs!

    • Hey, been away from the computer today but will definitely go by Evita’s and check your reply.

      I followed a handful of people who would do weekly round-ups religiously but I either am not paying attention (which can happen) or they are just not doing as many.

      So, I’m on your top 20, huh? How cool is that; thanks.

      Good to see you, thanks for taking time to stop by.

  2. And on the same day I posted my Monthly Mash, which has a big ‘ole list. Geez.

    I’ve though a lot about the list thing, and I think you can usually tell when they are genuine or not. Sure, lists are a “technique” of blogging, but like any technique, how they are used is based on the blogger. I’ve learned about a lot of great people from list posts, but then there are some where it was just obvious link bait.

    • ‘Back in the day’ some of our friends had some really good ones; I would typically meet 2-3 really great people from them. Some of those people doing the lists have gone away however and I haven’t seen anybody pick up the slack or I might not be looking in the right places.

      Your lists are good and have been thoroughly researched and you do it only monthly, right?……..:).

      Good to see you and let’s plan on popping some caps on the 22nd.

  3. Having just celebrated Canada Day, fun was the order of the day! That is…after we dug out and hand-bombed 2000 paver bricks that were semi-buried in our woods. Long story.

    When I posted my 13 Favourite books of all-time, I wasn’t sure if it would be seen as “just another list post”, or yay!..a list post!

    Like Adam said, you can tell when they’re genuine or not.

    Now how come I didn’t get my bonus gift with my free subscription?

    Happy 4th of July, a little early. Or do you start celebrating today? 😉 Cheers! Snowshoes

    • You didn’t get your gift yet? Go check your yard again, I sent over some paver bricks….

      I like the book lists; I was thinking more along the lines of the ‘people you just need to meet’ lists. Sometimes, there were some really neat people ‘showcased.’ I was being facetious as I have made a few, but you see what it got me; front row seats in the upper deck……:).

      Actually I did take the week off, but today was yard monkey day. I always love the way my yard looks once it’s had a fresh haircut.

      Hola; good to see you.

  4. Hey Bill, That’s true! You rarely see a round-up list these days! They used to be quite the thing. I actually got excited when I saw you were doing one, but then …disappointed! I realize they take a LOT of work, though. I hesitate to do one because I really don’t want to leave anyone out. I risked that with one post but it was a different sort of list.
    Do one already then! 😉

    • I hesitate for the same reason as someone will get omitted so I have to find other ways to ‘pimp my friends’ instead. Every once in awhile if I come across somebody new not in our community, I will roll them out.

      I am thinking of a list, so we’ll see, huh? Probably when I hit a dry spell and need a post….:).

  5. Bill,
    You are right. The internet and social media are evolving at warp speed. As to future trends I like to track venture capitalists (those who invest in start-up social media ventures) because the success of their investments is based on how well they read the market and predict where it’s going. Have a good 4th.

    • There is definitely money out there and some of these start-ups get lucky and have the proper capitalization to be successful.

      Hold onto your hat because it changes every day.

      Good to see you; hope that wine app did some good.

  6. Bill. List posts, huh? Well, from my viewpoint it makes sense if the list is tied to a topic as support otherwise that thing called linkbait takes over. Hey, how the heck are ya supposed to catch a fish anyway?

    Like Lori’ a little disappointed here. I suppose if you did a list you would need to include 1000+ people which could take some time.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your holiday and get out on the links and see if you can beat my 88 from the past weekend. I got a whole gotta luck on my side for that round.

    • I’m playing a course on Thursday that is tight, tight, tight; it could be a 10-ball day. Do I play it smart w/ irons only, or bring out the big dog. Hmmmm, we’ll see I suppose.

      Link bait, stink bait; I actually have a post on that. I just write to write; if people come by it’s a good day. Other than that I’m not trying to do any hocus pocus w/ my posts.

      So far, so good and having an enjoyable holiday; I’m taking this week off from work.

      • Nice. Look out social web. Imagine what a week could do? Naaa, get outside and use those damn irons. Love to know the course name. We are going to be in FLA (Clearwater Beach) in late Sept and will be looking for a round.

        Have a great one! Hit them well and not too often.

      • It’s Lk Ashton, no great shakes but it is free and it’s good enough. There are plenty of great courses around; maybe we can find a way to play together.

  7. I am one of the 25 sexiest dad bloggers. I was ranked number 4. It is an honor that I’ll never forget and never benefit from. 😉

    • # 4? You are number 1 in my book, sir; I demand a recount. And yes, what did it get you? # 4 on the list, huh?

      Fame is fleeting anyway; but recognition like that is still kind of cool.

  8. Hi Bill, I think of list posts as a pain to write. If I’m going to do a list post of, say 10 Best Apps for XYZ, then it’s like doing 10 reviews in one post. That’s a lot of work.

    That being said, stay tuned to The Wonder of Tech for an upcoming list post! 😉

    • Those are good and informative lists; you just aren’t rolling out ten random things you know nothing about.

      I was lamenting the fact the ‘best of’ lists don’t seem to be as prevalent as they were in my early days. What do you think?

    • You did sir; and I have made a few lists. I always like to play up my lack of recognition. I’m having fun in here, so it’s all good.

      Trust me, I do like the recognition but I won’t go out seeking it. Hopefully my light shines bright enough at times, some can see it.

      Good to see you; thanks for stopping by. I liked your Nosferatu; there was just a lot there for me to absorb. It is still in my Reader however.

  9. I promise to put you on Number 1 on whatever list I work on; even if I make a list on the top 25 female bloggers to look forward for…. I promise to give you a special mention. You are the ladies favorite after all 😉

    … does that make you feel better.

    Happy 4th of July. My nephew and niece in California tell me that the sky is going to be lit up and they look forward to it ever year!

    • Much better, I have my honorary ladies card and it would be a worthy list indeed.

      It is a pretty cool holiday; sometimes the fireworks are spectacular, quite the experience.

      Good to see you; am I supposed to be doing anything for your blog contest?

  10. Hey Bill!

    Happy 4th (almost)! Yup, sometimes lists can suck and be pointless. Other times they can be super helpful.

    Adam’s right that you can usually tell if some effort was put into it. I made a list a while back of websites that other virtual assistants could go to for help/advice. That list was worth my time. It was worth it to me because I still have people thanking me as they found what they needed from one of those sites:)

    • The list you did was a great list as I know it was very helpful for VA’s trying to wade through some of this clutter. There are definitely good lists to be had.

      My biggest challenge is time and actually digging into the links to either read or meet the people they are talking about. Sometimes I will save the post in my Reader, but even then it’s ‘iffy’ if I make it back.

      How are you? Hope all is well and you have a great 4th as well.

      • Thanks Bill!
        Been busy with yet another website and a training program. When my new site is up and running I’ll let you know. I know you don’t have tons of free time on your hands but if I know you, you’ll want to stop by and check it out–and perhaps leave a cheeky comment or two;)

        Enjoying the summer with my little guy. Hope you’re enjoying it, too!
        It’s been a bit of a heat wave here in the 90s and 100s. Not very typical of PA for early summer.

      • Yes absolutely, let me know when you launch it; I would love to see it. I have seen where it is very hot up your way; probably hotter than FLA so that has to be pretty hot, huh?

  11. Are you stuck on Monday? It’s Sunday where I’m at (in a tent on an island far far away) 🙂

    I never do list posts about my favorite bloggers, I know I would forget a bunch of people. But I promise that I wouldn’t forget you.

    Happy independence day. A little too early, but living in a tent, I have no idea when I’ll be online again 🙂

    • Tent man; I was thinking of camping a few days at the beach over this holiday but it is pretty hot out there right now. I don’t know how enjoyable that would be.

      My concern with listing ‘great’ bloggers are the people I would leave off. Therefore, I will have to figure out another way to celebrate them, huh?

      Have fun camping and catch up you when you make it back to civilization.

  12. Happy Independence Day Bill.
    List blogging is difficult because people keep moving in and out but I have quite a few who always have been there
    I am going to soon write a list post and include atleast 100 bloggers, I don’t know well in it 😀

    • Thanks sir; 4th of July is always a ‘fun’ holiday.

      Lists w/ people can be tricky, especially if you leave someone off; which can be easy to do. However, whereas I always looked for my name on these lists, it is not something that effects me one way or another these days. The shelf life on most lists is very fleeting anyway unless you save that post.

      I did meet some cool people through that process however.

      A list of people you don’t know is pretty cool, especially if you are introducing them to your community. Good luck…….

    • Me either, that is why I’m hesitant to post them. Like Ashvini said though, if it’s new people your community doesn’t know then you should be able to do it w/out hurting anybody’s feelings, right?

  13. Best of lists are very dangerous. They showcase if you are smart or not. Recently someone posted their 12 best marketing books. First off if you read 12 marketing books after college vs learning from the work you do and the people you know that is a red flag there. Then when of the 12 books, 6 are by people I have no respect for, don’t follow on twitter or read their blog because they push bullshit and hype….

    199 Blogs and yours isn’t listed? I bet the blog topic is animal husbandry and you surely don’t talk about that here.

    In fact….now don’t you get your head all big now…..I have wanted to list your blog on mine but you don’t fit the list. Could you talk insurance weekly? Or ROI? Because I might add some economic blogs then you can fit right in. But then you have more readers than me so might be a bad thing for you getting dragged down.

    • If smart or not is a determining factor whether to do them or not, then it’s probably a good thing I have stayed away, huh?

      Respect? Let’s just say if the bullshit meter is running pretty high, you probably don’t see me at their place anymore; and that’s all I will say about that.

      Now animal husbandry is a popular topic in my parts; maybe that will be my new niche.

      Oh, I can talk insurance AND ROI, but would probably rather gargle bees because my audience would be jamming ball point pens in their ears to make it stop………:).

      I might have more readers, but you are better known; that will probably get you a free beer somewhere.

      Go Rays; let’s see if Big Game James can live up to his hype tonight.

  14. I still enjoy lists posts Bill if they actually having someone worth sharing. To do them just to do them, not so much.

    Okay, the next time I do a list of blogs I love I’ll be sure to add you to the very top. I’ll make a special point of doing that just for you because you are special young man. We all love you whether you feel that or not.

    So, promising us some other things soon? Something else coming down the pipeline?

    Have a great 4th Bill and I have no doubt whatever you and the family do, it will be fun.

    Here’s to the rest of your week. Make it a great one.


    • Trust me, I get much more love in here than I deserve. I joke about the lists because I have been left off many, but I’ve had my share of recognition too. Back in the day I took notice of it, but not so much these days. I take them at face value…….

      My main point was, I don’t seem to see them as much; am I just hanging at the wrong places?

      I don’t have anything on the front burner, but plugging away in case somebody wants me to be the next ‘big thing;’ I’ll be ready…….:).

      You have a happy 4th too; I’m planning on it.

  15. Phew…I’m glad I didn’t include you on my little list this week! I like short lists that really pack punch. @DannyIny does them – he always has great resources; and so does Kikolani in her weekly roundup (I think it’s on Fridays). I do them once every several weeks – I like to pay it forward.

    • I know both, but don’t interact with them much. I hear they do good stuff, but just haven’t been able to connect yet.

      I’m always on the lookout for new talent/experiences, and a lot of times I do find them through the lists.

      I didn’t expect to make your list; it actually had actionable items to be gleaned from the posts, I haven’t done a good job with that yet.

      Oh well, thanks for dropping by.

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