Bloggers Spotlight – meet Bill Dorman

What? What’s wrong with this post? I can’t even make a list of 199 bloggers to follow so I should be able to start my own list, right? It would be pretty sad if I couldn’t even make this one. I did take a vote BTW, and it was unanimous, so here it is:

Bill Dorman is about the coolest guy I know. It’s truly astounding what he has been able to accomplish in such a short time in social. His rise was so meteoric most assumed he would be like a shooting star, blazing hot and white, but quickly fade from sight. However, through his sheer genius and tenacity, now A-listers seek him out for advice. He could easily command six-figure speaking engagements but instead chooses to help his fellow bloggers along this precarious and tenuous journey called social. Let’s meet Bill Dorman….

1. Why did you get into blogging

Well, the first thing I heard about twitter were the tweet-ups. Typically free food and drink at these events, so instantly I could tell this would be a good fit for me. I certainly didn’t hear of any other social platforms doing this.

However, and even though I can ‘just show up’ quite well, it appeared you needed a blog for real street cred. Therefore, The Invisible Blogger was born.

2. How did you come up with the Invisible Blogger

I knew I would be pretty big. I just didn’t want to be presumptuous about the whole thing so the Invisible Blogger moniker seemed a likely fit while maintaining my modesty.

3. How many times do you post a week

I started out with one, but had such a surge of visitors it almost crashed my site. I have since gone to twice a week and adjusted my settings so my community can make appointments when they would like to comment.

4. How much money have you made from your blogging efforts

I’m sorry; I’m a privately held LLC and really not at liberty to divulge this information. Let’s just say Donald Trump shines my shoes.

5. How much time do you devote to your blog

Let’s see, it takes me about 30 minutes to write both posts for the week and if you can keep this confidential, I actually have hired 3 people to answer all the comments. I was against it at first, but replying to all the comments was really cutting into my golf and drinking time.

6. Who do you consider your peers in this arena

I will plead the fifth; I’m afraid it would offend some of these people who ‘think’ they are gurus to not make this list. We play nice here…

7. Have you always been this humble

Certainly; why do you think I’m so popular?

8. Do you accept guest posts on your blog

Absolutely not; are you kidding me? This is sacred ground and I have to be very judicious with how it is used.

9. Any advice to new bloggers

I hope you don’t mind playing for second place. You know what they say about the view never changing if you aren’t the lead dog; get used to it.

10. Any final thoughts

Talk about wasting some perfectly good space. Hopefully no one thought there was an ounce of seriousness in this and you don’t actually know anybody that is that full of themselves.

And hopefully it gave you a chuckle.

That’s all I got……, seriously……..


55 thoughts on “Bloggers Spotlight – meet Bill Dorman

  1. I love your “in social”. I love your modesty. I can’t stop laughing. I swear self-love is the best love. Now my son wants to know why i am giggling non stop!

    An appointment to comment! :D:D

    Well, I created a new email id to comment!

  2. Ahhhh. I WISH you hadn’t put in that last bit. The peeps that know you “know you” and the ones that don’t, well, so what? They will get it.

    11. What do you hope to get out of this?
    With a solid effort on exploiting twitter and increasing my Klout score a new BMW 750i convertible in on the hit list.

    Gotta go to my “day job” now…..

  3. No reason why you shouldn’t interview yourself if no one else will do it Bill! After all I did –

    I interviewed the bearded man in your picture too –

    If only I’d known you better when I did that series as I could have included you too although I’m not sure I would have made such a good job as you have πŸ™‚

    • That’s cool Tony; if I had any creative skills I would like to do a YouTube where I assume both roles.

      Hope all is well; good to see you and hope all has been well.

    • Oh yeah, they see it all right; I’m never too serious. I hear it shortens your life span the more serious you are…………just sayin’……….good to see you today.

  4. Somehow you sound just like me (in my head) and you stole my “modest” lines…. πŸ˜‰

    Really, sire, some more questions for you… how do you keep your extreme modesty in check, how doesn’t all that success and rock-stardom get to your head, how do you have such beautifully amazing readers, and how do you manage so much with selling insurance….

    And yes, where do you get your humor, its awesome! πŸ™‚

    • Ah yes, it is so hard to be humble…………:). I do believe we have the same ‘social’ makeup; very similar indeed.

      Thanks for the compliments; maybe it’s because I seek out humor, even in the most routine things.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by; I hope all is well.

  5. Fisherman’s friend! Oh, dear, I have a coughing fit from laughing. You were born under a lucky star, I have to dial Pizza service and you get it delivered by Klutz.

    I am jealous (Jack, this makes two of us) ;-(

    • I’m glad you got a laugh out of it and took it for what is was; I was hesitant to post it because it might have looked too self serving.

      Pizza by Klutz is a good thing… is all pizza………..:).

      Good to see you Barbara, thanks for the visit.

  6. Dang, poor Bill had to interview himself.

    I don’t know about everyone else but I enjoyed it Bill! And that’s right, all your regular peeps really know the truth about this post. I mean we’re all that really matter right! Hey, I’m just saying… πŸ™‚

    Very entertaining… Still waiting to read that rough first draft. If it’s anything like your posts, it’s going to be a fabulous read.

    • The hardest part was I kept switching chairs from the interviewer to the interviewee and then changing my voice………..:).

      This was fun, I can easily poke fun at myself.

      The ‘book’ is still mostly in my head but working on an outline now.

      I hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Does the boss know you’re spending time writing this stuff? I knew your ego was inflated, but man! πŸ˜‰ By boss I mean “boss of the house” and you and I know who that is.

    Oh, and I don’t want to be reminded of Christmas this early πŸ˜‰

    Later, Gator

    • I was going to ask, ‘which boss?’. She actually reads my posts; now if I could just get her to subscribe……….:).

      You know the size of my head; it’s hard to be humble with a melon that big………just sayin’………..

      No gators here bro, just Seminoles……….show me your noles…….:)

      Have a good one; thanks for stopping by.

  8. I think you really got in-depth with the real Bill Dorman. So many interviewers have tried to get past the outer shell of “Bill The Social Media Celebrity” and find the true man underneath — and you finally succeeded. At one point, I thought he might actually break down.

    Just one thing I have to know… Was it hard being in the same room with such a living legend? Did he live up to the hype?

    • I was almost speechless; I’m not usually awed by personality or celebrity but it was like this cat had a certain glow about him; you just knew he was special……….

      Lord help us if we ever uncover the ‘real’ Bill Dorman, huh?

      Good to see you my friend; thanks for playing along.

  9. Only 3 people answering your comments? πŸ™‚

    Brilliant post Bill, I am still smiling, and you had me laugh so hard it was hard eating the pizza the same time as I was reading πŸ˜‰

    • I definitely had fun doing it; I was hoping to get a chuckle or two out of it. However, didn’t mean to interrupt pizza time. Tonight’s Friday so there is a good chance I will be dining on pizza as well my friend.

      Good to see you.

      • Don’t worry. You’re not interrupting anything, pizza time is sacred, but when you’re having pizza time every single day, it doesn’t last as long as it used to πŸ™‚

  10. I LOVE it….a post interviewing one of my favorite bloggers written by one of my favorite bloggers…I’d call that a win/win!! Can’t wait to see you on Monday at my Open House as you zip up from sunny FL for a couple of hours πŸ˜‰ Just kidding. Your posts ALWAYS put a smile on my face!

    • I would love to be at your open house, but unfortunately I will be ‘stuck’ in sunny Florida. I’m sure it will be great and I certainly wish you much success.

      It was hard to interview that guy because I could never get him to sit down, but I finally caught up with him. I had to entice him with food…:)

      Thanks for stopping by, I know you’ve been busy. Good luck Monday.

  11. Wait is this a joke? And did you just interview yourself? And do i need an appointment?

    • Joke? Are you kidding; have you ever known me to ‘joke?’ And I’m just not going to let ‘anybody’ interview me; if you only knew how many times I have been misquoted…….

      How about Monday at 9:37 am EST; I’ll try to fit you in………..:)

      I hope you know there was not one ounce of serious in this post……

      Good to see you; hope you have been well.

      • Oh Bill,
        i did think it was real up until number four when you said Mr. Trump shined your shoes. then i knew for sure it was a hoax.. or a joke… oh and i can’t make monday how about Friday..

  12. I love the “Donald Trump” line…made me LOL

    And for those who didnt know, I did interview the Great Man himself…in one of my “Naked Truth” series…loved each and every reply and had great fun with the comments that followed.

    • And to add on to your interview of me, I used that post as my guide for these questions……….:).

      That is a pretty good visual seeing the Donald bent over shining my shoes, huh?

      Good to see you sir, I hope you have been well.

  13. Hey Bill,

    Who are those three people ? πŸ˜‰
    If I get a chance to interview you, I would just copy paste this stuff, you will not have to say a word :). Think about it

    • This will be my stock interview response going forward; I’ll just copy and paste and also use it as a ‘press release’………:).

      I’m sure these three people are all me and whatever variation I have going on in my head at a particular time.

      Good to see you my friend; I hope all is well.

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