10 for 10 on Tuesday

Or Monday; or 5 for 5 on Friday or whatever combo I end up doing. I am going to publicly go on the record to state I want more twitter followers and I’m ok with Klout. There, I said it and if that changes your opinion of me, then too bad so sad but I’m edgy like that and that’s how I roll.

But you you have to do more than just show up

Yes, just showing up is my MO and that is about how pro-active I’ve been in seeking out followers. If someone follows me, regardless of how they found me, I will do a cursory check and see if I want to follow back.

I’m looking for real people I can engage with. If someone is selling me hard on something I have no interest in, I probably will not follow back. I don’t mind you pimpin’ your business, but if I have the feeling you are shouting your pitch at me, I will just move on.

If I’m comfortable there is potential for ‘engagement’ I will follow back. The problem with this method is, it is very, very slow and I only get to pick from the people that show up.

However, if I see you are one of ‘those people‘ who don’t follow very many, that tells me all I need to know. This tells me there will be little or no engagement and been there, done that when I first got into twitter…..boring; no thanks.

I’m willing to bet at least 9 out of every 10 new followers are showing up at my place by some automated means. I did finally download Qwitter, and it shows me at least a third of these people are gone as quickly as they arrive. Some of the chicks are pretty hot though……..:).

The new me

I am randomly going to seek out 10 new people to follow this week. I haven’t established my ‘search‘ criteria yet, but will come up with something. And to copy a method Gini used when she started out, she selected a new group each week and pro-actively engaged with each one. Depending on the level of reciprocity ultimately determined if they were ‘keepers’ for her or not.

Sounds like a good model to me so I’m going to give it a try. I’m still not hung up on reaching ‘big’ numbers, but would definitely like to increase with some ‘real’ numbers.

And you think I’m going to buy your book?

I have followed and engaged with a few, who seem to barely acknowledge my efforts. They have never reciprocated in any form or fashion other than sometimes reply to a comment I have left at their place. Which is fine, because I can just pack my bags and leave at any time.

What I don’t understand is, how hard is it to follow back? I’m sure they know when I have ‘followed’ so they can do their cursory check. Does my twitter bio look that bad? Do I look like a crappy follower? I changed my Avatar………..can you say ‘green booger?’

Ok, maybe the whole follow/unfollow gig is totally passe in social now. But if you already have 10,000+ people you follow back, are you telling me my bio and platform was so horrific, you wouldn’t touch it with a 10′ pole? It’s not like I’m some random autobot; you have seen me a time or two so you know I’m real. And you are out there selling books in which you need a ‘community’ to support you; you think that makes me want to help you out? Ha, I say…….

Is follow/unfollow so ‘old school’ that it is really irrelevant now? How do you approach new arrivals; is it different than what you did in the early days? Do you try to grow your community by adding new people? Because the ‘life-span’ in social can be so fleeting, do you think it’s important to add new people to keep your community fresh?

I love Klout, really

I got 3 free pizzas; a full season of Mob Wives on disc; a South Land poster; and some body lotion. See, I knew I could monetize my online efforts; what’s not to like? I don’t care what my Klout score is, I’m a winner.

We’ll see who’s laughing after I get my new car.


I will be stalking…….er, uh locating new members this week and if you get a Klout mention from me just know it’s all about me…….and not you.

I’m all about community, so yes, I still am interested in meeting AND following new peeps. That should still be a good thing, right? If you know of anyone worthy, send them my way.

So far I have 4 (Joanne Cipressi; Nate Riggs; Megan Leap & Lachner Insurance); let’s see how it goes this week, ok?


48 thoughts on “10 for 10 on Tuesday

  1. Hey Bill, I can’t understand why the entire Twitterverse doesn’t follow you. Your tweets are witty and engaging. Tweeps would be lucky to follow you and have you follow back.

    There, I said it. My ringing endorsement of Bill engaging on Twitter.

    My suggestion to you is to find your favorite Tweeps and look at their Lists. Those are their favorite Tweeps, and maybe they’ll become yours too.

    I wonder though, when your Twitter following exceeds that of Justin Bieber’s, whether you will have time for the likes of us.

    Happy Monday!

    • No kidding, huh?

      I like your idea and especially from the lists and not just randomly. I’m not looking to have a gazillion followers, but I do want to keep my list fresh and have the opportunity to meet new people.

      I will also have time for the likes of you; that’s what twitters lists are for, right? To keep everything nice and manageable and ability to connect w/ the people you are looking for.

      Thanks for the kind words; good you see ya.

    • I’m all ears on your engagement strategy. I know Gini and Margie very well but will check out the others.

      If done right, you should be able to have a full, active community, right?

      Good to see you sir.

  2. πŸ™‚ Go for it, Bill! I remember the first time I got a message from someone saying “Someone is saying bad things about you” and was quite shocked. Ok…I wondered if it was true. Then later I realized it was a message from a hacked account. Phew!

    Sometimes I am tempted to make a collage of all the DMs I get on Twitter. Now how much fun would that be to read!

    Right now, my biggest look-forward-to is to watch Simon Baker in The Mentalist from Thursday. Yes, we’re drastically behind, but tell that to CBS.

    As always, enjoyable read. I don’t know why but I love the photo – it is beautifully shot.

    Gosh, I just wrote Have a great weekend – and immediately realized it is already Monday. Grr.

    • Simon has great hair, doesn’t he?

      I too get annoying DM’s and usually they are trying to sell me something or it’s just a hacked account. If I don’t know them I just send the DM packing.

      I thought it was a pretty cool photo too; thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

      Monday indeed……….

  3. Hi Bill!
    “What I don’t understand is, how hard is it to follow back?” I can answer that. It takes me FOREVER to follow back on my Outlook account. I do find it much faster with my iPod though. I just have to remember to use it for that. Like you, I follow pretty like-minded souls. You never know what’s going to show up in your stream when you do that. But unlike you, I’m not spending a lot of time engaging. I do value Twitter for the new blogs and articles I find there, but I don’t have a lot of time to spend there these days.
    Good for you for doing Twitter right. πŸ™‚
    Happy Monday Sir!

    • Because I segregate by lists, it is much easier to engage on a ‘selective’ basis which is all I’m interested in anyway. However, in looking at my lists, even those need to be refreshed so there is always room for movement.

      Twitter is my platform; it’s still confounding at times but I feel I have mastered it as much as I need to master it………..

      Happy Monday back at ya; good to see you.

    • Or even better, just start opening a bunch of new twitter accounts….:).

      Have fun on your hiatus; I know it will be time well spent. Catch up with you when you get back.

  4. I really don’t get Twitter. I hardly tweet. I just keeping tweeting posts and all and then when I feel like it I just update some random tweet. But then I wonder, how many people are actually reading my tweets. And how many tweets have I read.. hardly any.

    For me, I really don’t get it.

    • Nobody is reading the tweets unless you copy someone in on it. Pretty sad, huh, but I believe that to be true. Anytime I send out a ‘personal’ tweet w/ a comment I usually get ‘zero’ responses but I’m ok with that. My tweeting is more promoting my friends posts.

      I guess I kind of like it because it isn’t as public as Facebook. It’s our own secret society……….:).

      I’m really more about the blogs and connecting in there anyway and I just use twitter as my platform to get there.

      Good to see you stranger; hope you have been well and all is good.

  5. LIke your (soon) new car, Bill, rather flashy! My twitter ratio sucks, my Klout score is a metal door with seven seals – how can I be happy? Ah, and I have not told you yet that I am in dire need of some Hootsuite coaching, so far I do everything organically, how could it be any different for a foodie?

    But we are in it for the long ride, are we not? So it might take a little bit longer but quality first, right?

    Going off to klout you, have a great week stalking!

    • I still probably do too much manually, but at least I have found my sustainability level. Hootsuite was my savior with lists and organization. I would say if you were going to learn anything, spend some time there.

      I don’t really keep track of my twitter ratio….ok, maybe a little; I just want to keep my community fresh. It’s amazing how fast some of these people scatter to the winds.

      Stalk on baby, good to see you Barbara.

      • Thanks for the encouragement re. Hootsuite, I have to invest some time there, you are absolutely right.

        Hey, I read your tweets because I think they are funny, but I am biased, no? Sweet cookie!

      • Hey Ralph, I think it’s bacon, not spam……..

        When I say ‘automated’ I mean having lists or Triberr that I can go in and ‘sort’ to put a personal touch to it. I have nothing going out that I don’t touch first………….

    • Hootsuite is on my iPhone too and it’s real easy to use from there as well. That is usually how I check my twitter lists for the people I engage with the most. I’m not on it all day, but typically check it 2-3 times and it always lets me know when I get a mention. Pretty cool, huh?

    • No, it’s any new followers I get; I’m sure they are not seeking me out so they had to arrive by some automated method. I will check them out a little bit and if it doesn’t feel too icky, I will follow back. Going forward though, I would like to identify some potentials instead of just taking what I can get.

      You will definitely get a Klout mention; and smart too.

      Thanks for the kind words and comments; I hope your day has gone well.

  6. Slap me on the hand Bill but I don’t follow people back. Heck, I didn’t even know they followed me half the time. Okay, maybe that’s not 100% true but I keep getting the same DM’s show up so after awhile I just quit looking at the ones I sent. If they want me to follow them all they have to do is just ask. Hey, I’m easy to please.

    But I agree with you about the following just for the numbers. I’m so over that it’s not even funny.

    I don’t think I fall under that “hot” category but I am female. Do I get kudos for that? πŸ˜‰

    I think everyone should follow you Bill. Hell, you’re Mr. Social and they can all learn from you. That’s my two cents worth.

    • No, say it ain’t so………….you have to follow back. I just felt like I was getting too top heavy from people just showing up from who knows where. I’m not looking to load up w/ 10,000 new peeps but if I picked up a couple of hundred that I initiated the contact I would be ok with it.

      I know why they do it, but it really, really turns me off when I see somebody w/ 10,000 plus followers but they only follow back 100. I just know the chances of ever engaging with someone like that is slim. That’s what I ran into when I first got into twitter and that was about as boring as boring can get.

      You always get kudos ma’am; you are doing a great job.

      Good to see you; thanks for stopping by.

  7. Bill, you should definitely follow my triberr pal and fellow petrosomatoglyph fancier (but that’s a joke for another day), Ruth Long, aka @bullishink. She’s got a kind heart and a set of sharp pencils. You may remember her from my website; her flash fic and Stan’s won my little 200-word challenge.

    @Paiku and @CoyoteSings are worth a look. Both micropoets who come up with these sudden flashes of inspiration… Sometimes I’m all like, “where did that come from?”

    @gwarlingo is an art & design blog but there’s a real person behind the account, and really it’s just her. Deserves more attention and followers.

    @George_Angus is a writer in Alaska. He writes thought-provoking stuff on where the publishing industry is going.

    @AdebajoAmusa is father to two autistic children and pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming a self-help author. Twitter doesn’t really give him room to spread his wings, but once you get to know him, you’ll see that he’s a deep thinker. Plus he loves comics.

    You may not get much engagement out of @ProverbialPig but you should check them out. All proverbs, all the time.

    @horse_ebooks is… Wait, don’t follow @horse_ebooks. Forget I even mentioned it. πŸ˜‰

    • Oh trust me, Ruth and I are becoming fast friends; she has been very helpful along my writing journey.

      Thanks for sharing the others and I will make sure to pay them a visit. Any friends of yours will certainly be friends of mine.

      Good to see you sir, thanks for the drive-by. Hope all is well and look forward to talking with you soon.

  8. Bill,

    So you have received stuff from Klout? Now if I get free stuff I may have to head back over there.

    I’m like Adrienne, I don’t follow to follow, I like to follow bloggers and personalities that interest me. The end. Twitter is not a game I play, it is where I communicate and have fun sometimes. And unfortunately, I get my news there, like when Dick Clark passed. But that is just how things are done sometimes, right?

    I may have to go check my Klout now. πŸ™‚


    • Klout does have good stuff from time to time.

      I follow some blogs and know they would never follow back on twitter so I don’t follow but just keep them on a list. As I stated above however, some of my most used lists are even getting stale to it’s time to freshen up. You just never know when that next follower can lead you to your millions; who knows, it could even be the Rock………..:).

      I basically have two lists I follow and if you aren’t on that list (you are) then I probably won’t see anything you are doing on twitter. But that’s just the way it works………..

      Good to see you; hope you are having fun spending all the money from all the blogging contests you were in………..

  9. Can you write a report after you and Stan talk? πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, I’m looking to engage more than I currently do on Twitter (well, more effectively at least). And I’ll be honest, I used to follow back everybody, and I mean everybody. Now, I’m trying to be a tad more selective.

    Now I’m wondering if you’re going to give up on the porny chicks who seem to stalk you there? πŸ˜‰

    • Ha, you think I’m getting rid of the chicks……….

      I would say I follow back about 1/2 the people who show up. I really want it to be a ‘real’ person and not selling me right off the bat and everything is all ‘automated’ up. I just wanted to be a little more pro-active with my efforts to keep the neighborhood clean and fresh.

      Stan is the man, we had a Skype last night w/ Billy Delaney, TheJack, JM Bell fr Start Your Novel, Stan the man and myself. You should have heard all the accents……….:). We’ve taken the first step, I will let you know how it shapes up.

  10. I haven’t really looked at the Klout perks before… Will have to check it out. With my score, I should at least rate a bag of used paper clips or something.

    I am going to try to focus more on Twitter the second half of this year. I don’t automatically follow back, so I’m sure that has hurt my “numbers.” I have tried to build it organically and doing that makes it a much slower process.

    • I don’t automatically follow back; as I told Craig, it’s about 1/2. If there is too much automated or they are selling me really hard before they know me, I’ll probably pass.

      Twitter is my gig, I’m comfortable with it. There is still enough of a quirkiness with it most people don’t ‘get’ so I can feel like I’m in an exclusive club………:). Early on I did a good job with lists, I probably need to clean that up a little and streamline it so I can keep track of my main ‘community’ and their actions.

      I don’t need numbers in the thousands, but the more people I can get that have ‘potential’ for engagement, the better the experience is for me.

      When are you going to have a free car contest?

    • Hey, I’m all about free; I’ll take anything………….:). If I can’t use it, I have plenty of people in the office I can pass it on to. I bring more crap back from these golf tournaments that I just give to my assistant who has a son that plays. He (and she) loves it…….

  11. Nice car.

    I definately don’t use ze twitter as well as I could. The comment about links from twitter only coming when you mention someone….hmmm. Who said that? Isn’t that what it’s all about? Ah, who knows. I probably don’t get it.

    I am undecided on how to use that platform. Maybe I’ll just read Schaefer’s book and figure out the Tao.

    Hot chicks. That’s the way…….klout comes in many forms.

    • Twitter is very quirky. If I mention someone I will usually get a response. If I just send a random tweet out, I might as well just be throwing it down a black hole. Facebook seems to be a better medium for the random messages, but sometimes Facebook is just a little too ‘public’ for me.

      I was going to get Mark’s book and I think he is coming out w/ an updated version. However, I’m comfortable enough where I am so I will probably just keep plugging away.

      Klout rocks, especially the free stuff………fuhgetabout the discounted stuff; I want free……….:).

    • Spotify didn’t let you in initially either, huh. I’m not on Klout that much, but even the few perks I have rec’d are pretty cool. I’m all about prizes….

      Yes, you do have to be choosy. Hopefully we are following each other; I don’t even know…………yikes………

      Good to see you; thanks for stopping by.

  12. If you really want to go crazy you should follow ten of justin bieber’s followers.

    I love Klouge I mean Kluck I mean Kloot well you know what I mean I love it I live it I breathe it I add it to sandwiches and hot dogs. I serve it on crackers. Even works as plant fertilizer in some climates. Packs that extra burst of energy on days I go running and I keep a small supply to add to my car gas tank to keep the fuel injectors clean.

    So what will these 10 people get when you follow them? Will you tell them? Will you just stalk? Like a bean? Bean stalk. Get it?

    So I am just here to punch the clock in and out. Did my time. Got credit and the same pay as you for just showing up. I can see that being the 56th tweeter of this that there are 55 like me. Chillaxed or whatever that term is for chill but lax.

    Keep up the good work and I see there is some series starting tonight of interest to you and my dad.

    • Pena could have been the hero…………sumbich………….

      I’m hoping one of these 10 people will have a grand plan for me so I can be rich AND famous. Whadda mean you can’t have your cake and eat it too………

      I’m hoping for more pizza from Kloot or beer or both………

      There must be keywords people are picking up from the post because I have had at least 30 new followers so far this week; maybe that’s the way to do it. I probably should start writing about money then……..

      Nobody sees my tweets unless I copy them in on it; I know that. But that’s ok, I think I like the semi-obscurity twitter offers over the glaring spotlight of Facebook anyway.

      Good to see you sir; hope all is well.

  13. There are a lot of fun and really nice people out there. When I focus on them instead of me I have a blast getting to know them. I can tell within a day or two if they’re “real” or not. Sort of like going to a party and knowing nobody. Just gotta get out there and mingle and have fun. (which I know you do)

    • Amazing how that works when you focus on others, huh? A good model indeed and one I have fun using.

      I love the challenge of going to a ‘party’ or room where I know nobody and walking up to people with direct eye contact and cranking up a conversation. Most people are reluctant to take the lead on something like that, so it might as well be me, huh?

      Good to see you Betsy.

  14. Like Carolyn said, I don’t understand why you need to look for people to follow. My guess would be that you’d be the one turning people down πŸ™‚

    By the way. Have you thought of using any automated software/service to do the following, or do you only want to follow cool people? πŸ™‚

    • I guess maybe it’s keywords or something, but since I posted this I probably have had at least 30 ‘new’ people I have connected with.

      I’m not interested in the automated method as I’m not interested in numbers just for numbers. I’m looking for the ‘cool’ people and people who will engage.

      That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

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