Time to fish or cut bait

Ah ha, the proverbial crossroads again. For what it’s worth this is my 99th post and I have been at this for 15 months. The question for me right now is ‘can he make it to 100’ and if so, will number 100 be stellar or ‘invisible?’

This has certainly been a week of contemplation and on top of that between business, life and other stuff I have been virtually non-existent online other that tweeting from my phone. In fact, I have not even had time to respond to comments on my post which is pretty sad indeed.

Is it selfish of me to post knowing I am pretty much going to be offline all week?

I enjoy writing, and actually enjoy it much more than I thought I would. However, because all I do is write and don’t play any of the other games to drive eyeballs and subscriptions, my whole platform is based on my writing and commenting; nothing more. Whereas some have built pretty impressive communities; I know mine is pretty much predicated on how much I am out and about than solid subscribers who have been driven here and wait with bated breath for each and every single post.

It’s nobody’s fault but my own, but because I didn’t even do the most simplest of the ‘proper’ social tasks, it has created a lot of continual heavy lifting on my part. I know, go ahead and call the waaahhhhmbulance……

For those who have stuck around this long I certainly applaud you and if I had any medals to give, would certainly give you one.

I love my community

My hard core community is solid as a rock; some of the best people in the business. And I don’t want anybody to think this post is about giving it up and throwing in the towel. But ‘how’ I look in the immediate future might be different and if that means you have to jump ship I will certainly understand.

We all know how time consuming it can be to keep up with all of our friends, so look at it like I’m doing you a favor and creating some extra time for you to use.

I will still be writing, but might not be as visible; at least for now. I will also be reading and visiting, but will have to see how that runs its course, so only time will tell.

I will always be social

I am not giving up my social platforms, but might be approaching it in a different way.

Monday was somewhat telling because I was not able to get out like I normally do. For me, it’s hard to sit on the sidelines and not get in the game, but I certainly noticed the difference in my traffic when I’m not ‘involved.’

Anyhooo, is it truly time to fish or cut bait? I’m not sure I have enough ‘want to’ to make my post a legitimate one instead of just a pretender; but know pulling the ‘lazy’ card has gotten me in the predicament I’m currently in.

Don’t cry for me

Who knows, maybe I’ll miss it so much I’m come crawling back with my tail between my legs and see if anybody will still have me. I have a pretty good idea of what it will look like however, and I’m perfectly fine with it.

Oh well, that’s my story for today and I’m sticking with it.



37 thoughts on “Time to fish or cut bait

  1. In my mind your writing is cake and your interactions are frosting. If all I get is your writing and no interaction, I’m still a happy camper.

    I noticed you weren’t responding to comments on your last post, but since your business is picking up again you probably have less time to whip up your concoctions.

    I’ll still be hanging around here, savoring the treats, and wishing the best for you and your business. Just keep the cake coming.

  2. Same happened to me. RL almost completely booted me off the blog/SM this week. If I hadn’t pre-prepped the posts over the weekend, they wouldn’t have gone up. I’ve ignored almost everyone. You and I have talked about this before, but having a defined biz purpose helps me keep it in perspective. Your “model” is more relational and that carries more expectations with it.

    I agree with Carolyn about the “cake.” I’ll still be here most times, no sweat on the replies.

    • It’s hard for me not to be social and that is probably the biggest challenge; when I sit on the sidelines. I want to make sure my friends are being supported and I feel bad when I can’t do my share.

      We’ll see where it goes; I’m sure I will still be involved.

  3. Well, my friend, we seem to be on quite similar paths right now (and I’m glad I wasn’t voted off the island)

    I took a week off on my “Ernest Hemingway writing retreat”, and I must say, even though I couldn’t “afford” it, I did it. Best.decision.ever.

    The world of online is a wild and crazy ride. Sometime full of anticipatory ups, some crashing downs and then the space in between. I’m not sure where I will end up, but I know that the journey’s worth it. And I don’t see how your posts, and what you’ve built, isn’t “legitimate”. There’s no pretender in you. When I finally said out loud, “I’m a writer”, it changed everything in a blink. I knew then that, producing, sharing and giving whatever it is I have to share is where it’s at for me, and if that means I’m not SEO focused, keyword savvy or analytics awesome, that’s OK with me. This video comes to mind http://youtu.be/TA1QHtFkH48

    Cheers! Snowshoes

    • Interesting song and certainly applicable. I don’t want to lose my friends but know some of my actions will cause them to go in different directions; at the end of the day, it’s still the same ol’ me.

      This changes daily for at times; we’ll see where it goes.

      Thanks for your support.

  4. Bill,

    You were one of the very first people I engaged with online. I was thinking here is a guy who knows how to network like nobody’s business, is pretty much everywhere and just about everyone seems to like him. “Okay, I’m on board,” I thought. So I left a comment and you responded pronto. Good feeling, that was.

    I think it’s great that you’re focusing on the writing and not stressing out about being everywhere any longer. That’s no mean feat, really and I think if there were records for commenting, well, you broke them all.

    Reset, refocus and get busy writing sounds like a fine plan. Just don’t come into my office with bird poop on your shirt 😉

    • The good news is I feel like I do have a community I can reach out to even when I’m not present every single day. We all have life we have to deal with and sometimes it takes us in different directions.

      A wild ride indeed, and it’s not over by any means; good to see you.

  5. I’m like uber-green here, and don’t know if I count as your community, but I know the feeling, and I 100% applaud you for making changes.

    F***ing rock on man, you’ll excel because of it. I can feel it 🙂

    • You certainly count; one thing you can always count on is change. It’s inevitable, but sometimes sad when relationships change because of it.

      Thanks for the support, and I’ll figure it out.

    • That’s was very nice to say; it’s much appreciated.

      I do have fun with the writing and somewhat amazed people actually read it at times.

      I’ll figure it out; so good to see you.

  6. Dorman, consider this my size 12 boot kicking you in the ass. Shut up and write. If you like writing, just do it and don’t worry about the rest of it.

    Seriously, you can go crazy trying to be everywhere. The best communities are built upon the backs of the core group because everyone is happy to be there and no one does it because they hope you can come comment at their place too.

    I don’t come close to getting around like I used to either. Been quite a few days where I am lucky to see more than a few people, but I write and I write.

    That is what makes me happy. And that happiness is what drives the entire operation. You do a good job of showing us who you are and giving us a real taste of your personality.

    I expect that you’ll see things pick up here even if you don’t visit many blogs. Keep going.

    • Ouch; that sure is a damn big shoe……..I hear ya, and I will keep writing. I know you can’t totally build a community on reciprocity, but I do feel bad when I can’t give back as much as is being given to me.

      We both know you just have to do what you can so I’m sure it will all fall into place one way or another.

      Thanks for the boot……….er, uh support; hope you have been well.

  7. Bill, what’s being everywhere going to get you? Some friends, yes, and those are good to have but just like anyone who moves through life things change and sometimes for the better. Whatever, man, it’s all good.

    With a book in the mix, I would have thought that you would have dropped off sooner but I can see how the social thing is like a drug and it’s so fantastic to get that fix of comments and discourse. It feels very, very good.

    Once again, good luck and I say that with all honesty but you don’t really need it, do you. Knock it out of the park guy.

    • My strength and weakness is I’m a ‘relationship’ guy. I love the interaction with people and getting to know them. However, I have a hard time of giving it up so it definitely has slowed my ‘book’ project.

      I will figure it out and I do know social will go on regardless of my involvement. Thanks for your support, it’s much appreciated.

  8. Bill, I’ve told you before – your challenge is that your social existence is not integrated with any other part of your offline life. If there was a meaningful connection between your work and your blog, you would have had the time to ‘fish’. As a hobby, I’m not surprised that your online presence had to take a back seat to other responsibilities. That said – I’m glad to see you ‘back’!

    • And I can count on you to have the ‘smart’ words of wisdom; and what you say is so true.

      I truly am trying to make the two align…..kind of……this is just my outlet away from it; my ‘me’ time if you will and I enjoy it maybe too much at times.

      With smart peeps like you around, I’m sure that light bulb will click on eventually.

      Good to see you.

  9. 🙂 Why the sudden introspection? You know you and your writing are loved. Your “social”…- loyal people will always be around. How is your book coming along, Bill?

    • The book has been very, very slow because I haven’t given up the ‘social’ side of this yet. Something will have to give I’m afraid and it’s hard for me to not be involved with my friends.

      Kind of like back in school when you had to do your homework or go outside and play with your friends. With me, play won every time…. imagine that, huh?

      I’ll find that happy medium………eventually; thanks for your support.

  10. My Dearest Bill,

    Consider this my size six and a half added to Jack’s size twelve.

    You write because that is what makes your heart sing. You can turn the music down but you can never turn it off. So, reflect and regroup and consider playing at a slightly slower rpm, but don’t cut the power, my friend!

    In your corner – always!

    • Thanks Ruth, good words of advice indeed. It’s nice to have all these smart peeps around who support me, that alone means a great deal.

      I’m not a very structured guy at times and that’s why I rely on my team at work. With this, it appears I will need to add a little more structure to keep me focused and on track.

      One way or another, I’ll figure it out; good to see you.

  11. I have a childhood friend that is extremely sick (liver failure, etc) and she and I have been talking and visiting a lot. She’s very upset that a lot of her friends stopped coming around and stopped including her in the social stuff that she was so much a part of before she got sick. She is so hung up on it that it’s making her emotionally drained. (I really am going somewhere with this!)
    If I were to compare her world with the online world, I’d say that there’s a lot to learn about friends, community, and life in general.
    She really wants friends, but can’t interact the same way. The way she sees it, her true friends are rising to the surface. The way I see it is that there’s a learning curve. We are all figuring out how to stay friends as life throws curve balls, or as we go down different paths. Some people just don’t know how to honor, appreciate and maintain friendships when there has been a shift. Others can pick up where they left off after years of absence.
    My friend has decided that people just don’t care about her. That’s more of a reflection of her mindset than the truth. Wouldn’t you say? She’s not asking for my advice, so I don’t give it.
    But if I were to give her advice I’d say that her friends have no idea how she feels. If they did they might see the opportunity to learn how to meet her friendship needs better.
    You, Bill, have mastered that skill. People always know where they stand with you which makes it very easy to maintain a friendship and a relationship whether you post once a week or once a year!
    And that is my comment for the year!LOL!

    • That is your comment for the year……:). I hear what you are saying and fortunately, I think my community likes me. I’m just afraid if I can’t be as active they will start to drift off and it will be sad for me to see that happen.

      Life can get in the way and some of the stories I hear, I think social is there only sanity outlet.

      Thanks for the post……..er, uh comment ma’am; it is always a pleasure to see you and I certainly appreciate your support.

  12. I would say the same thing as Jack (though my feet are not as big!) Just write. I know I don’t do it often, but I do it for other websites (work!) and yes, I learn more when I write. Maybe you could cut down on being everywhere all the time but please don’t stop writing. Also, given the fact that you do want to write when considering the bigger picture, just write.

    Everything aside, you could cut down, but you do have to do it for yourself.

    Its like when you are on a diet. You need to cut down on the junk they sell outside; so you stop going to all the joints out there. But then, once in a while you hear the sizzle of barbecue and beef; hmmm.. you just have to be there. You can cut down, but you can never let go!

    I hope I make sense!

    • The food analogy is a good one; when I first started social I was gluttonous. Now, I know what it takes to sustain me. However, I do like being social so that is the biggest challenge if I have to minimize that.

      This makes a lot of sense and I appreciate your support and comments. I’m sure I’ll figure it out and with great friends like you, it will make it easier for me to find my way.

      I hope your weekend went well.

  13. Hey Bill,

    I sure hope you’ll stick around. It will be empty without you here. I sure understand about the work and how much time it takes, and that some days will be too busy too keep doing everything you’ve been doing. I find it better and much more fun to be online and social when I have the energy and time other than if I feel I am forced to do it,

    Talk to you soon, I’m sure you can’t stay away much longer 🙂

    • Energy and time; it seems like when you hit the wall, you can certainly hit it hard. Sometimes my feelings change daily as to who and what I want to do in here. The energy has a big part to do with it and the reality is, it goes on just fine in here with or without me.

      However, social is the part I enjoy most and if something else comes out of it, then it can be a good thing, right?

      Good to see you, and yes I will talk to you soon.

  14. Hey Bill,

    I don’t think you need to build list because you already have a fledgling community doing “ooh” and “aah” at your every post ;).
    100th post may be stellar or not, we are always around and we are social too 🙂
    Keep going Bill, please aim for 1000 :).

    • Yeah, I’m the ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ guy…………..:). My community is great and fortunately they allow my whining. I just get frustrated when I can’t seem to gain traction and know I could be doing so much more.

      You did a great job helping Carolyn, that was impressive.

      Number 100 is out, and it’s not stellar but it’s posted so that’s a start, right?

      Good to see you; hope you had a great weekend.

      • LOL !!! Your writing is not whining at all.
        Traction probably will happen with time and yes it gets frustrating sometime.
        Thanks for your compliments . Carolyn is a great friend and I loved working with her :).
        I saw number 100 so off to there.:) Have a great day.

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