How much is too much social?

Or, is there such a thing? I guess it depends on your purpose and tolerance I suppose.

Some think I am ‘too much’ because I had my twitter account connected to my LinkedIn account so it was picking up every tweet of mine. My ‘in real life’ LinkedIn friends weren’t used to that kind of traffic and I was dominating their LinkedIn ‘stream.’ They ended up ‘unfollowing’ me, which I can understand because it was just ‘too much.’

The reality is, I am not as socially plugged-in as most in my community. Even though I have over 11,000 tweets, 95% are tweets from my Triberr account or acknowledging someone when they retweet my posts. I’m still ‘not that guy’ who is going to tell you I went to Starbucks today.

Back in the day

Which was only last year; my Facebook and twitter accounts comprised two different sets of people. Facebook were the people I mostly knew in real life, and twitter were all my fantasy land friends in social.

Then they started to blend; the twitter friends turned out to be real and they started to join in my Facebook community as well. The reverse has not been true; I have had very few people come to twitter through my Facebook account.

Facebook is still a little too public for me personally. I am more of a lurker and occasional commentor but rarely ‘post’ anything. However, even though I don’t stay long in Facebook I do like to see what my friends are up to. I’m pretty sure people don’t care if I go to Starbucks on Facebook either.

Are you addicted to social?

Once again, it depends on your ‘purpose’ and what you are trying to achieve; but would you go through withdrawals if you couldn’t post to Facebook everyday?

Also back in the day, I got on this crazy hamster wheel and thought you had to keep up with everything and it drove me crazy seeing all of it just streaming by. When it was new and exciting, it had a certain craziness and fun going on with it.

It’s still fun, but once I decided my niche was going to be more in the writing and commenting, I could turn some of that other noise down. It still gets me anxious at times to see the people I know out there having all this fun without me; but I just take a deep breath and stay true to my plan.

Answer me this:

A little test here, if you had to make a choice which one would you keep, Facebook or twitter? How about, Facebook or blogging?

Have you ever NOT visited or commented at someone’s place because they weren’t popular enough or have a high enough ranking?

Does ‘too much’ social take away someone’s intrigue factor; or if social is your main platform is it to your advantage to be everywhere all.the.time. even if it seems like overkill to the casual observer?

Anybody who has been doing this for any length of time probably knows at this point there is really no right way or wrong way, just your way and what works for you. So what if people think the only life you have is on social because they see you there all.the.time.

Is there a point to any of this? 

Not really I suppose; just like anything else, you have to jump in to play and when you don’t it will just pass you by. Sometimes I feel if I don’t play I am missing something, but in reality I’m pretty sure the sun will still come up tomorrow and I won’t have lost out on being the ‘next big thing.’

Oh yeah, in a previous post I recommended two books; by two Gini’s, well Gini D and Jenny Lawson and both books seem to be doing quite well. I’m sure it was my recommendation that put them over the top…….:). Here’s the post….


56 thoughts on “How much is too much social?

  1. Twitter over Facebook because right now I don’t do much socializing at all. Real life requires too much attention. Bog over everything else because, even though I say I don’t like to write, it does help me out a lot as a creative outlet.
    I hate to say it because it sound so cold, but the truth is, I do well with smaller groups where I can remember your name and feel like I’m contributing by showing up. I don’t just want to be heard. I want to hear what you’re saying, what you might need from me. I just don’t feel that in a large group.
    I am very loyal, even through ups and downs. I might not get the most traffic or have a lot of followers (10 is more than I can handle well!), but to me it all boils down to relationships. My friends know I’m there for them over the long haul. I can jump in and play with the best of them. But I go in cycles of feast and famine!LOL!

    • I hear ya, real life does require a lot of attention. I’m glad I can walk away from ‘social’ when I need to and it doesn’t affect my income…….only my popularity……….:).

      The reality is, you have friends and you have acquaintances; you certainly want to give your friends the attention they deserve.

      I’m not as cyclical as some and try to stay consistent; but I am nowhere near the maniac I used to be when I first jumped in. I spread myself way too thin back in the day.

      Good to see you; hope your weekend went well.

  2. Okay Bill, I’ll answer! Facebook or Twitter – Facebook. It’s more colorful, friendly – and fun.
    Facebook or blogging – er – sorry Facebook, but blogging!
    “Have you ever NOT visited or commented at someone’s place because they weren’t popular enough or have a high enough ranking?” – Nope. I pretty much comment if the post inspires me to.
    I don’t try to be everywhere. It’s just not possible and again, not fun! I mainly focus on Facebook with some tweeting of posts and some G+ ing of them.
    And your title question: How much is too much social? I think when your life gets off balance, THAT’S too much. For me it’s a balancing act. Like life.

    • I have no clue what someone’s ranking is. In fact, I would probably prefer the lesser knowns as they are apt to probably appreciate it a lot more. That’s not to say the ‘big guys’ don’t appreciate it, but it is much more routine for them.

      When I first jumped in, my life did get a little off balance with it. I think I’m in a good place now and just doing what I can.

      BTW – I like observing Facebook but like being in twitter and the blogs.

  3. What can I say that you haven’t already said? Like many things in life, when the lustre wears off, the true patina shines through. We’ve both been online for about the same time, and we’re both feeling the effects of “the honeymoon’s over”. What’s important for me now is to crystallize “where to from here?”

    I’ve done some of that in the website tweaks. And now, both more…and less is to come.

    Having been a History minor in university, what I’m finding online is what happens IRL: history repeats itself. I was amused to find, this morning, some blog posts about ways of communicating/ leadership/ “coaching” that I learned about back in the 70’s. Repackaged and polished up, it’s the “new” thing. And yes…because it’s being written by A-listers, many, like lemmings, will get caught up in the tide and think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’m tired of swimming with the waves right now. I’m going to be a little bit more like a salmon, and swim upstream. (and yes, that would be Canadian salmon). To quote my buddy: Cheers! Snowshoes

    •, huh? I do find myself tuning some of this out and it’s not because I can’t or don’t want to learn ‘new’ stuff, but most of it I already know. I guess I want to be in social enough I know what is going on and I do miss the ‘parties’ at times, but I just can’t be as consistent as I see some people who seem to be posting something either on FB or twitter 2-3 times an hour.

      There is no right way or wrong way however; and if you stink it up too bad, I’m sure your audience will let you know, huh?

      It was somewhat amusing last night as I had to dig through my old posts to find the one I wanted to attach to this post. I was pretty underwhelmed about some of the stuff I published; it surprises me I have an audience at all at times. I’m probably more ‘likable’ than compelling, but whatever works, huh?

      Good to see you; busy as a bee today.

  4. Hola Bill! Seems like we sit in the same boat, doing some fishing and discuss the way we want to prepare our prey: fried or poached?

    Twitter over Facebook, Blogging over Facebook.

    I am a loyal person and I carved myself a niche with my three faithful readers, I try to communicate as often as possible and do my balancing act trying not to fall off the rope.

    Nay, I am not interested in following the A-listers, I follow those who catch my attention, it is rather a gut instinct.

    • 3 faithful readers; sounds like me, my mother, my wife and me (as an alias of course). For the people who have decided to use this platform for their business, I get it. I know why you are out there doing what you do. Personally, it looks exhausting to me, but everybody has to find their own way, right?

      I judge people by how they engage; if their platform doesn’t allow them to be chatty Kathy’s, then that is fine. That doesn’t make them bad or good, but if it is only one way communication I’m probably gone. I had plenty of that when I first got in twitter and it was B O R I N G.

      I like the ‘real’ people who you could sit down with a glass of wine and feel totally comfortable; not some blown-up self aggrandizing version of you.

      The things that I used to think were pretty big deals in here have pretty much fallen by the wayside; I’m happy to just show up and do what I can. If somebody notices it, then good; if not, well that’s ok too.

      Good to see you at Lori’s today……I’ll be back…..

      • And here’s to a brand new day, Bill!

        Exhausting what I do? How do you mean, in what way? There are moments when I am off focus or when I resort to an old pattern of wanting to please everybody, yes, then I would agree with you: wasting my energy.

        The party goes on at Lori’s … see you there!

  5. I just do my thing. Whatever feels right for me at a particular time/place is just fine. I don’t have the time to be everywhere and I don’t try to.

    I spend time blogging as well as on Twitter and FB. Periodically I hit G+ and Pinterest, but those tend to come less frequently and in small bursts.

    • Everybody has to do with what works for them. I know you are trying to elevate your presence and didn’t know if it was pulling you down some roads that were eating up a lot of time.

  6. Love your questions, Bill.
    Facebook or Twitter? Twitter.
    Facebook or Blogging? Blogging.
    Don’t care a rat’s a. about ranks/ popularity. It only matters I like them and what they do.
    As far as being addicted goes…I don;t know. I spend time when I can. 😀 Because that’s how fun is supposed to be, and social media is just that!
    And oh yes, better than the newspaper.

    😀 Although, I am intrigued by the people who seem to spend all day being everywhere. Phew.

    • Rat’s ass, huh? Me either………if I like you and you are engaging, then I’ll hang around; I don’t care what letter grade you are. About the only big timer I give a complete hall pass to (other than Gini) is Jenny Lawson @TheBloggess, and that’s because she followed me way back when. Most big timers won’t do that for the unknown. Sometimes it is the little things, right?

      If I posted on Facebook as much as I see some people do, people would get the impression that was all I’m doing and not much going on with my day job. Some people can pull it off; I prefer the semi-anonymity exclusiveness of twitter myself.

      Good to see you.

  7. I love your post. There are a lot of addicts Bill. I really spend most of my time with just the Twitter. I take the activity numbers given by the networks and then look at the user base it basically shows that 75-80% of all content and activity is from 15-20% of users. And that 15-20% do so much activity that when people look at overall activity it seems more people are active.

    For example on Twitter there are 175 million tweets per day on average. And supposedly there are between 150mil and 200mil active users world wide. Which means 1 tweet er day per user (which really says no one uses the network). I tweet 29 times a day. So I cancel out 28 accounts each day who thus do nothing.

    My friend you need to fix this. Tweet and eat. Tweet and sleep. Tweet from your Rays box seats. You need to help push Twitter over the top. Eat Sleep Breathe the bird! I know you have it in you!

    • I personally will make twitter as valuable as Facebook. On the off chance I do post something like ‘I went to Starbucks’ I get NO responses off stuff like that. I’m guessing that stream is just rushing by and nobody even saw me to throw out a life preserver. And that’s ok with me; I don’t need my platform to be Mr Social. My in real life friends already think I’m ‘that guy.’

      It took me long enough to figure out twitter; I think I’ll stick with it for awhile. The heck with some of these other platforms.

      Cy Young is pitching tomorrow for the Mets; I’ll see if he will sign a ball for you……

  8. Being out of the house (and county) 11+ hours a day for work and commute had me feeling so isolated but getting plugged in to all these little social communities helped me feel like I was part of the world again. Sure, it’s easy to go overboard, and I’ve wandered through a lot of the platforms, but I find I stick to a handful faithfully. 🙂

    Facebook = family and friend interaction
    Twitter = virtual friends and writing community
    Blogging = sharing my writer’s heart
    Pinterest = visual content curation
    Scoop it = text content curation

    • Scoop it; now that’s a new one for me. I’m majority blogs through twitter and that is working ok for me right now. I’ve still be able to meet some really cool people, including yourself.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by; always a pleasure to see you.

  9. I have a personal Facebook account that I use for personal purposes (for the most part). Then, I have a professional ‘page’ that I use for business. There isn’t much blending between the two. Twitter is all business. So, since my bread is buttered through my business, I would dump the personal Facebook account if you held a gun to my head. But I’m hoping you won’t.

    • Ok, maybe the choice want be that penal; no guns allowed. Since you are business focused, it takes on a different perspective. However, I do see some day job people who are still on Facebook quite a bit and I’m sure most of it is not business. It can be addicting I suppose; I just don’t need to be that visible if it’s not related to my job. I want people to think I’m actually working………….:).

      Here’s to buttered bread right side up; good to see you Ruth.

  10. It really doesn’t matter to me actually. I never interact with my actual friends on facebook – I meet them in person and say hi or maybe even poke them in person; has got a more personal touch to it. But yes, I like facebook, it is colorful and friendly and gets me in touch with loads of people and that is sometimes a good thing. But choosing one over the other; I ain’t a huge fan of twitter actually, I find it hard to keep up with tweets of everyone I follow. And many just keep posting links…I click on some and others just get lost in the stream of flow.

    What is too much social…maybe a “15 year old cousin being online at 3 in the morning via mobile so that he doesn’t miss out on a friend’s update ” is when social is too much.

    • Easy now, that would be me posting links because I don’t have anything interesting to say………..:). I’m ok w/ just being a booger……, uh I mean a blogger and just use twitter to get there. I can still see what everyone is doing and if I ever want to jump in I can do so. I have my twitter stream in lists and only actively keep up w/ a couple of them.

      Yes, being online at 3 am waiting on an update is a little much I would say. It can be addicting however………

      Good to see you oh studious one; thanks for stopping by.

  11. How much is too much? Well, if your wife says “Honey, I’m over here, ready to be social.” and by social I mean social…….Could happen, ya know?

    If I had a Howitzer to my head and some wild-eyed coke-addled adrenaline junkie with an itchy trigger finger ready to blow my pea to kingdom come I would choose blogging for sure then Facebook as a close second (’cause you can kind blog on it).

    What the hell is Twitter for anyway? I mean, I use it but I don’t know what it’s for. I’m old maybe, dunno. Tweet, tweet……

    • Oh, you mean that kind of social; yes dear, here I come……:). Pea? I’ve seen that dome, I would have probably described it as a melon……….just sayin’……….

      Twitter is quirky as hell and probably not a good platform for the masses; maybe that’s why I like it because even though you are social and public, it still has a certain amount of anonymity to it. If my social platform was different, maybe I’d be all over Facebook. I’m really not that interesting though, trust me……

      Certain people who happen to live in the same house as I do think I am WAY too social and the truth is, I barely scratch the surface compared to some in here.

  12. hi Bill – I’m probably as social in social media as I am in real life. I’m not overly social in real life but just enough. and likewise on social media. i get facebook – sort of like a daily press release to your peeps. whenever someone asks me what\’s going on, I ask them if they’ve checked my facebook wall recently. twitter i don’t get so much. it feels like speed racing and having a conversation with whichever car is driving by you at the moment. and you yell out whatever you can in 140+ characters.

    I just got into blogging so I\’m not sure where I am on that yet but I do comment on blogs and respond to comments on mine.

    • That’s a good analogy for twitter and unless somebody mentions me specifically, there is a good chance I won’t see the tweet at all. I use twitter as my platform for my blogs; I could probably just exist in the blog if the truth be known. I am about as social as social can be, but since I don’t use it for business, a lot of it is just overkill to me.

      Facebook EVERYBODY knows what you are doing. Good for some, not so good for others, huh?

      Good luck with your blog; I’ll try to get by for a visit.

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  13. I’m taking your test, Bill.

    A little test here, if you had to make a choice which one would you keep, Facebook or twitter?

    — Facebook. I have re-connected with friends from other phases of my life which has been amazing.

    How about, Facebook or blogging?

    — Facebook. It will probably be around longer than my blog. I try to help people with my blog but I could do that through Facebook if I had to. I couldn’t connect with my friends though my blog in the same way as I do with Facebook.

    Have you ever NOT visited or commented at someone’s place because they weren’t popular enough or have a high enough ranking?

    — Absolutely, though I make an exception for you, Bill. No, of course not. I really, really don’t care about popularity, I care about the person. Same with bloggers. If I see someone’s Alexa rank shows they’re a beginning blogger, I am sometimes more inclined to comment to help them get started with blogging. A comment to a beginning blogger can make a world of difference to them.

    Does ‘too much’ social take away someone’s intrigue factor; or if social is your main platform is it to your advantage to be everywhere all.the.time. even if it seems like overkill to the casual observer?

    — I never thought about it that way. I visit the sites I like and see appeal in a lot of different sites. I will try out different sites and sometimes it takes me a while to appreciate a site. I was on Twitter for about two years before I started actively posting on it. If I like a site, I will be active on it. Right now, I find Pinterest very compelling. I enjoy seeing the images people post and I love sharing them with others. I like seeing people in different places, kind of like running into a RW friend in the grocery story.

    My question: Can people have a strong online presence without being active on any social media? I imagine it’s possible but difficult. Social media is where people online can get to know each other. If you’re connecting only through your blog, then people will have a much more difficult time getting to know you. Your thoughts?

    Thanks for this thought-provoking article, Bill!

    • I suppose if you are so compelling and have a blog people might stop by. It’s easier giving them an avenue to get there I suppose. Jenny Lawson @TheBloggess does some social, but not as much as a lot of people. I think I read she gets 1 million views a month and she is real enough she followed me and even commented on a post. That’s pretty cool to me.

      Jack made a comment in his blog about turning your twitter stream into something that looks like nothing but broadcast. That’s kind of where I am because most of my tweets are about posts of others. I don’t know if that’s a good thing per se now, and if you broadcast too much, nobody will see it so what’s the point?

      The blogs are where I get to know the people, so that is probably my preference. I’m ok with people knowing me through the platforms, I’m just hesitant to let it all hang out so some might think that is all I do.

      I still say at the end of the day you just have to find what works for you and don’t get all hung up always trying to chase the next new thing.

      Good to see you and thanks for stopping by.

      • Bill, I humbly and respectfully disagree. Your tweets are brilliant. You never just broadcast, you always add a bit of humor to your tweets. Amazing.

        I’m with you. I am more reserved online than people think. If I’m having a bad day or a rough time, you’re probably not going to read about it online. I’m here to escape, not to dwell on the challenges that life may present.

        I agree with you and Jack about being no more than a broadcast stream. I like to share quality articles and I do that through Triberr and Zite. That’s because I like to read them myself so I figure my followers will too.

        You’re right, just do what works and don’t worry too much about the small stuff. True online and in the real world!

      • Because I do little more than just showing up, I would at least like to be able to help my friends in a meaningful way. If it feels like I am just throwing a bottle in the ocean, I’m not sure how much help that is. However, there has to be a way to get someone noticed, right.

        Unless I am mentioned specifically in a tweet it really is hit or miss (and probably more miss) that I will see a tweet. I have two main lists I look at, but I might only do that 2-3 times a day from my phone so that is only giving me appx 25 tweets to look at. I’m not sure if that means I’m really socially plugged in or not. I do think I have found where I fit in however so that should be worth something, right?

        Thanks for your support and kind words; you always make me smile.

  14. Interesting questions…
    Facebook v Twitter? Twitter
    Facebook v Blogging? Blogging

    I feel like, as social search ramps up, Facebook is becoming more important on the business side; also, a lot of my “online” buds are active there, so there’s that. I rarely interact with my RL friends there. I just call or text.

    I would say more, but I have to go tweet what I had for breakfast.

    • Did you eat granola again? I think I missed the tweet……..

      A lot of my friends and family are very active on Facebook. It’s good I get to see what they are doing, but that is what prompted this post because some are on all.the.time. I’m not one to judge and if it’s working for them, the rock on, right? It just makes me wonder what is the line between hobby/work to obsession and letting it control your life?

      That would never happen to us, right?

      Good to see you; my foot is better so maybe we can put a shoot together soon. It has been nice and cool lately………:).

  15. I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much. Well, unless you feel that it’s too much yourself. Like you’re addicted to it, then it’s too much 🙂

    I would definitively keep my Twitter account when it comes to business, and my Facebook account when it comes to personal. So in the end it depends on what I think is most important, personal or business? 🙂

    • That’s a good way to look at it; maybe it’s only too much if you feel it’s too much. However, we know of addicts who don’t think they have a problem, right. I guess too much might be when it interferes with ‘real’ life and it controls you.

      Almost like too much candy at times, huh?

      Good to see you Jens Burr Get.

    • Oh yeah, I meant to add a lot of people just don’t get twitter so it has a certain amount of quirkiness to it that doesn’t necessarily appeal to the masses. It would be interesting to see how many accounts there are and what percentage is active. My guess is less than 20% truly active.

      • I believe you’re right about the 20%. But on the other hand, I know several people who are using Twitter more or less like Facebook. They have an account, but they’re just lurking and watching what other people are writing 🙂

  16. There are plenty of people who are just a little carried away with social Bill. I know that some people have way too much time on their hands which is why I’m not on any social networks most of the day. I hop over to Twitter a few times a day and I do the same on Facebook.

    If I had to pick one over the other I’d have to go with Facebook only because it’s more sociable plus I’m connected with friends and family there as well. But, I love Twitter too so I’m glad I don’t have to choose.

    I don’t really do popular myself. I feel they have enough people who are paying them attention so I’ll just go connect with those who are feeling kind of left out. Yep, I’m a sucker in that way.

    Too much social, man what a topic. Thanks for sharing your views though Bill.

    Hope you’re enjoying your day!


    • If you see Jens reply, I thought it was pretty good. It’s only too much when it becomes too much for you, right? However, where is the line and how much is too much? We probably all have appeared at times like we are everywhere, right?

      Anybody who does this for any length of time knows how it can hold you hostage as you always have one more thing to do or one other person to talk with. Finding a way to get what you need to get done and get out is a key.

      It sounds like your method is running pretty smooth.

      Thanks for stopping by; always a pleasure ma’am.

  17. I guess I’m kind of a social butterfly because I’d have a hard time choosing one over the other! But here’s my secret…from day one it’s always been about connecting with great people. If I had it be about marketing and strategizing, I’d have thrown up and quit long ago because it would have reminded me too much of those breakfast networking meetings of days gone by. You know, the ones where people shove their biz cards at you before engaging in conversation. Ugh.

    I don’t follow everybody that follows me. Not because I’m a jerk, but because I like to connect first and foremost. Lots of people don’t seem to want to connect and that’s cool too, but I won’t follow back just because!

    I’ve also had people ask me how I’m online so much during the day. It’s that I jump on in between appointments for 5-10 minutes throughout the day. I’m not actually ONline all day, it just looks like it 🙂

    Great conversation Bill!

    • I hear ya, I’m definitely a social butterfly and love to work a room. Same as you, some people think I’m online way, way more than I really am. Because I tweet a lot, but it usually tweeting someone else’s post, people think I’m going to break out my phone and tweet at every event. It’s pretty rare I’ll do I’m at a Chamber b’fast tweet.

      I don’t follow everybody either and if it appears you got to me through some automated means and I don’t care for your message or platform, I just won’t follow back. If I followed everybody back I would have at least triple the numbers I do now. As it is, I only engage w/ less than 10% anyway.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts; much appreciated. I hope your day is going well.

  18. Bill:

    It has been a little while since I have been back to your blog and I like the new design! I also enjoyed reading your post. It is always a pleasure to read your post because I always get a good laugh in while reading.

    I have never been a Facebook fan and I do not even know how to get into my Facebook account because I forgot my information. On the other hand, I love Twitter. I have always been an avid Twitter user sometimes more than others, but I am trying to not spend too much time on there.

    I only follow people I personally know so it is nice to see what they are up to sometimes. I do not believe in folowing people I do not know just so I can get a follow back. Most likely, when I see that person’s tweet I won’t even read it, but just skip over it.

    In the past, I have linked my Twitter with my blog and it was a horrible idea. My account tweeted post at random and my followers could tell that I was not the one tweeting so I lost followers, and or they ignored me.

    Anyhow, I have been trying not to worry too much about Twitter. I rather focus on my enjoying building my site.

    Best Wishes,
    William Veasley

    • Hello sir, welcome back; I’m glad you found the time to stop back by. I know how difficult it can be trying to see everybody you want to.

      Parts of social it seem like everybody knows what you are doing. Other parts, you just get lost in the crowd. You just never know, huh?

      When I linked twitter w/ LinkedIn, that turned out to be a bad thing for me. People actually dropped me because they thought I created too much traffic; not a good thing I don’t think.

      Twitter is just a platform I use; I like the blogs the best but I guess you have to know how to find them, right.

      Good to see you; hope all has been well.

  19. Twitter over Facebook. Blogging over Facebook. I only do Facebook because I \”have to\” in my industry. It\’s my least favorite.

    As for bleed over, my experience has been the same as yours. Facebook lovers stay on Facebook and rarely seem to connect with me on Twitter. Maybe two or three, but they are not active at all on Twitter.

    As for commenting if someone is popular? Forget that. They have their groupies and many rarely respond. I\’m all about supporting the little guy. But, you\’re getting so big that I might have to stop commenting here, as well 😉

    • I don’t think you will have to worry about me becoming too big; my head maybe, but it’s already pretty big……….:).

      Twitter has a certain quirkiness that some people don’t like taking the time to figure out so that has some appeal to me; like I know something they don’t….yeah, right….

      I am an equal opportunity offender; I don’t care what your letter grade is. I know this is a ‘business’ for a lot of people in here and you do have to be serious about your efforts and purpose; but some people are just WAY too serious, they need to have some fun.

      So good to see you; aren’t you glad I told you about the other post?

      Have a great day.

  20. Talk to people that are talking about things that are interesting to you, do and be, and give your friends props and encouragement every now and then. That’s the basics of social.

    Everything else is superfluous – unless you are a marketer. Regarding marketing, Twitter is superior to Facebook – Facebook actually discourages unpaid promotions on their platform.

    Without services like Triberr, blogging would be limping along for most of us.

    That said, I notice things are limping along with Triberr. And that is mostly our fault.

  21. I try to go one step beyond lazy w/ Triberr and actually add something to the posts I tweet. Whether that makes it more likely to be seen and opened by others, I’m not sure. I would like to think it is a step up over just sending it out naked with nothing on it.

    You do a great job of promotion, I want to be like you when I grow up. I don’t want to be superfluous or routine; I want it to have some meaning and impact.

    Do and be, I think I just read that from our friend Mr J M the Magnet Bell and it is so true.

    Good to see you Stan.

  22. If you take a step back and accept that introverts spend more time on social networking sites and blogs than extroverts, then you can accept your question asking if too much social media usage is too much is dependent if you’re an introvert or extrovert.

    Introverts love they can click and click and comment without stumbling over their words or feeling shy, whereas extroverts can stay quieter and chirp in when there is something worth saying.

    • Sub-consciously I have felt that to be the case in that it seems like the introverts have found somewhat of a ‘safe’ haven in this arena and allows them to express themselves in a more comfortable setting to them.

      I am definitely an extrovert as I draw energy from people. However, I probably have enough introvert in me from back in my high school days when I was pretty shy, that I can maneuver through both crowds with ease.

      I’m afraid I can talk your ear off in person or online….I don’t discriminate……:).

      Good to see you Ari, I hope all is going well up your way.

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