Growing up bin Laden

What? Are you shocked this isn’t a post about me, or that maybe Dorman is an alias?

It’s actually a book written by Osama’s first wife and fourth son. I’m reading it now and about half-way through; all I know if I was one of his kids, I would have been dog cussin’ his terrorist ass every single day.

I am not here to knock anybody’s religion, BUT if your religion encourages the mindset and pure hatred he had against Westerners and Jews (and we all know what the end result was) that’s not a good thing……ever!

Religion is all about faith but I really, really have a hard time listening and believing when somebody is that fanatical, thinking their religion is the ONLY acceptable religion. Just because you are talking louder or violently, will not convert me; trust me.

I don’t care if ‘your‘ book is the Bible, Tanakh, Quran, etc. All of these were written by mortal men and their interpretation of the meaning of stories that were passed down through time. NONE of these books were written in ‘real’ time but hundreds of years later and were the prevailing thought and mindset of the day. This greatly influenced what was written.

THEREFORE, who is to say (or prove) one is the ‘absolute’ truth? Is it really worth killing somebody over it?

Slippery slope sir

Let’s talk about politics next, ok? I know writing of religion is somewhat taboo in social and I am not criticizing or knocking anyone’s belief’s. I just felt compelled to comment, because it is fanatical single-minded thinking like Osama had that makes dangerous men. And trust me, there are many more like him but their agenda might be a little different.

You want to know what Billy grew up as? Southern Baptist, but my grandfather was a Church of God minister. Now those Dorman’s sure could thump a Bible.

Run while you can

Ok, I am flapping in the breeze here; nowhere really to go now, huh? How about this; I guess most of you heard I won a Kindle Fire from Adam Toporek. What if I said since then I won a Florida State Seminole Golf bag and some Land-O-Lake eggs. I know, I know, make it stop…………winning is cool though, it always makes me smile.

Maybe my next book report will be on 50 Shades of Grey. It must be pretty good if libraries are banning it.

That’s all I got…..really

Like I haven’t said that before. If you haven’t seen me at your place, it’s because I haven’t been there. Billy Boy is going through change and maybe I’ll come out the other side 20 years younger and with even better hair; ok, maybe I better wish for something else.

As I explained to a friend, it’s not that I don’t know what to do; right now it’s a matter of motivation and how much ‘want to’ I have at this point. That’s the frustrating thing for me because I ‘know’ I could knock this stuff out of the park, I’m still just trying to find first gear to move me forward.

To be continued…

PS – Here’s a link to you Ruth Zive; I thoroughly enjoy your wisdom and posts.


41 thoughts on “Growing up bin Laden

  1. Hi Bill,

    This is the first time I am showing my religious views and that is I do not believe in any religion ;). Though I am a born Hindu, I have so many friends from all religions that it is impossible to bring religion even as a subject. So I enjoy Biriyani at my muslim friend’s place, learn guitar from a christian teacher and so on. I really never thought on these lines. I believe religions are something good to build upon and not to be used as a prop to advance agendas or kill people.
    Also I am a staunch follower of science(you may call me Atheist but its more from love of science than hatred of religions) which sometimes places me opposite to the viewpoints of religion but then if I have friends from various religions , differences do not matter. Like USA, India too is a highly multicultural society. Sometimes people do have agendas that fuel the differences but they hardly scare me. Its often fun to experiences some different ways of living. I can enjoy Christmas at your place( provided you invite me ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and sing some songs too ;).

    • Maybe I’m crazy, but I would think ALL religions should teach tolerance, love, and inclusiveness instead of hatred and exclusivity. I’m just not convinced how mortals can decide which religion is the ‘only’ religion and every one else is going to hell. But what I do know is, people can be passionate about it to the point it’s not a good thing.

      Christmas is cool, I like presents. Whoever sold that gig, really pulled one off, huh?

      You might not want to hear me sing, but how about Christmas ‘cheer’ instead……….:).

      Have a great weekend.

  2. I don’t even talk religion or politics IRL unless I thoroughly trust someone and neither of us cares if there’s disagreement! But I do love to read about both and try to get into someone’s heart and mind to see if I can understand their point of view. When I succeed I feel more compassion, not so judgmental. And I also get a sense of whether I should really stay away from them! LOL!

    I don’t have clue how to research, write, read, comment, fill out paperwork, drive the family “taxi”, and clean the bathroom…never ind eat and sleep! That’s my way of saying, I get it!

    • I usually sit back when people start going off on either subject. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and I certainly have mine. However, the harder you try to convince me your way is the only way, then I will probably stop listening all together.

      Life does get in the way and sometimes just by showing up, that is half the battle.

      Good to see you, hope you have a great long weekend.

  3. Aaaaahhhh!!! You completely surprised me with that last minute link love! Imagine that – Bin Laden, 50 Shades of Grey, and ‘lil old me all in the same post! I hated 50 Shades of Grey, by the way. It should be banned from the libraries because it’s a lousy read.

    As for your thoughts on religion – I’m Jewish. I’d say I’m a pretty enthusiastic Jew…but I agree completely with your comments about religious fanaticism. Jews don’t try to convert other people, by the way.

    I loved this post Bill (not just because I’m mentioned, though that helped :-)).

    • Enthusiastic Jew, I like that. My niece, who is now a Jew, married a nice Jewish boy and it was the best wedding ever. We got to drink wine DURING the ceremony. I thought the Catholics had the corner on drinking, so I was duly impressed.

      I did kind of drag you into a mixed bag of tricks, huh? Who knows what I will come up with next; most of it is a game time decision anyway.

      I hope you have a great weekend; this is our long weekend now. Talk to you later.

  4. Dear Bill – I hear your cries and feel your pain. It is not unusual as one passes through the Gaping Hole in the Universe. The gravity of your situation is enormous, but you have the blessing and gift for writing – so get on with it. Here’s some quick help:

    “it was a cold stormy night…….” there, now go on ahead.

    • ….and my clothes were stuck to my body……..

      My whole platform in here has been engagement; writing has been secondary. If I flip the priorities, some of the engagement might have to take a back seat which saddens me, because I do like to be social.

      Good to see you sir, hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Hi Bill, Wow, you and I post articles about books on the same day. What a coincidence! But I didn’t tackle religion and politics in my article (I was almost certain you were going to talk about forbidden subject #3 next…sex).

    I agree with you. I don’t have intolerance about religions, just about hate.

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

    • We both mentioned bin, huh? Funny how that works sometimes…..:).

      My biggest wish is that the Western World could wean themselves off the dependence of oil, we could just pull up and leave that part of the world to their own devices. Make no mistake about it however, we are addicted to this oil and will do what it takes to get it……….even war unfortunately.

      I hope you have a nice, long weekend planned. I’m looking forward to it. Talk to you soon…….

  6. We’ve missed you Bill so I hope that you can “find” your motivation soon. It’s still coming through with your writings.

    You’re brave Bill, very brave. As most people have commented here, I also don’t talk about religion or politics. I have my views and absolutely nothing anyone says will change my mind.

    I have a few friends and relatives that will shove it in your face and stuff it down your throat still hoping that after all these years we’ll go to the other side. I continue to shake my head at them and just walk the other way. Oh, and I ended those friendships too.

    I believe that everyone has a right to their opinion. I don’t believe in violence and it just makes me so sad that some people actually believe that violence and religion go together. Just very very sad.

    • Religion and politics, what a lightning rod both can be. And everybody thinks ‘they’ have the answer and if you don’t agree with them, then obviously something must be wrong.

      Violence is so senseless and rarely does it convince you that you were wrong all along and now you see the light. Typically, it only deepens the hatred………

      Opinions are like a**holes; everybody has one, but we don’t necessarily need to see (hear) it, right?

      Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  7. Hey Bill,

    I still get hate mail from my posts about religion and politics. There is nothing like getting email addressed to The Zionist Bastard. They always love it when I say thank you.

    It really is a slippery slope because when you deal with faith it makes it really easy to remove all the common ground you thought you had to work with.

    • Ah, the Jews; the first religion and the chosen people. Talk about a lightning rod and like you said, it still persists today even in the ‘civilized’ Western world. That’s just ludicrous to me as we are all just people; nothing more, nothing less. I guess it is what makes the world go around, but it’s ok if we tone some of it down.

      Good to see you, hope your weekend goes well. We might or might not end up at the beach; only time will tell. Have a good one…..

  8. Yo Bill. You know better than anyone else that bitching about something is a waste of time. I say that with respect and love in my…….well, anyway. Get on with what you gotta do and be good with it.

    Fight therough “The Dip” and get it done or get on with being who you are. WHATEVER! Love your stuff, you know that!

    Keep writing you salty old bastard…..

    • And be good with it……….sage advice indeed ’cause if you do that, everything else will take care of itself, right?

      SOB, that’s me; salty ol’ bastard……….:).

      I am having fun and do enjoy so I guess I’ll stick with it for awhile, how about that?

      Have a good one sir, thanks for stopping by.

  9. Hi Bill,
    I grew up in the deep south and my folks were fundamental Baptists. I was in Nauvoo (it has great historic importance and its religious significance for the Mormons) yesterday – first stop on a road trip Kathy and I taking through the south. My thoughts were -wouldn’t these good folks have some fascinating conversations if they had encountered my relatives from the deep south. Both groups are very gracious and hold strong religious convictions.

    • I remember a friend of mine took me to a Mormon church service and some of the comments my dad made about the Mormon’s. Nothing bad, but being Southern Baptists, I’m not sure he was buying into their whole premise. Yes, Nauvoo has significant importance to the Mormon faith; that’s where Joseph Smith was living where he was ‘captured’ and ultimately killed in Carthage, Illinois.

      Whether rightly or wrongly, the Mormon faith is a perfect example of how influential a mortal human being can put his personal spin on religion and ‘create’ their own sect. It just shows people want to believe so much, they will believe just about anything…….

      Religion is good for the compassion, giving, living together it preaches. It is not good when it causes wars and divisiveness, but that’s just my opinion which everybody is entitled to having one.

      Have fun on your trip; thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  10. Ruth and Bin Laden in the same post, that’s interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

    I absolutely agree with you about religion and politics, but I probably shouldn’t say much since I’m a vegetarian and a pacifist ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That was quite the mix, I wanted to make sure bin Laden appreciated it…………..:).

      Vegetarian and pacifist, huh? Maybe you can make a religion out of that. I would worship food…… fact, I would marry it if I wasn’t already married…………….just sayin’……….:).

      Have a good one sir; I still haven’t had a chance to go through all the info you sent me on Lanier Upshaw but will try to do so this weekend.

  11. Ok, I am a Muslim and I have in the land of oil way too long. But I think Laden was just as terrible. No where in the religion is violence appreciated; no where are we told to disrespect others and their religion and no where have we been told to go blow someone up. Just because one man was a fanatic and decided that his way was the “right way” doesn’t make the rest of us like him.

    I ain’t offended by the post but I as a Muslim I am truly disturbed by how he portrayed it and that has become a “symbol”. Not only has it initiated hate, he has initiated total and absolute disrespect. So, Bin Laden, wherever you are, I hope you are rotting. You made a joke about the word humanity and Islam (which actually means peace…ironic, he didn’t know)

    As for a Muslim myself; I really don’t have any problem. Its my religion and my faith and its your religion and your faith. But whoever we believe in, he decided to make us all humans. And that is what really and truly matters.

    • Unfortunately, his jihad or holy war against the West which is essentially the USA and Israel was of the magnitude it caused war. It was very easy to paint the Muslims and Islam with the same brush when we all know the violent side it only a small percentage.

      How do you think his family feels; they are shunned and hated in many parts of the Arabic world.

      This post was really about any religion that people take too far and mold it to their own agenda and try to force it on others. You see some of these cults spring up and people will do crazy things in the name of religion.

      People should be able to worship their own god, but I don’t think any religion should teach violence as a way to convert; and I’m not saying the Muslim faith does that, it just happened to be bin Laden’s faith and he was using it for his purpose.

      The media doesn’t help either because they tend to paint with a broad brush too.

      Thanks for dropping by; I knew this would be a touchy topic and that is why I tried to keep it general as possible.

      • A lot of his followers were the ‘have nots;’ the people who had nothing and some were even outcasts in their own country. Osama was able to use religion to unify them.

  12. Religious fanatics are the scariest types. Living in a land where multiple religions abound, I cannot tell you how crazy it used to be when we had riots at the drop of a hat (in the city i lived at the time) – all because of a clash between two people of different religions. Sigh. I totally get your post!

    • Because people want to believe so badly, sometimes it is easy to manipulate that belief into things you would think are pretty crazy on the surface. But when it’s in the name of religion, anything goes…….and sometimes not in a good way unfortunately.

      Good to see you, hope your weekend went well.

  13. Interesting stuff, Bill.

    When I was in grad school I took a class with a guy who was kind of a nut, but I admired him greatly. He started out as a Communist and then somehow ended up a Fundamentalist Muslim. Go fig. Anyway, I admire him because he exposed me to books that I probably never would have found otherwise. One of them was a series of essays by thinkers from the Middle East, including Bin Laden. I learned that a lot of the bitterness Bin Laden had about the US was based on how we behaved during the first Gulf War. We apparently trudged around holy sites in Saudia Arabia with very little respect for the culture and meaning of those places. Not that that makes any of his actions reasonable, but it’s always interesting to hear another side of the story.

    I’m enjoying your posts. You keep saying you don’t know what you’re doing – coulda fooled me!

    • Americans have never been known to be the sensitive ones when we invade a country, huh? I could see where it would rile up the population if we are blatantly disregarding the religious and holy sites. However, I also believe the US tries to be more politically correct than most about what we will or will not tolerate which I find a contradiction at times. How can you fight a ‘civil’ war?

      The Arabic countries do not like the US and certainly do not like us occupying their lands. They also don’t like our allegiance with Israel and the Jews. That will probably never change, at least in our lifetimes, so how do you diffuse that? My solution is quit being so dependent on their oil and just get the heck out of Dodge.

      I too like hearing the other side of the story because it gives you more of a perspective. Us Americans tend to look at everything from the US only, we don’t do a good job of having a global perspective.

      Thanks for the compliment; I am having fun writing. Maybe when I grow up, I can be just like you…………:).

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