Opportunity knocks, free subscriptions now

Free subscriptions? Where?

Here of course you silly rabbit; free site + free subscriptions = warm beer and stale chips but good times still had by all. Just for you, I will turn off my HeyPal account, and for this one time offer you too can enjoy a lifetime membership.

And what else? 

Other than the scintillating, edgy epic pieces of crap literature twice a week; for starters, I will reply to every comment. Most times, it will be more than just ‘great reply’ like you are apt to see at some of the pay for view sites. In fact, some of those sites you will be lucky to even get a comment or an acknowledgement. How fun is that?

If you tweet my post, I am very likely to shamelessly retweet it back out, thanking you for pimping me. You can never have too much exposure, so this way we can both be guilty of polluting my twitter stream. I always say, ‘no man is an island’ so I certainly want to be able to share the love. Actually, I don’t always say the island thing, in fact probably rarely but it sounded good as I was trying to write this. I just don’t need the spotlight when ‘it’ starts hitting the fan.

If you tell me you are following me then I will make sure to follow you back. You pretty much have to be on my front doorstep for me to follow you as my game is pretty weak in pro-actively seeking out others to follow. This could potentially spare you from one of my posts calling you out for not following me or heaven forbid, dropping me. However, not a guarantee as you can tell I’m pretty edgy and I have to stay true and write for myself and not my audience.

And that’s not all

If you ask me to guest post, I will probably say yes but if you don’t give me a time frame it will probably just sit, and sit, and sit, and sit……not intentionally so don’t take it personal; I’m just a very lazy busy man and can’t always get to it right away.

You are certainly free to guest post here as well. However, seeing how lazy busy I am I probably will not be pro-active enough to make the ‘ask.’ So, feel free to offer if you think exposure here at the Billy Dome will be of some benefit to you. If nothing else, it will save me from having to do two posts in one week. And because I’m so lazy busy, it would be a real benefit for me.

But there’s more

I will mention your name (at some point in time) because dropping names is something I do very well. You might be amazed at the people I know who know somebody else.

There is even a possibility for me to link you into one of my incredibly witty and sometimes edgy posts; and that could come with an incredibly funny but potentially embarrassing photo as well. Smile, you are on Candid Camera…:)

Finally, I do have accounts in LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest. You might not see me much on those platforms, but feel free to ‘friend’ me and get some of the love over there as well. It’s all good, right?

How can you do this?

I’m just that kind of guy. Whereas some people don’t want to be that guy, it’s pretty obvious I am totally comfortable being him. It’s all about me giving back and I want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to be able to say ‘I knew that guy when…..’

Lifetime subscriptions sound like a pretty long time, but in the big scheme of things might not be that long after all, huh? Therefore, this is certainly an opportunity you might be kicking yourself if you pass this up. Life it short; free is good; live large and enjoy.

What’s that noise?

Opportunity baby; and it’s about to knock your door down. Don’t be late to the party.

Yes, this is a totally bullshit post; if you are new here, this might be the high water mark; but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


52 thoughts on “Opportunity knocks, free subscriptions now

  1. Hi Bill, I have been a subscriber since I first discovered your blog, over at the old domain. I followed you to .me because I guess the stalker laws don’t cover blog fans.

    You are wonderful at engagement and those who are fortunate enough to discover your great blog are in for a treat.

    As far as guest blogging, I’m thinking I need to give you a deadline? How about your birthday for a deadline? Your topic? Your transformation to a gadget junkie in the past year. 🙂

    • As always, you have kind words to leave and you have been a staunch supporter regardless of what kind of content might come from here…….it is VERY much appreciated.

      I still have the e-mail about the iPhone GP opportunity; let me give it some thought. Of course, it won’t be serious………:).

      Of course, you were supposed to GP here last fall as well……just sayin’…….

  2. See, I told you you’re Mr. Personality. If you were building a list Bill, you would be the one who was successful with asking to just “sign up” because you said so. Yeah, we all want to be like you and we do get to say, I knew him when.

    So how’s that novel coming?

    • That ‘novel’ is still mostly in my mind, but I’m working on outline and timeline. I need to do a better job of keeping notes when the ideas come to mind.

      Mr Personality? Mr Character is probably more like it……..:).

      I do appreciate the kind words and it is always a huge pleasure to see you; thanks.

    • Kingdom of Fun, yes; which is actually the Wizard of Oz in a parallel universe. And it’s not any shake mind you, but spit in the hand, friends forever kind of gig. Indeed…..

  3. Bill. Bill. Bill.

    I love ya! And wherever you are I will be there too. Ok, maybe just Twitter, I like Twitter. And sure I see you on Facebook here and there. And I’ll always come back to your blog.

    So I’m a liar. I can’t be everywhere you are. For one, it’s not my thang. And 2, you would think I’m a stalker. I don’t want to be a stalker. The only person I would stalk in the Rock, lol.


    • Even though I do get around, it’s certainly not as much as I used to. Being the social critter that I am however, sometimes it’s hard to have a ‘set limit.’

      Some stalking can be flattering…………:). BTW Dwayne Johnson asked me how you have been doing……….just sayin’………….

  4. Mm. Opportunity has a melodious sound. As someone in my top 20 list, Bill, I do hope you’ll write a guest post for my blog! Yeah! Because I love yer blog.

    • Yay, I made a list; wait ’til you see my post for Monday….:). So, I guess I’ll have to put you on my list of GP’s to do, huh? I’m working on them…….

      Good to see you.

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